GoFundMe: Best in Crowdfunding Reviews

GoFundMe: Best in Crowdfunding Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

The GoFundMe app is your all-in-one place to create and manage your online
fundraiser on the go. This includes the ability to receive up-to-date donation
alerts and easily thank and update your donors. Our fundraising features make it
easy to share your story far and wide to raise money...

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Need help line!

I am very happy with my experience with this app. Honestly, the only reason I didn’t give you 5 stars is because of 1 single problem. That being the fact that there isn’t a way to call and speak to someone if you run into an issue. I had an issue with my password and got locked out for a little while. Of course there is the regular “forgot password”, but for some reason it just wouldn’t work for me causing me to become very frustrated to the point of just giving up for a week or so. Thankfully, when I went back to try again, it worked just fine. HOWEVER, at that point, we had a difficult time setting up withdrawals and never really figured out why except the specifics bank was not one to choose from. Thankfully there was a way to do it manually by just putting in the bank account info. Then at that point, we were told it would take 2-5 business days to transfer the money, which I understand. However, if we had known that a little earlier, we could have done it before the bill we needed to pay came due. Honestly, some of these problems may have been “user error”, but, if I had been able to speak to a person, they could have walked me through it and alleviate my anxiety. Other than these issues, we have been very pleased with GoFundMe and the responses received.


Shameful Embarrassment

Who are you to decide if a charity or a movement people believe in is acceptable or not? Thieves who claim they will give other people’s money to “approved” charity of their choosing? What an absolute narcissistic control move. Firstly, it is not your money, it is the money of the donors and the supporters who are wishing for good things, offering support, hope, charity and unity, all for something they believe in. Secondly, you don’t get to decide for other people what they should believe in. Not your money! And you are not the arbiters of other people’s beliefs! Shame on you for masquerading as means of connecting people and providing support access to charities and peaceful movements. A sham! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, crooks, and cronies! What kind of degenerate steals money from the donation box only to turn around and suggest giving it to someone or something else? Those donations should only be given to the intended parties, end of discussion. Just outright dishonest, and false at your very core. I think this would also count as a clear violation of the section of the consumer protection act that highlights what can be considered fraud, based on the contractual expectations between the consumer, and the service provider. If you donated money that was then redirected to a different organization without your clear consent, then there are plenty of grounds here for FRAUD CLAIMS!


Life saver for Baby Fay’s heart surgery

If it wasn’t for GoFund me , I’m not sure what our family would be going thru right now. Medical Bills were just piling up in spite of medical insurance we were all at a loss of options. Feeling hopeless. It’s hard enough seeing my baby granddaughter just deteriorating in front of our eyes and her parents struggling. All doors quickly closing until a friend said I should do a this app account for them. I remember thinking, I don’t know anything about that or how to even go about it. She offered to help and said it was not hard to set up. I then started looking into it and it was a God send. Since that day the skies opened up now the family can focus on getting the help they need. We’re still a long way from the goal but working our way through it. It helps emotionally to have some sort of lifeline Within this difficult situation. Setting it up wasn’t hard and you are guided with step by step instructions. Thank you this app.


Amazing way to be of help

I’m currently raising money for my cancer sick grandma, and let me just say how thankful to God I am for GoFundMe. It’s truly a humbling experience, especially when you want to help but can’t do it alone! *Update* I fully raised enough money to send to my grandma and they have closed my account because I’m trying to help someone in a different country…I’m sorry but America was built on immigrants, some were not as fortunate to make it here. That is my grandma, alone with no one to help I thought I could do something but I guess the goodness of it all was an illusion. A hope crushing illusion. I just don’t understand why it’s not supported by GoFundMe to help others out of country. My friends and family donated and wanted to support my grandmother, all you had to do was provide a platform. How do you fail to do that? I thought this was an application that would help me and my grandmother but all it did was disappoint. Literally you aren’t doing anything to help the people outside the country, and you’re preventing others who want to do so. That my friends is a false supremacy, caused by a delusion of the little power you gain from a platform. P.S. your “non-supported” countries are the ones that need the most support.


