WW2: Strategy World War Games Reviews

WW2: Strategy World War Games Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Dive into the battlefield of World War 2! Commander, give us an order! World
War 2 has begun, and you will join the important historical battles from 1939
to1945. Take command of any European army and lead it to victory in World War 2
with our military games. You can lead allied force...

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Reviews (20)


Bugs & Lack of Historic Realism

This has the potential to be a 5 star game however on the first Allied campaign there is a bug where the allied AI will move a non-infantry unit such as a tank or plane onto the main objective city and never move thus making it impossible for the player to capture the city with infantry. Also the fact that you can use your German “troop” in the allied campaign is dumb and takes away from the historic realism. You should not be able to use a Panzer III troop as the allied player. Although the unit detail is high and there are many different historically accurate vehicles they are not used in the proper time periods. For example in the axis campaign when you are fighting against France in 1940 the French have Sherman Fireflys as medium tanks which is completely ridiculous and inaccurate as the firefly only saw service later in the war with the British and Americans. If the bug I mentioned above could be fixed along with the removal of the inaccurate units this would be a great game as it is challenging and has a high level of detail.


I love this game so much

What I just have to say is that, after upgrading the anti-aircraft to attack land unit ,I think it should be able to do the same with the fleet because I found it very hard when I have to produce a lot of anti-aircraft to help me take out tanks and troops and when i moved them forward to the sea they became useless….I really hope you can do something about it…thanks…love from Nigeria 🇳🇬


This annoying glitch

So I was playing on the Allies side and I was on level three but the thing was that while I was playing there was this tank it wasn’t mine it was an Allied tank it would sit on The last thing I need to do which was to capture the last German city it would just sit there and do nothing there was no enemies on the map when it’s up there it was preventing me from doing my last mission which is the claim the enemy city it just sat there for 10 turns and by that point I was screwed because it was my last turn


Just not fun to play

A lot of potential, the maps are small like most campaign of these caliber however most games make it up with a conquer map mood or several maps where you have the freedom to take the game mechanics to its maximum but this game lacks that dropping a potential three star rating down to a one star. Overall it’s just not that fun to play. Allied players will put tanks on top of cities leaving them there for several turns so you can’t capture a city as only infantry is able to do that. Also I’m a huge fan of playing games and beating them on hard. However in this game you need to play the level on easy then normal then hard leaving behind the more modern traditional one play through to unlock the harder challenge. it’s like that for EVER level, kinda like games in the early 2000’s. If this style game is what you like try games from Tech like Roman conquest, great game. All the same game mechanics but on a much larger scale and more freedom.


An amazing game

A unique, simple game that you can easily access. One quick thing though. A glitch where I can’t complete a mission that makes me capture a victory point. I can’t capture it if a ally tank is on it. It’s not mine so it won’t move since all the enemies are dead.


Bug on level 7

On Axis level 8 on easy it freezes on round 10. I’ve tried playing this level a dozen times and every round 10 it freezes so I cannot move or access any parts of the map or any units. It’s such a fun strategy game but being that I can’t get past this level without the game freezing, it’s limited in its playability. I’ve tried troubleshooting the game and my device and nothing fixes the bug.


Overall good game

I have been trying to defeat level 15 on the German side and it seems impossible to defeat this level, I have tried many things and strategy but with only 20 turns, it all seems impossible.


This game...

My problem is very simple: This game posed it self as a war game, which it is but this is no better than any turn based game. This is because in a good war based game there is the aspect of chaos because in the game (example:war thunder) there is no turns or moves it’s just pure chaos. Maybe I was a bit harsh but I guess I’m not a big fan of these. I would like the marketing for this to reveal what it is instead of hiding behind good looking graphics.


grand strategy games and war games but I have a suggestion

It's a strategy epic strategy games and war games of war and strategy fighting for freedom. If you like s then this is for you! It does have a small problem. I would like it to have a better campaign


Amazing game

This game represent this app in a realistic way with the A.I., units, maps, buildings, and story. I have been looking for a game like this for years and I hope that you are able to implement the U.S.S.R soon I am looking forward to more games like this.


Great game, got some bugs and one game breaking one

Its a good game, a bit costly in-game to get new units for our leaders Some bugs still occurring such as level 4 mission not giving us a 3rd star Another is random freezing where i cant move my screen around, i think on allies side where i did the dunkirk mission, after the carrier arrives, my game froze up and i had to reboot couple times for it to work. Now the breaking of all, I cannot even view my dailies especially the 7 days mission for ju87 special unit If i open the daily, it just shows a blank tab and freezes everything, forcing me to close the game and restart.


Awesome Dogfight strategy games and war games

Costs a fair amount of real money to purchase the medals you almost have to have to keep healing your troops or buy a general. Can earn the medals, but that takes forever.


Lvl1 Axis bug

On the Danzig city an uncontrollable tank stays still on there, infantry can’t take control the city, I can’t win, AI troops start rotating around it until the turns are on 30/30, lose the game, (goes crazy). Help


It’s good but..

This game is very good in the strategy, vehicles, and just general looks. The only thing I have a complaint of so far is that I can’t get any more troops, it says something like “you have insufficient medals” when I actually have more than needed to buy it. Fix this and I’ll ho back to 5 stars.


Best war fighter strategy war games

couldn't even get past the bugs in the tutorial-deleted it 20 minutes after download


Are you going to update it?

Not a bad strategy war games but every time I finish the mission it close the world conqueror and have to reopened it very frustrating


Good game but...

When I got the game I was addicted I’d stay up day and night playing it but then on the 6th allied mission I lost then when I retried it said I had the max numbers of troops then when I Ended my turn it just froze please fix this


Amazing but freezes

Game is great!! But please fix issue: Game freezes on Allies mission 4 turn 14 when carrier appears on water : can’t continue . Please fix bugs !!


Great and Fun WW2 game played on my iPhone

Very engaging this app strategy game. Good sign and sounds and plays well on my iphone11 pro. Would recommend this and their other two titles of the same war.


WWII Strategy Game

On level 4, when playing the Allies, the appearance of the aircraft carrier causes the game to completely freeze up. So I can’t get past that! And I was really enjoying the game...

Is WW2 Safe?

Unknown. WW2: Strategy World War Games has never been reviewed by users. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1718 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.81257/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for WW2: Strategy World War Games Is 0/100.

Is WW2 Legit?

No. We cannot tell if this app is legit due to its lack of user reviews. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1718 WW2: Strategy World War Games User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for WW2: Strategy World War Games Is 0/100.

Is WW2 not working?

WW2: Strategy World War Games works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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