Manorama Online: News & Videos Reviews

Manorama Online: News & Videos Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-19

About: Latest Kerala News in Malayalam and English. Local News with Live News
Coverage, Sports News, National and International News, Movie Reviews,
Entertainment News, Lifestyle, Technology News, News Headlines of the Hour,
Daily News Summary and coverage.

About Manorama Online

Local News with Live News Coverage, Sports News, National and International News, Movie Reviews, Entertainment News, Lifestyle, Technology News, News Headlines of the Hour, Daily News Summary and coverage.

Experience Manoramaonline's Kerala and India news along with entertainment and informative content with overall coverage that blends the best from print, Internet and TV.

Malayala Manorama News app, which serves you latest Malayalam News and English news and our award-winning journalism and Mobile apps.

This amazing application is brought to you by, one of the largest news portals in the world with an average of 700 million page views a month.

Users need not worry about the speed of the Internet, the all new Manoramaonline News app is fully optimized to load news in split seconds even in low speed connections.

Best Malayalam News App from the most trusted Kerala Newspaper, Malayala Manorama.

The new release is packed with more news per section, sub sections, photos & video galleries, local news from all 14 districts, pravasi news etc.

Latest Kerala News in Malayalam and English.

Get engaged with the happening news by expressing your opinions and views as comments and even reply to the comments that are already present.

Latest updates , comprehensive coverage and equal focus on Current Affairs, Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Cricket and Business from Manoramaonline,Manoramanews and Onmanorama.

The application also gives Live Cricket scores and a complete scorecard.

Easy to navigate from sections to subsections and back with new slider menu function.

The new Currency Exchange Rates will come handy for NRIs and travellers alike.


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20 Manorama Online Reviews

4.4 out of 5


Very limited news

Manorama news app used to have good quality. There’s irrelevant advertisements which you don’t know what it is ! If you press one of those another one appears . If you want get out of those , you have to remove all and go back !Lot of news are from entertainment and standard of the Grand old news paper become like evening news paper. If you are looking for current events look for some thing else.


Too much annoying ads

Too much annoying ads


Worse App

Keeps displaying a banner msg "your connection has changed to wifi/LTE" every 5 seconds. It makes reading anything with ManoramaOnline nearly impossible as the useless banner fills nearly half of my phone screen. So annoying. This is apart from the fact that Manorama has become a third rate news paper that pushes all sorts of sleazy news and ignores what happens in the bigger world.
Update: ManoramaOnline make it impossible to read anything as it keeps sending the user off to ManoramaOnline Store right from the moment you open it. A cheap trick to get you install those crappy apps that pay them to do this.


Disgusting App

ManoramaOnline does political pimping for a sect namely ‘A’ group of Indian National Congress. The news published on ManoramaOnline is nothing but a bunch of lies targeted at the ruling LDF coalition in KL. Character assassination of the leaders of LDF, glorification of a few Congress leaders it backs, voyeuristic journalists employed to write blatant lies about CPM are some of the salient features of ManoramaOnline. This so-called news app is a blot on other news apps. This shady app is requested to stop being the boot lickers of the most corrupted party in India which spearheaded and orchestrated genocide in Delhi in 1984- the Punjabi genocide!!!


Great free news app from manorama

This new version is great, the interface looks slick and more easy to use on iPhone , big thanks to manorama for the update.A must update , if you have iPhone 4/4s as the new font looks awesome .


Cannot get out of adds

After spending few minutes in the application, an add overlay appears and there is no way to dismiss that overlay. Only way to get out is killing the application. This needs to be fixed ASAP.


Good and useful app

Overall design improved. Didn't like the image animation when loading list of news items. Clean and simple would be better.


Battery draining and too many ads

ManoramaOnline drains the battery very fast for my iPhone. Background process also takes lots of battery. Ads pops up between each news and some of the ads are full screen with no close button. Deleting ManoramaOnline.


