FE File Explorer Pro Reviews

FE File Explorer Pro Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-14

FE File Explorer Pro is a powerful file manager app on your iPhone and iPad. It
can access not only local files, but also files on your computer, NAS and cloud
storages. Transfer files among those locations. Stream movies and music to your
iPhone/iPad. Directly view and manage documents,...

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FE File Explorer Pro Reviews

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    Better than built-in File app in every aspect

    I’ve been using this app for three years. I used this app for accessing my files on NAS when I bought this because the system version File app wasn’t there in iOS 11 or so. When iOS 12 came out I knew it also got FTP feature and considering it is an Apple software, I used the File app as an replacement for a while. However, it’s probably the most buggy software that I’ve used, even with the very limited things you can do with it. I quickly swapped back to this app and everything just works as it should be. Another problem that encountered recently that could be solved easily with this app was importing photos from computer. I have no idea why half of my photos went disappeared from importing via iTunes. I had to first import to this app via file transfer and then import to photos by copying to album. It will be more time-consuming but at least you wouldn’t lose your photos.

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    Clean and simple

    I have a NAS at home for file storage and needed to access it from my phone. It was a snap to set up, the interface is clean and intuitive. I had a question for the developers because I wasn’t seeing hidden files. They responded quickly and pointed me to the individual connection’s settings (not the general app settings, which I guess is nice). On the iPad I did have a lot of issues where I was scrolling through directories with a large number of folders, and some were disappearing. I realized I must have been touching a folder just right and was dragging and dropping it into another folder instead of scrolling through the directory! Luckily, there’s a setting to disable drag and drop functionality, which I would suggest be made the default setting. You can still move folders through another edit menu, so it’s still possible to move things more “safely” in a touch environment.

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    Great App!

    I recently found an AirPort Extreme 5th gen and was excited to find that you could access files wirelessly if you plugged a flash drive into it. However, I did some research and found out that it uses an older version of something called SMB, and that it wasn’t compatible with the native iOS files app. I did some more research and found this app, which has been absolutely perfect for my needs and is totally worth the money. Another plus is the fact that you can link other storage providers too, so it can serve as complete replacement to the native files app, which I have already deleted. Last thing: It supports dark mode, drag and drop, and integration with the native files app and you can access NAS files without this app being open. The free version does not support integration so if you were looking for that in the free, consider this one. That’s all, thanks for reading!

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    Best app for SMB media streaming!

    Absolutely everything done in this app is executed properly. Loads quick, video UI is beautiful and very functional, plenty of great options for playback as well. The music player works well and the picture slideshow is a great option too. I’ve tried quite a few apps for Samba streaming and this one knocks them all out of the park! Best $5 ever spent. I hope the devs can expand with a few QoL features to elevate this to a greater media center app to make up for the lack of Kodi app on iOS. The options I hope to see in the future is being able to mark a file or folder as played, and loading metadata info from the directory/locally for thumbnails. That way it is easier to keep track of what to watch, listen, view, or read. BIG THANKS!!! To the developers! I’ll be using this app for years to come!

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    Great integration with iOS files app

    I find myself using this app more and more now. it works well with iOS 11 files app. I can now easily get files off my home NAS from many apps like Pythonista or Working Copy using File Explorers file provider feature. This pushes the app over the top for me and makes it something I use often to get copies of my current projects for reference while on a plane. I can move things around and back to NAS later if I make changes. It’s a feature set the Apple should provide but we all know they never will and would do a crummy job if they tried. FE is updated often and worth supporting because it’s a real tool for real work.

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    Great app, but...

    This is one of the best file manager apps in the App Store (I’ve purchased multiple of them). It is feature-rich, yet user friendly. One feature that is missing is that there is no option to password-protect folders, which is a necessity for me. I would love to see this feature added in a future update (with the ability to assign a different password to the folder than the app startup password), so that I do not need to continue to rely on the inferior file manager app I’m currently using just for this feature. Another issue I have with the app is the requirement to set up two security questions and answers when you opt to use a password. If I can’t remember my password, the responsibility is my own. I don’t want there to be a way to reset it. With that comes the risk that someone else who gains access to my phone could also reset the password and get into the app. I realize that many people probably like this feature, but setting up security questions and answers as a means of resetting the password should be optional, not mandatory. If the ability to password-protect folders was added, and setting up security questions & answers was an option rather than a requirement, this would be a 5-Star app, and I would gladly switch from the file manager I’m using to File Explorer.