I wish I could give 0 stars

I held a fund raiser and raised $320 for an Animal shelter that saved my dogs life. This fund raiser took me months and months just to earn that much money. It was all for nothing. I tried to take out the money and GoFundMe kept glitching. It was trying to tell me I already made an account of go fund me when I tried to withdraw the money to donate it. It told me I already had an account under that email that’s impossible. I’ve never used this app before this and made the email a few months ago. Then I tried doing a different email to withdraw the money and it told me it emailed the sign in thing to the email. I checked and it never did no matter how many times I retried. So not only after working so hard to raise the money and trying to get GoFundMe to work. They refunded everything and all the money is gone. I lost everything and now I can’t help the animal shelter after telling them I was gonna donate. I could have saved lives. This made me want to cry my heart sank when I saw. This is so unfair there app wouldn’t work I shouldn’t have to have this happen to me. I would never ever use GoFundMe again this is the worst app. I think I have ever used. This just makes me so sad. :(


Posting limitations

Communities page is a joke, you can’t post there but you never see any pages until you search them directly. Should be better organized and show how you can help someone close to you in your city, state, even country. Personally see that other pages are displayed on the community page and not based on relativity or demographics. I get links to pages that aren’t even in this country. I see post for dogs from TikTok at the top of those lists more than I do people. Sad to see that people are directed to pages that have less impact than others may have helping someone in need. Seems like your contending with social existence and popularity than asking to be seen by people who may have seen or heard the story behind your post. Just poorly thought through, I seen a dog raise more money than a death of a loved one or even someone in need of support for medical or housing. Sad to see that people can’t find you unless you post the posts yourself, as well as verified donation pages, so many think it’s a scam and you can’t show truth in your post like media pertaining to your page.


It’s never easy to ask for help, thank God for GoFundMe

Due to the pandemic, I lost my job in April 2020. At 61 years old, I’m struggling to find a similar job, since I was the major breadwinner for our family. I took up bike riding to keep in shape. When my 32 year old daughter, Heather, asked to go with me, it broke my heart that I couldn’t grant that request. You see, Heather has Down Syndrome and struggled with riding independently. I started to research tagalong bikes, but when we tried one out, Heather wasn’t able to balance. Next I found a Special Needs Bike Trailer that accommodates an adult. But it was close to a thousand dollars. I looked for funding, and not finding any, someone suggested this app. It took me over a week to finally set it up, because I’m not used to asking for help. I am brought to tears with every donation. Thank you Go Fund Me and all donors for making a difference in people’s lives.


Would not use again

I lost my Mother unexpectedly and I set up a this app account to cover the expenses. I received a confirmation email stating that my information was correct and deposits would be made only for the day of deposit to happen to receive another email stating the the withdrawal is unsuccessful. I emailed Customer Service and was told that it was only the first withdrawal was unsuccessful but the other withdrawals are fine. I received another email stating that the second withdrawal was unsuccessful as well. I also received another email stating that I would receive another withdrawal amount that totals the amount of the first 2 unsuccessful withdrawals. Meanwhile, the funeral home is on my back about money that I have to wait 2 to 5 business days to receive only to receive an email the day before the deposit stating that the withdrawal is unsuccessful. This has been a terrible experience. this app charges fees to the donor and to the receiver. However, I’m sure that they have collected their fees while I continue to wait the standard “2-5 business days “ that gets reset every 2-5 business days when it’s time to receive the money


Herman Felisha george

I first thank God. I’m a First timer with using the go fund me.I don’t know all of the inns and outs but I know just the basics that has gotten us by. It has truly been extremely helpful for me and my family. I was really afraid of being let down in my time of need. Was hesitant that it was a scam or they want to charge A large percentage or take most of what you receive. Unfortunately I just don’t have any who was fortunate to be able to help us so my last option was to reach out to this page and it has been very helpful. I’m one who is not use to getting help. I’m use to it and I’m ok with it. I’m the one that always help others and not expecting anything in return. If it wasn’t for this go fund me I would be lost. I would not have had this much help at all guaranteed.


