Locket Widget Reviews

Locket Widget Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-05

About: Locket is a widget that shows live photos from your best friends, right to your
Home Screen. You and your best friends will see new pictures from each other
every time you unlock your phone.

About Locket Widget

What is Locket Widget? Locket is a photo-sharing app that allows you to see live photos from your best friends on your Home Screen. You can add the Locket widget to your Home Screen and instantly see new pictures from your friends every time you unlock your phone. The app allows you to share photos back with your friends, react to their photos, and build a history of your Lockets. You can also add Lockets for your besties and crushes.



- Locket widget to see live photos from your best friends on your Home Screen

- Share photos back with your friends by tapping into the widget and taking a pic with the camera

- React to friends' photos with Locket reactions

- Build a history of your Lockets and share them out as photos or use the video recap feature to stitch together memories

- Add Lockets for your besties and crushes with the "Crush" or "Best Friend" picture widget

- Only 20 friends allowed on the app to keep things friendly

- No worrying about follower count, just add your best friends and family

- Locket camera for taking photos

- Free app with no tracking or counting of reactions

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Key Benefits of Locket Widget

- You can interact with your friends

- It is a fresh idea

- It is a great concept for an app

- It is a cute way of sending stuff to your friends and loved ones

- The app takes into account user suggestions

35 Locket Widget Reviews

4.8 out of 5


LOVE THIS APP but a few suggestions

LocketWidget is so fun and such a cute way of sending stuff to your friends and loved ones however, I would like to be able to send different things to different people. for example, i would hate something i’m sending to my best friend get sent to my sister as well. being able to send pictures to people separately would be so convenient. another thing would be if you could make it to where you could put multiple widgets on your home screen for different people. right now i have my two best friends connected to my locket and i would like to see what they each send me on my home screen, but i cant cause only one picture can show up at a time. if i could have two widgets, one for each of them, so i can see what they each send me on my home screen would be great!! besides that LocketWidget is such a fun idea and i hope you continue to better and grow it because it has SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!!!

++ IN ADDITION, being able to write with your finger on photos you took in LocketWidget would be so fun!!! it would enable you to write messages and funny drawings on youre pictures you send to youre loved ones!! not a super crucial idea but i hope you take it into consideration because of its possibilities and fun value!!



I was reading the reviews on LocketWidget (after i got it) and noticed that u actually added some of their suggestions to LocketWidget instead of completely ignoring them which i love!!

Anywayyyss I love the idea of LocketWidget and LocketWidget itself. It is such a fun app to use so u can interact with your friends!! A few suggestions i have though is to be able to add more friends and not limit it. Though i can see how that can be a problem and might glitch out LocketWidget so i won’t totally be disappointed if it doesn’t end up happening. BUT I HOPE I HOPE THAT WHEN ANOTHER UPDATE HAPPENS WE CAN ADD PICTURES FROM OUR CAMERA ROLL OR TO BE ABLEE TO DRAW ON PICS WE TAKE!!! I FEEL LIKE THAT WILL BE SUCH A GREAT ADDITION TO LocketWidget !!! it would be so funny to see pics of my friends with doodles on their face on my homescreen. BUT ALSO A TIMER SO WE CAN TAKE PICS W/O CLICKING THE BUTTON!! ALSO VIDEOOSSS ADD VIDEEOOSSS!! Obviously the idea of adding videos as widget will be pretty hard so like the unlimited friends kinda thing i was going for i won’t be disappointed.. But I really do enjoy LocketWidget and hope to see new updatessss!!


Great app, but improvements could be made

Locket is such a cool app. I mean in theory it’s awesome but the execution could have been better.

So the first problem happened a lot when I first got it but not as much now, and that was it wouldn’t let me post the photos. Basically every time I’d open the widget or LocketWidget it would like glitch and say I had no friends to send pictures to and so I’d have to search for people in my contacts before it would like load properly. I don’t really know what happened but it was/is very odd. That’s kinda the biggest problem for me but there are some things that would really improve LocketWidget being some different camera settings. THERE NEEDS TO BE A TIMER ASAP
it’s very annoying when I want to take a photo and like step away from the camera or use both hands and I can’t. As well as it would be very cool if you could add photos from your camera roll. Other settings like being able to zoom in and out as well as like panorama or something would be cool but obviously not necessary.
But yeah LocketWidget is great and for me there isn’t a lot of problems just some small improvements that would make it so much nicer and least in my case


love the idea just needs to be polished a little more! <3

I love the idea of LocketWidget, and I still love it despite the bugs and glitchy aspects of it. It’s almost like a roll of film where you forget what picture you took and then later come back to it and remember everything about that picture and the day it was taken. I also love the idea of getting to see them pop up on my home screen as my friends are taking the pictures. I know this is already a feature, but mine doesn’t really do it. My widget is just a grey screen so I have to click on the widget in order to see any of the pictures my friends send. Another thing is that before the most recent update I could see pictures on the widget but it would get stuck and wouldn’t show me new ones. All that aside I love taking random pictures throughout the day to document even the smallest of things, because at the end of the day the smaller things in life tend to be the most beautiful. Overall great app and just needs to be polished up more, but it’s wonderful either way especially with all the hard work it’s probably taken to get to this point. Thank you Devs!


