Weather Underground: Local Map Reviews

Weather Underground: Local Map Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-26

Discover a reliable, real-time and hyper-local forecast that will always warn
you about upcoming severe weather. Weather Underground combines data from over
250,000+ personal weather stations and a proprietary forecast model to give you
the most accurate and hyperlocal forecasts, at a mi...

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Weather Underground: Local Map Reviews

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    It used to be the best of the best!

    I work in construction and having an accurate and detailed weather app is an essential tool in getting work done. Weather underground has since gone to the wind after some of the most useful features, as well as basic features, have been omitted. 1. Your location can no longer be seen on the map. This makes it hard to see how long we have to work until it’s supposed to rain, which allows us to gauge when we need to pack up our materials and tools so they don’t get wet. 2. Since there are many different locations where we work, finding a local station and accessing the forecast for that location is now substantially more difficult. On the overview map there used to be a feature where you could tap on a station and there was a prompt to “go to weather station”, which made it easy to view the forecast for that area. This feature has since been removed, making it more difficult to view the location where we plan to travel to work to see if weather would effect our work day. In totality, weather underground used to be an amazing and useful tool, but has since been considered just another app that has diminished to subpar features compared to its previous version. Its very disappointing to see because it used to be the pinnacle of weather apps, and now it is reduced to being just another weather app.

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    Every update it’s something else

    BEFORE ITS TOO LATE-DISABLE UPDATING THIS APP!!!! Notice every 6.x update has the exact same explanation, we updated it to charge you for previously free features. Well here’s the good kicker-this update deleted my Apple Watch complication (what you couldn’t figure out how to show ads there too?) My weather station is the source for the downtown of my city and a huge recreation and pool complex, a source of pride. The profit of this has been a premium subscription to this app. With the seemingly slow but substantial downgrade of this app I will no longer contribute my data to be profited on as that deal is now too degraded. With all the complaints about ads getting worse (I don’t see ads)it is apparent that the only reason for this is pure profit off USER contributed data because nothing else is an “improvement” or a “new! exiting! premium feature!”. Ever since the last merger someone seems intent on destroying this brands LOYAL following for more profit. Premium! job done. I would hope other weather data contributors will consider for themselves if they are happy with how this app has changed and if they feel if and if they want THEIR data to be this companies profit and to consider the sources that can be contributed to when purchasing a weather station. Unfortunately mine is only WU and unless something changes this will be the first factor I consider when it’s time to replace mine (no more AcuRite). What can IBM Watson do for you?

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    I’d like to know what kind of team at the weather channel thought this app was ready to be pushed out to their many thousands of users. I am a paying customer, so when I open my favorite weather app and see giant ads plastered all over the app, I take pause and wonder why. I tried to restore my purchase from the settings page, and there is “nothing to restore”... I’ll give TWC the benefit of the doubt, maybe it’s just a coincidence and my annual subscription has run out. Well, I’m not about to pay again to find out because with the recent update I no longer feel that this app is something worth supporting. The developers have taken a product that was nearly perfect, I mean a *really* good weather app, and made it just so disappointing. The previous layout that showed temperature and a small map when you first opened the app was great! Why on earth separate them? And why doesn’t the map show my location anymore??? That was an awesome feature... very useful to see exactly where I am in relation to rain. TWC messes with perfection, making changes for the sake of nothing more than making changes. The changes were not necessary and I’m beginning my search for a better weather app right now. I had been a customer for many years, but this this poorly executed “upgrade” has me fired up enough to drop wunderground completely.

