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Published by on 2019-11-22

Whale chat makes you tell about yourself to thousands of people in real time and become popular. FEATURES - Emoji Share your emotion by using lovely Emoji. - Beauty & Makeup Big eyes, whiten tooth, charming lips, slim nose and small face... beauty c...

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  • By Deshon MacDermand

    Whale Chat

    Alright, After spending 4 years of my life using this app, I am able to justify a good review. There is a lot of great things on this app if you are willing to connect with people that you may have never seen before as long as you are OPEN MINDED. You can use gems after gaining stars to talk to girls only. The stars are earned after speaking with people and for almost every decent conversation you have. I understand that everyone is probably thinking what it is for and what’s on it. This app is very surprising at the least. Sometimes it may leave you flabbergasted with questions OR it may leave you happy that you made new friends. Regardless of what the situations are, you’ll always able to control it with the tips of your fingers. I give this app 5 stars because it is worth a try, if you haven’t used it, you should. I also recommended people to try this because you will never know who you’ll meet, which is why I am saying this is important. Whoever is downloading the app please be humble and open minded...

  • By Chandan Tissiman

    Top streamer here !

    Ashcatash here! Best conversion rate of an other live streaming app in the Apple store. This app actually gives the real cash worth of coins when you purchase, and they give a real 41% conversion to their creators... They pay Apple 30% through their side of the profit! Unlike every other app like this out there... They do not play math games with your head to take advantage. I Love this app! I just started streaming here less than 3 months and I’m looking at a 6 figure income. I have been streaming full time for over three years, and I just recently moved full time to Whale Chat because they have the best opportunity for streamers to make real money. The community is invested in positive lifestyle and genuine financial support of streamers. Streamers are friendly, and happy to be here. Everyone is rewarded fairly for their time and input. Streamers ideas are utilized, and we have a voice. Free coins almost everyday for those fans who can watch ads. The best contests on streaming apps... every weekend and at least 15 people receive a cash bonus.

  • By Annjeanette Vaney

    Whale Chat

    This app is abo this app is absolutely amazing I love you so much everybody should get this app is the best ever known I love this app so much and it’s a five star I think everybody should get it because it is the best app and on the alarm and think everybody should get it ha ha that is the best I have ever been missing my love it so much I’m never had a such a matter everybody buys it and also I love Allah is the best app in the world is the best i suggest everyone should buy this app it’s so much better then monkey and Whale Chat u can do whatever u want I love it so much and I suggest everyone should buy this app Whale Chat is such an amazing app and I hope is the best person ever that runs Whale Chat and it wouldn’t be the same without her and and Whale Chat is a great app where u can meet tons a friends thanks to and it’s great you can meet interesting guys and girls it’s great and tbis app is amazing