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Contact Coloring Match

Published by on 2022-07-22

The best COLORING GAME! Match the colors by mixing them! Mix colors in the
color palette and paint 3D objects to match the right color! You can also sell
your painted objects at auction or display them in your home! Explore different

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Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Koalagirrl

Ads out of Control

I understand games like these depend on ads to make money. However there are so many ads that the game is impossible to play. Most games like this if you play on airplane mode you are able to enjoy the game content and avoid ads. (Some games you get extra rewards for watching a video so you go off airplane mode for the reward while you are willingly watching the ad.) This game refuses to allow you to play the game on airplane mode. It blocks the game wanting to connect. The only reason it would need to connect is for the ads. This is a huge annoyance but was not the final straw. If you open the game and don’t touch the screen for a couple of seconds an ad will automatically start playing. At this point you’re like ok this is awful but if I stay engaged on the screen maybe it will be fine. Wrong. It is incapable of moving from part one of the “level” to part two without an ad in between same with part two to part three. If you refresh to avoid the ad it completely resets the level. I understand ads to get through a game but at this point it takes away from the function of the game. In order to actually play the game you are spending more time watching the ads than you are actually playing the game.

By SuperZenMaster_Zenny

Most recent update ruined the whole game

I actually used to enjoy the game: it was one of the few free games that wasn’t crazy in shoving ads down your throat, and the gameplay itself is a fun time killer. HOWEVER, after the most recent update, it refuses to let me play if I’ve lost internet or the internet is spotty (I play on my ipad and it only connects to wifi), then spams me with ads; also ugly FACES were added onto the reference items you’re supposed to match AND the faces TALK!?! Who thought THAT was a good idea?? I used to play with my music playing because the game used to be relatively relaxing, but because of the TALKING FACES it stops my music even if I can’t hear their voice since I have the ipad on silent (no system noises, media/music would still play). There is NO option provided to turn off the ugly faces and their constant chatter (even when technically silenced) so that I can continue playing with my music and enjoy the game properly. Finally, a constant problem the game already had: the auction segment makes no sense because auction prices are only supposed to INCREASE until no one else has a higher offer; the nonsense the game does with jumping around in price from, for example, $3826 to $1539 to $2190 is ludicrous!

By whyareallthegoodnamestaken23

Don’t Let Your Kids Play This Game

Not that it is raunchy or inappropriate in any sense, but rather this game targets a vulnerable audience and exploits those drawn to the bright graphics. Every step of the game there is an ad. Not a short one either, a full flow 4-5 stage ad with hidden close buttons, fake interactives, misleading content (I once saw an ad that involved a pregnant woman getting hit in the stomach with a soccer ball — it was a solitaire ad), and loads of gambling. If you don’t make a move for 5 seconds, and I wish I was kidding on this, it plays a full blown ad. The items you color match have really strange faces that move and seem to pog for no reason. There is no tutorial and you’re kind of just thrown in to this chaotic world where people shop for eggplants in gardens where everything grows on trees, and you auction item lookalikes in a small roadside auction house for thousands of dollars. Not to mention it’s ugly as sin. As a disclaimer, I am an adult who enjoys the chaotic experience that is bad mobile games, but this isn’t even the icing on the cake. This is the cake crumbs that get stuck in the couch and attracts ants. It’s a novel concept sure, but it could not be more poorly executed. Do not recommend.

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