MeChat - Interactive Stories Reviews

MeChat - Interactive Stories Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-09

About: Find your perfect match with MeChat! Swipe, Match, and Date! Welcome to the
game with a fully new virtual date experience! Live through the stories where
you make choices and your choices impact the story. SWIPE and MATCH with
dozens of characters who are waiting there for you.

About MeChat

What is MeChat? MeChat is a dating app that offers a virtual dating experience where users can swipe, match, and date with dozens of characters with different backgrounds and stories. The app allows users to make choices that impact the story and unveil hidden secrets and joys of their virtual crushes. MeChat is free to play, but some in-game items can be purchased for real money.



- Swipe and match with dozens of characters with different backgrounds and stories

- Make choices that impact the story and unveil hidden secrets and joys of your virtual crushes

- React with emojis and chat with your virtual crushes

- Date with characters you have a strong bond with in a variety of settings

- Voice messages feature allows love interests to send voice messages to take the romance to another level

- Free to play, but some in-game items can be purchased for real money

- Privacy policy and terms and conditions of use are available on the app's website.

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Key Benefits of MeChat

- Amazing game with lots of choices

- Beautiful people

- Gems at a decent pace

- Gender-neutral character

- Variety of people, gender, and species to pick from

- Swipe left and unmatch people

- Plots flow naturally

700 MeChat Reviews

4.6 out of 5



first off, i’d like to start off by saying that MeChat DOES in fact look like its ads, which is very rare. millions of apps out there have amazing looking ads but then the actual app is nothing like it. however, i can assure you that this app is exactly what you’re looking for. there are tons of different characters with their own personalities / styles,
and i really like it that about MeChat . when they said “swipe or pass”, they really meant it. there are so much characters to choose from. however, i have two suggestions that i think could REALLY boost this game’s ratings and popularity. 1: More ways to get gems. I don’t necessarily have any specific ideas on what techniques to use, but all I know is that there definitely aren’t enough ways to earn gems in this game. We have the ads, daily login, and then upgrading your level with your match that all give you gems. But so many people (i have read reviews) have complained about not having enough ways to earn gems. Please add a few more techniques. 2: Gender. I’m not a girl, and a lot of the time, when I match with a male, the storyline and texts make me feel sort of like it’s all targeted towards a female. For example, one time I had a choice to respond back something like, “That’s too much for a girl to see”, or something like that—and it made me wonder what the gender storyline was targeted towards. It would be nice if it was gender neutral, as it’s quite unpleasant to always feel confused.


Real cute but..

I wasn’t not expected to get so addicted to this game, really started playing and a few hours went past 🥴 lemme start off listing the good , I love how everyone has a different story and isn’t so cliche, you get to have a deep connection with really anyone you choose to give your time too. Things can also get real spicy 😳 have you squirm a little. Now onto the things I feel can be worked on… The limited convo options.. you get two options but sometimes the options aren’t good unless you have gems and believe me I understand the reason for it but.. if you run out of gems the only option is to sound like a jerk… for example on a date with the character “Enzo” the options where to spend gems and express your gratitude or choose the free route and nag him and ruin the mood… basically if you don’t have enough your only choice is to sound like a brat. With gem choices it would be better to change the 2 options dialogue to 3. Same with being able to send a character a message, It would benefit to have different sets of messages , while some you have to purchase and some are free. The last thing is character customization, I can see why they didn’t … but if they could incorporate more options to really set yourself up and get express your own character story would really give this game a boost. Overall this is a game I will keep playing for the time being , I would recommend it to a friend.


Needs updating badly

I would just like to start off saying I love this game. It’s the first boyfriend messaging-simulator other then mystic messenger that I’ve been able to get into a while. The art style? Beautiful, the storylines? Amazing, the characters? Unique and all stunning. Overall I love this game. However it seriously needs updating. Right now as far as I can tell all the storylines end abruptly once you get to level 8. There’s usually some cliffhanger with the character and then you will get a message saying the story is still getting developed. Now I wouldn’t mind this except I’ve reached this level with multiple characters now and would honestly rather wait for their continued storyline. I figured every months or few months they would update the storylines at least a level or two but I’ve had this game on my phone for half a year and they’re all the same. Obviously I’m not the only one who wants the storylines continued as you can like a story when you get to level 8 to let them know you want more and each of the story’s have hundreds of thousands of likes!! I don’t want to just delete MeChat because I’ve already spent so much time and money on it, but I would really appreciate some sort of update for a lot of the characters. Otherwise however it’s a great game but it’s definitely still in the process of being developed as I haven’t come upon even one story that goes farther then level 8 and has an actual ending.


