Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle Reviews

Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-08

About: Welcome to the world of Impossible Date, where you can find solutions for
helpless lovers! Impossible Date is a riddle game in which you try to solve the
troubles in male-female relations by completing the puzzles you encounter. This
new fun game gives you the chance to solve new challenges of brain teasers! All
the riddles will challenge your attention and improve your thinking skills! You
will see each level has a scenario.

About Impossible Date

What is Impossible Date?

Impossible Date is a riddle game that challenges players to solve the troubles in male-female relationships by completing puzzles. The game features various brain teasers, puzzles, IQ tests, and mind games that require players to use their thinking skills to solve the issues between couples. The game is simple to learn and fun to play, and players can use drawing, erasing, tapping, swiping, clicking, dragging, and x-ray options to solve the puzzles. The game offers hundreds of puzzles and IQ tests to solve, and players can improve their thinking skills by playing thinking games.



- Simple to learn and fun to play

- Hundreds of puzzles and IQ tests to solve

- Relax, find missing clues and solve all puzzles

- Challenging mind games full of various obstacles

- Improve your thinking skills by playing thinking games

- Quick thinking and smart moves in various tricky riddles

- Challenge your brain with thousands of fun brain teasers

- Players can keep the couple together or break them up

- Players can use drawing, erasing, tapping, swiping, clicking, dragging, and x-ray options to solve puzzles.

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Key Benefits of Impossible Date

- The game is entertaining and can make you laugh.

- The graphics are well-designed and visually appealing.

- The game can be addictive and keep you engaged for hours.

620 Impossible Date Reviews

4.5 out of 5


Da best game ever!

Why you should play: This game kills time and it makes you laugh!Not just that the graphics, the best!!This game will make probably make you stay up until 3:00 AM!


not a gotcha but let’s work on…

I will say I do enjoy the game like finally one of these kinda dumb kitschy games that turn out to be what the Ad promoted. So thanks for that and it is overall fun. Though I do agree with the other review there are some stereotypes promoted here on women. I know it’s all fun so I don’t want to think to hard into it. I also suggest maybe diversifying your characters. I noticed a few levels in by 30 they were still all white. Which is whatever but mix it up, adds character! Other than that good game, ads aren’t terrible, and the game is how it is displayed for once a win for the people!


fatphobic, sterotyping and borerline-racist

there are zero diverse people, EVERYONE in the game is white, including princess and the frog, who are supposed to be black. they sterotype men and women so frequently, and theyre incredibly fat-phobic by implying a relationship will/wont work if the other person is bigger. also this game is way too easy. the only people i can see playing this game are kids, and NO kids should be playing this game. its genuinely horrible. also not found of seeing the same exact “party at my dorm” ad, it shows two college kids “studying”, the ad heavily implys what they are doing, then at the end of the ad the girl is like “oh and im pregnant” then the guy runs away. pretty disgusting for an app that’s designed for kids to have ads like that



The only thing I would complain about is the ads
So I was just playing the game then suddenly an ad comes on and of course I am like “ughhh” so I look at the ad and I’m like “WHAT!!!!” It shows some one making a character and then they select a gender and then they choose a woman then they choose a cat .so it shows a man and the person that they made the man goes to put his hand on the person’s thigh BUT the person that they made has a PENIS! So if you are young DO NOT GET ImpossibleDate!🤢👋🏻✌🏻


Racist, Fat-phobic, and extremely annoying

Honestly this game by itself it’s not that bad, but no one in this game is black. They are ALL white, even the princess and the frog who are supposed to be black. And the game is extremely fat-phobic, showing that a couple can’t be together if one of the is fat, or bigger in size. It’s really annoying with certain ads and the options tend to get repetitive. This game is really easy as well like it was made for children and children should NOT be playing this game. Honestly this game get really annoying to me, WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!


Pretty good

I enjoyed the game, and found it pretty funny/ amusing. However, I just paid for there to be no ads just to find out that the levels start to become the same. Around level 300 I began noticing that I was getting levels I had completed recently. Hopefully there’s more to come, and this is improved. :(


What the heck!!

IT WONT LOAD!!! It shows the Home Screen with the people holding a half of the broken heart and the loading bar moves when I slide it but the game doesn’t start. If this is supposed to be a level it is a freaking crappy one.


I just don’t understand

It won’t let me load into the game the thing that tells you if the game is loading will only move when I slide it I am very confused on how this works if you could please respond that would be great or somebody who has this problem and fixed it.


