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Published by on 2021-04-01 is the #1 conservative website. pulls together
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    Just a few things

    I personally think this app performs well. I read that it crashed for a lot of people in the reviews but I haven’t had this experience. I would suggest adding a search bar so myself and others can search for our favourite columnists and/or revisit articles. I also would like to see that when I click on the columnist section that I get a list of the actual writers rather than simply a bunch of articles like a repeat of the home page. I’d like to read the writer bios and see their articles in one spot. Other than those two things, this app is good on updating daily and making sure its readers get the news they want.

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    Too much crashing

    And now two days in a row none of the articles open. Just going to delete the app at this point. Updated to say: now it crashes on the main screen if you just try to scroll? Are you ever going to attempt to fix this app?? I enjoy reading articles and commentaries on this app. What I don't enjoy is that certain commentators writings cause the app to crash. Consistently. There are several writers that no matter when you click on their article (new one, old one, doesn't matter), the whole app crashes. If an article gets removed from the website it sometimes still appears on the app and just gives an error message. Content-wise, a good app for those interested in politically conservative commentary. Technical-wise, needs work.

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    Please get an editor for the articles!

    Good material. Seems fair (not blindly for Trump - some good hit pieces on him as well as on the left). But for Pete's sake, could someone please edit the articles before they are published? Nearly every article regardless of the author (and that is no exaggeration) either has grammatical errors, misuse of wording, or misspelled words. One would think they would want to put their best face on their work...

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    What’s with the HUGE, magnified type-set

    Have been a reader for years via on-line TH website. Downloaded the app recently to my iPadPro & iPhone. App works fine on iPhone; on iPadPro the print is not scaled to the device, nor with any utility function to shrink/rescale. It is so huge that you are constantly having to utilize vertical and horizontal slider bars just to read an article/commentary.

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    Great app! Thought provoking content

    Every day you will find intelligent commentary on on the news events and people who effect ( and sometimes infect) our world. It's refreshing to have a place to go where perspective is not presented as "news", but is openly and honestly offered as opinion.

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    Crashes & no comments functionality?

    This app crashed within 5 minutes of my download. Also, where is the ability to comment on articles or stories. There are problems with the comments functionality on the website, too. I love Townhall & was even one of the founders of my local area meetup group several years back, but this app & the website need a lot of work.

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    Frequently crashes

    Great content, but the app crashes frequently when I try to view an article. Looking up the list of all columnists causes the app to crash every time. Please fix it!

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    Is this going to get fixed?

    The app now crashes when you open it up. For about the last 3 days it will open, but you couldn't open any of the articles. Quite a few times, trying to open the lead/top story & only the story below would open. I love the website & content, just wish it was easier to access on the app/phone. Update: sometimes you listen & get the app to work, most times not. I still hold out hope for this site.... When are we going to be able to view & add to comments on the articles? Update: again crashing when opening app. Can't even view an article. I'm convinced you don't really want mobile readers. I have zero time to read on a computer. So, you'll lose loyal readers like myself.

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    Freezes up all the time

    Ever since I upgraded to IOS9 the app freezes up all of the time. Cannot use it all. No problems before IOS9 Title: All messed up IOS. 13.1.2. is all messed up. The article supporting the headlines is all out of proportion. Can only become close to readable in landscape, and then it is too large of a font to read. I always use the vertical, but cannot see but a few words. Virtually not usable. Too bad, I used to like Townhall.

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    Too many ads

    Downloaded this app and liked the content, but the ads are constant and you can’t even finish an article without being frustrated with the format. I gave it a week of reading and just deleted it this morning. A shame, but greed ruins the original intent of untainted news. Read TH on their website, it is much easier.

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    This is ridiculous! This app used to be great but every time I search for an specific columnist it crashes. This is not a new issue...this has been going on for THREE YEARS!!! I've deleted the app and reinstalled it on three different devices and it's the same crap each time. You know, it appears you all are using the same IT Support contractor Hillary used to make her private server secure. Get it together!!

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    Bias Truth?

    The making news great again app! Informative, thought provoking, and unbiased truth. Some would point out that conservative news is bias on the right side of things, but truth isn’t bias it’s just the truth.

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    What happened?

    I have been a fan of the website for years, and when I found the app I started using it every day! I loved it even though I could never get the "all columnists " section to work. For a couple of months now it crashes whenever I try to open an article or column. I literally have not been able to read a single thing for weeks!

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    Needs Update

    I like the site; I review it every morning. But, I occasionally get an annoying reminder from Apple about it not running on future IOS updates. So, here I am telling you to keep it working!

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    Crash and freeze

    Unreliable app Crashes a lot . Click in a link to a main story the app often fails to open the story. Instead there is either a full page as you are forced to view for a period of time or a horizontal bar displays which essentially makes app and stories useless. Too bad a good news service has a poor performing app.

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