Easy but

My daughter and I use this for operation food search fundraiser that she does every year. I have use the fundraising tool through operation food search before howeverI can’t see who makes donations real time since they don’t give me access. So I like the control of being able to see how quickly donations are coming in and thank people right away. Plus they make an automatic deposit to operation food search so I don’t have to withdraw any money later and take it to them. Which is also a win for me :-) however I do not like how go fund me asks for money from the people that are donating. Older people don’t understand that you can skip that part and therefore they just want to give me a check. Which is a huge hassle. Go fund me is already taking a portion of my donations so I’m not sure why they need to ask for additional pay. That is why I’m taking off the one star.


Great app, just minor problems

The this app app is super convenient to have a or use with a fundraiser and or campaign that your hosting or providing funds for. The only issues that I have come across is that sometimes the supporters have left comments with their donations and it doesn’t allow you to read them. Other than that I haven’t had any problems at all. I’m very thankful for the Go Fund Me company as it has helped my family to be able to raise enough money to help cover a portion of the costs for a pancreatic transplant surgery I have to get done in order to help save my life. If it wasn’t for this company I have no idea how I would have been able to get an organized fundraiser like this together and to be able to share it with hundreds of people. I’m more than happy to have them take a portion of my donations to help support their business for helping me and my family.


Horrible customer service

We opened an account for fellow employees who were let go due to Covid. We reached our goal in just 5 days and we were ready to get them some $ in time for the holidays. But NO. this app held our funds. They said update your “story”. Include more about the distribution. We did. No change to our account. They emailed and asked for a form to be filled out. It was (immediately) and sent back same day..... no release. So we tried to call. NO phone number. Anywhere! We tried to live chat. But the link is only available when you can see it..... we’ve never seen it. Just the email option. Which they say they will answer in 1-4 business days. No weekends for you customers. And 4 business days? That’s a week. So here we sit. Waiting. No response. I now email them every day. Nothing. So I’m not sorry I took on this project for others less fortunate but I’m sorry we chose GFM. Maybe they’ll allow us to get the money out in time for Valentine’s Day. They’ve ruined our original plan.


Worst experience- Death of my Sons Father

this app is a horrible resource to use . They made the death of my husband and sons father even more painful. I asked for their help to raise $5k to lay my son’s father to rest and purchase his headstone. ( Long story short, his family tried to embezzle me out of thousands of dollars plus the this app donations for their personal gain- when I refused, they reported the account). I have provided every single document to show I am the one paying for everything and I am the one who is responsible for e expenses but they are making this process more h*ll. They have not tried to wrk with me at all....only threatening me. It only raise less than $3k and they are freezing the funds and threatened to take them back. In addition they charge 2.9% in fees plus .30cent per dollar raised. I do not recommend using them to raise money. Try creating your own fundraising with direct pay so you’ll avoid the fees and headaches. You can’t call no one and they only work thru email so their is no compassion or empathy. Be careful using this place.



I am blind and using voice over mode on my phone to try and donate to a cause. So far I’ve spent about 20 minutes and I’ve gotten nowhere. It appears to be due to an accessibility issue. I went on the website and filled out my name and card information and as soon as I got to the end where it asked for my donation amount I click on the text box and nothing happens. I am unable to include an amount. I clicked on the text box for the amount multiple times, but nothing ever happens. I even downloaded GoFundMe and it takes me to the website again to try and donate. I’m not gonna fill out my information multiple times when the website still doesn’t work so unfortunately I am unable to donate. Also, many buttons are unlabeled on GoFundMe . So while scrolling through I hear lots of information on the screen that just says the word button. If these accessibility issues could be corrected, that would be great. Thanks


Make It Easier To Fund Creative Talented People

Hi. I rated 5 stars because I love GoFundMe and I’m so happy for the ones whose lives are terrible because they are getting millions now even if it is pics from the internet or trending politics or photoshopped. Google pixel phones definitely help the fake. Anyways, can you please make it easier for the fun and talented people to be funded and not just the sad stuff? We are people to and we also struggle. Maybe not as bad but a little help would be nice as much attention as we give God praying. I don’t mean to sound mean or rude. It’s just, I see a lot of politics and fake sad things. People using kids to get rich. We need fun and creativity to be funded. Maybe you could make an app just for the creative side to be funded and have GoFundMe for the sad tragedies.


It changed my life.