Absolutely Obsessed… BUT

Absolutely obsessed with this game!!! I love the characters, the storylines, the paranormal aspects, I love it all!!! BUT, and this is a BIG but, I am finding it SO frustrating that a lot of the options that aren’t incredibly rude cost gems. I don’t mind that I’m not able to listen to the audio messages or see the pictures, but I’m starting to get to the point where it seems like the only messages you can send to the characters that are nice or appropriate cost gems.

I also want to say that a lot of the writing seems SUPER lame. For example, for the character Lexi Rose, when she admits that she’s a gamer, the only options to reply to that are “that’s kinda lame” or “THATS SO HOT” like??? Who responds like that??? Why would I choose EITHER of those options??? Not to mention the options where it’s just s*x is the goal. I want to get to know the character I don’t want to be a horndog all the time.

In conclusion, I feel like the game could definitely use some work in the writing and gem department. The writing can come off as just gross, and just overall lame. The gem currency DEFINITELY needs changing. I’m tired of having to be completely rude to a character because I don’t have enough gems to be nice. Gems should either only be used for more adult responses or for pictures/audio messages. Also, it shouldn’t cost so many gems for either of them, I’m not going to invest 35 gems to listen to my character talk, sorry.


Good game with a few issues

This game has nice elements to it such as unique and interesting characters, good stories, and an amazing art style. However there are several issues. For one I wish it was easier to get gems because it takes way to long to get enough gems to do something like revealing a picture. I appreciate that the developers of this game gave you a daily prize(which you only have to wait five and half hours for) for the prize of five gems and an ad every two and a half hours for the prize of three gems. Other than that the only way you can get gems besides buying them is to get closer with your characters which only gives you two gems. Instead I think it should be six gems. I’m happy about the daily prize and the ads but I still wish it would be easier to obtain gems. Another issue is that there are some grammatical errors which I don’t really mind considering that English is a harder language to learn. The last issue I have is that once you reach a certain level with a character, something bad happens and it says they will be offline for a while. I’ve been waiting for about 3 days for some of the characters and it still says they are offline. If the developers of this game are reading this I hope you can continue the characters stories soon because I don’t want the characters to never respond again. Over all this game is pretty good but with a few issues.


First game review

First off its an amazing game, the choices that you have on picking so many people is outstanding. Even tho we don't have many options for texting its kinda cool at the same time. The people are so beautiful on this game and i really hope it only gets better from here. Second the gems.. sheesh man the first time i downloaded this game a while back it was still amazing as it is now but better ish. I stopped playing because the gems was the hardest thing to get in the game really. It still is but theres so many people that you can match for even to get the gems back. So as I'm playing it now, you really have to save your gems for the ones that really interests you because you know the higher y’all connection level is the more gems you get (level 1= 1 gem or level 5 = 5 gems) and so on. It would be nice for us to have ways to get gems easier, i know there’s mot much to a dating game but this game is kinda beyond that point and it would be nice to be able to see more of matches pictures. Third the game is just amazing keep doing what u doing.

wow.. i mean i didn’t think if could get better and it definitely did. being able to get 2x the more gems for watching an ad is unbelievable smart. wow just wow.. at first you would have to be vip but now im lost for words it’s actually fair game now.👏🏽


Too sweet for it’s own good

The writing, despite having some odd translations, is just amazing. Characters I didn’t think I would like grew on me so easily. It described it as 80% normal (ish) people and 20% supernatural to a friend, and all of them still flow so naturally to me!

Getting gems here and there is at a pretty decent pace, though you do have to be careful divvying them up on who really matters most ;) After getting a feel for their limits and refill, I reserve them for one to three top picks on dates only. But unlike most games, if you pick the non-premium option it’s actually usually spun to work out okay, even if at first you may think it’ll make you a jerk. From who I’ve used them versus not used them on, it just seems to be the level of tameness or speed you impress them.

