DFW Airport Reviews

DFW Airport Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-31

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About DFW Airport

DFW’s official mobile app is the perfect addition for your next trip.


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Key Benefits of DFW Airport

- Provides updates on gate and flight changes

- Shows security wait times

- Accurate information from the airlines

- Allows users to determine if flights are arriving on time

21 DFW Airport Reviews

4.5 out of 5


Got me from A to B...

... and all the other terminals I needed to find :)
First time flying by myself so the idea of navigating such a large airport I’ve never been to before was a bit intimidating given a 30 minute layover. Also my first time using an airport tram system to get to the opposite end of the airport (which I didn’t realize was needed until arrival). With so many firsts on a tight schedule everything went flawlessly thanks to DFWAirport . Super easy to use. To whomever designed and executed this super handy and helpful app, Thank You!!


Helpful updates

On the day of the flight, I enter the flight # and get updates on gate and flight changes. Sometimes it’s better, more timely, than the airline.
Also, I like to be able to see security wait times, in case I need to go to a different area due to delays.
Now, if they only had something that showed where the open spots were in the parking garage


Annoying login process... Please update ASAP!!

DFWAirport is fine, but the login process is absurd. First, it doesn't save login nfo, so you have to log in every time. Then, it doesn't allow face-ID or any other type of biometric login, so you have to manually click into the field, open your password management, then search and select the right credentials tonpopulate in the fields. I can't imagine it would be that hard to allow it to either SAVE login or use face-ID to get in.

This is the biggest issue I have with DFWAirport . I use it weekly for parking, which is why it's infuriating to have to do every time. Please update this, it can't be that difficult.


The reliable source

I use DFWAirport to determine if flights are arriving on time, before I leave my home to pick someone up. I find that DFWAirport is correct all of the time. The information from the airlines on their apps is eventually correct but on occasion, not updated soon enough to keep me from leaving home and arriving at the airport early. That’s enough reason for me to use only this.


Great App!

Easy to use, get all fight info, gates, baggage claim this is great! How often do you hear or remember that when you land while getting off plane, collecting you things and de-boarding, great when picking up to be able to meet them at the baggage claim! Flight changes and delays also included with updates sent to your phone 😊👍🏾


Overall good user Experience

Didn’t really have mayor issues when booking my parking ahead of time for the first time using DFWAirport. It would be faster to find my upcoming booking if DFWAirport offered a shortcut to it. Is nos as intuitive to find my upcoming trip. Other than DFWAirport is fast and offered the convenience of paying ahead of time with great discounts


Still some room for improvement

Right now I am sitting in the cell phone lot waiting for a plane to deplane, which is being held at the gate because of lightning danger. I only know that because of a text message from the person I am picking up. Things like that would be good to see on DFWAirport . However, for an airport that is very confusing I find the availability of knowing the gate quite helpful.



I was trying to find a smoking area for my brother who’s catching flight #1413 to LAX out of A Terminal. There isn’t a place behind security for smokers and that’s unfortunate. I know it’s best not to smoke, but it shouldn’t be so hard on those that do. Many of them suffer from anxiety and other issues and smoking calms them down.


One thing to improve.

The mobile ordering is nice. But to be perfect it would be nice to have a way to incorporate employee discounts. For some people with times lunches the whole break may be used just to get the food and have to wait a few hours before eating. Having the discount will encourage more employees to use it to order so that they can spend their breaks eating.


Ok, but needs work.

DFWAirport works but it's hard to find things. DFWAirport is gotten better recently. It will allow you to search for flights and it does provide current flight status but you can only search for restaurants in the map not the list of restaurants. Directions in DFWAirport are pretty bad. I was a short walk from a shop and DFWAirport told me to get on the tram.


Such a help picking up friends

This airport can be extremely intimidating to navigate. Each terminal has its own mini airport then each chunk of gates are even divided up. When picking up friends and family I always use DFWAirport to confirm terminal arrivals and flight updates.


Best way to monitor DFW flights

DFWAirport is really easy to use and allows you to “follow” any flight arriving or departing DFW. It will send updates if there is a change in status so you know when to leave for the airport.


Very informative

A great help, with many features to help you find your way to your gate, baggage claim, shops, restaurants, and bathrooms. Also has the ability to track your flights, as well as information on parking. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is there is no real-time map placement for the user.


Super nice for checking flights and keeping you updated!

I got DFWAirport so I can keep track of when my friends are getting in and if there are any delays and it has been keeping me notified this whole day. So, I know what gate and what terminal and where their bag claim is. :) sooo nice!


Great App

Easy to navigate, search, and find what I need. I only wish you could look up future flights more than a two day window. I use DFWAirport, all the time, regardless.


Good with one big flaw

DFWAirport is functional and the ability to prepay for parking is great. However, DFWAirport logs me out constantly. It doesn’t seem to remain logged in for more than 24 hours. So every single time I go to and from the airport (which is often) I have to login to DFWAirport yet again to view my parking receipts and QR codes. It’s so annoyingly frustrating.


Ordering food ahead is terrific!

Gate info was correct but not the departure time. My location needs some work: stayed in the same place even though I was moving around the airport. Even leaving DFWAirport and returning to my location didn’t work. Programmers need to tweak it. But DFWAirport will be fantastic for frequent DFWers like me.


Helpful for flight info as well as airport

This is a helpful app in finding flights arriving at DFW and what gate they will arrive at. I use it when I pick up family members at DFW. It even provides notices updating arrival times.


Great Little App!

When your in a hurry to find an
Arrival and Departing flight DFWAirport is great new adds including an airport layout are very helpful for those new to Dallas DFW or just some who isn’t a frequent flier or familiar with DFW airport. Well done keep making improvements


Has problems

I am a pilot based in DFW and I used to use DFWAirport all the time, however, now DFWAirport constantly crashes on my iOS device. Specifically it crashes when you try to view shops/dining by terminal. DFWAirport then says there are no locations within 5 minutes of your location, then when you try to change the 5 min walking distance it crashes every time.


My trip to Amarillo

Today I’ve decided to go to Amarillo to visit because I like that place I’m 12 years old I live in McKinney Texas and I’m going by myself to visit the places and people I know to wear a mask and keep safe so I’m leaving at 4:40 pm today because that’s when my departure is and I’m skyler Cade Cleveland so I am so excited and I’m going to be a Unaccompanied minor I don’t know what that means but anyway I’ll see whatever is in that place it’s the best place in the Texas panhandle (end of story)


Great app!

Easy access, user friendly, helpful, and awesome for those traveling often. Notifications option so you can get alerts and any changes to your flight or gate.

Kate   2 years ago

The app will not filter shops or dining by terminal any more. When I select a Terminal from the drop down list, it says there are no amenities within 5 minutes from your selected gate. If I leave selected for All Terminals, the full list of dining shows up. Why doesn't the search by terminal work any more?

Is DFW Airport Safe?

No. DFW Airport does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 822 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for DFW Airport Is 19.6/100.

Is DFW Airport Legit?

No. DFW Airport does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 822 DFW Airport User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DFW Airport Is 52.2/100..

Is DFW Airport not working?

DFW Airport works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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