Very boring

I saw that this game only had like three written reviews but I wanted to try it out, it’s pretty boring and definitely would be fun if had maybe a story included in each level rather then it being quick and boring. I’d hopefully like to see improvement in this game



This game is good on the less ads part and is very quick and time passing but it does have a problem with some what body shaming or making it where you have to have money or good looks for someone to want to be with you other then that the game is very fun



Soon as I opened ImpossibleDate , the loading screen wasn’t even an actual loading screen and i figured this out 20 minutes after waiting. It’s a waste of time. Can’t get past the “loading screen”. The only thing we can do is move the little loading bar at the bottom. Which does absolutely NOTHING! so i deleted it 🤷🏽‍♀️


Lame: name of the game

I was expecting to just go through and get to that one scenario where you can help the girl look like her picture. That’s all I wanted. There’s no real challenge to this game and there’s an ad every couple of “puzzles”. Nothing special. Nothing dazzling. This is not for me. Still disappointed I didn’t get to do that sort of “project makeover” bit but I don’t have the patience.


Silly game

Wish there were less adds but I get it


It is stuck on a loading screen

I can not get past the first part I think it might be a level but I have tapped the whole screen and tried to like put the broken heart together and nothing will work but the stupid loading bar will move around is that why it’s impossible please help!!


game is terrible

This game makes it seem like woman need to shave and be skinny to be attractive to a man and that men need to be built to be attractive for a woman. Why are you trying to make this a normal thing especially for the little kids who download and play it? They will see this and thing it should be normalized when it shouldn’t be, actually disgusting.


Can’t even load the loading screen

Been trying to even get into the game to try it but can’t get the loading screen to work as all I can do is swipe the loading bar back and forth but does nothing and can’t find anyone answering how to load it to even get to the first level


Wont load

I agree with the other review. I can’t get the game to start. It goes to the load screen but won’t do anything else. You can drag the load bar but that’s it. If it’s a level to start to the game they don’t give you much insight into what your suppose to do. So another download and delete kinda game.


It won’t load!!

I don’t know what to rate the game because it won’t start! It stays on the loading screen and the loading bar slides when I swipe it. If anybody knows how to make it work please try helping out. It looks entertaining and I want to play it but I can’t beacause of this issue.


To many ads

I played three levels before deleting it because of how many ads there were–one between each level to be exact. If you can tolerate an insane amount of ads, go ahead. I would have played it if I didn’t care-


Love the game but…

I love this game and I think it’s a good pass time but I wish it wasn’t against fat ppl and making a stereo type that women have to skinny to be beautiful


absolutely outrageous

this game is a horrible game honestly. it promotes racism, fat phobia, and body dysmorphia. i only downloaded the game to review it and i honestly regret it because i’m giving YOU a bigger platform. however, i feel like it was necessary to review because this game is horrendous. the ads are insanely inappropriate and they are disgusting. to say the least, i feel like this game is trash and horrid. please, if you’re reading this review, DO NOT let your children play this game. to the creators of this game, are you seriously not considering the affects this may have on children who play this game??? you have a woman (who is a cartoon character) who has hairy legs and is plus sized and a man (who is also a cartoon character) who wants to propose to the woman and runs away when her “disguise” gets pulled off. that’s disgusting. i find it disgusting how you’re influencing children to be fat phobic. kids, if you really love someone, you will accept them for their flaws and even if they take off their disguise. the woman who has a rope on around her waist to look thinner is such an inappropriate and honestly horrifying way to show kids that being fat is “bad”. being fat is not bad, you can still be fat and beautiful!! stop promoting this please. it is absolutely 100% not okay.


Inappropriate ads

So as you can see, I had a think everyone knows about this game it’s called episode and it keeps on showing it it’s like an ad and it keeps on trillion trillion trillion trillion even like literally in the bottom and it’s getting like really annoying and it’s really inappropriate because there’s a man holding a woman upside down with her underwear showing and that’s not appropriate. I only downloaded this game to be like looks like I can entertain myself instead of playing so I really really really really really really doesn’t don’t like this because every time I finish something it would be like add add let’s show you were mad and like I hate that I know that’s a bit offensive but like it’s really getting on my nerves and and like the ad of course it would be episode there would be like you like really disgusting things going on there. I’m only like 12 and it keeps on popping up and popping up and then they say it’s I’m just donel also level 17 is a bit racist. I’m just telling you this if you want to be better, get out of App Store just quit your bad enough.


