Top Anime Wallpaper Reviews

Top Anime Wallpaper Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-10

About: If you're a fan of Anime and manga, This app is what you're looking for. After
the success of Top Anime wallpaper on other platforms, We decided to bring it to
iOS mobile devices, Top Anime Wallpaper has more than 4 millions downloads, with
one of the biggest collection of high quality anime wallpapers, more than 100k
images covering all your favorite anime series like Naruto Wallpaper & Attack on
titan Wallpaper… App Feat.

About Top Anime Wallpaper

B_eluga: This app is awesome! They have top quality wall papers from every anime I love to watch! I'm able to have a cool wallpaper that automatically adjusts to my home and lock screen! Thank you for this app.

Pqnxs: I have never, EVER seen this much fire in a wallpaper, the amount of effort these guys put in is just incredible, i can't even describe them anymore, it's even more than incredible.

These wallpapers made me watch anime everytime I'm bored or not knowing what to do.

Every week there's more art added to the app, and with current and past anime.

If you're a fan of Anime and manga, This app is what you're looking for.

Bets app I've used for anime backgrounds in a while.

Walxav M: Exceptional Art.

I definitely recommend it to my friends.

I'm Walter and I approve this app.


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4.7 out of 5



Listen I was looking for dbz wallpaper apps when I scrolled apon TopAnimeWallpaper I was whoa 5 star lemme try it! So I downloaded it and it looked pretty cool. I got into TopAnimeWallpaper and this thing says allow or Diss miss so I click dismiss not reading what it was asking me. Then a little tab apeard at the bottom and says click allow for opt or something like that but I could go back. I could use the wallpapers because the tab was in the way I deleted it and installed and then I turned off my phone but the tab was still there. I was very sad and disappointed because TopAnimeWallpaper looked pretty cool and awesome. I’m sorry I couldn’t use TopAnimeWallpaper fully. Pls fix this issue. Other wise I bet the people who picked allow is enjoying TopAnimeWallpaper and I’m happy for them. Thank you



At first, I was looking at all the apps and they’re like OK all the apps are cool and wallpapers and then I bought this one and it was amazing I can’t even describe what I thought. It was amazing I recommend this for anime lovers but even if you don’t like anime, these are sick wallpapers and I have a Halloween Pokémon evvee it is adorable, and I put a heart on his cheek and bro look how realistic some of these look I recommend this for anyone who likes cool wallpapers


Awesome colors

I do love anime and I do like colors and TopAnimeWallpaper is awesome because there are tons a backgrounds to choose from and more plus it brings back memories as well from the shows that I have watched in the pass as well as shows that I have not seen before as well. Overall I already like TopAnimeWallpaper.


Great but

It could be a little bit faster when you’re trying to download the screens because my last one took at least four minutes to fully download and if you want to change it again it’s really hard to do that since it is really slow think that if they could fix that TopAnimeWallpaper would be great


Super cool wallpapers

Man these wallpapers are sick but there is one thing that would make this better. Maybe these could be auto play animations, cause that would make it ten times better. But overall it’s a great app the people who made this did a really good job.👍🏼


Sorta kinda

The thing I like about TopAnimeWallpaper is that it has a ton of wallpapers that I love and that are from my favorite anime, but I can’t figure out how to close the tab in the bottoms of your screen, and it says press allow for the relevant ads for you but it won’t pop up a notification that asks you dismiss or allow. Very good app for high quality anime wallpapers but a little bit dumb in my case.


