Wondery - Premium Podcast App Reviews

Wondery - Premium Podcast App Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-23

The Wondery App is the best place to quickly find and listen to Wondery’s
immersive podcasts. Enjoy our newest shows - The Apology Line, Business Movers,
Catfish, Death of a Starlet, Little Stories Everywhere, Jacked and Do No
Harm! For True Crime fans, we have classics such as The Shr...

Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
5. Report Issue

Wondery - Premium Podcast App Reviews

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    Great content, terrible app

    I want to like this app. I really do. But it’s a hot mess! Several issues plague this app that don’t effect other podcast players. Here’s a few; You’re listening to a podcast & you get a call, the app doesn’t pause & resume after the call. Oh no. It resets itself & you have to reload it from the start. If you’re lucky the show you were listening to held its place. Pause a show to look up something? Full reset. Stay paused for too long? Yep full reset. Here’s another issue. The fast forward & rewind buttons don’t work when playing. You can literally wind up anywhere in a shows timeline if you make the mistake of touching those buttons. The content gets scattered all over the home screen of the app with no sense of organization. It won’t save a playlist of shows you’re listening to. No notifications of new episodes so you have to keep checking. I could go on but it’s in several reviews already. Just read up. Bottom line... I got the subscriber feed from the website & just downloaded them from there in another player. I love the content. The shows are fantastic. I’m a subscriber. But this app isn’t worth the trouble. Fix this Wondery!!!

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    Echoing Robert Whites review

    I was prepped to pay for the content. I really enjoy some of their podcasts. I got so frustrated during my free trial that I cancelled early. Podcasts starting over after anything happens in iOS was already enough to put me over the top. But another super irritating thing is I listen at 1.5x most the time and that would reset and you’d have to cycle back through the speeds to get it fixed but if you do that too fast it wouldn’t pick it up right. It’s like the state management in this app is completely an afterthought. I’m usually pretty forgiving as I myself am a software developer but it’s like there was zero testing done on the features that exist. I think the primary reason I ended up dropping the subscription and why I’m writing this review is because most people listen to podcasts while driving and this app effectively makes it unsafe to use unless you’re okay listening to the same episode repeatedly and slowly due to all the bugs. I’m honestly stunned the app has over 4 stars in aggregate. It currently fails as a podcast player which is a shame because the content is excellent.

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    Content is fine, app is trash

    I really like Tides of History, so I figured I’d get the subscription and maybe a little of my money would trickle to him. But the app works so poorly! There is big stuff—it constantly logs me out and doesn’t recognize my credentials until I uninstall and reinstall, and downloaded episodes will regularly disappear for no reason, which is frustrating because I often download big chunks for periods where I’ll be out of reception and then they’re not there. There is also just little stuff that works really poorly—if I’m using it at the same time as google maps, it doesn’t pause when that app takes over audio to give directions. Every other podcast app can do this! Some even rewind a second so you don’t lose context on resumption. This is made even worse because the 15 second rewind button on the lock screen rarely works. All in all, I’ll probably go back to Apple Podcasts and deal with the ads. Especially because the 30 second fast forward button on that app actually works.

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    Since they keep bugging me to rate the app even though I’m paying monthly for it, here it is...

    The content they offer is top notch. I want to get that out of the way. This isn’t a review of a single show or related to multiple shows. I enjoy most of Wondery content. I also wouldn’t have these complaints if they didn’t make you pay for it. This review is based on their app entirely: 1) The app constantly restarts itself and is worthless as far as getting out of the car and getting back in. Every other audio app I have picks up where it left off on car restart. Wondery shuts itself down and you have to restart it on your phone at each stop...then navigate their interface...each time. As when it restarts, it resets what you were listening to previously. 2) This doesn’t help since, their start screen doesn’t make it easy to get back to the show you were on. 3) It also doesn’t help as they push “episodes” over shows so you have to start an episode in order to mute it just to repeatedly click on the title of the program to get to an episode list. Why is it so difficult? Just let me have a quick option to go to shows I listen to if you won’t allow continued listening. 4) I like the Wondery productions, but this app is very flawed. I just want someone who is looking through reviews to know, before they purchase a subscription, that the app will give you more grief than it’s worth. It is easier to listen the normal way.

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    The podcasts are good, but...

