Relevant Radio Reviews

Relevant Radio Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-03

Take your Catholic faith with you wherever you go! Bringing Christ to the world
through the media, Relevant Radio creates a community of hope. Through this
personal and intimate forum of communications, marriages are saved, souls draw
closer to Christ and His Church, and the Truth sets...

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Relevant Radio Reviews

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    Literally Life Saving!

    This radio station has helped me find the peace and happiness I've been looking for. I started listening after my husband had an affair after 30 years of marriage; he ended up leaving me and our 4 children. I was in so much pain that I was suicidal. Listening to the different guests on this station let me know that I wasn't alone, and that everyone will be given a cross to bear. I was taught how a greater good can come from my suffering. I was also taught how to depend completely on God's providence. I was able to open my eyes to see the goodness of the Lord, experienced through the love of people who cared about me. Take that leap of faith; jump in and watch what happens! You can be at peace despite the chaos in this world. I am a physician, so I know how "intellectuals" protest belief in God as a sign of ignorance. They are ignoring the fact that humans need to develop mind, body AND spirit. Also, just explore the literature and research on near death experiences. It will give you a glimpse of the afterlife.

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    Learned what being Catholic means

    Raised a Catholic, I left the Church in my early 20s. After I was married and had children, I made a choice to come back to the Church to have my children receive the sacraments. My husband became a Catholic about the same time. About 10 years after that, I discovered Relevant Radio. Since then I have learned so much and have grown so much stronger in my faith! I realize I never really knew my faith before. I was born Catholic but not until I was an educated adult in the faith, did I choose to be a fully practicing Catholic. I listen to you everyday and pass on the things I learn to my family and friends all the time. I encourage everyone I can to listen to Relevant Radio! I am so grateful that there is a radio station like this that helps us to grow closer to God, teaches the truth in faith, offers encouragement in an often discouraging world, provides news not found in mainstream media, and in giving hope brightens our day. I am grateful, THANK YOU!

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    Too many adds!

    I used to listen and donate to a Christian radio station in Minnesota. It was run totally on donations and NO commercials!!! It is very disturbing the increasing number of commercials Relevant radio now has!!! A very interesting speaker or phone caller is constantly cut off for a long commercial break and the topic is usually not resumed. I have started to return to the Christian radio station I used to donate to just to get away from the commercials! I was enjoying Relevant radio programming more after the merger with Immaculate Heart radio and have been very disappointed especially that Mother Miriam was dropped. I guess the only way listeners have a say is to stop donating, but I have increased my donations because people need to learn more about their Catholic Faith and non Catholics can also benefit. My local station KYES constantly cuts off speakers to go to a local commercial which adds to the commercial dissatisfaction.

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    God’s love for us has no limit!

    This radio station has helped me to continue to find God’s love in all things as I walk in my days granted to me by His grace. “Little by little I understand it isn’t worth to walk just for the sake of a walk, but it is better to walk for the sake of growing.” (Pokito a Poko - Chamboa). In addition, this radio station allows me to stay connected to the Holy Catholic Church, stay in communion with the saints, in prayer with my brothers & sisters AND continue to be fed spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically (I’m doing chores and such as I listen) while listening to various informative shows. If we pay close attention, I feel the interaction between hosts & guests and then listeners, we can hear who we are and who we are not just in the human interaction. ‘Through Christ, may God continue to bless each one of us who participate in this ministry, Relevant Radio. - Amen’

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    +RR+ most listened to

    All I listen to is Catholic media. +Relevant Radio+ is my most listened to on weekdays, and I always use the app (I also use EWTN, Ave Maria, and Virgin Most Powerful apps). I started listening to the former Immaculate Heart Radio, and have kept with +RR+ since the merger. I deeply appreciate the Faithful and enjoyable personalities and the over-all Devotional approach of the programming and sponsorships. Fr. Rocky & staff have imbued a culture of True Catholicism into the whole of +RR+, while ensuring that the individual personalities & charisms of each host characterize each program’s presentation. I love the diversity of the programs, hosts, guests, callers, and topics, as well as the Devotions of Divine Mercy and Rosary, and Memorare for the ending of abortion, prayed on-air. For. Rocky both cracks me up & helps me put on The Mind of Christ with his “I am a priest and I approve of this message” quips. “..... and convenient parking”! Please God, keep “Relevant Radio rolling”!

