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What is Beem?

Line is a mobile app that provides an emergency line of funds to its members who qualify and maintain an active paid subscription on the app. It is not a loan and does not impact the user's FICO score. The app is developed by Line Financial, a Public Benefit Corporation based in the US. The app offers various benefits, including instant access to cash, higher amounts, gift cards, prepaid cards, cashback, credit monitoring, credit alerts, identity theft protection, and more. Users can sign up for a Line account in five easy steps that take less than five minutes. The app comes with bank-level security, data privacy, and 24/7 dedicated support.


- Instant access to cash ranging from $20 to $1000

- Withdraw funds into a bank account, debit card, or gift card of choice

- Unlimited unlocking of higher amounts

- Gift cards, Visa, and MasterCard prepaid cards

- Up to 20% cashback on transactions

- $1M identity theft insurance

- Credit monitoring, credit alerts, dark web monitoring, and identity theft protection

- Credit predictor feature to see how taking a loan or applying for a credit card could impact the user

- Easy sign-up process in five steps

- Bank-level security and data privacy

- 24/7 dedicated support via app, phone, email, and website.

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Beem Pricing Plans

Duration Amount (USD)
Weekly Subscription $30.00

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

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Borrow money when it matters so that you can live life uninterrupted. Plans start at $1.97/month. Line app is available only in the US and is developed by Line Financial - A Public Benefit Corporation based in the US. Line is not a loan, it does not impact your FICO score, and no interest is charged for it. It is an emergency line of funds available as a benefit to members who qualify and maintain an active paid subscription on the Line app while adhering to Line's community guidelines that include refilling your line per your plan to ensure you always have funds available for an emergency. # Benefits of using Line * $20 - $1000 cash Instantly - Users qualify for anything between $20, $30, $40 up to $1000 and can access these funds instantly, withdraw them into their Bank Account, Debit Card, or a Gift Card of their choice. * Unlock higher amounts - Unlimited unlocking of higher amounts if you maintain an active subscription, refill your line on time, and achieve recommended personal finance milestones. * Gift Cards, Visa, and MasterCard Prepaid Cards - Users can instantly receive their line on a Gift Card of their choice or Visa and MasterCard Prepaid Cards and use it at thousands of retailers. * Up to 20% Cash Back - Individuals can link their credit or debit cards to line and win up to 20% Cash Back on transactions that they already do at local groceries, retailers, restaurants, and more * $1M Insurance - All plans include Credit Monitoring, Credit Alerts, Darkweb Monitoring, Identity Theft Protection, and restoration services, $1M Identity Theft Insurance, and more * Credit Predictor - Taking an Auto Loan, applying for a new credit card? Use Line's What...if? feature to see how it could impact you before you take those steps #How to sign up for a Line account # Five steps that take less than 5 minutes to sign up for a Line Account * Start with email - Get started on the Line App or Website with just your email address * Pre-approval - Get pre-approved by providing your phone number and answering a few questions (no other personal information needed) * Application - If you like your pre-approval, start the application process that requires personal details, SSN, Bank info, Date of Birth, Employment Details, reviewing your income and bills, etc. * Qualification - Review your application result to see if you qualify and the plans available to you * Subscribe - If you qualify and like the plans available, choose the plan, link your debit card to pay for it upfront (must have sufficient balance to pay the subscription), and start accessing your line on the app. # Refilling your Line Pay your subscription on time and refill your Line account per your plan. Once you refill your Line, you become eligible to access more Line again. You may become eligible to unlock higher amounts as you refill on time. # Privacy, security, and 24/7 support services Line comes with bank-level security, data privacy, and 24/7 dedicated support: * Line comes with dedicated 24/7 customer support on the app, via phone at +1415 323 0463, via email at [email protected], and on our website. * Bank-level security protects your sensitive personal information and prevents unauthorized use. * Your personally identifiable data is never stored with us. * Our help center can be accessed through the app or on our website. * If you’ve been rejected by apps like MoneyLion, Dave, Brigit, chime, klover, Albert, float me, empower, or Earnin, or cannot qualify for a cash advance because you're between jobs, Line is here to support you.

Top Reviews

By Auniquenick

Cash quickly, small fees, build line of credit over time.

I have used another similar app for almost a year and wanted to try Line, so I signed up today. The verification process used Plaid which works seamlessly in this case. I liked that the app allowed me to add more than one bank account as I have my direct deposit of my paycheck split between accounts. My starting limit was $50 until my account is verified and will then increase to $100. I asked CS about how often credit line increases are considered and was helped by Thasneem who explained that they are considered after a few months and, for my plan costing 9.97 per month, can go up to $1000. Comparing this to Grain which costs 9 per month whenever I withdraw $990, the price starts out high but is competitive once the $1000 limit is hit. The Link app also seems to have more features than Grain like cash back rewards. Will probably keep this if my credit line is increased.

By bonn0629

Excellent Customer Support

Honestly, I’m new to this app & normally it’s not something I’d try being that I’m 63 years old without any credit history & no one is willing to give me a chance to improve my situation. I read all information provided & wasn’t 100%on board until I read the only review entered so far & although it wasn’t s negative review … the person just wasn’t thrilled with the overall process. What impressed me most & made me feel you could help me get back on track … your developer immediately got back to that person, apologized & offered to assist in any way possible. Your quick response tells me you care ….. Thank you !

By UCB2019

Keep up the good work!!!

I tried posting before but for some reason it did not show up. Wanted to give these guys a shout out for rolling with the punches and continuing to fix issues every single week. I am not seeing bank connection issues that much and customer support has improved by miles. Hope everyone gives them a second chance. Thanks for the help with the Line, really helped me during Memorial Day weekend. Looking forward to new features!!!

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