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Bus Jam Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-06

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The passengers are waiting for their bus, sort them out based on their colour and send them on vacation. .


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4.6 out of 5


Great game

Great game addictive mechanic


Glitch with one color

UPDATE: what’s going on with ALL the colors?? I’m in the 500s levels and nothing will make them get on the buses no matter how many are in the grid spots. I keep using up my money to add spots and they won’t go onto the bus. Do ALL colors need to be 5 people now? I’ll have to stop playing because that would start using up all my points. Please advise! Thank you.

I love this game. It fun and not too complicated. I’m in the 300s levels and have recently noticed what seems like a bug or glitch. The neon green color has to have 5 people before it can get on the bus. Now that I’ve noticed it, I usually have to add a row before I run out of space and then have to watch an ad to continue. Is this intentional or a problem that needs to be fixed?



Enjoy Bus Jam a lot, hopefully more updates to come!

One minor bug I noticed. There are times in a puzzle where there are multiple buses for the green characters. What I noticed was that the green characters do not always go on the green bus. They will sit in the holding squares after I tap them. And no, this is not because I selected the one with the “R” on his hat. I have a screenshot showing the issue but can’t find the address to send an email to the developer. It only happens with the green characters which is odd.

Other than that issue, really enjoy the game.


It was almost a pretty good game😢

And then it became literally impossible to pass level 62. You were required to board three orange passengers on the bus and only two would sit. There was absolutely no way whatsoever to contact customer support at all. There would be no mention of the game on their website and no way for players to contact the company. Their website was was literally useless for player support so at that point our only options were to delete the game for every or hopelessly wait that one day they would update it so that we could pass that level.


Enjoying the game

Overall the game has been fun but a bug I’ve noticed is a lot of levels I’ll only have 2 only the people and not 3 so I have to use the coins to fill in a seat because I don’t have the 3rd person there. It’s been fun aside from that very challenging


Paid for no ads BUT…..

I paid$3.99 to not have ads (4.23 with tax) and STILL had ads…when I asked for a refund it said I have no purchases eligible for a refund. Yet my account says I paid $4.23! Will dispute it with my CC. But BEWARE


Too many 30 second ads

It takes 10 seconds to play a game then watch a 30 second ad! I’m watching more ads than playing the game! I like the game though!


selected color?!

Why is it when a white us comes and you select white men they go stand and dont get on the bus? This is very confusing.



I love this game, but there is a bug that the correct color does not get on the bus. It only happens with the bright green color.



I enjoy the game but paid for an ad free experience and get ads after every round? How do I remedy? Tried deleting BusJam and reinstating with no luck.



I would give more stars but I watch more ads then play the game. Makes it a 👎🏻


Lime green men

Lime green men will stand on platform even if bus is like green and not get on the bus even when not wearing a special hat making me lose the level.


Bus jam

I love it but sometimes there are only two of a color and the bus wants three??????



Lovely game 👍🏼😉👌🏼


Stop ads

I really enjoy the game but it will not let me purchase the part to stop the ads and I can’t stand an advertisement after every game



Game is repetitive and with ads twice a level, it just isn’t fun. I don’t understand how you can make money when you chase away the people who play the game and then you can’t make money on ads because people don’t want to watch them and the game isn’t fun so they won’t pay to get rid of the ads.


Add more skins on the next update please.

This is the only game I play, I love it.



Really? You made things so we get less coins? 50 instead of 100 on the tip guy? Much less then 200 on bosses? Less coins after each level?


Boring, fun, ads !

Game is fun, but way too easy. Gets boring real fast. The ads are ridiculous, almost after every level.


Fun but concerned

Why do some of the people have hats with the letter “r”? If you’re referencing what I THINK you are, this is very inappropriate and should be changed immediately!


Fun Game

The games is fun. Every game I won had to watch an AD after it and the ads are long. I had to delete BusJam . Ugh


Even after you pay for removal

There are too many ads!!! Even after you pay for removal of “one type” of ads you are bombarded after each round with other ads! I don’t recommend!!!!


