World Craft Dream Island Reviews

World Craft Dream Island Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Best Free Craft Game Ever! Build your own base, mine, castle or whatever you
imagine! WorldCraft Dream Island Pocket Edition lets you skilled craftsman to
create your perfect dreamland with unlimited sources. Hours of fun waiting
awaits you: make houses with amazing gardens, castles,...

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Reviews (20)


Keep developers up BEST GAME EVER

Sure this game is like Minecraft but it is not entirely copied the developers worked hard creating the game and making the things right they try to Improve and fully do there’s no ads or hardly any and many games have terribly many ads or had to watch ads for 1 small thing and they don’t do that or you’d be complaining on review about ads. It’s a beautiful game like nature it’s pretty realistic except they’re made of blocks and on a game. It’s beautiful nature. Idk why everyone makes the terrible reviews it’s not much of a copy on Minecraft except a few things. And I like they’re tools to make ur own home you could make a village,town or even a city! Why not really try to look at it and compare it to Minecraft , sure it is a little like Minecraft but I really like game think about I don’t control your opinion but I’d change it a bit and soak it up and thank them for creating this game and trying they’re best:). Thank you developers for creating game and updating and helping players:) Thanks again:).


Nice... bad try?

I don’t want to be mean or sound mean or all but, this is the worst copy of Minecraft. You’re going through all this hate and yet you don’t even care? ! I had this game since like 2017 so I don’t remember everything about the game but the skins were HORRIBLE. H. O. R. R. I. B. L. E. I don’t know why I enjoyed this. This game was such a rip-off, it didn’t even look like Minecraft! There is nothing you can do now, you’re going to keep on getting hate after hate. So, I don’t know man. Maybe just delete this game. Nobody really likes it, to be honest. Read all the reviews, ALL of them. You might call us toxic, but we are telling the truth. If you made it a little more creative and.. you know what I mean, “Make it a little like your own game and not copy any other games” this would’ve been better. Except all we had was this. So, let’s just get on to my opinion on why people think that this is a bad idea. Now first of all, DID YOU EVEN DOWNLOAD THE GAME! ? I said at the beginning, “I had this game since 2017”. For me you guys probably downloaded it, play a little, then write a trash review about the game. When I mean “trash” I’m not saying your review is bad. I’m saying that you left a bad review about the game. People only hate it since it’s a copy and it’s just like Minecraft. This is the end. Thanks for reading.



Hi! I would usually put a one star for trying to copy Minecraft, but then I saw the INSPIRED BY MINECRAFT and I’m glad you said that. Maybe if you put that in the pictures people might see it, because some kids might hate on WorldCraftDreamIsland because they did not see the description. I am also very glad you put it since I hate it when people steal work. But beside that there is still many faults. First of all, it is extremely hard the look at your surroundings, and don’t me started on the walking. My first twenty seconds of it was just slowly walking away from a zombie, which why do you have zombies!? You no health bar or anything! Second, plz make a tutorial because I had no idea what to do, I did not understand all the buttons, flying was miserable, and back to my first argument, I could not walk the slightest! Lastly, we are too slow. Like I said it’s hard to look around because when I do it’s almost as if you just can’t. It also makes it hard to place a break blocks, if you can even figure out how! Overall…I’m not sure if I should hate it, but I’m definitely not going to play it.


Plagiarism is not subjective.

While i would like to give this game credit, i literally just..cant! Its impossible. Everything Mojang has done since 2009 has made people throw up pathetic garbage like this. It’s disrespectful in the way that making a new and totally aesome show, that that literally has the name “spongebob” in it. Also, not to mention, its targeting kids! Kids, of course, are NOT stupid, however, they will entirely be fooled by a game that looks INCREDIBLY similar to minecraft, and hey! Its free. But when they boot up the game, bing bop its a piece of trash with messy controls, bad FOV, god-awful textures and a layout and map that look like they were made in five minutes. I know if you make a response to this itll be like “its YOUR opinion that this is a rip off, because it’s DIFFERENT, and its also a genre of games!” Its not. Its not a genre. Sure, survival games are a genre. But blocky survival games that play exactly like minecraft but badly, ARE NOT AN EXAMPLE. All this game is, of course, is a cash grab made by some people who will tell kids that what theyre doing is ok. So, good luck, idiots, because this is a piece of pathetic garbage. -cade


I hate the game

When I saw the add it had crows and cool deer but I cannot find the crows and when I hunt deer I shift backwards and can never Kill a deer. And I can never place a block or TNT. So I hate it for now. Ok lily the person that said “over 1.500” or something like that I just played the game and it was the same, so sorry to say, I still hate it. P.S I am a kid who is picky. I read some reviews and it is not Minecraft but I love Minecraft more than any other game and you say it’s not Minecraft but the game has blocks and Minecraft has blocks. you did so many mistakes but no one is saying mean stuff just to make you feel bad . kids who like it are weird. I am getting mad 😡 I am a Nightmare when I am mad and all of the people who love the game are probably not people but robots. I all ready have to take care of my brother because mom is having to take care of the garden because of the Coronavirus so just please make a game that is Minecraft but I don’t know something like lots of animals all of them then people will think twice about ratting the game horribly. Please make a good game for my family because nobody is happy well except me, please


