Five Nights at Freddy's AR Reviews

Five Nights at Freddy's AR Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-18

Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery is the next terrifying
installment in the FNAF franchise. Players will confront malfunctioning
animatronics in their real world and attempt to survive these horrors come to
life. Through the game, players subscribe to Fazbear Entertainment’s...

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Five Nights at Freddy's AR Reviews

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    OK overall it’s a great game and bugs solved

    OK now what I need to say the game is been better since the time that I first started playing I’ll get all the critics away and a good five stars OK and there’s something like a bug that doesn’t let me use like the game for some weird reason I was using the game regularly and then it says like I need to access the camera to just to play so I was looking to find a way to fix it I needed to delete the game and it and then download it again I don’t know what happened but it’s actually weird that happened because when I go to settings do you know like restore right I was looking for ways to fix the bug but when I go to settings so I need to put the cameras settings right on but when I go to search the settings and I pressed It didn’t say anything about the camera so that’s kind of a bug so I just want you guys to fix it five stars and the glitch that I was talking about you know the faz coin glitch OK I am since the last update it have been better like I didn’t have that glitch anymore so I got five stars thank you oh yeah and a percentage of getting the animatronics yeah I think you need to do you know put more percentage because I I put my effort on beat that animatronic and you just didn’t give me my reward just give me like three I don’t know what’s the name and just gonna call them Coins you just give me like three coins so I don’t like it but in the overall for me five star because you fixed almost bugs so thank you

  • Great Game!!!

    I love Five Nights at Freddy’s and I always will! I was very disappointed when FNaF Help Wanted came out because that’s the only game I couldn’t get! I own every game including FNaF World and all the books. I also have lots of the fan-made games. I thought this game would be stupid because of the name. I thought you would deliver pizza or something like that, but it turned out to be a great game! First, of all the idea of the game is phenomenal! I love how it’s augmented reality. It really works in a game like FNaF. It’s still similar to the other games, you have a flashlight with limited power. The animatronics were made really well. They look great. It’s also cool how you can’t see the animatronics all the time. They kinda phase out of existence. I thought you would have to roam around the house. But you don’t so that’s a relief. I tried playing Pokémon Go but I couldn’t play it because it wouldn’t let me move. Games like that wouldn’t seem to work for me. I also like how you can attack your friends to get parts. It’s a great feature! Second, of all it’s free. I don’t have to pay another three dollars for this game like all the others. So I could see what it was like without using my money because some games are stupid and you waste your money. I’m not saying that I thought it would be stupid, but it was a new idea. It’s also not a pay to win game you don’t have to use your money to play. You should definitely download this game. It’s great!!!

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    Ooooooh boy, here we go again!

    I’ve always loved five night at Freddy s, even when Fnaf world came out and disappointed many fans when this game was said to be “the last five nights at Freddy’s game” I knew that there had to be something behind it. This is a mobile game! There is no point in making conspiracy theory about this one cause it (May or) May not contain anything to the secret lore fnaf is famous for. This simple game( not simple in graphics, those are stunning for 3D models in a mobile game) is fun! I can’t wait to see what more will come. The main thing is, I’ve seen many great mobile games crash on the simple fact of a “pay to win” basis. I really hope this game doesn’t turn into that cause I would hate to see this amazing concept go to waste. Hold up y’all, I’m about to keep writing this essay. First off, the flash light battery, the flash light is an essential part of the game but, the battery goes down a little to fast, even with quickly turning it on and off. Gaining chip modules? I have no idea how to customize enddo( I’ll figure it out) but if you have the option to customize something(even for it to be an essential part of the game) and a player can’t do that, it’s almost disappointing in a way. There really isn’t much else that this game does wrong, I really hope more animatronics are added into the game. The nightmares from the fourth game would work really well with the premise of this game. Sooo yeah. This game is fun.

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    Ok the game is fun and stuff and trying to find the lore in your games are difficult and that is what you are about. I understand the pain in making a game and I also understand that this game just came out. Heck it was pre released so hey cool. But I have a problem with the animatronics. I would put a mod on them or give them a cpu and plush but they would just disappear. I was sad because I was trying to give Markiplier a hard time (which I doubt I can) but it would just say delivering. I understand that it has to deliver but when I watched other people send stuff it said attacking. This also happened with salvaging it would just come back with 100 percent and I know that is not suppose to happen cause I had to fix a guy (Bonny) and please fix the doorbell. Because I was doing something then it went off so after a few seconds I hit the button then I immediately ( no joke) got jumpscared. I wasn’t even expecting that. And plus the game is great but the emails kinda make sense but I just get the same one about the power tools and they are scared of the animatronics. But please fix the major bugs and I understand that this game like seriously just came out. I expect to see updates bub. Yours truly the Llamaking. (Yes I know). But hey keep up the good work. And don’t let anyone deprive you from that ok. Ok I like talking a lot but anyways. 1.1.2 better come out better.