Greed vs player longevity or bugs?

This game had so much potential. It was fun, the levels got more challenging but I had to follow my own rule with ads..if an ad interrupts a level …Delete! The first 10 levels were great then the ads kicked on. I choose the extra points the first time then I chose less points/ no ad and got an ad anyway. Tried it again, same thing. If you choose less points maybe you get a shorter ad, I couldn’t tell. The same ad kept coming up with a freezing baby. What a horrible ad. That said….I’m done, too bad it could have been fun.


Way too many ads!

I rarely write reviews but had to for this one. It’s a fun, easy game to kill some time. 3 ads on one level was way too much. The ads have become so intrusive that they cause the game to drop frames. It has sadly made it almost unplayable. I would have purchased the ad free but seeing reviews that say you still get bombarded with ads has made me reconsider.


Not sure what’s going on?

I’m on level 100s almost to 200 since I am sick with the flu I love playing this game to kill time.. on side of that, I would play and (not sure if there’s a glitch?) but I would almost get to the end and I get to the color I need but I wouldn’t have any more slots to get my last colored person and then I have to start all over it didn’t happen just one time it happened more than multiple times I just want to give up on the game.. help?



Look I was in the Party Bus Business here in Sarasota, Florida for 38yrs starting back in 1984! First company in the US to come up with the concept of Night Club On Wheels!!!


Game causes my phone to overheat

Yes, I know it sounds weird, but this never happens until I play this game. The back of my phone literally gets hot and the game starts to skip. As soon as o stop playing and go to something else, it cools down. Doesn’t happen while doing anything else on my phone. I do like the game though.


Bus Jam

This an exciting us , stimulating , mind training game



You have the option to get more coins when you beat a level if you watch an ad, and I opted not to not realizing you would need to in order to keep playing. By level 33 there were not enough colors to finish a bus, so you have to use a booster in order to beat it. By not watching ads, I had 700 coins by this point. The cheapest booster pack to help was 1500 coins. So I would have to by more coins. If I would have known, I would have just watched the ads . lol. Too late now, byyyeeeeeee


Hearts are not the move

I love this game and I would play it all the time. I’m on level 321 and now all of a sudden there are hearts and it costs a heart to redo a level. This deters me to play because I don’t want to waste my hearts. I don’t like this and the game was a lot more fun without the addition of hearts. 🙁👎


Need acolir blind mode

Actually enjoyed the game nice relaxing way to end the day….but i cannot tell the difference of some of the dudes colors you need alternate color options


Getting my previous game back

Hello. Does anyone knows how to get back to the game where I was on a higher level? I had to delete the game and redownload it. The game started me over from level one. I am using an iPhone. I enjoy the game very much. Would love to get back to where I was. I was over level 130 for sure and had thousands in coins. Hope someone can help.


Don’t let the no wifi ads fool you

It’s a fun game but I downloaded it because the ad for it said it was a no wifi game. And yet I can’t play it without wifi or phone service. There are ads between every level, which is better than some games but it does get to be a lot when some levels don’t even take a full minute to pass. I would love to keep playing this game because it is fun and can be challenging but when I spend more time watching ads then I do actually playing the game it’s time to find a different game to play.


Nearly impossible without paying

It was fun in the beginning, but after a while it gets impossible to complete levels without boosters. Problem is you don’t get enough coins for boosters when you complete a level, and the only other way to get coins is to pay for them. There’s no daily rewards system either. There needs to be a way to get boosters without having to pay for coins. I’m frustrated by that and it ruined the fun for me. Unless the developer adds ways to attain coins more easily without paying, I’m done with this game.


