Telemundo–Capítulos Completos Reviews

Telemundo–Capítulos Completos Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-21

Telemundo – Capítulos Completos es el mejor lugar para ponerse al corriente
con la temporada más reciente de sus programas favoritos de Telemundo, vea
televisión en vivo y reprodúzcala donde sea. Descargue la aplicación de
Telemundo ahora y vea sus telenovelas favoritas, entre ellas El...

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Telemundo–Capítulos Completos Reviews

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    Crashes, commercials, and oversights

    I love Telemundo but this app has been nothing but a headache. The amount of commercials is annoying on its own but on top of that every time the app crashes I have to re watch all the commercials all over again. And it’s been crashing like every 4 episodes or so. This app also does a horrible job of keeping track of what episode I’m at and showing already watched episodes. It also doesn’t always give me the option to go to the next video after the video ends. Which means that I have to search in the library and pick one of the episodes and hope that I’m right or else I’m sitting through even more commercials. But one of the biggest annoyance of them all, aside from the commercials, is that in the final minutes of the episode, before it’s finished, the pop up to go to a different video comes up and not only does it not always ask to move to the next episode, but I miss out on the final moments. Sometimes when I hit the x on the top right the page goes down, but other times it takes me directly to the library. It’s so inconsistent and if I dare go back to the episode to see the final moments.... you guessed it - MORE COMMERCIALS.

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    Loved it then.. Hate it now

    I did love it until you guys added the carriers on the app. The reason i had the app is bc i do not have or want cable TV yet you guys are obligating me to get cable so that i can use the app which totally defeats the purpose of the App. And it’s ridiculous you guys do this being we are subjected to watch EVERY SINGLE COMERCIAL which should be paying you guys for broadcasting their commercials. You guys seem to be getting a bit greedy if you asked me. Perhaps you can do something like Univision that allows you to have access to the app and all the shows plus Live TV for a small $7 fee a month. That i would definitely do to continue watching Telemundo. However i refuse to get any type of cable TV for this purpose. Its also absolutely absurd that we must wait 5+ days to be able to watch an episode bc i dont have a cable company 🤦🏼‍♀️ I LOVE Telemundo but I HATE cable Tv

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    Can’t watch a full episode

    Update: after removing the app for a few weeks and downloading it again the problem went away. Can’t watch anything! Every single show stops after a few minutes playing and start the countdown to the next episode, I had done everything posible even sending an email and the problem hasn’t been solved. It’s the only app with this issue In my Roku even with my new subscription to directv now the problem persists. A few moths ago was working fine, please fix it!

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    App needs one major must have feature

    The app is good, but it has a bug and also lacks a very important feature this kind of apps must always have: • On the iPad, in landscape mode, the image is automatically switched to Fill-Screen, resulting on having the sides being cropped. • Currently, you can watch videos by connecting your iOS device to your TV using an HDMI adapter. The problem is that after a few minutes, when the iOS device turns off the display, the video freezes. So you can only watch for a maximum of 15 minutes on an iPad and 5 minutes on an iPhone before the video stops. You need to make it continue playing in the background, without requiring for the iOS device to have its display on.

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    Need better UX and a major fix

    You guys shouldn't eve get a half of star, the worst app I’ve try. Every time an episode is over you have to go to the search bar and look for the show you were just watching, then scroll thru all the new episodes until you find the one you were on to continue watching that’s terrible UX. App will crash at least every 5 mins, is been the worst experience and the icing on the cake, after your audience follows here you deliver a massive amount of unnecessary commercials, 3 in a row every 10 mins or so. Show some gratitud to your audience, don’t be greedy remember they sustain your success, if bombarding with commercials is your strategy, then good luck if not work on a strategy, this app is not even worth downloading.

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    I really enjoyed this app

    I think this app its pretty cool except for all the commercials, it has only 10 episodes, and and they don’t keep the series / episodes for long . Other new shows replace them. Instead of still keeping them and adding new ones. But the app it’s good. Except for the commercial and advertisement but, that’s how they make they make their money.