It’s ok but

When I first downloaded TopAnimeWallpaper I liked it it was cool but you know the live wallpapers that can move they don’t work when I downloaded the live one and put it on my screen it didn’t work so I tried others still don’t work so now I have TopAnimeWallpaper the look at wallpapers, plus there are too much ads when I’m signing in to TopAnimeWallpaper a ad pops on and when I tap on every wallpaper I see it guess what an AD pops up so fix the please



So This is an amazing app and I use it a lot but one request, could you add hololive because I saw a few I liked them is it possible for you to add them…and you have the wallpaper from the best anime’s and there free you can’t find that from most anime wallpapers so yeah ( ^∀^)



TopAnimeWallpaper is sooooooo good it and it’s
Free to download no subscriptions they have a lot of characters to choose from and a lot of them are live but when you download one you have to watch one ad, that’s all recommend it❤️❤️❤️


Where is cowboy bebop!!!!

I am disappointed and surprised that they have chainsaw man before the neo-noire classic as I watched all 26 episodes and thought why did he die and why is there no merchandise let alone no wallpapers just sad please get this done as I know I’m probably not the only one who wants such wallpapers.


I love this game

I wouldn’t download this game because I thought it was actually a scam but I tried it and I actually did not notice because I want to my wallpaper and I literally saw the picture I wanted on the wallpaper


It’s good but there is one problem

When I try to download a live or any wallpaper on me phone it doesn’t work and I wanted a goku one but it did not work and I tried every option that was possible like choosing one and if it doesn’t work delete it then try the other and on kinda mad and sad but the wallpapers are awesome


The live videos

I really really like the live videos I would give it like a five out of 10 it’s really cool to have you can like hold on it and I’ll just play the video even on your wallpaper I love it they should add more💖


Good but not so good

When I downloaded it I was so excited but when I tried to download a wallper it would never stop loading no matter how much j waited an it got kinda anoinng at one point so j deleted it. I would recommend it if you have a lot of time to spare of waiting.


It was ok

This is going to be really quick but I couldn’t even do anything…

It needs to be for detailed many it’s because I’m a iPhone user but it wont let me use it 🫥🫥


Exceed my expectations

I opened TopAnimeWallpaper thinking it was gonna be another scam, but it’s actually free as long as you don’t mind 5 to 30 second ads every now and then.


Wallpaper review

I think there should be more options for search so you see live and frozen but it’s really good


Live wallpaper not working

I loved the background I tried downloading a live goku wallpaper but it didn’t work I tried every option possible I have the latest updated version so Idk what’s wrong but awesome wallpapers tho


Look love it but

So this is annoying and so if I get a live wallpaper it doesn’t move when I actually equip as Lock Screen or Home Screen like plz fix or if someone can tell me how to fix like it doesn’t work so yea byeee


Love the app but I can’t use live photos

So i just downloaded TopAnimeWallpaper today and I thought it was amazing.

I am a fan of live photos and the live photos on TopAnimeWallpaper is cool but everytime I download one it becomes a video

So because it turns to a video it means I can’t use it as wallpaper i will be grateful if y’all can fix it please and thank you


I am so glad that you have been doing this and I hope that you’re having fun with your new friends

I’m so sorry to bother you again I know you’re busy but I’m not really sure if you’re still going to go to church tomorrow or if you were still planning to go tomorrow but if not I’m sure you are


My opinion

The ads are a little annoying I feel like it should be and ad every other wallpaper but other than that I love TopAnimeWallpaper!


The add

I love everything but why every time I click on something it gives me a add you guy or ladies need to fix that please in thank.


The search bar function

Please have the search bar include anime posters that I put the title into.

I found a Ryuko matoi poster but when I tried to search Kill la kill, I couldn’t find the poster.


So good

I’ve been looking for good wallpapers and this places has all I’ve been looking for I could say so many more good things but I don’t wanna waste to much time making the review

Is Top Anime Wallpaper Safe?

Yes. Top Anime Wallpaper is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 19,149 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Top Anime Wallpaper Is 50.8/100.

Is Top Anime Wallpaper Legit?

Yes. Top Anime Wallpaper is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 19,149 Top Anime Wallpaper User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Top Anime Wallpaper Is 63.6/100..

Is Top Anime Wallpaper not working?

Top Anime Wallpaper works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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