I have been a quadriplegic ever since I broke my neck when I was 17. That was 33 years ago. It has always been my dream that one day I would walk again and I knew that I would, I just didn't know when. Finally my dreams were answered when I found a fitness facility that is solely devoted for people with spinal cord injuries. It's called CORE. It stands for Center of Recovery and Exercise. It is an incredible Center that has done some incredible things for people such as myself. However, it's not exactly cheap. Thankfully, there's a wonderful thing out there called this app!!! It is such a blessing that it's possible for dreams to be able to come true because of them. I see so many people being blessed and lives being changed because they exist. Thank you this app.❤️


I’m so grateful.

I’ve never used this platform before but life has been crazy. My litters of kittens all passed around an eye infection and currently half of them have colds. Back to the vet. My vet is really helping, so with Go Fund Me I am optimistic that I can raise enough to get my fur babies healthy. My brother who had everything, recently committed suicide so I’m not working as I go through recovery from my grief. Your gifts have really helped. My brother, Scott was my best friend who incidentally loved my cat family. I had offered him a kitten to help with his depression but was not given the opportunity to put one in his hands. Animals are so therapeutic! Thanks again Go Fund Me Family. BTW, I only to raise about $1,000 not $5,000. I’m trying to change the amount on GoFundMe . Blessings to all of you!!


Gofundme saving my dogs life

this app has actually helped me 2 tragic incident. The first time was in July 2021 my daughter was tragically murdered in San Diego. I’m a disabled lady on SSI . I needed to take care of her final expenses and they helped me You the public helped me Know my dog Japanese chin was being watched by a friend while I was in the hospital. Somehow she escaped and was hit by a car who left her to die! She was taken to emergency vet where I told she needs orthopedic surgeon on her broken femur!! Because of this app and you the public I was able to afford her pain medication, her X rays and a brace & we are very close to being able to schedule the surgery we still have to raise a little more but we are closer and closer and it will happen!! Thank you god bless there are kind caring people in the world still!!


Thank you GoFundMe

I am so grateful for GoFundMe, it has brought awareness to my fiancé’s fight against stage four colon cancer. My fiancé should not have to worry about all the costs associated with fighting cancer and he shouldn’t have to worry about the details of what insurance does and doesn’t cover. I don’t know what I would do without a platform like this to help us raise awareness and to help us fund the fight. It’s heartbreaking to have a loved one be diagnosed with cancer and it’s horrible not be able to afford paying for all the life saving treatments to fight cancer. Thank God for this app! I do not know what I would do without it. I know we desperately need it to help us pay for cancer treatments and other cost living with cancer creates. -thank you this app for everything!


Terrible Service/ 0 support

I created a fundraiser to help raise money for a family coming to the United states. They are in a really bad situation and legally have the green light to seek refugee status, but need money to do so. this app did the proper review to ensure the funds I was raising were going to the appropriate place I stated they were for. They questioned some of the costs and had me sign an attestation form. All good and totally understand the need for this. This all took about 2 weeks of going back and forth and ensuring they had all the information they required. I signed an attestation form and they blessed off on the fundraiser. This was 2 weeks ago, and they still will not release the money. I cannot get any response from their “support” link. The this app employee I was dealing with just does not respond. I hate to complain, but honestly do not really know what next steps to take. I WOULD NOT recommend using this platform to anyone who was raising money for any cause. Extremely frustrating



I never was one to believe that the plight of others could be relieved by an app. When my dad asked for the help of family to support my sister who had a pre-term birth with triplets, I saw the need for help. Unfortunately I couldn’t commit to financial contribution as I had just lost my job. I decided to take action as a substitute and created an account on this app. The support we have received is unbelievable. I have been reading stories of other people who need help and my heart wants to help but I can’t right now. GoFundMe is not just about money, it is about restoring faith in the “kindness of strangers”. (Thanks, Blanche Dubois) It is more about the stories we share, the light inside all of us, and the comfort in believing it will all be alright. I’ve never written an app review. this app is a game-changer!