Love this app + recommendations

I just recently got LocketWidget. It’s like the much better version of Snapchat. No annoying streaks or numbers, just the people you care about :). I think LocketWidget is the first truly fresh idea in a long time. I wish the camera had more options for example it doesn’t adjust to sunlight. So if you’re standing in direct sunlight it washes you out. I was really sad when I found this out because I can’t send my friends any golden hr pics! I also would love to see a heart/like feature so you’re friends can let you know they saw your locket. I saw someone else recommend that you can create different widgets for different groups or people and I have to agree that would be fun. Honestly other than that I am extremely satisfied with LocketWidget. I’m a huge fan it’s really helped me feel more connected to my friends who I can’t see often in an organic way.


Awesome app, but here’s a suggestion

LocketWidget is amazing! Being in a long-distance relationship myself, it can sometimes be difficult to snap each other whenever we are busy working opposite schedules. LocketWidget works miracles whenever I want to see her face instead of scrolling through my camera roll or using Snapchat. I don’t like that it stays one solitary photo and then swaps to a random one over time. My suggestion? Maybe have a setting to where it stays one photo, but when the other person sends a photo, it automatically changes to that picture until another one is sent. That way, when somebody opens their phone, they see a brand new photo instead of an old one that is backed up into LocketWidget . It would almost make the person receiving the photo anticipating what the other person sent next!


ALMOST flawless!!!

I love LocketWidget! My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and seeing his random pictures pop up on my home screen has made me very happy and feel more connected. At first my boyfriend mentioned that this was almost exactly snapchat, to which installed some doubts about LocketWidget in me. But it’s not at all like snapchat! It feels completely different which I love. I think LocketWidget is lacking some features but it does have a bunch of cool ones already! I’d love to see a reaction feature we’re you could place a thumbs up, heart, maybe even emoji? on the picture. I’ve also noticed it tends to update slowly rather than instant every time. Sometimes it’s just a few minutes behind, 10-20min. Other times it’s 1-2 hours. Still, love this amazing app!!


Great app but there’s a bug

I love this idea, I’ve been using It nonstop with my friends and it’s great. However I didn’t have any problems until I added more than one person. It worked perfectly, sending pictures back and forth and them showing on my widget, with one person, but now I have two people and it’s become buggy. The only issue is that the pictures that the person I added first no longer appears on my Home Screen, even if she sends 3 in a row. The only pictures It shows now is of the last picture that the second person I added sent before the newer pictures of the first person. So now I don’t see the pictures that person sends unless I go on LocketWidget and look at the history, It doesn’t show on my widget on the Home Screen. That bug is my only suggestion. Other than that, LocketWidget is working good for me!


Amazing, but bugs!!!

ok. first of all, i LOVE LocketWidget!! it’s so fun, i’ve used it for a while and it’s a really creative idea. but even though it’s great and easy to use… it glitches a lot. first i thought it was because i was using cell service, and not wifi. but even with wifi, it glitches a lot! i’ll go into it, and after 5 seconds it just kicks me out of LocketWidget . when i first go in, it also takes forever to load when i try to swipe down or up or click on something. it’s very slow all of the time and it eventually works after reloading LocketWidget and waiting a bit, but it’s very frustrating. also, sometimes it takes a LONG time to send a picture. overall, this is a great app. don’t get me wrong. but the glitching and loading is inconvenient. so please fix these issues!! it would be even greater! thanks,



So Cool! Some Recommendations :)

I love LocketWidget! I really enjoy that I can quickly send people cute moments throughout my day, and they can do the same. I love being able to open my phone and see my friends without having to message eachother.

I would love it if I could create separate widgets for each person/group, and even more-so if I could select which person it sends to. I understand that makes it a bit more complicated, but having two separate friend groups in each locket would be so much easier and appealing personally.
Also, not a need by any means but i think it would be extremely cool to make the locket just a circle. I wish there was an option for the rounded square, and a circle. Nothing complicated!