    Although there are several Wondery podcasts I’m interested in listening to, the player itself is what is going to keep me from subscribing. Yes, the lack of ads saves time, but the limited options to speed up playback (1x; 1.25x; 1.5x; 1.75x and 2x) most of the time leave me feeling like I’m either listening too fast or too slow. There are several podcast apps and audioplayer apps that offer speed up in increments of .1. A lot of the time 1.3 or 1.4 is perfect when listening to Wondery podcasts on other apps. I really don’t understand the limited options especially from a brand as professional as Wondery. Something else that is very frustrating, is that when you play back episodes on the continuous setting where the next one automatically plays, if you had the speed set to 1.25x the next episode starts playing at 1x speed even though it shows that it’s 1.25. I thought maybe I was crazy so I played something through the end at 1.75x and the next episode automatically started but it was at 1x, not 1.75 as the app was showing. So every time a new episode starts I have to stop what I’m doing, go back to the app and click through the speeds one time until it resets and starts speeding up again. If these issues are addressed and rectified, I would 100% become a long term subscriber. Until then, I’ll probably listen in another app at an optimal speed. It’s not worth the headache and optimal speed is so important to me.

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    Love the podcasts hate the app

    Best podcasts ever. Great and unique stories. I learn something new everyday on my commute. The app on the other hand feels very bulky and slow. Almost as if it doesn’t belong on a iPhone. I’ll click to start a show and lock my phone immediately, nothing will happen. I open the phone again and the whole app has closed before ever attempting to start the podcast. My first experience with podcasts was with Apple through iTunes, I imagine many of you had the same first experience. The flow of the Apple podcast app is like the back of my hand and feels like home. When having to transition to the wondery app for premium, amazing content, I find myself fumbling, struggling to find the podcast I was just listening to moments ago. I have subscribed and unsubscribed several time over my love hate relationship with this app. I would love an option to subscribe through the App Store to premium channels within the existing Apple Podcast app.

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    Like others, love content but SO BUGGY

    If I try to rewind 15 sec it freezes, or keep playing and then 3 min later rewind 15 sec. Every time I open the app, the player displays the very first podcast series I listened to on Wondery (like 6 shows ago!) and it takes a few minutes for it to refresh. Pretty much anything I do, rewind, try to read episode details, go back to home screen, there is a delay OR more times than not it just freezes and I have to restart app and then go through a series of frustrating deejays to get back to up where I was (which I usually can't). For awhile there it. would freeze 2 min before the end of each episode and because the fast forward doesn't work, I'd end up having to listen to about 10 min I'd already heard. The content is totally up my alley... But I want to smash Wondery thru my phone at least three times an episode. I'm on a free trial now but don't think I can justify paying a monthly fee for this... Total bummer!!

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    The WORST!!

    Bear with me. I subscribed to Wondery so I could download shows to listen to while I was out of service ... no wi-fi, no internet, no nothing ... in the bowels of the Alaskan wilderness. Imagine how disappointed I was to be in the wilderness and try to listen to my “Downloaded Episodes” but noooo ... Wondery wanted me to log in, like I’d never logged in before or even used the app. Ok, no problem ... I’ll play their silly game and log in again EXCEPT since I wasn’t on-line, logging in is impossible and you get the message, “an error occurred.” So I got NOTHING!!! I’d already signed in when I was in civilization so why Wondery needed me to sign in again is beyond me. The second I got BACK into service, Wondery didn’t ask me to sign in ... it just automatically connected me (as it should no matter where I am!!) Another HUGE negative to this app is that EVERY time you launch it, it searches and searches and searches FOREVER before you’ll see anything to listen to. Even if I’m using the Wondery app but switch to any other app (say, I want to look at my texts) switching back to Wondery starts the whole process over again. Fifteen seconds AT LEAST while it “boots up” again. If you don’t leave Wondery in the foreground 100% of the time and do NOTHING ELSE on your phone, it’ll be like the first time you’ve opened the app ... and the process starts all over. Just HORRIBLE. Absolutely the worst app I’ve ever used.

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    Really want to love it

    As many others have said, the content is excellent, but the app itself needs a lot of work. Episodes often take a very long time to load once you press play, once it starts playing often the buttons to pause, ff, and rewind don’t work or have a horrible lag. I have to restart the app entirely to try to get from the currently playing episode screen back to the library if I’m not into a particular episode because the down arrow doesn’t work at all. Listening to only a few episodes with no other apps open or in the background the other day somehow drained my entire phone battery. Also nearly impossible to get it to work with my apple carplay. I’m sure that improvements will come but not sure I want to pay to subscribe until the app is useable.

