Device Monitor² Reviews

Device Monitor² Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-02

About: Device Monitor² is a unique app of its kind, optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch,
iPad and Mac (with M1 processor and later), which allows you to have at a glance
all the information on the device currently in use in a simple and fast way.
You'll be able to better understand which sensors apps have access to, so you
can protect your privacy.

About Device Monitor

What is Device Monitor? Device Monitor² is a free app optimized for iOS and Mac devices that provides users with a simple and fast way to access all the information about their device. The app displays data in an easy-to-understand format and provides information on the device, sensors, RAM, storage, CPU, network, battery, display, and camera. The app also includes a widget for the Lock Screen, Home Screen, and Notification Center, with the ability to customize the interface. Users can also free up RAM with a simple button or using Siri Shortcuts. In-app purchases provide access to additional features, including a PRO Kit, Test Kit, Report Kit, Notification Kit, and Ads Kit.



- Display of data in a simple and easy-to-understand form

- Information on the device

- Information on sensors

- Information on RAM (with the possibility of freeing it)

- Information on storage

- Information about the CPU

- Information on the network

- Information on the battery

- Information on the display

- Information on the camera

- Widget for the Lock Screen, Home Screen, and Notification Center

- Ability to customize the interface

- Ability to free up RAM with a simple button or using Siri Shortcuts

- In-app purchases for additional features, including a PRO Kit, Test Kit, Report Kit, Notification Kit, and Ads Kit

- PRO Kit includes access to all features available with other in-app purchases (present and future), RAM deep cleaning, and copy & paste of the data displayed in the app

- Test Kit includes a complete check-up of many sensors of the device, including GPS, compass, altimeter, accelerometer, magnetometer, gyro, barometer, device motion, motion coprocessor, pedometer, Bluetooth, iBeacon, microphone, proximity sensor, NFC, vibration and haptic feedback, ping, ACID3, speed test, network device scanner, multitouch, brightness, screen color, camera, and flash

- Report Kit includes export of the data displayed inside the app in a convenient PDF document

- Notification Kit includes notifications for when the RAM memory is too full or the device temperature is too high

- Ads Kit removes advertising within the app

- The app does not collect any personal or non-personal data.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Positive experience

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~ from NLP analysis of 4,357 combined software reviews.

Key Benefits of Device Monitor

- Ability to add "hey Siri, clear ram" to Shortcuts

- Provides information not available within settings, such as RAM/ROM and storage

- Easy to use and visually appealing

- Accurate status of phone health and data/space usage

- Useful for hardware diagnostics and cleaning up phone

- Temperature warning notifications are helpful

2460 Device Monitor Reviews

4.7 out of 5


Cool app

Has been useful especially the ability to add “hey Siri, clear ram“ to my Shortcuts. I am surprised that Apple actually allowed this functionality to be included with a utility like this. Because they added all kinds of restrictions to the “Battery Life“ app by RGM to the point where it no longer gives any useful information at all. They also destroyed the “Cleaner One“ app by Trendnet, which used to be called “Dr. Cleaner“, that one used to allow you to clear your caches. The latest versions are pretty worthless.

But DeviceMonitor as it is has this one extremely useful RAM clearing function, and I use it at least two or three times for a day because it helps speed up my work.

It was worth the in app purchase.


This app is amazing! BUT I have ONE REQUEST

My favorite thing about DeviceMonitor is the clear ram memory function. DeviceMonitor does the best job of clearing ram compared all the other alternatives out there on DeviceMonitor Store for iOS operating system.

However, my biggest pet peeve with this clear RAM memory function is the checkmark screen---it shows how many megabytes of RAM it cleared after the clear memory function has been used. My problem is that I like to spam the clear memory function so I can reuse it to clear the most memory possible to make my phone extremely quick. However, with the checkmark screen taking so long to disappear after each time I use the clear memory function, It takes too long to actually clear all the memory I can clear on my phone

Request: can you shorten the checkmark screen to nearly nothing so that I can spam the clear memory function more often? that would be an amazing fix imho! I will change this to 5 stars when you fix this THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION DEVELOPER TEAM!!!