There are so many people to interact with! It did help to have the warning of counterparts though, as there may be a sprite you’d prefer to the other, but it’s reassuring to know I won’t miss out on any storyline despite this. I’m a little worried to run into a “roadblock” of unfinished storyline or breakup or something bad as I’ve read about, but so far I’ve spent hours just enjoying these interactions and nothing worrisome yet! Will stay posted. Much love for this game <3


I love this game but it needs a few updates

I would have to say I fell in love with this game and the characters the graphics are nice and so are the story lines I literally get on MeChat every day like I’m actually checking my text but I finished some of the storylines and I’m waiting on them to be continued and I can’t wait for them to continue I really think you should continue all the story lines and don’t let them end I’m pretty sure everyone has a favorite character that they like and I like the update of new characters but when I swipe right on some of the ones I like I don’t get matched with them sadly I don’t know if they have a storyline and just aren’t matching or they don’t have one and that is the reason they aren’t matching but I can’t wait to see how far MeChat gets I love to see the improvement I really think you guys should add some more mystical characters ones you wouldn’t see in real life or create your own characters I would like to see it oh and another thing the diamonds I wish there was another way to get more because Ik some people don’t wanna spend money on the game but I get disappointed when I spend most of them and then it takes forever to get them back when I really want to complete an action I don’t really have enough to do that other than that can’t wait for you to finish the story lines and see your improvements love the game!!


So much potential….

I actually really enjoy this game BUT… I recently redownloaded it. The reason I deleted it in the first place was because I had incomplete stories that seemed like they were never going to get updated. So I deleted it. Then I downloaded it again because I remember enjoying the game but this game needs major improvements. 1) the same storylines are still not complete and it has been at least 4-6 months by now. 2) The grammar seriously does need to be improved. It truly takes you out of the experience when there are some grammar and spelling mistakes that you can’t even guess what the intended sentence is suppose to be referring to. I understand English isn’t easy but in a game where it is HEAVILY text and story based + you have some kind of payment system, this should not be a probably at all. 3) I noticed there are 2-3 characters who have almost the exact same storyline, scenes, etc. I have on character and their story was exactly to the T the same as a character I had previously played until their storyline paused.

This game is obviously well-liked and enjoyable but I don’t feel confident in spending any money for more gems for anything because a) 36 gems per photo? And b) there are too many bugs and issues that have been around for months that I think have never got addressed. I hope that they are able to fix these issues but for now, I wouldn’t fully invest in this game until these issues are addressed and handled which is unfortunate.


I love the game, but it could be better

I wanted to try giving a review after a while of playing this game but I feel the experience was frustrating and wish to see this game improve.

I want to start this review positive as I do love this game. First off, the art is great and I love all of the details. There's also a good amount of art I've seen so far. The art helps create a better experience. Second, the characters I've talked to so far have their personalities and stories, it leaves me intrigued to know them and interact with them. Third, the stories are good as far as I have seen. They pull you in and make you want to know what will happen next, and you are not limited to texting, you go out with characters on stuff like dates. It's a great concept I can see can improve over time.

However, I wish I could have had a better time playing this game. My main issue is the gems. They seem to be the main crutch of the game. While I understand this is a free-to-play, I feel it could be way better if the gems were not heavily needed. I find myself very limited to one story and pouring all my gems into that if I want a good progression or see pictures or voice messages. I feel this would have benefited if the game were not free or went about the gems differently. The gems seem to make me feel like my options are limited on good progression and I wish for improvement in the future.


Absolute Joke of a Game.

I removed my previous 3 star, mostly positive review because this game is trash and anything good that I had to say about it at one time does not reflect how I feel about it now. It's FULL of bugs that should not exist when you are charging people for a game; yes, you don't HAVE to buy gems but in offering a paid option, you should have a game that people feel comfortable putting money into. Not sure what that money is being used for because it clearly isn't going into improving anything. On one phone, I have a game going that I got really into and had tons of matches but for over a week, whenever I open MeChat , it stays on the title screen for a few seconds before crashing. I contacted support and they did nothing besides tell me to try to launch it with the internet turned off on my phone (didn't work), which is not helpful because not everyone has a data plan/unlimited data and the game should work no matter how you're attempting to run it. After the update that was supposed to have "many improvements and bug fixes," MeChat still continuously crashes. On a second phone, I have another game going that I use to farm gems to unlock pictures (because they are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced) and after updating the game on that phone, surprisingly it runs but before the update I had 1,512 gems and after the update, I somehow only have 67 gems now when I hadn't even opened the game before updating it. This game is an absolute joke and I'm done with it.