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    I REALLY dislike the latest UI redesign

    I almost never write reviews, especially if I’m happy with something already. However, I’m quite displeased with the redesign of the UI in the most recent app release. I can no longer scan the hourly precipitation because 1.) you removed the hours from that part of the UI, 2.) you removed the precipitation percentage that correlated with each hour. Now instead you’ve implemented this stupid bar you’ve got to drag across the screen to see what percent of rain is happening at a particular hour. Problem with that is that the bar is quite thin and can take two or three attempts before you actually tap and hold on the right spot — super annoying. The other issue is that it now takes me longer to get this information than the scanning I used to have to do. Furthermore you’ve made the weather icons above the precipitation/temp bar larger so they are taking up more space than before. Although you did add a second weather icon for each day, I’m still on the fence about that. Also I really liked the feature where it would detail weather it was a good day for mountain biking, but that appears to be gone and I have yet to find it. Maybe I’ll find it, but probably not as I think I’m done using this app. Time to find one with a better more usable UI. Farewell and wish your team the best!

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    “Improvements” were a major step backward

    I have used the WU app on my iPhone and been a paying subscriber for years (since before TWC bought WU). I downloaded the app for my Dad and thought I had selected the wrong app. Then I updated the app on my phone and discovered your update and can say that your latest major revision ruined the best weather app in the App Store. The latest “improvements” sacrificed usefulness for looks. You use to be able to see all the information you need on the main screen. Now it’s buried under layers of crap. You could search all the nearby personal weather stations, and view their specific location, and specs. Now only some of the local stations appear, and it’s a major undertaking to find those. If some of them hadn’t been in my favorites, I wouldn’t be able to view them anymore, because they don’t show up when you search, or in the map. You removed the option to use the NWS forecast, which I preferred, since I’m relatively certain there’s no little man in my app making adjustments to the forecast for my CWA based on personal knowledge and understanding of the weather patterns in my area. WU as a whole has been pretty much destroyed since TWC bought it way back when. I’ve been a paying subscriber for years, but you’ve finally succeeded in driving me away from all TWC products.

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    New design makes app harder to use, not easier

    Wow. I’ve Rafael’s seen an example of an update for updates sake as bad as this one. Some examples: With the previous design, it was easy to see current conditions at a glance based on the color of the circle around the temperature. The gradient imagery in the new version forces you to look harder for the visual cues. Same goes for the forecast view. In the previous version the red dot let you easily see where you were time-wise in the day. It’s much more difficult to see the break between the gray and red in the line in the current version. Removing the temperature labels on the daily forecast reduces the utility of the graph to just showing variation throughout the day rather than a visual representation of the actual temperature as before. The detail view attempts to make up for this, but the way the chart labels jump around is annoying, and puts them in the way of the chart lines you’re trying to view. I’m also disappointed that they removed the landscape view in the iPad version. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I use the app more on my iPad, so the corner-cutting in this version is very disappointing. I really like that this app is based on real, local weather data, but the new version makes it significantly more work to view the data. I wish I could revert to the old version.

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    The Weather Channel ruins another one!

    I have now lost count of how many amazing weather apps I have deleted because The Weather Channel bought them and ruined them. (You can almost bet like clockwork that any useful, popular weather app will be gobbled up by TWC Corp fairly quickly and “updated” to a version that no one wants to use.) “Can’t beat them, buy them” seems to be their new corporate strategy (instead of working on their own product to make it better). Also, privacy has become a real concern for this corporation. They want access to EVERY sensor in your device at ALL times. They not only can track your location at all times, they can tell whether you are indoors or out (or in an automobile or out) with the pressure sensors, etc etc. I’m not a tinfoil hat guy, but this is a little too intrusive for even me. Weather Underground WAS amazing. It was about the only app I could find with hyper-local information, including total rainfall amounts for the current day and the day before. Also had TONS of information readily available without any side-scrolling. It’s why I subscribed to the year-long ad-free version which has disappeared magically with this new update and cannot be restored. Now they want 10X the subscription fee for less functionality? No, thanks. I’ll pass. And so will others. (Which I now think was their intended goal all along.)