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    Where can I get the signal in Virginia?

    I used to listen to Immaculate Heart Radio every morning and sometimes throughout the day, while living in Albuquerque, NM. My favorite host was, by far, Patrick Madrid. I wouldn’t always agree with everything he said but I must admit I have learned a lot from him and his wise words. In April of last year I moved to Charlottesville, VA, and I can’t get IHR here, which is really unfortunate. My new job is very demanding (I work at a hospital) and I don’t have the time to listen to the podcasts. I leave my house around 7:30 am and I don’t get back until around 5:45 pm. I wish I could get a signal here, even if it was just to listen while I drive to work and then back home. I also liked the Drew Mariano show a lot. May The Lord bless you abundantly for all the good you do and the peace you bring to many hearts that so need it!

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    Great app!

    This app is wonderful! I love being connected to my Catholic faith, but before the app I could not always get a good radio signal and would lose the programming . Relevant Radio offers a Catholic perspective in a world that seems to have lost it's bearing. The programs cover a variety of topics: current events, science, medicine, education, (just to name a few) and of course Catholic faith. The hosts treat everyone with dignity and respect, even when they disagree with the point a caller or show guest is making (so refreshing!) The Chaplet of Devine Mercy is said at 3PM (central time) giving listeners an opportunity to pray for personal needs as well as the needs of others. The app is more than the radio program, it also contains prayers, audio rosary (every mystery has 3 version choices), daily readings, show pod casts, catholic news, etc. This app is definitely my favorite!

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    Can a radio station change a life?

    Yes! My life has improved since I started listening at first to immaculate heart radio and stayed through the merger and love it even more. I am sad that it took me most of my young life not having the right answers ready at hand for most of my friends were Muslim and they wanted to know more about my faith. I am a cradle catholic born and raised in Lebanon, immigrant to the USA since I was 16. Because of this radio station I am much more prepared to give a reason for my faith and the hope within me but most of all it literally changed my life. My husband and I had our marriage blessed in the Catholic Church and I am a daily communicant and my radio app is always on at home and the station in my car while driving around since I am a realtor. Thank you for putting so many lives on the right path.

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    Where’s Joe Sikorra? Yo

    The app is cleverly made, I noticed that it requires your full time and attention, I am a multitasker & I’ll just say that doesn’t work too well with this; so in that way this app teaches me to focus on one thing at a time as much as I disliked doing that. I started listening ooh roughly around 2013 when it was Immaculate Heart Radio, when I was debating whether I should become Catholic, I miss the old hosts like Joe Sikorra who could talk about difficult subjects and make it fun; hey what happened to him anyway? I miss Mother Miriam she was so unbelievably loving imo, I loved when she first introduced herself, she put a grin on me in my most difficult time. She went too soon; & What happened to the Divine Mercy hymn that epic lady sang at 3 O’clock just before Catholic Answers Live?-Well I guess that’s the cost of changing your name to Relevant.

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    I look forward every day to listen to the programs on Relevant Radio. Patrick Madrid is my favorite along with others. As a convert to the Catholic Church for 40 years from the Baptist Church I’ve realized how much more I needed to learn about my beautiful faith. I used to listen to Christian radio stations in Miami because there was no Catholic radio stations broadcasted there. I live in Port St Lucie, FL now and I’m elated that I can listen to you live everyday and/or select recorded podcasts to listen to at my convenience. It’s so refreshing to hear about your own Catholic Church on the radio. I thank God every day for Relevant Radio and I pray for the staff there and for all the people that help the program by donating to it. I’m on a recurring donation to help keep it on the air. God bless and keep you on the air until our Lord’s return! 🙏🏼

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    Fantastic app for catholics!