Inclusive Game ❤️

So I just downloaded this game yesterday and I’m already addicted to it. Your character is gender-neutral, which is a rarity in itself with games like this, but it also gives you a variety of different people, gender, and species to pick from. You can even swipe left and unmatch the people you don’t click with (although you sadly don’t get the gems back 😢). There’s the occasional grammatical error, but that’s common in just about every texting game out there so it isn’t a big deal. One thing I would like to suggest is time stamps (if there’s something like this already, I haven’t seen it). Some of the plots have characters go ‘missing’ for days (I assume?), and your character will be very mad/hurt about being ghosted. The only issue is, in real time they were only gone for a few minutes, so it’ll be kinda confusing when you reload into their messages only to have your character be really upset. The only other gripe I have is the usual “too little gems given, too much taken” issue but I feel like that’s another given with games like this. I really do enjoy this game, so I’m excited for what’s to come 🥰


Good but one MAJOR complaint

Ima start like most reviews and say I love this game. It’s got it all in terms of a dating sim and feels unique. But even though I love a lot of the characters stories I feel my self not really paying attention to some stories because I’m just grinding gems for a 30 choice picture or 20 choice option that I like. I think a increase in relationship statuses would be good maybe 5 a level or the most annoying thing IMO is the watch a ad for gems. This really annoys me. I get it from both a developer and player pov but I think this should really be unlimited because for people like me who want to just play one story before moving on it’s pretty annoying because you start to lose connection to the characters when I’m focused on just getting gems for one character so i can increase my relationship. I would willingly watch how ever many ads to say a 20 Gem option or even a picture once and a while. I really think the ad for gems timer is really bad and too long if TURLY needed. But other than gems ruining the flow and personal connection this game has its is truly wonderful and amazing in almost everything it does. (Also I think for texting it’s fine but on actual dates I don’t think gem options should be a thing)



I really enjoyed this game when I first started playing. It’s interesting and just fun to play. However, I just feel the conversations and pictures require too many gems. The prices to buy gems wouldn’t be so bad if items in the game didn’t did take so many of them. Lower the gem requirements in the story to satisfy your customers. You would still make as much if not more money because you would draw more players and keep the ones that you already have.
Another issue, every character that I have chosen (7) is now off line. I thought at first that the story lines were just incomplete, but it’s every character. I have been waiting for well over three weeks for my first characters to come back. The longer the wait time, the more frustrated I get because I am forgetting the story. There’s should be stories that are completed. I would guess that you are losing customers due to this as well. Get the stories completed to keep your customers and attract new people.
It would also be nice that when you swipe a character and you’re not “chosen” that eventually, if you keep trying, they accept you. I know that’s not how it is in the real world, but hey this is a game, right? If I’m paying, I should be getting what I want.
Again, I like the game, but I’m not sure how long I can afford to keep playing, and having to wait to finish a story line, is frustrating.


I love this app except….

Okay. First and foremost I love MeChat. When I am bored or having a lazy day at home, I love playing MeChat. It is so much fun and there are lots of ways to earn gems on this game so thank you creators. The stories are very intriguing & you really feel like you have a connection w the characters. Now on that note. Some of my FAVORITE characters, I’ve been waiting for their story to be updated for months now, if not the last entire year. I even see new characters, yet my old ones are still grayed out because I’ve come to the cliffhanger end of their story which is “being updated”. Please please please creators. Update their stories. I have watched EACH of these characters “likes” go from some w very low numbers till now they’re all each over a million w some having 10 plus million likes. Please listen to your fans creators. We want to know what happens to our old characters. Personally I’d much rather continue on w my old characters than see new ones added (even tho the new ones are awesome too). Please update their stories. We truly feel connected to these characters & all of them are just suspended on cliffhangers for the past year. Once they are updated, I’ll GLADLY change my 4-star review to a 5. ❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ????????(⭐️)??????


