1v1.LOL - Build Battle Royale Reviews

1v1.LOL - Build Battle Royale Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-01

Fight to survive in this epic multiplayer Battle Royale construction war where
only the last player standing still wins and achieves the great and coveted
master victory. ▶ more than 500.000 daily users are waiting for you to
fight 1v1! What characteristics can we find in this multi...

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1v1.LOL - Build Battle Royale Reviews

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    Do not download this game because there are really a lot of hackers in this game like I ran into like 5 to 10 hackers while I was playing they got a literally aim bot they like it’s crazy like do not download the game like another hacker head weight jumping jumping boost when you get a jump in the air so high and he had a bought as well so I was mad at that so please do not doubt this game like I ran to another hacker that had a sniper and you know what a sniper you got it like we loaded every time shoot no no no now with hacker because he was just shooting nonstop and I just can’t take it no more so I’m doing this game I’m never playing it again there’s I hope you and the people that created this game I hope you see this because you really really need to add like when you get to report people because there is is it like a lot of hackers like there’s no way you jump in the air like like a honey to 1000 feet you still snipe somebody that is impossible like he has aim bot like he killed everybody while he was in the air just my sniping but like I’m I’m I’m not down this game no more until y’all updated and I get to report people because this is crazy I’m not even trash at this like when this first came out I was like the first want to play but like now it’s hackers I’m just done.

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    Read this

    Okay so honestly this game is super fun. It trains you and also gives you really quick reflexes. This game is almost perfect. The editing is a little bit lagged. You try to edit and it moves your character. You need to fix that. Another thing you need to fix is have it so that if you have your building out then the gun slots don’t show up. And when you have your gun slots out your building doesn’t show up(you add a button that dedicates it to show the building slots). Also it would be cool to add a place so you can add friends and you can battle them. Or like a place where it shows your recent battles and you can add them as a friend. Along with that a chat would be cool but not necessary. And the last thing is auto shoot is way to overpowered. I used it to see how good you can do and you win every single round with auto shoot. Make it so that your crosshair has to be on the player for a bit longer not just the moment it hits it shoots the gun. Other than that it’s really fun.

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    Add these things and fix some bugs.

    This game is so good. I love playing this mainly when I play with my friend. Thank you for making this game. The must be emotes. I have bought Agent Olivia. But we must get a good skin which will be free by seeing 5 to 10 adds. Even an good emote which will be free by seeing 5 to 10 adds. There must come a small shield which will give 25 shield but it must be unlimited and 5 chug splash which will give 20 hp and shield. It would be cool and even if you add a smg or a rocket launcher for breaking builds. Bring back traps. We need some wraps for guns and new pickaxe. Add zone wars and keep zone on normal 1v1s. In br we need to get to speak with mic and can make the teammates friend and even add br squads where there will be 5 teams. Even add friend list so we can see who are online and offline and invite friends to the lobby with which we can play squads, duos etc. Lastly, remove adds and all I told above must be a browser for pc and we can download on mobile thank you. 5 star rating.

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    good game but can have improvements

    the game is overall fine but can be better like add the done button for editing but to be optional also the building and fighting settings are fine but to make the hp levels look more attractive also know your teammates hp and be downed and be able to revive also the friends and social settings are important also the avatar needs a lot of improvements like attractiveness or maybe like a shop for new items that can be customizable have a currency in-game auto fire way to overpowered can see the enemies trough walls fix that too maybe get shield or hp if you kill someone in a BR mode LTM modes and have a bigger land because i called on one on a 1v1 and i respawned instead of losing instantly bugs are ok for being and iPhone 8 plus user and i haven’t got any bugs or lags but maybe a extra buttons place for the HUD option 👍🏻

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    Devs please read this

    This game is really fun and well balanced. There are major bugs that need to be fixed though. In majority of the matches, both players are invincible and can’t kill each other. This really needs to be fixed because I only get about 1 good match every 20 matches without the glitch. Another thing is that you need to have your crosshair on the build to edit. For example, there is a an edited window, and if your crosshair it in the window, you can’t go into edit mode. This should be fixed because you have to look into a different direction to edit and go back to the same direction. You would be dead by then. Another thing is the new modes you will soon add. I’m really looking forward to playing those and also looking forward to adding a friends list too. Overall this game is great, and would be amazing if you fixed these problems.

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    Developers please add a few things

    First of all the game is fun but you need to add a few things The game has combat settings and edit mode settings can there be build mode settings so I can have a custom build sensitivity and can the crosshair edit button not be in the shoot like can it be a separate button in the hud and please add more than just joystick support so when I use my controller I can have my own sensitivity and my own binds on it and can you add all the game modes that are on pc that should be fun and I would like a zone wars to and add battle royal on mobile and make it with a custom map and storm also I would like more weapons like an smog and a sniper it would also be cool to have a section to choose your load out if you can add those I would like that very very much

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    Fix the glitches and bugs