    Sometimes radio signal isn’t the best, so this allows me to listen to relevant radio without any static whatsoever! Win! Also, the app has a mass locator built in to find the nearest church with mass or confession on any given day in case you want/need to go! I also love reading the mass readings of the day on the app as well as praying the rosary daily along with the audio recordings. In any case that i want access to a certain prayer i can access that too! Also, any show that airs during the day or time i wanted to hear on the radio, but couldn’t get to due to being busy is pre recorded for me to access later! Seriously too many good things and more than I could ask for all in one app! As a Catholic trying to learn more about his faith, im more than grateful for this free app!!

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    It’s like the air I breathe.... I need Relevant Radio everyday

    Ever since I started listening to Relevant Radio over five years ago it’s like the air I breathe. I need it everyday. I started listening to relevant radio when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I had just separated from my husband, now ex husband at the time and starting the beginning stages of a divorce. It was the most difficult time after being betrayed and going through and very acrimonious divorce. Relevant Radio truly truly helped me through it. It’s locked on my radio dial and it’s on from the time I wake up til I go to bed. I use it to say my daily rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, preparation for confession etc. Even my young son listens to it and through God’s grace, he is learning his faith. Thank you for this amazing app Relevant Radio.

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    Wonderful app

    My mother became ill and she was dying. Knowing that her faith was so strong, I made a promise to her. I had fallen away from the church for many years. I have had abortions and was divorced. She had offered to pay for an annulment but I refused. Something happened to me maybe 5 years ago when I started to feel guilty about the abortions and I wanted to find forgiveness. I went online and did some internet searches. Everything that I read was a wake up call for me. On the day before she passed, I promised her I would seek forgiveness and get back to the church. On the way home I accidentally found relevant radio and there was a re-broadcast of a show about abortion. I was so touched . It confirmed my promise to my mom. She passed the next day after suffering for days.

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    Such a treasure!

    Relevant Radio has outstanding hosts and programs which challenge Christians and deepen them spiritually and intellectually. I sometimes want to pinch myself when I realize that I am hearing such profound teachings though EWTN and Relevant Radio! My life was far less than it is today because of being fed from the Catholic Bible teachings. It has given me hope and increased my awareness of virtues and the fruits of the Spirit. I hardly knew the 10 commandments before. I only wish I had discovered Relevant Radio many years ago, but I am thankful every day to God for allowing me to know about it now. I cannot recommend it highly enough for all Christians who yearn for the Truth. Thank you, Relevant Radio, and wonderful show hosts! May God bless you even more than you bless us listeners!

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    Relevant Radio

    Hi my Relevant Radio new ‘family’! The name is so Spirir- filled. You are relevant to our daily lives-the every day of our journey to heaven and you are an immense help in getting us all there. I look furwstd to the Chaplet daily and it is so RELEVANT because we pray for personal intentions-we can all relate. The family rosary , the beyond brilliant and ever so calm and patient Patrick Madrid, the Godly man Drew Mariani and everyone - everyone who hosts the show and your staff who make it happen. You have enlightened me , educated me and more importantly- inspired me to be a better person for ALMIGHTY GOD . This 72 year old cradle catholic who has always loved and cherished her catholic faith, has helped me to be a better one! I have encouraged my adult kids and grandkids to tune in! Thank you, Mary Ann Stypa- VOSS. Alabama

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Is Relevant Radio Safe?

Yes. Relevant Radio is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 29,388 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Relevant Radio Is 61.3/100.

Is Relevant Radio Legit?

Yes. Relevant Radio is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 29,388 Relevant Radio User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Relevant Radio Is 61.3/100.

Is Relevant Radio not working?

Relevant Radio works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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Why should I report an Issue with Relevant Radio?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Relevant Radio to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Relevant Radio customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Relevant Radio.

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