I love this game so much!❤️💗

Thank you reader/ developer for viewing!😃 I would appreciate you reading this before downloading. ESPECIALLY if you have read other’s reviews, this will be short but very helpful! 1. Don’t bother reading other people’s reviews that say,” just a bad rip off of Minecraft.” And it makes me mad cuz it’s not true!😤 Because the developers worked a long time making this game, and putting bad reviews of stuff that’s not true isnt gonna help make the game better and they also need to learn a word called FEELINGS. Put yourself in there shoes, how would u FEEL if you were the developer and everyone else who has worked so hard to make this great game just to get those bad reviews thrown in their faces! I love the realistic nature and thanks for working so hard to make this awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye see ya later😍😊😘😍😀😉


It’s not all bad

Ok before I start if I get a response just know I'm trying to be as objective as possible. So to start off the graphics for this game are pretty good, and animations for water and eating also look nice, however i don’t exactly see a sandbox survival game that made of blocks as being its own genre especially considering you completely copied the hunger bar from Minecraft. I didn’t have a lot of Time to look into everything however the ads aren’t placed well I understand you have to make money but at the start of the game or when you die would be better placement rather than randomly while you play. I don’t like that you can fall out of 5e world I feel like that should be fixed, The skins look a little weird, and the inventory should be different. These are all personal opinions but a lot of people seem to have the same thoughts I hope in the future WorldCraftDreamIsland can be better.


Unoriginal ripoff

When I saw this on WorldCraftDreamIsland Store I knew I had to check it out it was just screaming Minecraft wannabe so I downloaded it and being honest I can’t say that the developers put no effort in the game. But still I could tell this game was just a cash grab and pleas do not listen to all of the 4 year olds asking for different dimensions or pistons because if you really want your game to have a difference from Minecraft you would not add those kinds of things. And the zombies were taken straight out of Minecraft, from the looks to the noises they make also it just might be my phone but the game is incredibly laggy. And I know you read these reviews or I hope you do because you respond to a lot of them and one last thing the reason games like Minecraft got popular because they are original . and I am so sorry if I sound rude but these kinds of games just trigger me but thank you for reading and I hope the devs of the game stop making ripoffs.


It is straight garbage

I wanted to see how this game was so I downloaded it and omg the game just crashed I couldn’t do anything and so I restarted the game and it worked. It took like up to three hours for the game to load. After like 30 minutes I was like wait what!? So I decided to report the game but guess what! I couldn’t report the graphics are literally garbage and like I couldn’t even walk-in a straight line when I wanted to u need to fix ur system. If u think that this is like Minecraft, think again because it is nothing like I said nothing compared to Minecraft so like just delete the game or actually u should have never made this game if you knew that it was going to be an garbage can so fix ur system or just delete it because before u actually publish the game u should probably test it out and see how u like it because to be honest nobody likes this game and like u should see the reviews and I’m not trying to be harsh but it’s true so uh yeah .



I was looking for a block build game and this seems like one that might be enjoyable. However, as a completely new player to world craft I have no how to play. I have played minecraft for years so I understand “how” to play. However WorldCraftDreamIsland is not user friendly to me. There was no tutorial, it took me 5 minutes and blowing myself up twice with tnt I didn’t even know I had before my character even moved. After 25 min of struggling, I still can’t consistently walk because it’s the same action as changing your view. I can’t access my toolbar or what I have on my person. And I can’t find any icon that helps. Two icons pop up adds. The adds occur about every minute and several times after the add plays I have been transported to a new random location. I’m sure there is potential here but unfortunately I am not motivated to figure out a game that is not user friendly and way too heavy on adds.


Why are hating

No this game is not Minecraft stop comparing it to Minecraft like it is. Yes this game might be a little inspired by Minecraft but it’s not Minecraft. You chose to download this game knowing it is not Minecraft. Microsoft (The Owner of Minecraft pe) is a billion dollar company. Don’t expect this game to be as good as Minecraft. Minecraft is a paid game you can play this game for free. This game is a great game for being completely free. This game is not just a bland rip off Minecraft yes it follows the same blocky World genre like many other games. I hate to these little kids hating on this developer or developers like they could make a better game. I’m sure the people that made the game spent months of hard work. Much love keep all the good work up👍.


Nice game 😍💖😘

This game is Awsome! I usally play it when I’m bored since the real version of the Minecraft costs money :’(, it’s awsome! I have played it before and it was amazing, I don’t think there’s any distinct things here :), I don’t really like distinct things but Minecraft is awsome, I prefer this game then the real Minecraft becuase minecraft costs money and my dad doesent pay for it but yeah! I still play this gAme at my free time, show it at my cousins and more!!! All though I won’t be playing this game a lot because of school along with homework but I hope you developers have a good summer break! winter break, spring break and more, 💝😘😘 Thanks for reading this whole thing developers ! 😚


Almost terrible! (I was steaming.)