Love the concept, could use some work

I enjoy the concept of this game, I find myself returning to it on a daily basis just to swipe through my matches, but some aspects of it could use a lot of work.

First, paying for audio messages definitely isn’t worth it. I paid for one and it was very low quality, it seemed as though the devs just pulled random people off Fiver and didn’t devote any time to professional voice acting. This wouldn’t be a problem if the voice messages weren’t a paid part of the game. Some of the dialogue is robotic and feels as if it is poorly translated from another language into English. There are some creative characters in the game, like one who is a mermaid for example…but a lot of character archetypes seem to repeat themselves. I currently have three matches who are musicians with very similar dialogue related to the fact that they’re musicians, and a ton of my matches are famous for one reason or another with similar dialogue related to how famous they are. I understand that these are attractive character traits, but it feels lazy. I feel like the game would benefit from more characters with negative traits to make it feel more realistic. I’m definitely getting bored of how repeatitive my matches have been.

This game has potential, but in its current state I don’t see myself spending any money on it.


Prepare to watch 50 Candy Crush ads 😐

The stories for each character seem really great and the game has a lot of potential, but unfortunately, the rate at which you earn gems and how you get them holds the game back a lot.

You earn a few gems a day just by logging in, but it's nowhere near enough what you'll have to pay to look at images, voice messages, and certain dialog options. You want to see/hear them so badly and they're important to the experience you get playing. Sometimes, the writers will even purposely put an awful dialog option next to a positive one you have to pay gems for to get you to pay. To earn more gems, you have to watch a LOT of video ads, and they barely give any gems, like maybe 3, while to unlock a character pic you might need 30. So that's how you'll find yourself paying for their subscription service and/or gem packs.

I would love to support this game, but the whole watch 100 video ads and gem system needs to be reworked because they ruin the whole chat story immersion. If the subscription service let me skip the gem stuff and experience everything uninterrupted I would gladly pay for it. Other reviews mention that apparently some stories aren't even finished and need updates badly? If that's true then that's also a huge problem.


Great App But needs a few updates!

MeChat has great characters, and the variety is on point! However, the 2 biggest issues are gems, gems, gems, and the gender role thing. Right from the start you get to pick things you are into and type in your name. I know they had the issue prior to the stories making it feel like it was just a girl. Well now they have an issue of making it somewhat confusing on what’s going on. There should be an option to be able to pick the gender that you identify with and edit the story around that. Like they do with your name. Also the gems…. I think this alone, is one of the biggest issues everyone has with this game. You end up spending a LOT of gems just to see pictures, or even get a little spicy. Either let pictures and other things be less gems or make it easier to get gems. I get that you’re trying to make money, but 3 gems for a 60second ad every hour and 10 gems for a Dailey log in, barley lets us do 1 spicy comment. IF WE’RE LUCKY! Plus if you want to even get close to getting your gems back you have to buy the VIP pass so you get double gems at a level up. And it’s hard to level up without the spicy comments or opening the pictures.


Great game but has issues

Great game I love it but it has its issues that get annoying. First issues I seem to be limited to 5 messages unless the ones I add on are the ones you buy, wether there is a limit or a glitch I don’t know. Second, gems are used far to often for how little you get unless you either buy them or buy the vip. You get 5 gems every 6 hours and 3 for watching an ad every hour. You also get a small number of gems with each love level up. But you spend 10-40 gems on each voice message, photo and special choice that pops up. The fastest way to get gems is to buy them but for those that either can’t or don’t want to have to spend days or even weeks to get enough gems to do what they want, and I get the need money to keep MeChat going but this is kinda ridiculous. Thirdly grammar issues. I’m there was a sentence that I couldn’t make sense of as it was so badly written it couldn’t be understood and instead of bungee jumping it was bounce jumping or something like that. It was easy to understand but still wasn’t correct. Suggestion add a mini game or something to earn gems a little faster or lower the cost of stuff. Overall it’s got its issues but I do love it and the characters.


I love it! But...