Great Utility

I love DeviceMonitor. Especially the latest update that added the “TEST KIT” allows you to test basically every function of my iPhone 13. I also like that I can see information that isn’t available within settings like RAM/ROM or information at a quick glance vs. several clicks deep in settings like storage. Lastly the clearing the RAM is easy to do and seems to fix a slow phone once completed.

Note: you may read recent negative reviews about charging for something that used to be free. This oversight has been resolved and these jerks should’ve contacted the developer first before bashing them publicly.


Very nicely done.

DeviceMonitor is clean, easy to use, really easy on the eyes and gives you very accurate status of the health of the phone and amount of data/space used.

The only thing it could use is a breakdown on which active app is actively using space or data at the moment. It would create an overall better performance on data speed, cpu response and the general performance of the device.

Great app. 👍


Actually useful app

I’ve downloaded lots of these types of Hino hardware diagnostics iPhone type on apps but this is the only one that I found that actually is not only useful but actually helps in terms of cleaning up your room and explaining stuff and etc. so I give the developers five stars and I hope they continue to update their app and make it even better


Love the functions, needs background app usage fix

It could be iOS 16 on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, or DeviceMonitor , I’m not sure. But I had 14+ hours of background activity and it has used 18% of my overall battery life.

I’m hoping this is an iOS issue and not an app one. We’ll find out when 16.1 releases. There are memory leaks in the current betas so maybe that’s the issue. I had this before updating to a beta though, so idk. Amazing app overall though! Adding a star back once this is sorted


It works

Detailed. Easy to understand. I just use the free version I never buy (yes I’m very cheap). The free version suits me just fine. You gonna pay for copy and paste ? Pffft. Should have payed for dif uses and added an ad or 5.Hey I’m available for consultation and opinion facts too you know cause we all like $$.
You guys for making a great app. And I thank you kindly.



This is useless unless you pay for it. Now use can not try it out before they pay. Some may think paying for it and not like it bad. Ok just got version 3.1.0 you fixed what ever it wrong. Can clean memory again. Maybe their can be something you can do so we can try more of DeviceMonitor out before we buy it. Keep up the great work and keep make it better.


Just a couple more things

I would really like it if DeviceMonitor immedietly tells me when the iphone temperature is at moderate, high, or critical. Not just after 5 minutes AFTER it happens.

And is there a way to tell what the current cpu frequency is for the device? Maybe perhaps add it, and to the today widget?

Also, we should be able to tell the today widget WHAT to show on it.


Thorough and Informative

I have been having problems and highly suspected malware based on how my phone and applications were behaving. I was able to gain more evidence to show my suspicions were on track. Thank you for providing this wonderful application!


Great insights into device information

A very simple and easy to use at the gives you detailed information on your device. The temperature warning notifications are especially nice.


Highly recommend

I have been using DeviceMonitor for quite a few months now and has worked as advertised. I would highly recommend.


App is good

Only issue is that the battery n ram icons are bugged . For ram it takes too long to clear ram , and the battery doesn’t show the time/hours of left activity until 0.


Needs fixing w/ Clear RAM memory

Great app I’ve been relying upon for a year or so? But w/ the most recent update (Ver 5.0.0) when I try to use “Clear RAM memory” it freezes!! Pls fix. I’d appreciate your support very much!!


Descriptions are inaccurate

I would not trust the accuracy of DeviceMonitor . The section on storage is incorrectly labeled “ROM.” ROM stands for Read-Only Memory. Every computer has a bit of ROM where things like the device’s serial number is stored (along with firmware for some of the essential system components).

On the other hand, it does look clean and simple and gives exactly the info you’d want.


Thank you Developers! 😌

Does exactly what you would hope it does and then some. Nothing more needed to say. Thank you Developers. Lets get that rating to a 5.0! 😌


Clean RAM getting stuck?!