Disgustingly sexist and fat phobic—not good for 12-year-olds (or anyone else, really)

The ads for this “game” are atrocious. One shows a woman covering her black hair with a blonde wig and her hairy legs with stockings, only for the guy to run away when her disguise falls off. Another shows a lifeguard running away and leaving a struggling woman to drown when he realizes that she’s chubby. (Lifeguards are *not* supposed to do that!) Oh, and did I mention that the women in both these ads are wearing ropes around their waists? That’s not healthy. No one, especially women, should be encouraged to go back to wearing corsets—this isn’t the Victorian era. Even the game itself is rather sexist: level 2’s goal is to “reveal the baby.” It consists of taking the dart from the dartboard and popping the balloon under the woman’s dress, after which the guy runs away. What the heck?! I’m sure real people don’t do that. -10 stars for the casual misogyny and fat-phobia (the animation isn’t great either, but the real ugliness comes from the lie that women have to fit classical beauty standards). It’s 2023 already. Either change this game to accept people of all body types/appearances or take it down completely.


Cashing in on body dysmorphia

The adds for this game absolutely disgust me. i’ve never seen ads about plus sized girls this hateful. I am plus size, i only got this game to tell you not too. This game absolutely fat phobic and unacceptable, this game teaches children to feel like they or other people who are plus sized need to change their bodies for sex appeal, specifically to men. This should not need to be an issue but it is. Do not get this game, it is completely inappropriate and fat phobic. I’m not even a parent but I would let my kids play this. I am extremely disappointed in the creators of this game, as well as those who enjoy playing the levels where are you make a plus size girl skinnier for sex appeal to a man. This shouldn’t have to be an issue, but clearly it is. instead of getting this game teach your kids, yourself, and others that all bodies work the same, and that everyone is equal no matter size.

This portion is to the developers:
I am the most disappointed in humanity than I’ve ever been before. If you think that this is OK to teach children, maybe you should go back to school and learn rights and wrongs.



Sorry but there was way too many adds! It was fun in all but yeah… way too many ads. And second of all, it was really easy, like even a 3 year old can solve this…. And if you think about it, the ads aren’t even CLOSE to the actual app game! I know that’s normally what happened with…. Phone game ads… but at least TRY to make it like the game itself! Stop lying to us on other apps such as yt… like I’ve gotten this game suggested to me so many times and After awhile I downloaded it because it seemed like fun. But little did I know that the ads were lying to us all along. And plus the ads, extremely sexist and includes fatshaming, tons of it. You think this is okay for kids? Teaching them to think cubby people are ugly any weird? No. In my opinion, it’s okay yo be a little overweight, or a lot overweight, so am I, this is pretty offensive to me too. And I have an eating disorder and body dysmorphia disorder, so I’m forever trying to change the flaws I see in myself just to look good for other people. Stop fatshaming. This is NOT okay! Change it or take it down! How did Apple even accept this?!


Body shaming disgusting overall and inappropriate

I don’t even know how to describe this game. I swear I want to get this game zero so bad the ad is so inappropriate and fat shaming. Literally the guy only likes the girl if she’s skinny and they don’t even give anybody an actual healthy option they just give them either a rope to tie across her body or a corset, and then they have shave which is actually healthy I guess or you can have leggings which is weird and then in order to look pretty and you have to wear a wig in order to look blonde and then at the end of the ad that girl that got like”pretty” her leggings like eventually rip off of her leg and the rope like falls off because apparently she’s too fat and that’s just overall mean everybody is beautiful the way they are and if you think that nobody is beautiful if there not the expectation of women or not the expectation of man that’s just disgusting overall and I think this game should be deleted off of ImpossibleDate and also and every single one for some reason they’re all white not one is black, not one and also too many adds..



If they let me give them 0 stars that’s completely fine because this is nasty because clearly what is wrong with the ads your expecting nerds,fat people to change their looks really!? Another thing too the ads horrible why would somebody look at them this is rasict disrespectful and a disgrace this is not for 12 year olds this is for nobody who would get ImpossibleDate please make your game horrible because no one likes it . And another thing too kids are playing these and thinking it would be fun doing it in real life but no it’s not good because your not appreciating your audience here likes your game (most of them) just please fix your stupid game it’s rude. What I mentioned about rasict it is like all of them are white and why every type of character is white just do other colors and what gender I’m talking about is the girl gender nothing is wrong with the boy gender but the girl gender is the worst (I’m not talking about the nice girls in irl sorry if you thought I judged you) but anyway please end this game now


this game is horrible.