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    Love Wondery. The app - not so much

    I have been listening to Wondery shows for a while. I love the content. I recently subscribed to Wondery + and started using the app instead of the Apple podcast app. I mostly listen to podcasts while driving, my cell phone is connected to my car on Apple CarPlay. Every time I receive a phone call or a text message the app resets itself and will not continue playing the podcast after the call is finished or the text message reading is completed. I have to get my phone, unlock it, open the Wondery app again, push play again to continue listening. Not only is this extremely annoying, it is also dangerous to do while driving. Please fix this. There is no value to Wondery + otherwise: I would prefer to continue to use the Apple podcast app

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    Wondery makes great shows, but app needs work

    Wondery’s shows are awesome, this feedback is purely about the app: The app is frankly over-designed. Everything transitions in with a slow animation, buttons are often odd sizes and unresponsive for a second or two when you re-open the app. You also have to constantly watch the “Feel the Story” logo animation. The show you were just listening to is not given a higher priority when you re-open at the app. My phone heats up when using the app, probably because of all of the animation and effects. But the biggest annoyance is that the app doesn’t seem able to stay alive in the background while paused. If I stop my show for even a minute or two, the app closes or gets suspended and I have to go back into it again to find my episode to resume. You frequently can’t use system media controls or your headphones to unpause. Phone calls also seem to cause the app to either crash or get suspended in the background. I want to listen to the shows ad-free but all of these problems resuming playback are more annoying than having your Wondery shows on a different app with ads.

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    It’s a MESS

    First, this is not a review of the content, as they have great content. But the actual app is terrible. It doesn’t work like a normal audio app. Sometimes when an episode ends, the next one starts... often times it does not, and I have no idea why. Sometimes when I open the app, thumbnails do no appear, and there’s no text names, so there’s just big empty spots. If I pause a show while wearing headphones, hitting play does nothing, and I have to go back to the app and manually hit play. And lastly, the app crashes often and many times seems to refresh, so if an episode ends, and nothing plays and I go back to the app, it goes through the opening animation, as if I just opened the app. Not good, to the point where I probably will cancel before the trial ends.

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    Love the content BUT.....

    Edit: a recent update seems to have fixed the bug in the system. Keeping my fingers crossed that the app continues to deliver. the app is very glitchy. ☹️ Every time I try listen to an episode I previously started it restarts the episode from the beginning. Sometimes it skips episodes. Wish the app was better!!!! Not sure if I’ll renew if it doesn’t get better. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I do LOVE the content!!!!!

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    Needs Work

    I love Wondery but won’t be continuing my free trial membership because the app is far too tedious. I’m not paying for ad-free content that I can’t easily listen to. The app is SLOW and glitchy. Crashes all the time esp when I let my screen dim, does not remember my last listening position when rebooted, and does not seamlessly sync across my devices. I can barely get through an episode without an issue, including when I download them. Make this app simpler with less bells and whistles (automatic video previews are extremely unnecessary imo) so that it can be functional for it’s most basic purposes. If you can’t get the basics right then it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks. I’ll probably just listen on a different podcast platform.

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    Pretty frustrating

    I wanted to love this app since I upgraded to Wondery Plus to avoid commercials. I am happy with the selection however the app is extremely unreliable. I’ve had it crash a few times and every time I open it an older podcast that I have finished appears as the current episode and I have to search for the actual current podcast AND episode. It doesn’t keep track of what I have or haven’t heard yet so I have to figure out or guess which episode I’m on. I just paused to make a phone call and switched back to the app and it restarted with the old podcast again. Hoping these bugs get worked out soon so it’s a better experience.

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Is Wondery - Premium Podcast App Safe?

No. Wondery - Premium Podcast App does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,874 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Wondery - Premium Podcast App Is 13.6/100.

Is Wondery - Premium Podcast App Legit?

No. Wondery - Premium Podcast App does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,874 Wondery - Premium Podcast App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Wondery - Premium Podcast App Is 13.6/100.

Is Wondery - Premium Podcast App not working?

Wondery - Premium Podcast App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Wondery - Premium Podcast App customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Wondery - Premium Podcast App.

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