Hi, I'm a relatively new user and have used DeviceMonitor primarily for clearing my RAM, which in the past worked flawlessly. However, after the most recent update, it gets stuck?! Any suggestions for a fix to this? Thanks!


Apparently a bug now fixed

Changed my review developer accidentally made free up ram feature paid fixed in new update its still free


Nothing much to say.

DeviceMonitor is just excellent besides the ads, but overall I highly recommend DeviceMonitor.


I recommend this app

I have spent hundred of hours browsing every possible feature app and utility available to iOS users. And this one stands out in my top 5. A few more shortcuts and it would be a apex tier app.


Surprisingly comprehensive

Great, resourceful app. My only question is why isn’t this info already made available via Apple’s native iOS? Apple should release and include a resource/performance monitor app with every new iOS device. Knowing my iPad Pro’s 16gB of RAM is almost always fully utilized is vital for me to know when considering future upgrades. General users would probably be more inclined to pay more $ for higher specs if they knew what was happening underneath the hood. I’m happy with DeviceMonitor and encourage paying the small price to unlock its full functionality.


Must have for iPhone users

I love DeviceMonitor. It helped me troubleshoot an issue causing overheating. I would have taken it to the Genius Bar otherwise.

DeviceMonitor is Genius Bar in your pocket!

Here are my favorite things so far:
👍 Accurate, real-time system data for everything in the phone
👍 Toolkit allows you to take control and test each individual component (ex: camera) from in DeviceMonitor
👍 One-time pro add on features to the free app are reasonably priced ($2-$5)… no subscriptions!
👍 Helpful tooltip text for any of the more sophisticated modules


They Should Advertise this, cause this is great

This is a really underrated app, and the ads are actually quite unobtrusive.

Sadly I can’t find the 6 star rate option cause it’s just that good.


What more do you need?

There will always be technical stuff that could be missing in order to monitor the current status of your device. But for some who just want the simple stuff DeviceMonitor is not only free but you can use widgets with DeviceMonitor which is a personal plus. Could DeviceMonitor be better? Yes, as can anything because if it’s perfect then it can’t be improved anymore for better customer satisfaction therefore being at a standstill. Still a good app for beginners.


Everything shows perfectly.

It shows all the information about ram, processor and details information. I love it


Works better than others

TEMPORARILY frees up RAM but most of those pesky apps & processes reload anyway. BTW, It now crashes while freeing up RAM since the
iOS 17 update.

**2nd attempt: I removed it then reinstalled it due to DeviceMonitor crashing due to iOS 17. Now that you corrected the crashing, it shows it as not purchased? How can this be remedied??


Excellent. Highly recommended!

Works great. Tech support is excellent. I had an issue with my iOS update. Contacted them with a description of what was happening and there was an update in the Apple Store within the hour.


Ram Cleaning Crash iOS 17

Saw in this update that Ram Cleaner for iOS17 should be fixed soon. I let developer know back in July testing iOS 17 beta it had a crash reporting it as a “bug” in it. Not much of a reply back from developer asking me if I was reporting a “bug”. That was my only reason for sending an email that Ram Cleaner “crashed” in iOS 17


PRO app, designed for Apple devices

This literally is the best device monitoring app on iOS/iPadOS that there is, really, I actually have tried every device monitoring app out there worth anything and a few of them are pretty okay but really, none of them compare to DeviceMonitor… not even CLOSE!!!


Excellent tool. Spend 2$ and get Pro pack straight away!

Great app that just never stops giving (with Pro Pack). The Pro pack for DeviceMonitor is a “no brainer”. 2 dollars will amaze you at the depth of DeviceMonitor, the way a good monitor app should. That’s the great thing, it actually does what is expected to do and for 2 dollars not 20 or 60. A big Thanks to the author for giving this to us at a “don’t t think twice” price.

Good People, DeviceMonitor rocks!