    I’ve given it 3 star because the game is good but it has a lot of things that need to be fixed it is to much like fortnite and is a wannabe fortnite and also has to many updates for the stuck in the builds glitch not to be fixed also if someone has better ping or internet than u they shouldn’t be able to shoot u through your wall and if it’s not because of that and it’s another bug fix that to good game but instead of focusing on graphics and better maps focus on Fixing the game and the bugs and glitches that u have if u don’t want your game to start dying like fortnite then don’t be like them don’t have an update and still not fix the main bugs fix the bugs that everyone is complaining about and worry about the little stuff later so u don’t have so much complaints of u want to grow be known as the game that listens to the community

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    Good game

    This game is one of my favorite games on my phone if not my favorite game on my phone I do wish they had a battle royale mode so that way we could we could brawl against so many different people I do like that there are only three guns and there is unlimited bills and stuff kind of like a PVP arena it’s really fun because it doesn’t get old I do wish there were words for leveling up that would make it nice but there are also free skins on mobile if you updated in motion videos so that’s pretty nice but it is cool because you can interact with PC to you can make a party and you and your friends can play together I think that this game is one of my favorite games it is a very fun gun game if you don’t have it right now then you’re just really missing out.

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    Amazing but need parkour levels

    I love the game I shound of told and review this a while back ago but it’s a great game I told my sis btw her name on the game is rhi mine is oh forgot got it ☹️ but🤩 it’s a great game I love the game but could make levels but like parkour levels bc I gotAnnoyed because it just got boring and I beat everyone and every time I did it it was just easier and easier I never really found any clothes so I never really had anyone to compete with fairly when I told my sister she has gotten very good yes but she just isn’t as good as me so I always have to go very easy on her and it’s boring because I never can just let myself out and go on and I how we have to wait for her to finish a building I never really can actually play fairly so that was a problem the ONLY😐 problem

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    Great game but could could get better.

    This game i really fun to play but I think there could be some fixes. First of all there are bugs like when both me and my opponent are immune. Another thing is that there should be more variety. there are only two weapons and two game modes. Sometimes it’s like I’m doing the exact same thing every time. Lastly I think that you should allow the people using controller to move. It might just be my device or my controller but when I try t use the controller it wont let me move. All i can do is build and shoot. Other than those small changes I think that this game is amazing and that it is easy to use because it takes at the most 10 seconds to get into the game.

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    Its good but needs a little work!

    This is a very fun game and i like how you can build and edit, fight and much more. The only thing is though i feel like it is a copy if fortnite. Also the editing us very smooth but you cant work on the sensitivity for that i feel like you should make it to were you can change you sensitivity for that to. I know you only think i can let out bad this about this game but no its a good game i feel like a lot of people wont agree on this review. Other people will think this is the best game and i'm fine with that. All i'm trying to say is this is a fun game but can use some work. Its not bad but its not good (not saying this is a bad way) let me put it out to you its a 90-10 (ninety percent good and ten percent bad.)

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    Add and fix

    Please lior alterman can you make Victory effects and when you win it Says Victory royal with effects and battle royale like storm maps places in the maps chests more guns like SMG ,grappler, RPG and more things modes like creative and PLEASE put in the game a lobby to invite friends and the most important thing that will make the game GREAT 🤩is SKINS and materials and trees break to get materials and in creative you can put infinite materials | battle royale has Tilted Towers place and also in battle royale break to get materials and with 100 players last player to stand wins and in battle royale there is Solo Duos Squads And Trios And Arena pls get storm in battle royale like zone If you read this then thanks 😊 🙏 To: Lior Alterman 😉

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    Unfair sniper

    This game is very good but there is 1 issue it is the sniper when you shoot the weapon you know the bullet will shoot at the middle of your screen people will shot you at the begging of games to get a free 175 damage shot I think that there should be a inaccuracy with the sniper that’s it wait also shut guns are kinda messed up some times from ar range I find myself hitting 120 headshots and close range 10 damage shots I think this has to do with headshot damage and body damage but all of these are minor mistakes that I think are easy fixes another thing is auto fire I’m not saying take this out of the game but have it to where people are going against people with the similar settings example I don’t have aim assist so I go against people with no aim assist

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    Please read this message

    Listen I honestly love the game and all the additions but.. all I really want from you guys is more gun options and another thing that I will talk about later. I understand that you just added snipers but.. I really want to see other types of weapons. For example smg’s and hand cannons. Also add a different mode for editing practice and 1v1 box fights, and improve the map and and landing spots. The other thing that I said I will talk about later is fix bugs and hacks. I just see people that are standing still with the pickaxe out that have god mode and I can’t kill them. Also some people have aimbot and I just straight die when I go into battle royale. They just triple headshot me. Please fix this problem.

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    A few bugs

    So I play on mobile it would be great if the game would allow me to edit my stairs 1.Beacuse it wouldn’t be fair if console or pc players would edit their stairs.2 I need to edit my stairs bc most of time I needed to 3.Its where uhm...I try to edit my stairs but then anytime I press something like the screen (not any buttons) it exit the edit process Pls fix that also One more thing it would be great if you added battle royal mode Keep updating this game and you will get more great reviews👍😁 Also this was made by A 10-year old lol And can you add matchmaking like mobile vs mobile not mobile vs any other device it’s hard to play this game if everyone is on pc and console

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