News on 6 Weather Reviews

News on 6 Weather Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Take the News On 6 Weather team wherever you go with the News On 6 Weather app.
Get the latest forecasts, radars, alerts, videos, and blogs from the Oklahoma
weather experts Travis Meyer and the WARN Team.

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Reviews (20)


It wasn’t broken until it was fixed

CHANNEL 6 app developers PLEASE HEAR OUR CRIES: THE NEW RADAR IS VERY HARD TO NAVIGATE! The old app was my go to. Easy to read, easy to see the roads/cities. Newson6Weather update is AWFUL. Looks “fancy” but is useless in a pinch. My son is the only one who hasn’t updated Newson6Weather and I have forbidden him too because if I am in a closet trying to figure out if we are in the direct path of a tornado, I DONT NEED TO SSE THE LAST 30 MINUTES OF RADAR. I want to see my location RIGHT NOW. (And be able to see the roads, etc...can’t see them any more with the yellow and red shading that completely blocks them out.) ALSO, every time I touch the screen a pin drops with the location I tapped. & the only way I can delete the pin, that I didn’t want in the first place, is to go to the menu & put the new location in the trash can. Really, we don’t need fancy. We just need it to work which is why it was my go to in the past. PLEASE FIX!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!


“Updated” app is awful!

The old app was so much easier to navigate. Everything was easily accessible. Not on this one going from page to page or scrolling up and down. The alert system is absurd. Alerts should be for significant severe weather watches or warnings NOT it’s going to rain in 30 minutes or the wind is blowing. My only option is to turn alerts off or on. Since I can’t select select what alerts I want that leaves me to just turn alerts off. If I turn them off I have no use for Newson6Weather at all. Not at all user friendly anymore and basically worthless. Sending out numerous ridiculous “alerts” is also unsafe by causing people to ignore them at some point due to frequency of alerts. Will delete app and rely on NOAA and Dark Sky.


Horribly disappointing

Part of the greatness and draw of Newson6Weather has always been that all information was quickly and easily accessible. There was one main screen with all options within a few short millimeters and centimeters of each other. Now, you have to hunt and search around to find information that used to be found at a quick glance. Disappointed that channel 6 decided to sacrifice usability and user-friendliness for fancy and over-the-top. When needing to know weather information, the LAST thing anyone needs is to have to waste time scrolling around and searching through a menu to find what they need. App will no longer be on my phone.


Very Informational, a must have

Newson6Weather is extremely informational. The dislike ratio is not understood. It is very easy to navigate and has an abundance of options. The radar has customizable options that are valuable and not unnecessary. It has a 24 hour radar option which I adore. You can set up to 16 locations in the Alerts tab and customize the alerts you receive. There are 60+ alerts available that you can switch on or off. It has anything from the extremely important tornado alert to heat advisory or thick fog or freeze advisory. The Weather tab has a complete weekly forecast with an abundance of information below each day. I love this must have app to keep me up to speed on the weather or potentially dangerous storms!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


It was great before the update

I’ve used Newson6Weather for years and have had no problems until the most recent update. The entire format changed making it difficult to navigate and the new weather map in itself is confusing. It’s hard to tell what colors mean what anymore and instead of being able to look at a legend to find out (like you could before), you have to click on an area within the watch/warning/advisory. So far these are the only problems I’ve found but they make it very frustrating to use.


Can’t delete locations

I love Newson6Weather, but there is a bug in it when you try and delete locations. When I travel I will add a location to watch weather when I am there. When I am no longer there I want to delete it. I can’t do it! I have to delete Newson6Weather and then bring it back from the cloud and then it takes out all locations.


Notifications on crack

I almost didn’t know that we have a heat advisory in effect and would have completely missed it if Newson6Weather hadn’t sent me FOUR FREAKING NOTIFICATIONS IN A ROW. I don’t really NEED three and four notifications for every weather event. Edited: The problem with excessive notifications is much improved. The radar function is pretty lame, but I rarely open Newson6Weather , anyway, because it is so ridiculously saturated with ads that it’s hard to find the actual features.



This new app is terrible. The radar is hard to read and follow. Please go back to the old radar at least. Here we are entering into tornado/severe weather season and I don’t find your app helpful anymore at all. Constantly getting rain in your area notifications when it’s not in our area. My entire family feels the same about Newson6Weather . Such a horrible decision and not user friendly at all. Please do an update to correct this issue. When we had all the bad weather and rain the last Tuesday in April my app wasn’t functioning properly at all and I had no idea what was going on.