An easy platform for fundraising

GoFundMe is user-friendly with details that enhance the experience. For instance, updates with photos help to communicate to your audience. It is a little challenging at first to figure out the differences between sharing tools and it doesn’t manage to whom you have or haven’t sent the link. I received messages that I hadn’t shared on Facebook for days, when updates actually go to Facebook. Also, videos are challenging because you can’t link a previously shot one. The fee is reasonable at 3% with a 30 cent charge per transaction. The withdrawal process is very simple and once established, continues without updating. And there is a thank you template that once written can be used and adapted again and again. So while there are a few kinks, the overall system is brilliant and helpful toward the intended purpose.


Charles Steff Powell

This is out standing site when I saw it over a year ago it looked appealing however I thought I would never have to use it actually I was going to use it for my tenant Association and then my emergency disaster team but to see how outstanding this site really is I highly recommend it to anyone weather is for medical personal assistance with their own finances of losing a job that this site is a asset when properly used I hope no one never takes a vantage of it that the site would have to be shut down I believe that this site will assist many people from around the world who are in need of assistance Thank you go fund me for your assistance in helping with the funeral arrangements for Charles Steff Powell On the behalf of the family Maria Forbes thank you as well


Accessibility for Laurie

Our campaign was very successful. We have not received our withdrawals yet but we are ready to start our project. (I completed my thank-you notes regularly but worried that they were not received, how would I know?) It was relatively easy to set up and we had an awesome response. I did not know that our donors would be asked to tip but I may have missed that. My skills were a little shaky and I needed help a number of times. That said, we were just thrilled with the results. I hope I did everything right, the funds will be mailed, and we will have my sister all set soon. I have a framed list of all of our donors to hang during the project so we can remember why we were able to do this! It was awesome 💕


Amazing app

I am a veteran of the US Air Force looking to open my own archery shop. Currently I work for Gander Mountain as a firearms supervisor and archery tech. Unfortunately my store will be closing soon and we will all be out of jobs. The local area does not have much in the way of Archery techs or shops. I have decided to take a big leap and open a shop to fill that need with the full support of my wife and 3 kids. With the liquidation of our store I was able to secure much need archery equipment at a good price. Now I need to secure a location for this business. I have a few buildings picked out, but need to come up with the funding to acquire one of them. I am looking to provide a full service shop with a indoor archery range. GoFundMe is helping me do that.


Dbl mastectomy on Maria’s 45th bday

this app has such a great platform! So easy to set up and is almost automatic, easy to leave updates as it’s also combined with Facebook and has been a huge blessing through this difficult, painful and extremely stressful time in my wife’s and our families life! Thank you so much this app! And all the wonderful people who have and continue to donate. Because of this app and all the people who have helped, it has helped relieve stress in the financial side of all of this. that most times is a whole other side to such a already very emotional event in our lives that is not thought about. But that is also very important part needed to get through this difficult time!


Customer Service seems to be non-existent

I set up a campaign for my best friend, I am in Mexico at the hospital with his sisters, brothers, parents. this app community contacted me and asked for more information about me in order to release the funds designated for my friend. I gave it, my friend us in desperate need of these funds in order to continue getting care. He is in a coma. The this app community have not responded to my emails. There is no phone number to call. This is ludicrous, I am very very dissatisfied and disappointed in the process. I understand the need to be sure of the intentions of the organizers, I do not understand that if the requirements are met why the this app community do not respond. If someone of importance in this organization can be of assistance I would greatly appreciate it, as well as the family of my friend and the persons that donated, in good faith, believing that their donations were going to reach my best friend as soon as possible. My Polo needs these funds, ASAP!!!!!


Simple and effective.

I’ve been using this app for a while to make some donations. Recently, we found ourselves starting one due to an unfortunate situation with my partner. When starting it, I ran into a minor tech issue and customer service had it fixed within minutes. When my friend donated and accidentally hit the wrong and much higher number they refunded him right away. Our fund raised over $11,000 in a week and it was simple and intuitive to reach out to each individual donor. I’ve not withdrawn funds yet as we are starting a nonprofit and have paperwork to square away, so I am unable to rate that feature. Everything else has been great so far.