Not Too Old To Be Obsessed

This is THE ONE! This is the iPhone game I sit and play for hours. I resent having to eat, having to pee, having to take pills, receive calls from grandkids and having to go to sleep at night.
The game’s images are a bunch of tiny faceless, impish passengers waiting to board a bus OF THE SAME COLOR as the loading passenger. You must strategically work your passenger toward the bus to get on; even if he is WAY behind other passengers, you must bring him forward.
After 5 fails; you begin again.
The tiny, heart warming passengers remind me of Teletubies. They are Adorable!
I so love this game I purchased the offer to
eliminate ads during my game. Now THAT is OBSESSIVE!!


Too many ads!!!

The game is fun, but simple. It’s a nice enough newer take on typical sorting games. But the ads!!! Oh my gosh!! So many ads and it’s after every single round, and some of the hem last for a minute and a half. I spend more annoying time waiting for the ad to end than I do playing the game. And the average clicks to get OUT of an an is 6+.
Im deleting the game. You guys cut down on the number of ads or let people play 2-3 rounds before a 30-second ad and I will get it again.


Already? Really

I have had BusJam all of 2 minutes. I have been shown 3 of 4 training exercises. I loaded up 3 red & 3 blue people standing left to right. Then the same thing but matching people were in front of each other but still 6 people, 2 buses total. Then for exercise #3 I had 3 buses so…. I have played less than a minute and loaded 7 buses and you want me to rate you? An official rating? Do you really want to know how I like it? Not worth a ____ so far. Just trying to learn the rules so I can play the game for a bit and THEN give you an honest legitimate rating.
Get it together. This is unacceptable.


Move your ads

Great game except you have to close the game and restart it each time you lose because the ad bar is placed right on top of the “try again” button. Please move the ad bar!


Not free - but was fun

This game is only free until level 90 - then you have to purchase boosters to complete.
It’s been very fun up until now.
There is no way to earn boosters or coins without completing levels & level 90 is the first time I’ve come to I’ve come to a level that the colors are not set up to allow completion without a booster with the limited number of hold spaces you are given.


Could’ve been fun

I like the concept and its fun to play but it keeps bogging down, causing me to have to shut down the game and restart it. It’ll play one or two levels, them lock up, like its too much for the processor to handle. Also, it makes my ipad super hot. I don’t understand how this simple game could overheat my ipad when i play much more advanced games with awesome graphics and they don’t overheat my ipad. Weird. Anyway, had to delete.


Too many glitches!! Do not pay for helpers

Almost every other round, something goes wrong. The frozen people don’t thaw, the ppl who are free act like they are stuck and won’t move, there will only be 2 of the color needed and therefore you can’t fill the bus and move on. Just glitch after glitch.

Let me be your lesson and DO NOT spend $$ to just throw it away. I wish I learned my lesson after my first waste of money purchase.



Twice I have been unable to finish levels because there aren’t enough of the same color riders! I tried to attach a picture of the last time it happened. Glitch or what? Frustrating beyond belief. Please try to fix it as I have to use my lives to replay the level.


Loved it, BUT

I loved this game so much. Perfect amount of challenge and mindlessness, BUT after a few days of playing I noticed my battery was draining surprisingly fast, and upon review, THIS GAME was taking 70% of my battery life!! 😩😩 that’s without allowing notifications or tracking across other apps. Super sad that it had to go.


Stuck on Level 129

How do I get past level 129? I’m stuck on the beginning where I’m supposed to get folks on the first bus but can’t cause of clocked folks blocking others from getting on their bus.


Fun Game But Hits a Paywall at Level 397

I've genuinely enjoyed playing Bus Jam for its challenging puzzles. It's a game that combines fun gameplay mechanics with increasingly difficult levels, making it a great pastime. The graphics are simple and decent, offering a smooth gaming experience on iOS devices. However, my enthusiasm took a hit as I reached level 397. At this point, the game introduces challenge that can only be released by purchasing additional tiles. This sudden shift towards a pay-to-win model was disappointing, especially after investing so much time without needing to spend money (except for ads removal, which I did). Like another reviewer mentioned, it seems you're forced to make in-app purchases to progress further. This aspect detracts from the game's initial appeal, where skill and strategy were the only prerequisites for advancement. While I understand the developers' need for monetization, a more balanced approach, offering alternate ways to earn or unlock essential items, would have been preferable. It's a shame because Bus Jam is really fun and engaging up to this point. I'd still recommend it for those who enjoy puzzle games, but with the caveat of the potential need to spend money to fully experience all its levels.