Warnings take too long to show up

I’ll get an alert from the Weather Channel app that there’s a tornado warning, then a few minutes- as many as five minutes- later, the same tornado warning will show up on Newson6Weather and then I’ll get an alert for it. That’s unacceptable. I love KOTV for my weather coverage, but Newson6Weather just isn’t good enough in the way that matters the most. Please, please fix it. I don’t have any other issues with Newson6Weather . Everything else works great.


Why fix something that isn’t broken?

The newest version has made it so that everything is so hard to access unless you spend a lot of time on it learning where everything is. It wasn’t broken before, and any inaccuracies could’ve been fixed without the redesign. Overall, I am disappointed with the decision to remodel Newson6Weather , and hope that they revert it ASAP.


“Updated” App is Awful

The News on 6 has been my go to weather app for only complaint was I felt you could add too few locations. The new app is about finding a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist! You can’t see the extended forecast on one screen anymore. The radar is terrible...I have no idea where they source it from. It’s useless and inaccurate. I’m staring out at sunny skies right now but per the new improved app it shows rain in Tulsa right now. 😂 I’m off to delete this and check out Channel 8.


Used to love it

This used to be my favorite weather app because it was simple, easy to see everything, and had a radar. Since mine updated yesterday I have felt like it is hard to see what you need to know, especially at a glance (high and low temps for day and week) and the radar is extremely inaccurate. It was pouring yesterday and when I clicked on the radar it did not show anything there. I understand them wanting to update the look, but there was no need to mess with the functionality!


Miss the other app

This new version takes longer to navigate through the weather. I miss the week in view with the highs and lows in one view. Weatherbug has been my go to app ever since this update so I can see the 10 day forecast in one view and not have to scroll down a long page. I do like the radar view, option to still watch live, and school closings link.


Great app

I saw a lot of reviews on how it’s difficult to get to the weather radar and I can’t seem to figure out why those reviews were posted. I downloaded Newson6Weather clicked on the menu bar and the radar was one click away from there. You zoom into the area which you want to see and play the clip.


Can’t see time

Whenever we’re watching the live radar I can’t see the time as it passes. I only see the date and then you can see the beginning of the time with dad’s but I can’t tell what time it is as it’s going through the live radar.


NEW WEATHER APP 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

I agree with the previous review! The new updated version is useless! The radar rarely functions properly and NOTHING is at your fingertips as it once was. I know at least 12 people using the Channel 6 weather app and not one is happy with it. The old version was great! Why mess with a good thing? I have been a diehard fan of Channel 6 forever but sadly have been forced to delete the 6 app and download a local competitor. When weather is bad we need a team and an app we can rely upon.


Use to be my favorite Weather App

I loved Newson6Weather until it updated a few days ago! Not happy!!!!! I travel and I’m in a middle of a tornado WARNING and I got NO alert!!! Because it had updated and took away all of my settings! Thanks for the awful update... you took a great app that was wonderful and made it awful and so not user friendly.. And to think I was just telling family last week how wonderful Newson6Weather is... for years it has kept me safe traveling. Not today it failed Very disappointed.


Why did you fix what wasn’t broken?

I am echoing all of the recent reviews...why did you change the easy to read format to this immensely convoluted app? The old format was perfect, so much so that I had introduced friends and family to it to track the weather. We have ALL deleted Newson6Weather since the update, it’s now completely useless. Please please please listen to the people taking time to leave reviews here and go back to the beautiful simplicity that was your prior design!


This version is awful

The old version was great. This version is awful! The radar rarely works as it should, and when it does, most often, it’s only showing a circular image. My son lives in OKC, and a lot of our storms come from there, but this radar very rarely now allows me to see the weather in the OKC area even though I have it pin marked. Like others, I now find myself using other sources for my weather, when used to be my only source. Very disappointing.


Can’t change motivation sound

Can’t hear the motivation sound for warnings. Can’t change the sound it makes so can’t hear when sleeping. Use to be able to hear it.

Is News on 6 Weather Safe?

No. News on 6 Weather does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 216 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for News on 6 Weather Is 13.9/100.

Is News on 6 Weather Legit?

No. News on 6 Weather does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 216 News on 6 Weather User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for News on 6 Weather Is 13.9/100.

Is News on 6 Weather not working?

News on 6 Weather works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a News on 6 Weather customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using News on 6 Weather.

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