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    Latest update is a step backwards

    Weather Underground was my favorite weather app that I relied on daily. Like others have mentioned, the latest update has been a step in the wrong direction. Some of the key features that made this app stand out are no longer available. First, you can no longer pick a station from a map. You are able to pick a station from a list, but seeing the stations on a map adds the obvious benefit of knowing where the stations are. Next, the 10-day forecast no longer shows precipitation accumulation and wind speed/direction for each day. This info is available in the hourly forecast, but it is not practical to dive into hourly data for answering the simple question of “how much might it rain tomorrow?” or “what direction will the wind be blowing on Tuesday?” Lastly, there used to be a nice feature that displayed a quick sentence about today’s weather relative to yesterday. For example “Today is forecast to be much warmer than yesterday.” This was a quick and concise feature that I used to simply figure out what to wear for the day. That feature is no longer available. I loved this app. I’m willing to stick it out for another couple months to see what fixes and additions the developers release. In the meantime, I’ll be searching around for other apps that provide the features of the “old” Weather Underground.

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    Rarely I feel the desire to write a review, but the last few updates for this App have left me so frustrated that I have to write about it. Wunderground used to be my go to App to check the weather. It was easy to check the weather a couple of days in advanced (I believe up to 15 days ahead if I’m not mistaken), which is very handy when you’re planing a trip. It was easy to find a precipitation probability hour by hour and most importantly the App used to load every single time that I needed to use it. Even though I have to admit that most of the “cosmetics” changes done to the App during recent updates make it more appealing to the eye and modern, I have to concur with most of the recent reviews of other users about all the bugs that have made this App useless. I mean, who wants to have to delete and download again and again an App every single time you want to use it in order for it to just open? That is exactly what I have encountered the last couple of times I have tried to open the App and it keeps getting on a never ending loop of loading 🤦🏻‍♀️! When I saw a new update this morning I immediately downloaded it, just to find out that this issue was not solved yet, so now I am forced to delete the App because I’m not doing this process over and over again to be able to used it.

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    Used to be the best, now it’s just weird

    The whole new UI just feels like someone took an essay and made it all double spaced and added some useless graphics in some weird attempt to fill out more pages. Like a lot of other people this has been my favorite weather app for years. However now I guess I’ll have to find something else. The new UI update is terrible, way over complicated. It hides everything under multiple menus and clicks now. The info that’s prominent used to be what I found to be relevant when I checked the app, now it’s lots of stuff that is less relevant while the important stuff requires digging. The extended forecast is now physically stretched and expanded so it is much hard to actually get a good idea of storm start and stop times. It requires scrolling just to see 3 or so days of forecast. And to get to the summary page it’s buried in multiple clicks and even then it’s now a full page but it has no more info so it only takes up like 25% of the page with actual info, the rest is blank space and ads and I’m not opposed to ads or even paying a premium if the product was superior. This is now an inferior product with no apparent reason for being neutered, it’s not even like there are more ads or more content. They just kneecapped themselves for no apparent reason.

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    You ruined it - app deleted

    Years ago my favorite weather app was The Weather Channel Premium. They charged a one time fee and had an excellent add free layout that made it easy to see everything. Then someone there decided to go the greedy route. They killed their premium app and tried to force those users over to their horribly designed regular app. Even if you paid for the overpriced subscription to get rid of advertising you were still left with an app full of videos and tons of scrolling to find menus to get to submenus to finally see what used to be easy to find in the premium app. The Weather Channel lost a lot of users with that lame move. Myself included. I finally found Weather Underground as a replacement. It WAS a great app. Now it seems your team has caught the same disease (greed) as the Weather Channel team. Your new app is a HUGE step backward in just about every way. Never mind that once again I either am forced to pay a recurring subscription or suffer the stupid ads. Who are you geniuses who think every consumer wants to pay dozens of subscriptions for everything? Anyhow, I know you won’t go back to what you had that WAS great. Companies that go this route never correct course. So, goodbye Weather Underground. Was nice while it lasted.

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    What a pile of horse manure.