Don’t do the upgrade

UPDATE: I am updating to a five star review because they fixed the problem and restored our coins. Thank you for correcting in a timely manner. ****
I lost all the coins I had earned (and paid for) when I upgraded and no one has responded to my complaints. The restore purchases button doesn’t work. **** I loved the game, played it every day, watched the ads I chose to in order to earn more coins and to get more lives and if this doesn’t get resolved, you’re going to lose all my ad income. I will remove BusJam tomorrow if this isn’t resolved.


Have to pay to win?

Update: I have been on level 364 for a couple of days…it seems like the only way to get past that level is to pay for extra spots to put the people waiting for the bus. I can’t figure out any other way. So if I don’t get past it soon, I will definitely quit playing. Super frustrating that it seems rigged to make you spend money. Super fun game until now! Someone commented that they don’t appreciate that it is based on skin color to the color of the bus. Why does it have to be skin color? Maybe the people are color coded by route or destination. People taking offense to everything needs to stop. Enjoy the game for what it is, entertainment .



Just came across this game. It’s a fun n challenging game but so far not so challenging to the point of impossible to pass a level. I can’t stand a game to start out easy n a few levels in the level can’t be passed! I’ve deleted many a game that starts out easy n then gets impossible to pass fast! No gradual increase of difficulty just bam goes from easy to impossible in 5 levels! N those games r for 4 year old n up? I’d like to see a 4 yo pass those impossible to pass games! I hope this game stays challenging but not impossible to level up. Update- got to a level of no way to pass the level! 😡 hate games that do this 🤬! It’s been deleted!


Why I had to delete this game

First f, the game it self is cool. BUT you can’t really enjoy it it because the amount of ads is crazy. The ads are SUPER long and some of them you can’t even mute them so it interrupts your music. Then some of the ads blend the x out button with the background so it takes forever to even get out the ad even after you sat there and watch a super long ad.

For such a good game, it is ruined by ads. I rather there be a Option to pay for ad free version. If not they must cut down on the length of ads and if I mute the game so I can play while listening to music then the ads need be muted as well


Update has skewed ability to choose correct rider

I would initially have rated this game a five. It’s really quietly engaging. However, since the coin debacle/fix, I can no longer reliably tap on the correct rider. I lose most often to tapping the guy in front or behind the one I was trying to tap. So many lives lost this way! Super frustrating! I have not figured out what the exact skew is to reliably choose the intended individual. The levels with large grids are almost undoable


Super fun, lots of bugs

This is perfect to play and unplug. However, lots of bugs throughout the higher levels. Often correct colors are on the ramp, but won’t hop on. When you hit undo, the little guys get stuck running backward and game freezes. Store to purchase coins will intermittently just say n/a, so not able to purchase more coins. Will continue to play, because it’s fun. Please fix the bugs!



Initially I thought this was way too simple to be any fun. But at level 58 it became very interesting. Make one wrong move and you fail. For the most part it is too simple, but they periodically throw in a challenge that makes the mundane worth it!

Suez   2 days ago

I can’t get past level 169. Tried you tube to watch and number of game doesn’t match. Anyway can’t get out on 169 as won’t let me out passengers on all tiles so knocks me out. Only way to win game is to pay. Disappointed.

Anne   1 month ago

Love this game but after working on some of the levels multiple times it appears there isn’t a solution that doesn’t require payment for additional spots. Love the challenge but it has become very frustrating.

Is Bus Jam Safe?

Yes. Bus Jam is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 17,846 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Bus Jam Is 59.0/100.

Is Bus Jam Legit?

Yes. Bus Jam is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 17,846 Bus Jam User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Bus Jam Is 100/100..

Is Bus Jam not working?

Bus Jam works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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