Worldstar Hip Hop (Official) Reviews

Worldstar Hip Hop (Official) Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-30

Offering the perfect mix of exclusive music videos, outrageous user footage,
breaking news, hilarious comedy, sports highlights, movie trailers, interviews,
shocking viral clips and more daily, the official Worldstar Hip Hop app keeps
you updated on the go. Never a dull moment - guarant...

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Worldstar Hip Hop (Official) Reviews

  • By

    Bad on iPhone X or newer

    I don’t even know how you guys have such a high rating. Obviously only because of the content but you need to fix your app. It’s 2019 and this app is not iPhone X friendly. When the videos enter full screen you can’t swipe out by pulling down nor can you scroll through the video or rewind because the scroll bar is too close to the “home” swipe area on the iPhone X or newer. Tried it on a X, XS, and XS Max. Same thing on all of them. When leaving a video, feed automatically starts back at the top instead of keeping its place meaning if I watch the 182nd video when I leave it starts back at the latest. Could be better, definitely used to be worse. Edit: after further review upon a fresh install of the app, going back to the feed goes to the position as it should, but the video player during full screen is still bad for new generation iPhones.

  • By

    “LIMITED” aka bogus.

    I’ve been using this app for years and the content always forces me to use this bogus app. They have never fully fixed it but are trying to add to it for social media. After the first video you get your first ad. 99% of the time that’s when it locks up and you HAVE to crash it because of that 10 cent ad they feed us. Then relaunch and can watch maybe 3 more videos and guess what?! Time to crash and relaunch again. This has been my experience with this app for years and multiple phones. I have 200 mbps connection and tests prove it but Worldstar servers are throttled outbound or this app is just garbage. Like I said the content is great the app is garbage. I have finally given up and put a review on this app which is the real problem. Not the users.

  • By

    The content is great, app needs work

    One thing I’ve noticed about using this app is there is some sort of bug when scrolling and after watching a video and going back to the feed...if you scroll it’ll go down the page, almost like a glitch. Another key issue I’ve found is how this app drains your phones battery somehow. When using and watching videos my phone will immediately start getting very hot and I went from 28% to 10% battery life within 15 mins. My phone is a brand new IPhone X and it doesn’t do this with any other app. FIX IT!

  • By

    The best place to see it raw

    Sad to say but this is my go to ap for raw news. They also have some very funny and enlightening stuff as well. If you are really down with hip-hop then you will find a lot of things on here entertaining, if you are not into hip-hop please do not download this app because you will need an interpreter for 99% of the clips.

  • By

    Needs a lot of improvements.

    First of all the app is ok. There are some improvements that needs to made to make things a lot easier such as page numbers. I don’t like scrolling down and down past videos I’ve already seen. There should just be a page number option at the bottom of the page like the actual website. Once you back out of a video or close the app. You start back from the top of the video page and have to scroll down and they ALL the videos again. Gets very annoying.

  • By


    The App is ok!... But it could improve in a lot of areas. For starters fix the cell phone view when trying to watch a video it's very annoying!... other than that the App is decent. also the pop-ups are annoying as hell when you first click the app, I usually have to back out and start over. the pop ups are annoying as hell also, please fix that immediately because a lot of people have left worldstar and have now moved to a new site called the Grand Report.

  • By

    Bring on the update because the current one blows!!!

    Iphone Xs and the clips in the app stop playing/ restart after 3 seconds. It forces me to close out the app so that videos return to “normal” and allow me to watch. Fix that garbage!! Out of the years I’ve had this app, why now

  • By

    Love WSHH

    I've been with WSHH since before they had an app. My only thing is that I wish you guys had a search engine. Every clips goes through you all first and I love that. Before it hits social media, you guys have it first. That's why I mess with you all. But I can't search old stuff or hashtag what I want to look up. I'd appreciate it if you add hashtags and search engine for mobile app. Thank you

  • By

    The only thing I need on this app

    Myself and thousands of other users of this app need this one thing the most and that is a skip forward and skip back (5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, whatever is easier for the developers’) option. Sometimes we just want to get to the good part of the video. The other option would be better editing on the videos.

  • By


    I can barley even use this app anymore. The ads have gotten ridiculous. I understand the need to generate revenue, but I am tired of having to sit through a three minute ad for the same dumb game( that can’t be skipped) over and over and over. It has gotten so bad , you almost have to watch an ad for every video you play. I shouldn’t have to do that to watch a one minute video clip every single time. World Star has gotten greedy and T his app is complete garbage now. I’ve used it for years but I will definitely be deleting it now.

  • By

    Worst app , personal agendas

    App bugs out a lot, a lot of ads in and out of videos. They re post the same thing all the time. They post fake videos knowing it’s fake for views. The views are clearly fake, they put a million views on some random dude cause that rapper is usually signed to them in someway. they always change the titles of videos and repost them same day for more views. The comment section is just a bunch of trolls. Worst app ever been on. Always posting videos against cops yet they show nothing but bad stuff about black people.

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    I love WSHH

    I really enjoy watching the different videos people post all over the world doing funny things! It gives me laughter every time I see something on here! So keep up all the good work of making this site a joyful thing to watch!

  • By


    Man the status of Worldstar is just declining to me. & it is demoralizing that it’s the way it is after a legend (R.I.P. Q) created it. It’s like worldstar takes content that ig has had up for weeks or days & then they put it up there. Everything I watch on worldstar, I’ve already seen days prior on ig minus any of the comps. & even the comps are boring to watch. & can’t forget to mention how hot my phone gets using the worldstar app to the point I close the app cause it seems my phone is going to explode.

  • By


    Fantastic content which I have watched every day for years. However, ads are becoming an increasingly annoying issue. They used to play after the video, now they play before, during, and after. Can’t watch one video without ads popping up nonstop, it obviously shouldn’t be this way. Please give this bug some attention!

  • By

    Too many ads!!

    If I have to keep having to wait on iTunes music ads n theses non stop game pop up blocking my view ads I'm out!!! I get that you need to get them plugged for pay but lord tone it down! I'm scared to open up my world star and having to wait 30 seconds to finish seeing a comercial... ni bueno..

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Is Worldstar Hip Hop (Official) Safe?

Yes. Worldstar Hip Hop (Official) is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 27,854 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Worldstar Hip Hop (Official) Is 37.1/100.

Is Worldstar Hip Hop (Official) Legit?

Yes. Worldstar Hip Hop (Official) is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 27,854 Worldstar Hip Hop (Official) User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Worldstar Hip Hop (Official) Is 37.1/100.

Is Worldstar Hip Hop (Official) not working?

Worldstar Hip Hop (Official) works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By No more ads
Oct 03 2021

Wshh is trash now, all the fucking ads in videos is sooooooooo annoying like i dont know why people still go there. You can't watch one video without ads playing during the video! Wtf! Wshh is just like tv now, but i thought the reason we went to streaming is to avoid the fucking commercials. I guess soon they will offer you a service to pay for so you cant watch videos without ads. The viewers built this site, now wshh sold us out and its like they dont give a shit because nowhere online or anywhere these mofo's even acknowledged the comments of MOST of their viewers. Wshh can't say this is not a major problem right now, im sure the complaints are through the roof!

By Charles
Sep 24 2021

Every F$cking video has ads. Sometimes the ad is longer than the damn video. They're sellouts

By F world star
Aug 25 2021

World star is garbage they block good videos and let all the violent and stupid ones work

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