    Like every other recent reviewer, I’m writing to say that the December 2019 update has totally screwed up the functionality of this once-terrific app. Seeing a day’s weather forecast used to be simple: an easy glance at the phone and maybe a couple of taps to see when the rain would hit, and then I was on my way. Now the UI is confusing, involving way too much navigation to find anything useful, and when I do finally find something approximating the hourly forecast I have to use a stupid slider to figure out what the weather will do at any given time - MUCH harder than being able to simply LOOK at the straightforward graphic of the previous version. And btw, where the heck is the easy-to-access map showing the weather stations and the current radar, etc? Needless to say I’m very disappointed, and I will not be using this app anymore. And I’m wondering if some of the other reviewers were right, that this app was bought and then intentionally screwed up by the Weather Channel folks, either to drive people away from it (and presumably toward their own TWC branded app?), or to make people spend more time finding the info they need and thus increase app usage and getting more adds in front of people’s eyeballs.

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    Stop changing for the sake of change

    I have been getting more and more frustrated with the weather apps as time goes on, but this recent update is about the last straw for WU in my opinion. I work outside for a living, and I don’t want to be wasting time digging through different tabs to find out we might get an inch of snow tonight. I miss the other hourly/daily weather-at-a-glance bar which was pretty much the first thing you saw, with rainfall/snowfall amounts listed. Stop making changes for just the sake of changes. I don’t care if it’s pretty (and I don’t care for the giant add section that ironically says “weather matters” right now, making me need to scroll even further down for pointless info), I just want sensible functionality. The only thing keeping me from deleting this app right now is the fact that the developer responded to another’s review saying certain features were not yet ready in time for this update, so stay tuned. I will “stay tuned” to see, but I am not holding my breath. And for the future, I would opine that if certain important features are not yet ready for an update, don’t push out a shoddy update and tell us to hang on until the next installment. Your deadlines for updates are pointless if you are screwing your users.

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    New UI is Unusable

    I used to rely on this app every day and recommend it to friends and family. I do project management for software development, and though I don't pretend to know how to design or build weather apps for iOS, I can say that I personally find this app unusable after a recent UI redesign. The data it presents on launch is too simple to be useful, and the data it shows when a user clicks is so complex it's hard to understand. For example, why does a map with *zero* weather information take up half the main screen? I have to click on the map for weather info, and in the meantime, I am staring at an empty map. Where is the daily precipitation data that I used to check before deciding whether to bring an umbrella to work? It is now buried in a submenu that reveals lots of confusing graphs when I click. Who among us has the luxury of time to contemplate complex graphs while running out the door to school or work? If I were retired or anticipating a hurricane, perhaps I would make time to explore this probably very fascinating weather data. Still, when all else fails, I can consult the daily written forecast summary... except that it's gone forever. I miss the old Weather Underground and can't wait to find my new favorite weather app.

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    UI redesign makes app harder to use

    The latest release has a UI redesign that essentially renders the app useless and makes it impossible to use and find information. What was once a streamlined look at temp, location, map, wind, severe weather warnings, etc all at once on the home screen is now a huge weird dial looking thing for temp (why does it have to be so big? Can’t you make it smaller and add the map/location back?) and a map with no location marker that you have to scroll down to see. You must scroll even further to see the weekly which used to be much easier to access and now the information is expanded and impossible to get quick information from for the hourly. The worst of it is that the severe weather warning has been moved to the top next to an ad and now even LOOKS like an ad so it’s possible users won’t get accurate information about perilous situations. It also appears that the forecast for various activities has been removed. This redesign renders the app unusable, don’t update if you can avoid it. Clearly also not tested on iPhone 8 because text is clumped together in locations. I am on the verge of uninstalling this if there isn’t a roll back or much better replacement soon.

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Yes. Weather Underground: Local Map is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 25,949 Weather Underground: Local Map User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Weather Underground: Local Map Is 44.4/100.

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