Battery consumption is too high, 65%

Battery consumption rate almost 65% though app is not in use. Whatever it runs background is eating battery charge and eventually get my iPhone XS got heated up. After uninstall app battery usage and temperature levs back to normal. Some background process is acting weird with ManoramaOnline.


Political party paid news. Not a trustworthy news source

Lot of fake news. Most of the news are politically twisted news and doesn’t have truthful content. Thanks to social media; we get lot of truthful news via social media and other News channels like Janam TV. Manorama is no longer a channel I can trust anymore. Deleting ManoramaOnline forever.


Useful app

Slow to update with latest news, sometimes take a day or two. But other than that, it serves the purpose. A must have for marunadan malayal



App is slow and too many advertising. Pages load slow and freezes. Content is good but need to be fast.


My iphone gets heated up

The content is good, good to read, but the pages takes time to load and phone gets too hot to hold. Once I close ManoramaOnline the phone cools down, has no problem with any of other apps in my phone. I personally do not recommend ManoramaOnline.


Battery eater and too many ads

ManoramaOnline has been draining my iPhone battery even in background and this has way too many ads in an annoying way. Deleted ManoramaOnline. Please fix these in order for people to use it.


Good app but many bugs

It always crashes at first time when I'm opening. The news is not refreshing automatically, it shows the news from previous time when I opened it, even if I'm opening ManoramaOnline after 2days. I need to kill ManoramaOnline from memory to refresh it.


Great user interface ,improved a lot ,but news are biased

Great malayalam news app ,but few articles are sounds like biased ,but in order to get up to date news ,not a bad app


Control the ad/s please

Pathetic! Every 3 or 4 newses there is an ad/, and sometimes, a particular news article open app store 3 OR 4 TIMES?!??? Learn something from Mathrubhumi app.. ManoramaOnline is very annoying.. Most ppl may be just deleting ManoramaOnline coz thr are other options... do something, be creative and less annoying...


Crazy ads

I love manorama but this mobile app is so annoying because of crazy ads that consumes over 30% of display. If manorama care about its reads please provide option to remove ads with or without fee.


Worst app ever!!!

It drains 70 percent of your iPhone battery when not in use. The pop-up ad that gets displayed for each news article is horrible. You literally have to stare at it for 30 seconds before the close button appears.


Cooked the Golden Goose

Your beta/English version was superb for I-pad users. The new App is terrible! It allows only vertical orientation & does not show summaries & pics of major news items as was possible with the Beta test version. So, good bye, I will go elsewhere for news in English from India. NDTV, TOIJust Samachar etc all do a far superb job than your new app does.


Latest version not working on iPhone 6

The latest version .96 is not working on iPhone 6. When ManoramaOnline is loaded, it asks to upgrade and no way to skip that page. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling.


Constant forced updates!

The curse of ManoramaOnline is the frequent forced updates. There is no backward compatibility. It just stops working with a "please bear with us" message and force you to update with a new version!


New app is pathetic

New upgraded app is pathetic, I cannot scroll latest news section. The look and feel is good, but functionality is very poor.


Unusable with ad

On application launch an ad gets loaded full screen with no option to close.


The worst Malayalam channel spreading fake news

This news channel does not follow any journalist ethics and is consistently proved to be propaganda page spreading fake and skewed news.


Not working on iPhone

Latest version of app is not working


Very bad app and fake news

India number 1 fake news channel
And news paper


No way to change orientation to landscape, it always stays in portrait mode.

No way to change orientation to landscape, it always stays in portrait mode.

Is Manorama Online Safe?

Yes. Manorama Online: News & Videos is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,109 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Manorama Online Is 71.6/100.

Is Manorama Online Legit?

Yes. Manorama Online: News & Videos is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,109 Manorama Online: News & Videos User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Manorama Online Is 88.1/100..

Is Manorama Online: News & Videos not working?

Manorama Online: News & Videos works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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