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    One App to Rule All the Files

    The industries in which I operate require the 'Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner' method of file management; files, files everywhere. FileExplorer Pro is the best app I have encountered for managing this neural network from my mobile device. The app supports webDAV, an incredible number of cloud-based file sharing services, ftp, sftp, several NAS-based storage file shares, and computer OS file shares. Configuration is quick and simple. It can accommodate custom configurations as long as you can supply the security information. The app is reasonably priced, and it can quickly become your go to tool for safely and securely getting files where you need them while on the go.

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    Great app

    This app copied around 2,800 photo/video files from iphone to NAS in one pass with no errors. That process of copying files from iOS devices to NAS has been hugely inconvenient and time consuming in the past, now just set and forget - that is huge! In addition, I can now browse those photos and videos from other iOS devices such as my iPad (which is a better viewing experience than the phone) and attach to text messages or share however I want - so now I actually get to enjoy and make use of all that content on all my mobile devices. Great app, highly recommended!

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    100 Photo Transfer Limit

    Waste of $$, Discovered a 100 Photo Transfer Limit. I bought this app to transfer my photos to a NAS, but icon for File Explorer disappears from destinations in iPhoto after 101 Files are selected. This limitation was not specified in any App Store, in-app, or website documentation. Update: Thank you for the Developer response. This resolves the issue for me by using the FE app instead of Photo Library. so I have edited my rating on your app. However, the limitation still exists when choosing File Explorer as a destination from the Photo Library app. This prevents me from copying single albums at a time.

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    Major security flaw

    I painstaking moved all my files into this app because it has a password protection feature. However, I opened the files app native to iOS and found that I could see all the files in this app within the iOS files app. I could zoom in on the files view and read info on the first pdf pages. I thought that was all but, to my horror, I was able to completely open all the files on the app if I tapped on them and then tapped on the bottom of the screen after the blank page came up. I ONLY got this app for the password feature which is totally defeated with the files app. Also, you might think “I’ll just delete the iOS files app. Well it is easily re-downloaded and reintegrated with FileExplorer by anyone who has access to your phone. This is even if you log out of iTunes.

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    I wish I could recommend this as an iTunes replacement

    I like this app and I keep trying to use it as an iTunes replacement, however it is far too buggy. Anytime my iPhone X locks, the next song doesn’t play. This problem has existed for months and months. I even had a similar issue on my old phone that I reported. It got better but was never properly fixed either. It is unfortunate since I really like this app. Also, if it had a playlist feature beyond the foldering and copying of file data, that would be a nice addition.

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    File Explorer Pro Version Beats All Others

    Over the course of at least 7+ years I have downloaded, tested, and purchased every sort of file manager or pseudo file manager that has showed up in the App Store. This particular app, is easy to configure for basic needs while still containing many advanced features that one would hope a top notch file manager would include. Not only can I access my shared folders/files from my PC & laptop at home, but I also eliminated 4 additional apps for all my cloud storage providers. This does it all!

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    Finally power to the iOS!

    Nice file manager and all that goodness but what sets this app apart is an unprecedented possibility to connect to servers and stream media on the go. You can even see thumbnail previews of your images on the servers without having to first download them. If the app included at least basic PDF annotation support and Apple file protocol (AFP), it would be easily worth $10! Ability to protect individual folders with a password as well as to hide specific folders is not available.

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    So much potential but turned out to be a lemon

    Great design and interface, supports streaming, and even integrates directly into the Files app. Unfortunately, none of that matters if you can’t actually transfer files. I transfer large files (up to 4gb each) utilizing a stable broadband connection and it is very unreliable. The majority of the time the transfer fails after seemingly have completed (after waiting 5 or 10 minutes for the progress bar to get to 100%) without any explanation. Then I have to try to transfer the same file again from the *beginning* and it usually fails again. This is working with an FTP server that I use all the time without issue from my laptop. I contacted tech support (Steven Zhang), but they weren’t any help at all.

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    Perfect app to easily move and retrieve files remotely

    Love this app. I don’t use cloud services rather have an extensive home network where in the network are Linux and windows pcs. I can without hesitation easily access files of all types on all networked PCs from anywhere. File and folder access is fast an I really love being able to connect to my Linux server via ftp. Fantastic app. Makes offloading photos,videos and all the rest very fast and easy.

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Is FE File Explorer Pro Safe?

Yes. FE File Explorer Pro is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,027 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for FE File Explorer Pro Is 42.0/100.

Is FE File Explorer Pro Legit?

Yes. FE File Explorer Pro is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,027 FE File Explorer Pro User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for FE File Explorer Pro Is 42.0/100.

Is FE File Explorer Pro not working?

FE File Explorer Pro works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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