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    I like the flexibility to watch my favorite shows on my time and the convenience of being able to move from room to room while following my program. I am glad that I downloaded the app on my IPad. I do have the option of watching on the television but prefer my iPad because of the options to pause, close and still find where I left off all at a touch of a button whenever I desire.

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    I think that telemundo is a very good application because that way it informs you about the things that happen in the world not only that they also tell you the days that the temperature will be good or bad, also about the novels that are very good all that they give in telemundo is very important I think, thanks telemundo for helping people who need it ...❤️

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    Love it... Don't like

    I watch Telemundo at home via AT&T U-verse, and have an online account, however when prompted to enter the carrier, then user email and password... it doesn't work. So I went in withe three shows to watch. Will delete app afterwards as I find it not very customer friendly. Suggest fixing the carrier interface or better test allow all to watch your channel through the app as we still have to watch all the commercials. Thanks!

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    Needs English subtitle option!!!!!

    I don’t really speak or read Spanish but I’m addicted to El Señor de los Cielos and Señora Acero! I’ve been watching all the seasons on Netflix which has English subtitles, but now that I’m done with season 3 of Senora acero and download this app to watch the 4th season it’s available but I don’t understand anything! Basically, I will rate 5 stars when you add an option for English subtitles!

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    App & Video On Demand

    I got the app to watch Exatlon because since you started Telemundo On Demand I can’t watch it on my laptop. I get a message that my TV subscription does not include this channel, note that Telemundo is a local channel. My provider is AT&T U-Verse. Sometimes, I can watch the program on my phone but other times I get the same message as for Telemundo On Demand. I deleted the app and installed it again and it worked until the next day when I have to repeat the same process.

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    Love love love the app!!! Thank you so much Telemundo for putting this together! Love the fact that I can watch my novela when I can! Love that I don’t have to be stuck in front of a tv for an hour and I can watch it on the go or when I’m available and have time to watch and enjoy! Keep up the great work! Thank you!!!

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    I love the app really hate the amount of commercials; unfortunately, that is how it is kept to be free for us. Business is business, set aside from that, it is great. Wifi is required so internet accessibility is a must. None the less, always good to watch the most current episodes of the Latin shows we want & enjoy watching.

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    Great app...but disappointing

    This app is great, many Telemundo shows, past and presently being broadcasted are there so you can go directly to what you want to watch, any time anywhere, any device but if I am forced to watch undesirable commercials, which I assume pay to broadcast programs, why am I required to have a cable company?

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    If I could give this App a minus one star I would!

    This App has got to be THE worst App known to mankind! I’m not sure what’s worse, the same terrible comercial with the absolute worst version of that “Gente de Zona” song that has been ridiculously overplayed, or the fact that it stops playing every 2 minutes for no logical reason! It is SHOCKING that Telemundo couldn’t do a little better, the only reason I continue to use it is because of La Reina Del Sur Season 2, but I’m about to wait until Netflix picks it up because it’s just so painful to use!!

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Is Telemundo–Capítulos Completos Safe?

No. Telemundo–Capítulos Completos does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 60,529 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Telemundo–Capítulos Completos Is 15.8/100.

Is Telemundo–Capítulos Completos Legit?

No. Telemundo–Capítulos Completos does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 60,529 Telemundo–Capítulos Completos User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Telemundo–Capítulos Completos Is 15.8/100.

Is Telemundo–Capítulos Completos not working?

Telemundo–Capítulos Completos works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Iris Cortez
Feb 11 2021

This TV station is a bias they only focus on issues of immigrants and immigration that’s all they talk about all day long. This tv station is mostly made of Mexican people if your not of Mexico origin is very difficult to work for this station. I hate this station I would give it a-0 rating but you don’t have that option

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