Ok, so there are a lot of issues in WorldCraftDreamIsland . 1. No doors, so zombies can come in and out unless I build an underground tunnel. 2. Sometimes I can’t kill so I accept death, not in battle, but in single- and multi- player modes. 3. No portals. Thanks a lot. 4. Nobody talks to me in Multiplayer mode. 5. WAY TOO MANY ADS, REALLY CLOSE TOGETHER, AND THE EXACT SAME AD OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I AM GETTING SO SICK OF WATCHING CARTOON DRAGONS GETTING FED TOMATOES AND LEVELING UP. 6. Sometimes the game glitches and I lose all of the stuff I did that day by glitching and exiting WorldCraftDreamIsland . Harry Potter number 7, And finally; I LOST ALL OF THE WORK I HAD DONE OVER THE TIME I HAD WorldCraftDreamIsland . NOW IT JUST LOOKS LIKE A COUPLE OF BRICKS ON GRASS. I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS ANYMORE. I WANT TO DELETE WorldCraftDreamIsland AND GO TO ANOTHER KNOCKOFF MY FRIEND HAS. (one, and only one good thing about WorldCraftDreamIsland ; when you go to the edge of the earth in battle mode you go straight up when you die😂) please read this. All true.


Okay pretty nice 🤩

This was a real fun game with a nice little world a simple battle royale a very fun game. the controls a little weird but generally a not so bad of free game to play now don’t get me wrong once I was able to get MINECRAFT I quit this game immediately and forgot about it but honestly for a free game with not too many ads moderate skins it is good for people that don’t want to spend any money on video games but then they don’t want to play dum cheep games like fortnite or toon blast 💥 this is very fun honestly when I saw this game I thought it would be like 2.99 or something but when I saw it was 100% free? This game easily earns my respect ✌🏻


Why all the hate?

If yiu keep hating they can’t make it better be nice for what you have you probably only played it for like 2 minutes and said it was bad you didn't even try to play it you just went straight to review the game and say horrible things about it I like the game they will update it and you will like it to and stop comparing it to Minecraft even when I searched it up Minecraft I found this game please don’t compare it to Minecraft they are not happy about that they are trying there best to build a great game it’s only a new game I think it’s great:)


Hate? Why hate this game!?

This game is too good to be hated on. I decided to download it because of so much toxic people. I understand that it’s their opinions but I just want those people to at least give this game 2 stars because I’ve heard it’s really hard to make a game. If those people are reading other reviews and they are toxic..I want them to know they need to give this game a CHANCE! Don’t hate on this game, it’s hard to make games. So please give this game a chance! PS: I love this game so much I tell my friend I need to go and instead of me actually leaving I go to play this 😅


An alright game, but the hating!

Meh, I see the game is, all right, just too TOO many ads. Like-I get one about 30 seconds every time. Also, theirs some broken trees. The wood grows into an arch sometimes and... uh... why are their literal houses made of trees? This game has potential, but I’m just worried about the hating. This game’s alright, yet almost everyone’s lituratly telling the creators to delete this game? That’s next level. Some people actually like this game. If you tell the creators to delete this game, lots of people will loose the game, and even progress! So if your one of the guys who go like”OoO DiS gAme TRasH DeLEtE iT,”shame on you.


For a new game it is pretty good

👌🏻 so this game is fun I like the animals it is not like Minecraft at all very different but here are some things that might help your game 1.add an inventory of course 2. The deer looks really nice but please add more 3.add something like villagers because a village needs villagers or pig people something fun 4.add more skins the a lot of the skins aren’t what I want like some people might want army guy or a Roblox noob or a suit 5.also add a hot bar I think it is called idk 6.add a unicorn VARY RARE would be fun 7. Add a teloporter it would travel you to heaven very light nice place where you can jump really high and on heaven would be animals and angels 8.Good job I like the game so far it does not remind me of Minecraft in any way shape or form and I think you are doing really good and I understand that the game is a wimp and very new. Everyone please understand that! Also thank you for making it free and thank you for putting your time and effort into this Bye and 😉 good luck 🍀


This is .........

A vary good app I’ve always wounded if there’s an app that’s free and also not rip off so I looked at this game and I was like ok all give a try and sometimes A game looks like a vary good app from the pictures but when you play it it’s completely GARBAGE but I thought the same like always but........ WOW I didn’t know that a free app would be that good and I don’t want to disrespect you because you actually put a lot of effort in this I would love to have more free apps like this I love your game you put a lot of effort in this and it deserves a 5 star rating YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!


It’s really good

This is a really good game I like the designs and everything but I thing there should be a tutorial cuz I don’t really get how to play at first and it would be fun to have cool new dimension like the over world or heaven we’re cool new animals can be and maybe there could be something like unicorns in the game and some sort of cool super rare animal that has like a 1 out of 100 chance of spawning in your world to give people things to talk about to there friends and they might wanna see one and download the game you never know Sincerely A fan of your game

Is World Craft Dream Island Safe?

Yes. World Craft Dream Island is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 83,632 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for World Craft Dream Island Is 29.4/100.

Is World Craft Dream Island Legit?

Yes. World Craft Dream Island is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 83,632 World Craft Dream Island User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for World Craft Dream Island Is 29.4/100.

Is World Craft Dream Island not working?

World Craft Dream Island works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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