Ahh so cute ❤️❤️❤️

Ok LocketWidget is really cool because it allows you to send and receive photos from your friends!! My friends go to a different school, so it’s fun to send each other updates during lunch, passing, etc. In addition, you can see past photos in the ‘history’ section, so it’s more permanent than Snapchat, for example. (If you don’t like a photo you can also delete it, but this will only delete it from your acct) My only drawback is that you can only have one of the same widget, so you can’t have two different ones with different people. This is kind of annoying because I have some friends who don’t know each other, so sending photos to each other might be awkward. Also having filters might be cool! Ok ty for reading and thanks for your consideration! (This would make LocketWidget better, I think!) ❤️❤️❤️


Great Concept, Love The Scale

This is such a great concept for an app! I love using it with a few of my friends to really connect in a personal way without it being social media. I feel like it’s the one avenue I’ve been able to find that doesn’t have this toxicity. A few other reviews have had requests for expanding the platform and even being able to have unlimited friends but I disagree!! I love the simplicity and limitations—it’s a good app because it’s NOT like anything else on the market right now! I was actually a little bummed when I saw the latest update let’s you react to ypur friend’s images with emojis. I think the only updates the developers need to work on is little bug fixes!!! They’ve struck gold and I would hate to lose LocketWidget to petty requests for more and more details because kids need too much from their screens! Keep up the good work!!


Please read…

I love LocketWidget I have a bunch of friends from school that I have on this and friends I don’t see that often it is super nice but a few suggestions I have are, short videos like boomerangs that would be super fun also I think the idea of filters where you can have a filter on your photo would be cute. I also wish you could adjust the camera like when you take a normal photo in your phone because it doesn’t adjust to sunlight very well. Last i think that being able to add captions and sticker to your photo would be cute because sometimes people send photos or I send a photo and I isn’t really clear what is happening so the captions would make it clearer. Even without this stuff I love LocketWidget and every update makes LocketWidget better. Keep it up 👍🏼


Like but could love

My friends and I downloaded this, and it’s actually so cute. Lots of random/unexpected laughs throughout the day. One thing I wish they would add or change are the reactions and comments. They give you a set of reactions and I wish we could choose our own emojis to set as reactions. If that would be too difficult, I would even be satisfied if the reactions had more variety. Example: there is a yellow and red heart, but there could just be one heart and a thumbs up or something. The “comment” option is sending a text message to the person who posted the pic. So it’s 1 on 1, instead of it being shown and available to the whole group. Wish it could have an option for both! Other than that, it’s simple and cute and does it’s purpose, so still love it! <3


minor issues

the only issues i have are the widget doesn’t seem to update when i have more than one friend sending pictures, i’ve tried resetting everything but im back the to the same problem. Another problem is that when i go into LocketWidget it frequently won’t allow me to send pictures because it says my friends list is empty then after a few minutes it refreshes.

I love using LocketWidget with different friends so if there was a way for me to have each person on their own widget that would be great. This would also allow me to send different pictures to each person.

Those are my only issues but me and my friends love LocketWidget!!!!


love the concept, just a few bugs

I love this concept, it’s so fun and I love sending the photos. however, it took me a while to get it to work. at first, I couldn’t enter my phone number bc it was set to a different country. but, I easily just deleted and redownloaded LocketWidget to get it set to the US.

but the thing I had the most trouble with was getting the photos from my friends. after I set the whole app up, the widget appeared as a black screen no matter how many times one of my friends sent a photo. I deleted LocketWidget a bunch of times and it never worked. after a few days, I signed out and signed back in and it miraculously worked.

overall, love it. it’s so fun and no hate at all. it had a few minor bugs but once it’s all fixed it’s great.



I would definitely give LocketWidget 5 stars if it hadn’t stopped refreshing on my Home Screen. Initially, it was working just fine, but then it started just showing a grey square with the yellow-orange circle around it and it doesn’t refresh. Right before it started doing that, it was showing older photos that were posted by family and not showing the more recent ones taken.