look, i get that you NEED money (since it is a free game) but there are too many ads. way too many, every time i open ImpossibleDate , there’s an ad. and that’s not where it stops, the ads for THIS GAME are incredibly fat phobic. every single ad i’ve seen for this game have been videos of plus-size women with black hair and “wild” leg hairs. then, they make you put a rope around her waist, and cover up her leg hair. imagine a 7 year old girl saw this and assumed that she had to be skinny, blonde, and hairless. it just feeds into her insecurities and makes her grow up thinking she’s not good enough. everything about this game is so annoying from the fat phobia to the amount of ads in here. PLUS, you guys should add more colored characters. every single character in this game is white, or at least white-passing. even the princess and the frog (who’s literally supposed to be black) is white. at this point, it seems as if you guys are scared of colored people?? ☠️ please add more diversity, and stop shaming women for having leg hair and being plus size.


we’ll talk when you make a decent game

I downloaded this with one motive- to find the problematic “save the show” level. 50 levels in, none. Actually, from the amount I’ve played, literally none of the game preview scenes are actually in the game. I mean, from a money grab, level 47 has very good animation quality. No, that dosen’t make ImpossibleDate better. Just some lame mini-games relating to love. Never once did I enjoy this game. Compared to other games, ad amount is okay. This is just a childish game for bored people. If you ever do find anything past level 50 that is worth being documented- Do it. It took me around 5 minutes to get where I am now, and shortly will be deleting it. Despite some cheating levels, I guess this game is okay for kids. Wouldn’t let any in my sight play it, only because it lacks… everything. I’m sure you had fun getting all that money from me watching all those ads, but you won’t be anymore. Take my word for it, it’s just a money grab, not actually including anything fatphobic. Thank you.


Dirty Ads/body shaming woman/racist

This game would be better if there were no inappropriate ads every time I finish playing one of the games it’s a ad and one of the ads are like the boss asks his employee to babysit his baby and they do the dirty and I’m only 12 and I don’t wanna witness stuff like this it’s really unacceptable to me like if a kid my age downloads this game and sees the ads they will be exposed to stuff like this and I really don’t like it my cousin downloaded the game as well she said she absolutely hates this game it’s would be better with out the inappropriate ads! And it would be better without ads as well! And another thing I don’t like at all is how there’s no black peoples only whites and I don’t think that’s fair like no MISS gWORL. And this game is body shaming its like its say woman have to be skinny to attract men people come in all different body’s shapes and I don’t think that’s fair to woman! PLEASE FIX THIS! IM DELETING THIS RIDICULOUS GAME!GOODBYE!


The game and ads for the game are absolutely disgusting

How much you want a bet a group of little boys made this and thought it was funny. Well It’s not funny to everyone else sweetheart, especially women. Women don’t need a pretty image to get a man, and you don’t need to be encouraging it. You do realize there’s little kids going around freely on here and downloading whatever they want? I don’t think kids should be but parents can’t parent their kids so this is what happens. But kids get influenced real easily and and kid is gonna think this is normal and they are gonna take from it and apply it in real life. Maybe you should make something educational for kids instead a making a game where it’s gonna make kids insecure, trashy, and confused. You all probably a bunch of little boys in their 30 thinking this funny. You ain’t men you all little kids.



Crazy THIS game is insane you have kids playing it is super inappropriate for them even with a rope a girl is still beautiful every one is perfect the way they are this makes them feel bad about themself so I give this a one it is super inappropriate and bad for people it is so disgusting and I absolutely hate this game it is so rude to people not just girls but everyone I seen the adds there absolutely disgusting nasty things you have kids playing this game and not just teens and adults so you should have thought about that beforehand and this review is only one of many it is extremely rude to people who feel insecure about themself it is so nasty I only download this game so I could review it is tremendous you are nasty for making this game so you need to stop if your reading this don’t play please it is so nasty


This game need to stop

If you’ve read other reviews then I bet you know what I mean when I explain why this game needs to stop. The ads, the ads are implying that you have to be skinny, blonde, and hairless. Your teaching little kids that they have to be like that, that they have to be “perfect” according to this game. Now let’s talk about how racist this game is like on many other reviews it talks about the princess and the frog part and how they are white instead of black. I feel like everyone has watched princess and the frog by now and if you have then you know that they are black. In conclusion this game needs to either change this whole entire game, or just get rid of it.