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    The animatronics are impossible. They just appear and kill. So please please please make it easier. But it sometimes doesn’t happen. But still please fix it. But besides the right away kills it’s really good and I like how it’s free... oh and please please please please add golden Freddy... oh and can you make it easier to get Fazcoins. I found out that I have to look away. That’s what I thought. I’ve been trying that but it doesn’t work. So please explain what you need to do better. You did say to look for the static but really that’s it. So could you make it a little easier. Oh and what are reminents do???? But I really love this game. So please please please please make it a little easier. I really love this game. I JUST HAD THE COOLEST IDEA. Could you think about this please, would if you could use your animatronic to protect you and help catch other animatronics. But the could get beat up and they need a lot of repairing or something. But let’s say Freddy is of course stronger then Chica is so when you have Chica try to protect you or help, she’ll get beat up way more and need a lot more repairs. Please please think about it and tell me if you like it or not. But I just want to know what you think of it. But you really did an AMAZING job and you should really do more amazing FNAF games. Thanks for the amazing game... I’m confused about how your supposed to look away. It should be the opposite

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    I love the growth this game is showing, there is still one thing though

    I think that this game has shown a lot of improvement and increase in content over the last few months since I first downloaded it, and I’m pretty excited because of that. I love the concept of this game and bringing Freddy and his friends into your own house, or even collecting your own cast of characters to send out to either scavenge for parts or scare your friends. The models for this game look awesome, especially for a mobile game, and it really shows how much Fnaf has grown over all these years. There’s still one thing that bugs me though, and it’s been present since the first release, I’m not sure if this is intentional or to be fixed but, here’s my two cents. I don’t like the fact that Freddy and his friends can attack, even in the shop or when you’re trying to modify your endoskeletons, and I have to answer their attack, or else my streak and some of my remnant will be lost. To fix this, I would suggest an option to make yourself visible or invisible to the animatronics, that way you can chose when you want to fight against the animatronics, and when you want to take a little break to upgrade your endoskeletons or do some shopping. Otherwise, I’ll be staying tuned for any updates on the game, I’m really excited to see how everything goes! Thanks for reading

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    Backstory of FNaF w/spoilers...but great game

    This takes Lore to the next level. First VR as a beta tester now anitronics are being dropped off at your house!!! Fnaf world was trying to tell us where this was headed but we didn’t listen because one piece of the lore is crazy to figure out. Anyways fnaf 2 is a prequel of a sequel. Fnaf 1 comes after fnaf 2. And there is a location in 1985 that was left to rot. So yeah. New year with a time traveling ball pit. So anyways before the 1985 location there was Freadbears Family Diner as we know from fnaf 4. Then Michel was put back together as a glorified robot/A.I. And went to The Fnaf Sister Location, gets scooped, and is still alive. He gets a job at fnaf 6/ a rip-off of Freddy Fazbears And lores all the scrapped anitronics in there and burned not only the anitronics but the whole pizzeria and himself. Then you’re a beta tester of Fnaf VR Help Wanted. And now there’s anitronics being shipped to your house and there’s nothing you can do about it. And now there’s a teaser image of a 80’s theme that looks like Season three of Stranger Things on Netflix. Here’s my question Scott Cawthon. Where’s this heading towards, and how is this going to end because this is getting close to finishing everything about lore for your games. This took me YEARS to get up to this. I just want answers. Anyways great game I have to admit. P.S. FNaF “Into the Pit” is out now on audible. I recommend it.

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    Good in general, but needs some balancing

    This is a decently fun game that I like to play that try’s something new. however I did do think so things need to be changed.. to start off, your flashlight power runs out way too quickly and if it goes below 10% then you automatically lose because you can’t use your taser. This could be easily fixed so It’s not the biggest of problems. My main problem is with the harder animatronics, like baby and spring trap. They are so hard that it makes me feel like they are almost impossible to win against, the reason being that there is a mechanic in the game where the animatronic glitches and you have to look away or you lose. When this happened with these I had perfectly fine reaction time, almost right when I saw it I looked away, and I still lost! it too hard and really has to be balanced. other than some things that can only be blamed on it being new, I have 1 last problem which is that there not really anything to work for! there are very rare rewards for beating the animatronics but they don’t really do anything. there is a currency you can get but the only way you use it is just to get MORE of the currency, making it basically useless. There is also 1 other currency which you have to spend real money on and is the only way you can really get anything. other than those 2 problems this game is really fun and you shouldn’t let my review stop you from playing it.

