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Published by on 2023-11-09

About: The most popular Muslim app. Recognized by more than 110 million Muslims around
the world as the most accurate prayer time & azan application, Muslim Pro also
features the full Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics, translations, and audio
recitations as well as a Qibla locator, an Islamic Hijri calendar, a map of
halal restaurants and Mosques & more! MAIN FEATURES: • Qalbox 100s of hours
curated video content • Accurate.

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Reported Issues: 17 Comments

4.7 out of 5

By Johan

2 years ago

Surah Al kahf ayat 2 قَيِّمًا or qaiyimah?

By Irshad Hasan

2 years ago

Why shabe meraj is on wrong date. For chicago il all other sites is on 28th February 2022 but muslim pro is 27th February night?

By Tariq Qaiyim

2 years ago

How can I get more azans

By Muslim

2 years ago

Please remove tik tok and all other inappropriate ads from the app. Makes no sense for a Muslim app to have such highly inappropriate ads. Resolves this matter with urgency please

By Wisam Rashid

2 years ago

Why is your fajer prayer time is always wrong it’s says today 11/28 5.07 and the correct prayer is 5.37 PLEASE FIX IT THUS IS HARAM ON YOUR PART U R DECEIVING MOSLEMS

By Abdul Momin

2 years ago

In my iPad I am getting all Azans excepting Fazar. How to resolve this problem ?

By Norintan Shariff

2 years ago

Assalamualaikkum, the Hijri calendar for Muharram is wrong - only 29 days and Safar, supposed to be 30 days. Appreciate your attention on this matter.

By Mahmood Sheikh

2 years ago

You app on Galaxy S20 Altra is broken. It shuts down automatically, when try to open it. Make it easier to report issues. No one should be searching web to report an issue.

By Adetoun Mohammed

2 years ago

I notice your Gregorian calendar for July is wrong. This will affect the rest of the year. Could you please see to this. Thank you

By Faheem Ahmed

2 years ago

I want to cancel what's so every i purchased frequently i received messages from ufone for payment pls cancel all purchases

By Ibrahima bayo

3 years ago

I am a lifetime premium member but I am unable to access the premium features

By Billo

3 years ago

I have already purchased the life time . But yesterday I tried the new Quran reading plan and I can not restore my premium it keeps telling error . And also about a month I can not hear the Azan. Thank you

By Thalib

3 years ago

Assalamu Alaikum I am from London. The Ramadan prayer times in the app is different from london central mosque published times. The app states it is verified with london Central Mosque but there are differences both for Fajr and Maghrib. Could you please check and update accordingly. Jazak Allah Khair

By John-Gabriel H. James

3 years ago

Salaam Muslim Pro Staff: I recently lost my iPhone, which had the Muslim pro app installed. I am trying to install the app on my iPad, but am having difficulty restoring my previous purchase for Muslim Pro Premium. I would appreciate your assistance with installing the app on my my iPad, and restoring my account and Premium Purchase. Thank you. Sincerely, John-Gabriel H. James

By dontworrymustafa

One of the best but missing 2 very important features

May 8, 2020: Love this All-in-one app for Athan, Quran reading, Duas and many other thing. It should get a 5 star from me but I’ll tell you why I’m giving 1 star instead of 5. The app doesn’t have landscape mode and that’s a problem for people using iPad Pro as they are so big and difficult to hold in portrait. I use my iPad mostly sitting on my desk in landscape mode and would prefer to read Quran that way as well. Second, I rely on the iOS widget for prayer times and check it multiple times a day, but the widget is missing sunrise time. It is so important to know the sunrise time when setting your alarm every night to plan when I wake up in the morning. I have emailed the developer about this multiple times but no response. So that is why I’m taking the time to write a review. I usually don’t. I feel the dev team doesn't really care what the users want because I see many other people requesting the same feature for years and they have done nothing about it. If someone from their team reaches out to me and acknowledge these issues then I’m willing to bump it up 3 stars. And upon adding the features, you’ll have 5 stars. May 28, 2020: Switching to Quran Majeed. Noticed a lot of mistakes in the Indo-Pak script. And, It’s a better and a more complete app. Also has landscape view that I need and they keep adding more features.

By iaSuperman

It was good when it was for Deen!

I’ve had this app since the beginning when it didn’t have much features. With time as it slowly got better, it also got worse. First thing first, it’s an app for ads now. Not Islamic duas. Before it was better. Focused on the main objective of the app. The Qibla compass is not working anymore. It’s just stuck in one position and of course, there’s an ad for you. When you open the app, there’s an ad. If you want to look up a dua for something there’s an ad. If you want to find out what day it is in Islamic calendar, there’s an ad. If you want to set prayer time, there’s an ad. If you want to go to the community chat, there’s an ad. If you want to see Hadith of the day, there’s an ad. If you want to use the app anyhow, there’s an ad. UNLESS you buy the premium which gives you access to all of the things that are ALREADY FREE FOR EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO LEARN AND PRACTICE IT. But wait a minute! How are they gonna make money off of it? Good question. That’s why they put ads in there. So basically it’s an app for worldly things not Deen. There are other apps that are far better and free and with no ads. Don’t waste your time on this app.

By عـــطررر

Pay for Azhan

I really like what this app can do. I understand how much work goes into it as well but honestly it’s expensive and not everyone has money to pay for the Azhan. Have some respect. Like why would you make people pay for something Allah will reward you for. I understand with the pro you will get other features but I find this to be highly unnecessary. Especially since this feature is open on androids. I don’t understand what you are hinting at. Do you think that iPhone users have money or something. If you are going to make people pay for it, be fair! HOWEVER, people should NOT pay at all for this feature. It would be fair if you made people pay for other voices but for the regular default Azhan?? Honestly I did not expect something like this from my people. Remember these are not your words! This person is simply calling to prayer. And I bet the Sheikh at the masjid would definitely not make you pay for his Azhan! Assalamu Alaikum.

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