So I've had MeChat for a week and I'm really liking all the diverse stories and characters! There's a lot of options and the art is consistent and pretty for all of them. I only have 2 issues with MeChat; the first being that everything costs so many gems. Keep in mind that you get a daily gift of 5 gems and can watch a 30 second ad every hour for 3. However, this is not enough for even one photo or voice line a day unless you have 15 hours to spend watching ads then you can get a voice line. The only other option is to buy gems or refer friends, which lets be honest, no one does. Buying gems on MeChat is expensive as well $2 gets you 22 gems which isn't even enough for a single picture. I understand the developers need to make money from MeChat, however, these pictures and voices lines are part of the story and sometimes there's no context about what was in it in the written lines and, therefore, you have no idea what is happening. This is a big issue for me as I cannot be spending $10 a day, per character, for maybe 10 minutes of storyline. I just hope the developers can lower these costs or make gems more accessible freely. I wouldn't mind watching ads if they either have more gems per ad or more ads per hour.


The avatar “fiasco”

Ok so I believe there was a new update or something but I liked my avatar before i could “customize” one. Dear developers, either you add more options to the avatar customization feature or you keep the set profiles along with it because I am unhappy with the availability with the custom avatar options and just want my set picture back 😔. If there is a way to already do this please inform me.

Now with the rest of the review. I must say that saving up gems is a skill of patience and is not for everyone. As you play for longer it does get a bit tedious for those on a low or non existent budget, a.k.a me. I do get by BARELY. Sometimes I have to put a pause on one of the dates so I can restock on gems to follow a specific storyline. Even though to get gems it is mainly ads, there are ways to gain gems without money or wasted time. A good thing is that ads don’t randomly show up which I greatly appreciate. The game is like its ads, you can swipe left or right and prechosen chat with them. There isn’t much character mobility besides facial expression, but the words mainly make up for that. The AI characters madden me and I hope they improve soon. If there is more than one, yay, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to unmatch with an AI and it can get a little annoying at first seeing it on my page and being unable to interact with it unless I spend money. I wish some challenges were a bit more rewarding but that’s not too big of a deal.


Addictive game but disadvantages ☝🏾

I wanna start off by saying I like this game. I won’t make this super super long, I have a few annoying concerns. I like men, and when I put the option to men I’m expecting to get matched to men, somehow I only get matches to women even tho I didn’t put “women” or “all“ last time I was on MeChat I was going through matches and all the boys I wanted to match I didn’t match with,But every girl that shows up I do? I’m not sure if this is some glitch buts it’s really annoying and it takes away from the experience in my part. Also it would be cool if you can add a feature where you can select your pronouns and the characters uses them, it’s kinda off when the character is talking to you and keep saying “They” while addressing you because I’m a she and I would like for it to be inclusive so that would be cool. Like I said over all it’s a good game I just wish 1, the gave me matches that I selected and actually want 2 if they called you (addressing you) by your pronoun and 3. I feel like the gem prices are way too high 😭 like 14 gems for an answer otherwise you come out as rude or don’t level up? It’s like y’all want us to buy gems and it’s annoying waiting 11 hours for a few gems, although they did give us more features for gaining gems I think it should be a little lower. But anyway it’s a ok game. I was trying to avoid writing a review but this glitch has become unbearable, I can’t even make new matches it’s just the same girls 😭😭


Suggestions please read!

I really like the game but I hate this whole gem situation. You can’t really play unless you spend a ton of money on here. I understand that you guys need to make money but the way you are doing it is not smart and turning paying customers away. The premium subscription is completely useless. It only gives you only a few more gems than the ones who don’t have premium and that is also not a lot. You get more people to choose from but what is the point if you don’t have the gems for the pictures and to choose the better choice. I think you should get rid of the gems system for the people who got the premium subscription. This will also bring more customers to pay to play your game. The ones who are not subscribed, should get more gems with the daily and the watching a video to get gems because 3 gems for a video and 5 gems for daily is useless when the choices cost more than you get. The prices for the gems is also way too high and makes people delete this game because it’s too much money. Please change the way you are doing things. More people will come to pay to play if you don’t make everything so expensive and give very little gems! Please consider my suggestion about removing the gems for the premium subscription players, this will make people get the subscription so they won’t have to deal with the gems anymore. It will also bring in more customers.


