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Published by on 2024-05-15

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Developer: Yahoo

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100% Contact Match

Developer: Yahoo

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Yahoo Website

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Reported Issues: 13 Comments

4.7 out of 5

By Dave Dakota

10 months ago

The comments thread for PBR has been broken for most of the past week. it's just the newest comment feature that does not work. Oldest comments and top comments buttons work fine. In the newest comment option, comments all comments will often disappear. It won't show but a few comments, the show more comments button does not work.

By Laurel Nickey

1 year ago

You can't even look up symbols today it only shows news

By Howard Winata

2 years ago

May 19, 2022, 02:19 I am monthly billed usd 35.00 through PAYPAL for my subscription of YAHOO FINANCE PLUS ESSENTIAL. I received email yesterday that billing could not be processed through PAYPAL as usual. I checked my PAYPAL account and everything looks fine. Can you help me how to solve this problem as soon as possible? Howard Winata howi46@redacted

By Sheldon J Galkin

2 years ago

I never signed up to get Yahoo Finance Plus subscription for $31.50 a month. I saw I was charged $5.00 a month for Yahoo Mail Plus, but I never authorized using my USAA Credit Card ending in 5175 for Yahoo Finance Plus. I paid for it on 15 March 2022 for $31.50 and when I saw it again my USAA website in Pending status on 15 April 2022 I told USAA credit card division that I never authorized a subscription for Yahoo Finance Plus. Please cancel my subscription to Yahoo Finance Plus starting yesterday (15 April). Email me back at jgalk1@redacted or my home email at jgalk@redacted that you cancelled my subscription to Yahoo Finance Plus. Since the 15 April charge was in Pending with USAA I told them I disputed the charge and to refund the $31.50 to my credit card ending in 5175 for $31.50. I only want Yahoo mail plus for $5.00. Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely Yours, Sheldon J. Galkin Merchant Name YAHOO *Finance Plus Merchant Phone Number Not Available Merchant Description None Trans. Date Apr 15, 2022 Posted Date Pending Amount ( $31.50) Apr 15, 2022 Pending YAHOO *Finance Plus PENDING ($31.50

By Charles Stolzenbach

2 years ago

How do I take money out?

By David swilley

2 years ago

Try to just focus on the markets and stop steering the politics spin points. It is really a turn off. We have enough basis news media outlets to choose from. Just stick to what made yahoo finance popular. Hopefully someone will actually read this advise. Why offend half your customers and lose more rating? Right? Don’t follow Fox News or cnn news .

By Y. Wang

2 years ago

Hello, May I ask the change of price of Nasdaq composite at the closing time for Monday, October 4, 2021? Some places indicate that it was -311.22 Some other sources indicate that it was -311.21 Could you please find the exact figures? Thanks. Y. Wang

By Jerry Shampine

2 years ago

Out of 2050 stocks I download from Yahoo! Finance historical data, 1957 stocks have no data beyond 9/3/2021. This has been going on since last Saturday that I know of, maybe before then. Today the problem still exists. I have used Yahoo! Finance historical data for years, but just the last month it has been undependable. I have also seen thousands of stocks where the volume was 100 x more than it should be. I was going to subscribe to Yahoo! Finance Premium, but not sure now if your data is that bad. We depend on this data for a stock trading business. Please correct ASAP!! Jerry

By Graham Crosbie

2 years ago

In relation to the fall in the value of the Australian dollar vs US dollar reference was recently made to the formation of the death cross, namely the fall of the 50 day moving average line through the 200 day moving average line. This is clear if you go to the 1 year moving averages, but the story is different if you calculate 2 year moving averages. There is something wrong with the calculation of Yahoo Finance moving averages. I have noticed this for a long time with respect to all market indices..

By Chuansheng Ren

2 years ago

Yahoo finance app iPad version: I have noticed for a quite some time that two indexes (Change, Change%) of stocks showing the same number for post-market. Please fix this error! Thanks.

By SpeakingMyMindHere

Ruined by trolls - please fix

The way this app handles reporting of abuse is an affront to free speech!! Please fix this problem! A lot of great posts are being deleted. Some users are apparently flagging the posts using the “Report Abuse” option which seems to delete those posts for everyone. Here are some suggestions to fix this problem… 1) Users should be able to mark another user as a “trusted user” and if that person’s post get reported as abuse, everyone that trusts that user should still be able to see that post. 2) There needs to be an option for a user to “Hide This Post”. Being able to hide posts a user doesn’t like, instead of just the Report Abuse option (which affects everyone), or mute (which hides ALL posts and not just the one they don’t like) would probably decrease this behavior because it would give people an individual choice to clean up messages they don’t like. Related to this, it would be great to “Show all Posts” for a specific user in case a post is hidden by accident.

By worst updates known to apps

Garbage: doesn’t work

You can’t connect your brokerage account. It will not fully connect it or it will tell you it is unavailable all together. Sometimes it won’t even let you add your brokerage account. IF you do get it to connect it won’t last for more than 30 minutes if it ever fully connects at all. Then repeated customer service attempts will not fix anything. They’re unresponsive and nothing ever gets fixed. I’ve also tried using the price alert feature which also does not work. I have my notifications on and never have I seen a price alert notification yet when I open the app it will say a price alert was executed days before. What could I possibly use this app for that I cannot find on my actual brokerage app then? .. the answer is NOTHING. This app is pointless, never works, bugs, frozen, unresponsive customer service and the list goes on. I deleted this app for the 4th time. I don’t know why I keep giving this a chance but never again.

By WizenBen

Recent updates have decreased functionality

I have used Yahoo Finance for over 5 years on my iPad for my Watchlist. Then I would rate it 4 to 5 stars consistently until the past month or so. For a Homepage, it should be a summary of the market indices and the Watchlist in spreadsheet form where I can quickly scan 30 to 40 stocks at a time which Yahoo Finance used to do. Then a week or so ago, the market indices would disappear when I would tap My Watchlist to see in spreadsheet form. Now I have the market indices, but my Watchlist is in a single column where I have to scroll down for 2 minutes to review some 200 stocks on my list. Before I could glance at the spreadsheet form and the blinking of the red and green tags of prices updating would give me some sense of how actively the stock is being traded. Then I could quickly tap on that stock for more detail. I cannot be constantly scrolling a single column list, and is nonsensical to get a feel of the market. Bring back the older interface. If you need to improve it, have the market indices row stay frozen while I can scroll a few times only to scan my entire watchlist. Give the user the ability to move or group our stocks in a certain order. Right now older inputted stocks are at the bottom and newer ones at the top. I would like to group certain stocks scattered throughout my list together without having to form another watchlist. That is all I have to say right now. Improve functionality.

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