Fat-phobic stereotypes and racism

First of all this game basically says if one person is bigger then the other in a relationship it won’t work out. I don’t agree with that only disrespectful and mean people would think that and also there are no mixed or black people in this game ONLY WHITE!!!!! Like you even made the princess and the frog white and I swear if I she white Moana I will be angry. And they literally made level like 45 idk I haven’t been playing this dumb game because of the fact it’s racist and I’m black!!!! I’m literally only 9 and I can understand that this is wrong!!! So if you just get rid of the fat phobic stuff and the racism stuff I’ll autcally think of playing your game again,



This game is trash and body shaming I hate it I kept it because I was bored but this is wrong like for one everybody is white even (PRINCESS AND THE FROG)might I add is the only black princess so I feel really mad as a black female also everyone has to fit in a beauty standards skinny blonde hairless if that what you wanna create as the person who made this game then shame on you for making girls feel like if your not skinny then your not gonna find love and where are the other races also this game is based of cheating which I hate by the way also the things this game do I HATE IT SO MUCH fix it or take it down nobody will miss it if I could give it 0/5 stars I would be better


Worst game I’ve ever downloaded

I’m sorry if this offends anyone but oml this game is bad. I downloaded this because my friend said it was terrible. I was curious and decided to download it. I thought it couldn’t be that bad right? Wrong, when I first saw the ads I knew this game was terrible before I even started playing. The ads shame this poor girl in anyway possible, yeah not the best role model for 12 year olds. The ad is nothing like the game but the game is bad too, it’s basically all about cheating on your partner. This game promotes racism and sexism. Also shames characters body’s. 0/5 or 0/10 whatever, I’m not gonna boss anyone around but I don’t recommend this game.


Terrible game can’t believe it’s for children😡🤮

I wanted to download this game because it looked fun from the add trying to save someone for a date is good then when I got the game it was horrible also the add was fat shaming because this guy wasn’t gonna marry a girl because she was over Weight that is a terrible message also at one point in the game I had to make a girl blonde just so a guy would like her I mean like woman don’t change yourself for someone change yourself for you and also there is no diversity everyone is white no people of culture or race terrible racist horrible sexist game all of them are woman and men what about a girl loving a girl or a boy loving a boy huh?!


It’s okay… a few problems tho

So I downloaded this game thinking it would be a fun brain puzzle and it’s not really that bad! I enjoy the game but there a few things they could change. 1. It shows a lady with black hair putting on a blonde wig! Black hair is beautiful and it could make others with non-blonde hair feel less then. This happens a few times with being plus size and with hairy legs too. Maybe you could fix that I really think it’s ok otherwise but if your insecure then the games maybe not for you!



Dear developers, there is a lot of RUDE reviews out there for this game. I am 11 and I thought this game was a nice idea I don’t think that the developers were trying to be inappropriate with anything. Plus, they cannot help what the ads are! So, I just wanted to say to all those RUDE reviews to STOP! You can’t control what the developers decide and what they decide is what they think is best for their game.


I mean, it’s ok.

Yeah, there’s bad stuff like fatphobic stuff in the ads and other stuff, and speaking from a perspective of someone who isn’t a guy, I can understand that some people just have standards. It also just comes off more as dark humor to me. The game seems pretty normal, but it’s more of a think kind of gameplay, not as shown in the ads. Good game, just some ads that are annoying but it’s a free game so ╮( ̄▽ ̄"")╭


Worst game ever I’m telling you don’t get this

At first when I started playing it, it was fun and all I was on level 100 and whatever this came up. It was just showing a fat girl and trying to get a man when he has a girlfriend and it’s clearly unacceptable cause it’s just showing. A fat girl just trying to get a man which is nothing good is when you’re supposed to click the good things the hand just chooses the bad one like your eyes you’re supposed to know you’re supposed to see if it’s good or not and it’s gonna be your fault that no one likes it, that’s the reason why five people are reviewing it because it’s bad just bad I don’t know why who would even get this like if you get this not really but if you wanna be the girl just don’t get this cause if you got I’m gonna be so mad at you it’s gonna be your father you got it and when you see that see this ad you’re gonna be there you’re gonna find out why you don’t like it I don’t get it it’s always like a girl trying to get a man it has to be like a fat girl or an ugly girl. They could the bad things on accident when it’s not an accident I don’t know why oh my gosh just don’t get this please have an awesome day just don’t get this bye


It’s okay and needs some feedback

When I started to play the game the levels were actually different than I thought they would be when the girl has her stockings on the boy doesn’t really care also when she has the rope around her waist which is showing acceptance🤩but… in the ads it’s a little different where if the girl is chubby has body hair and has a dark shade of hair the boy doesn’t like her🤔which threw me off so I think you guys should replace the ads with maybe some other stuff like the bench level when you have to get those two people to notice each other I think that would be helpful so you don’t just completely throw people off but your game is good (by the way I just started playing so if there is other stuff that’s not so good I wouldn’t really know🤣).

Is Impossible Date Safe?

No. Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 91,866 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Impossible Date Is 10.2/100.

Is Impossible Date Legit?

No. Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 91,866 Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Impossible Date Is 27.6/100..

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Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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