Insensitive and Lackadaisical

GFM is a sham. My dad has stage 4 cancer and a facility is trying to help him but it is very costly. When we went to cash out the funds we had raised so far to put in a down payment to begin treatment, we were informed that it would take a minimum of 2 weeks to hit our account. We have 2 DAYS before he has to leave. We explained to them that his condition is critical and in order to begin any kind of treatment we NEED a small sum of the funds we had raised for the down payment. The rep we were talking to had the nerve to tell us my dad’s critical condition doesn’t make his situation anymore of a priority than anyone else. Let’s not even talk about how much of a cut they have been taking out of what we have raised. Do not use this app for anything critical or time sensitive bc they really don’t prioritize or empathize with your situation at all, even if a life is on the line, unless it’s some big publicity thing.


Thank you GoFundMe Campaign

Our families are in crisis on the island of Puerto Rico. Many people from all over the world have enjoyed the beauty of the island, their culture and the beautiful people. Now in the struggle to survive they need our help and support. Many of our family and neighbors in Bayamon have losses that we cannot wrap our mind around here. Please consider contributing to our campaign. As soon as we are able to leave, my husband and his father are going over to the island with much needed resources. With the support of this wonderful campaign opportunity, you made it possible. Thank you for this avenue and thank you for the coaching along the way. We are half way to our goal!


Gofund me for my wife to become a cancer survivor.

When my wife was diagnosed with cancer we didn’t really know a lot about this app. We had heard of it, however when we knew someone was in need we would always help in anyway usually by sending a letter and some money via mail. This has been an absolute blessing so far to our family. It’s allowing my wife to put her energy from all the prayers, thoughts and financial assistance into healing instead of the financial burdens you encounter when you have a a shocking diagnosis of cancer at age 32 and have 2 young kids. We appreciate GoFundMe and will support it by suggesting it to someone anyone else in need. Thank you Drew


I can dig!

It is a great tool, anyone, for anything. From Helping someone pay for treatment to a rare disease, to affording a plane ticket home for the holidays. You express yourself and why you need the help of others. Then the most beautiful part, friends, family, acquaintances, sometimes complete strangers join together to fund your need/desire/project/celebration etc. the charity of others is one of the most delightful thing to watch and experience the difference first hand to what that charity accomplish when we all give a little to achieve a much larger task. God bless all who take the opportunity be of service and treat others as they would want to be treated.


Doesn’t work for emergencies

My experience with this app haven’t been really good for the moment. We have an emergency with my brother who had a car accident in Venezuela a we need to send money to cover his medical expenses and we haven’t able to get any money from our donations after more than 2 weeks that we started our campaign. We barely have been able to contact someone just by email and they take too long to answer and ask for the same thing more than once. They don’t have a phone number to call and the 24/7 support center don’t respond. So at this point I don’t really know what to do. So if you have an emergency I didn’t recommend you to use this app. I hope We’ll be able to solve this issue as soon as possible.


Restoring Daddy's Life

Not only does this app create possibilities for life- it helps for families to be reborn in Gods light. His promises are established through the heart of people coming together praying and having faith that could move a mountain. This has made it possible for my Daddy to have a second chance at living and not suffering any longer. We aren't able to financially obtain this medical treatment and insurance will not cover- because it's deemed not medically necessary. Without this app we wouldn't stand a chance. Thank you so much for the maker of this app. You change and touch so many lives. If I could, I'd shake your hand and hug you daily! God Speed!



this app is an awesome app but has room for improvement. For example, I’d love to have a feedback submission box where I can regularly submit new ideas for improvement, like this, on GoFundMe or website. I’d also like to make it more of a social network thing. Not the kind where you share your own pictures or statuses about random, insignificant things, but I’d like to be able to follow people better. For example, if there were a campaign I liked, I’d like to be able to “follow” that person so I could possible donate to any future campaigns they may create. Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York is always creating campaigns that I love, but I’d like to be able to follow him to make them easier to find.

Is GoFundMe Safe?

Yes. GoFundMe: Best in Crowdfunding is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 19,069 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GoFundMe: Best in Crowdfunding Is 22.5/100.

Is GoFundMe Legit?

Yes. GoFundMe: Best in Crowdfunding is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 19,069 GoFundMe: Best in Crowdfunding User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GoFundMe: Best in Crowdfunding Is 22.5/100.

Is GoFundMe: Best in Crowdfunding not working?

GoFundMe: Best in Crowdfunding works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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