Aside from that minor issue, LocketWidget is wonderful! Super simple in that it’s like a super quick version of Snapchat for only the people in your inner circle. :) My siblings & I live within 3.5 hours of each other so we can’t always just travel for visits as often as we’d want. LocketWidget helps us share quick photos of our kids with each other though!


really cute but a little buggy

i love LocketWidget and it's whole concept, my partner found it first and we've been sending cute pictures back and forth for about a week now. At first LocketWidget ran smoothly, but now I've noticed that it has started to give messages about not being connected to the internet. It takes me about 2-4 tries to send a picture through, and I have to turn the wifi on my phone off or on (if I'm connected it has to be off, if I'm not connected I have to reconnect). My partner also has said that the pictures don't show up sometimes, so I'll have to tell her that I sent one so she can actually try to make it update. I hope the little bugs get worked out soon because overall this is an amazing concept! :)


Only two issues

i love LocketWidget a lot. im in a long distance relationship and i wanted LocketWidget so we could be able to send random photos of our pets and us for when we’re already having a couple conversations at once. one issue i have is that you cant send pictures from your camera roll, which honestly i think is dumb. the other issue is when you take a picture with the back camera and flash on it, it flips the image. it doesn’t flip when you don’t use flash which is annoying. these are the only issues i have and i’d give it a 4.5/5 if i could. i love the concept and i love seeing the surprise on my home screen :)


Amazing! (and a few suggestions!)

i love LocketWidget and i adore its purpose 💓 it’s amazing to see a new photo of my friends/what they’re seeing each time i unlock my phone! i just wish i was able to add more than 5 friends. i’m also echoing the sentiment of some other reviewers when i say that i’d love to expand the number of friends and perhaps get another widget for another group! one more suggestion, though i’m unsure how feasible it may be.. i know you can scroll on some widgets (like widgetsmith) to reveal another photo / widget. i’d love to see this replicated on locket! if that was the case, i could cycle through the photos i missed without clicking on the widget itself! just a fun feature idea for an already incredibly fun app :D


I use it every day

Been using LocketWidget every day with my girlfriend. Super fun - it’s the best social media app in a while


A high quality app

COULDNT ask for a better app. Super easy to use and amazing user interface


Awesome App

LocketWidget is more intuitive and well done than most million dollar companies, super cool idea


Having so much fun with this app!

Great to connect with my cousin who lives across the world!!



The best app ever!!!I use Locket everyday and love seeing the photos sent to me appear on my Home Screen! 💛


Fantastic App

Locket cured me of covid. Get LocketWidget! Matt moss has done it again!




Nikita   10 months ago

I can’t get a sms code

Emma Serge   2 years ago

every time i leave the app it makes me sign back in by using my phone number. EVERY TIME. Idk why this keeps happening, is there a way to fix it?

Bohdi   2 years ago

no widget shows up for me to add to home screen I’ve reloaded the app, logged out and signed back in, deleted it. Please fix it.

Jasmine Silva   2 years ago

I have been trying for the past 2 day to use the app but it’s not sending the confirmation code to my phone, i have tried everything in an attempt for it to work and it just hasn’t, i don’t know what to do.

Mia Roati   2 years ago

i keep trying to add locket as a widget to my home screen but it doesn’t show up as an option ! i’ve searched it in the widgets, followed all the steps and still not working :( i have other widgets too so it’s not that i don’t know how to do it - it’s just not showing as an option that i can add.

Anastasia   2 years ago

Hi, I just downloaded this app! All seems to be working except for when I try to put the widget on my home screen. Locket is not showing up in my widget list no matter what I do. I would really like to have the widget on my home screen, so please help. Thank you.

Paris Cameron   2 years ago

Locket Widget isn’t popping up on my widget list and it won’t add to my home screen.

Avery   2 years ago

I just downloaded it and now I have a virus in my phone… I’m pretty sure it’s because of the app. I can’t open ANY apps so I’m using my iPad rn but I cannot believe this

lid   2 years ago

it logs me out of the app everytime i close it so when i want to take a new picture i have to log in every time

Eva   2 years ago

Hello I downloaded your wonderful app and I logged in everything seemed fine, until I wanted to add the locket widget to my Home Screen but every time I searched it up it didn’t find the app. Please help.

Daphnie   2 years ago

I cant seem to get the app to send me the code, I live in Singapore there is an option to send me but everytime it says I need to be connected to the wifi which I am. I really wanna use this with my ldr boyfriend please help

Emily Collins   2 years ago

It won’t let me make an account. Saying I don’t have internet

Zoe   2 years ago

It says I need to be connected to the internet when I am trying to log on what should I do?

ash   2 years ago

it wont let me log into the app, it says it cant connect and to check my internet but it is connected. other people i know are having these issues.

Ella Postings   2 years ago

I can’t create an account or get past the “what’s your number?” Page. When I put my phone number in it just says “make sure you device is connected to the internet and try again” but all my friends have had the same message when trying to create an account

Is Locket Widget Safe?

Yes. Locket Widget is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 289,986 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Locket Widget Is 63.5/100.

Is Locket Widget Legit?

Yes. Locket Widget is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 289,986 Locket Widget User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Locket Widget Is 90.7/100..

Is Locket Widget not working?

Locket Widget works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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