Fun, inclusive, but could be a little better

So I got MeChat and it’s just really enjoyable. Not because I’m lonely and gay (ahem) but it’s just like reading an immersive story. However, as much fun as it is, I don’t really like how limited the options are. I matched with Shion, and I’m enjoying his story so far, but I really wish I could have more freedom for my own character. He talks about family issues and it makes you say that your family is pretty perfect…that’s not the case for me, so it felt a bit weird how I was forced to say that. If anything can be improved, it should be more options and more freedom to describe yourself. Can’t say it’s really enjoyable to want to fit in with the story but be put into a box like that. Also, more options for character design and more skin tones would be nice.

Last thing is the paywall. Options for gems are super expensive and the things you can unlock in the chats for gems are even more expensive with gems. You’d probably get more money if you put the prices a bit down so more people could afford it.

All in all, it’s really awesome and whoever is reading this should totally get MeChat , but be aware of its limitations. Thanks!


Great app for LGBT stories so far - a few notes

I’ve been playing for a few weeks now and so far I’ve really enjoyed the matches for the women side. A lot of variety as far as what I picked in the initial interest phase. Couple things- in one story I kept getting called sir which took me out of the experience. I realized that Lehnea’s storyline was cut wayyyy too short despite being one of the most interesting matches. Is there going to be a full story with a happy ending? Especially with characters you get along with, I think there should be room for finishing those. Since there are some characters that are right away not a good match for my character. Or that based off of my choices we didn’t naturally get along, whereas with a lot of one’s like Lehnea, Michelle or Felicia I did get along with so I appreciated continuing those stories and it does bring some genuine experience to the user. Much like friendship/dating in real life. There are a few more tracks I’m almost finished with and I’m impressed that the writers took the time to flesh out the characters. SUPER surprised there are voice notes for each character? Voice NOTES!! So far I’m really enjoying the way that the new update shows you’re male/female and adds that into scenes when needed. Finish Lehnea’s story and you got this LGBT’s full approval 😂


multiple small issues equal one big problem

I love the game, first and foremost. I have had it for a while. It was very fun and intuitive with the differing variants of storylines and a plethora of choices makes it very easy to become addicted to it. And I did! For over a year, but now it’s way different. First of all the introduction of the AI matches, aren’t my thing so maybe I’m not one to talk. But the AI is overall one surfaced- which is fine. Especially if it’s a new thing, but the issue is you cannot even leave the character or unmatch. Which makes it really annoying to just see for someone who wishes not to be with a match. And my second issue is the character/avatar customization (I already dislike being in a way SEEN in the game, as the purpose of MeChat is supposed to be focused on the matches themselves and their own stories) because there is really no wide of customization. There is only like 3 skin tones and 6 faces, 2 body types, and not enough hairstyles. So it’s not only annoying for the game to have such a limited range for expression of the players but it’s also annoying that we need one to go on dates or events with matches. As well as having to see the avatar every dialogue the player says. If you are going to force players make a in-game avatar and talk to AI’s you should at least give the player the choice of having options of what you can do with it.


There’s lots of potential!

I’m going to start this by saying that, to a degree, I enjoyed playing this, however I do have problems as well. For starters: I don’t know if it’s just my choices in selection, but I feel that everything is very fast-paced. Like with Ramona: you match, suddenly you’re told that your character is going to die, and then you’re dragged along with, basically the Grim Reaper, in a last attempt to postpone your own death. It’s all very. . . sudden. I feel that it would be better if, instead of relying on chat options that cost hard-to-earn gems, you had more free opportunities to actually build relationships. I also feel that the chatting in general is a bit bland, but that is most likely caused by the quick pacing. In addition, this game has the same problem that make games with the gem currency has as well: it gets very pricey over time, and the rewards do not make up for it. For example: you could spend thirteen gems to see a picture or hear a voice message so you can progress the relationship, but only get three back. You lose gems very quickly, and that is something that has driven me away from lots of games. However, I will say this: I love the art and character designs. For the matches, at least. The customization for your own character feels incredibly limited, and it’s honestly a bit disappointing when compared to all of the other designs. Overall, it’s flawed, but has potential to be a great dating sim. I do hope that it will improve over time.

Is MeChat Safe?

Yes. MeChat - Interactive Stories is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 71,905 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MeChat Is 47.7/100.

Is MeChat Legit?

Yes. MeChat - Interactive Stories is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 71,905 MeChat - Interactive Stories User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MeChat Is 100/100..

Is MeChat - Interactive Stories not working?

MeChat - Interactive Stories works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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