Music is your special friend,


Extremely informative with thoughtful UI/UX

I absolutely love DeviceMonitor. Specs may not be your thing, but anyone could use DeviceMonitor and appreciate the thought that was put into it (which is evident) and the execution. Information is robust without feeling too ‘deep’ and presented in such a clear, engaging, and logical manner. The developer clearly spent a lot of time designing and building DeviceMonitor, and that deserves to be acknowledged. Thanks for the wonderful app!


Very helpful for mobile people.

I never thought that my mobile device was so bad, until I used DeviceMonitor to ACTUALLY see my device settings like ram, storage, cpu, etc. It’s also 1 part of many reasons I needed a new device. So if your an mobile player and don’t have an iPad max or iPhone pro max, I would recommend DeviceMonitor to see if you need an new device, and just to check your device settings and how powerful it is.



Wish it had more network/telephony info., but still very good. I am, however, a little concerned over the safety of its releasable RAM feature (a feature that was done away with in the sector years before) and am awaiting some word from the developer.


Very Good

It is extremely easy to use and understand, I was playing roblox using a 5 years old IPad before I download this, I keep crashing, freezing and lagging in the middle of a game, after I download this and clear some ram I was able to play normally :) I’m going to read some mangas


Awesome app

Extremely simple to use but very effective has helped me greatly. Other nice feature it overlays on top of app your in able to use while in another app just pull from side nice feature.


Amazing app!

Information provided on networking, cpu, ram and storage are well displayed. Theme looks great, information is well spaced and formatted.
I bought the pro/toolkit in less than 24 hours. Great selection of apps and tools for tinkering, testing and debugging for sensors and networking.
Also has a good widget selection (and they look great).
Please make more widget options, particularly towards networking.
Documentation and guides are also welcome pertaining to the tools and what they do.


Great App To Speed Up iPhones

If you get DeviceMonitor. I would purchase the PRO Kit immediately it’s only a one-time payment 2 bucks. It tells you all the details about your iPhone and you can clear unneeded ram. There is a free ram clearing service but if you get the PRO Kit you can do a Depth Ram Cleaning and it usually clears 2-4 GB of Ram in like 20-30 seconds. I was impressed to have my ram restored on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Of course it will get used up fast buts it’s nice that way cause you can do the cleaning every time you use apps. I set a shortcut to where when you plug in your phone it will automatically clear the ram. Easily a 5 star rating.


Great Monitoring and an impressive set of tools

I can see why DeviceMonitor is number 10 in utilities. Not only does it provide comprehensive information about your device, it includes a complete test set to show you all the device sensors are working.

DeviceMonitor also includes notifications for temperature and high usage. What I really like is the ability to clean ram automatically from DeviceMonitor or from a shortcut.

I found DeviceMonitor to be very intuitive and easy to use. The developer smartly offers the ability to buy the entire package for two dollars or you can buy separate components for less. I kind of found DeviceMonitor by accident but I'm sure glad I did.



I finally upgraded my old 2015 iPad Pro for a new 2024 iPad Pro and saw your app to try. I like that NO DATA is being tracked! Everyone should be doing this, but kudos to Device Monitor^2. This is more comprehensive than the last app I had and I could never trust it was giving good feedback on the data. DeviceMonitor looks and feels so good, I just might have to buy the additional in-app purchases!



Not sure what it really does with summarizes the information that you could find through your phone yourself, but it’s it’s nice because you can fix things faster. I just haven’t had rent yet. I don’t think I’ve use it long enough.


Has everything you need and want

DeviceMonitor has been a great resource for me to reference all of my iPhone’s internal hardware performance metrics. Has an excellent RAM management tool that allows you to either do a quick clean or deep clean of your RAM- which I use often when running more intensive tasks/applications at any given moment. Has real-time updates with adjustable in seconds between updates. All-in-one app and really useful tool for any person who calls themself a “techie” person.

Is Device Monitor Safe?

Yes. Device Monitor² is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,357 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Device Monitor Is 59.2/100.

Is Device Monitor Legit?

Yes. Device Monitor² is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,357 Device Monitor² User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Device Monitor Is 74.7/100..

Is Device Monitor² not working?

Device Monitor² works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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