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    A good game, needs some polishing.

    Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely adore this game and all of the other FNaF games, but this one has a couple critical problems. The game mechanics are very vague and hard to catch on to. For instance, the flashlight. The game got me hooked on using the flashlight always, but you run out of power quickly. This led to problems down the road when there were more animatronics back to back. Another problem is the fact that when I don’t click on the camera button to defend against an animatronic, I lose my streak as if I died. It does that as well when I close out of the game by also acting like I died. That was very problematic for me. I bought a battery pack of three as an in app purchase, and I never used them. The next day I got back on and they were gone. Those are fazcoins I will never get back. The rules to the game are very discrete and because of the lack of things to do, the game got very boring, very quickly. I do like the story you can pick up on in the emails but again, they were really random and at first I thought they were just other people. There needs to be a patch on the remnant upgrader as well because I tried to drag the bar over and it didn’t work. The game frequently crashes even though I have the best iPhone on the market right now. This is very frustrating and I hope these things can be fixed and more can be added to the game. I’m a little disappointed Scott.

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    Great game but one huge bug (Very important)

    Ok so I just want to start off by saying this is a pretty fun game. I appreciate the multiple variations in characters but I think you guys, illumix, should start adding more characters instead of just adding new ones on special events. Also, I suggest that you make fazcoins at least 15% easier to get since it takes a long time to get up to 3,000 which is the average amount to buy a good pack. Aside from that, I really like your game and it entertains me. Next thing, here is the bug that you guys definitely should fix. So when you tap on an animatronics symbol, there are two buttons. One is encounter and the other is jammer. Of course as you guys know since you are devs, is that in order to use the jammer on an animatronic you have to pay some fazcoins. But here is the bug: instead of paying the fazcoins, all the player has to do is just close the game and reopen and they won’t be facing that animatronic anymore. It’s definitely not a game breaking bug, but I definitely recommend it should be fixed just so people don’t “cheat”. Also right before you die from an animatronic, you can quickly close the game so that you don’t take the loss and you keep your streak. This is a great game so I just wanted to tell you guys some bugs to make it better.

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    A Well Developed Game With Unique Gameplay!

    I have played this for quite a few hours by now, and I can certainly say that this game did not disappoint! The characters look great for an IOS release! The concept of using the animatronics to attack friends and collect materials is rather entertaining as well. The strategy behind each character is to me, what makes the game so fun. Every single character having unique attack patterns and tricks makes it trickier and more entertaining overall. Though it has tons of great things to do, it still has some flaws I must address. As of release of the game, there are certain... errors that may occur when playing this title. When you play for long enough the synchronization of characters and remnant can get buggy and go everywhere, resulting in characters flying and remnant being miles away. The biggest issue of all however, is the game’s urge to crash when things get too interesting. It can get frustrating when it crashes during animatronic encounters, as it will erase the high-score when crashing. One more small nitpick is that it may get a bit laggy, though that could just be me. Overall I say play this game! It has quite a-lot to do for a game about killer animatronics! It had a-lot of heart put into it, no pun intended, and a-lot of jumpscares.

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    Overall, it’s a really fun game. I enjoy having to look around for the animatronics by having to spin around looking for static and it kinda looks sarcastic reading this but, I’m not. It’s actually really fun! But there’s one major problem. Crashes. I often find myself in the same situation where I’m up against an animatronic then, my game suddenly crashes. First thing I do is get right back in the game and everything’s fine but I quickly realize that my win streak is back to zero. Sometimes it’s not a big deal if my streak is at a low number like one or two, but at larger streaks like ten or twelve, it makes me not wanting to play because I don’t want to be disappointed. This is the biggest problem I encounter but not the only. There’s two more minor problems. One is while the game is loading it gets stuck at 90% and a quick solution for that is to just close then reopen the window but it’s still slightly annoying. The last complaint I have is sometimes it shows my camera frozen leaving me unable to look around. The only solution I’ve found for that is to close the window which ruins my streak. I do have a recommendation. Maybe it would be good to have an option to turn off AR mode and instead of looking around you just swipe. Overall even through all these bugs I still enjoy this game! I started recently so I can’t wait to see what’s more to offer.

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    Everything is in working order, but...

    Recently, I have been having some dead screen troubles where after successfully zapping/incapacitating an animatronic, the screen doesn’t progress to the reward screen, but stays in the AR encounter screen. I don’t know if this would be considered an app freeze, but the background ambience noise can still be heard and the camera is still real-time, yet the flashlight, zapper, and battery % icons are gone. Other times, the app simply stalls and exits (crashes?) after a successful encounter. I’m wondering what the issue might be—if it’s my phone or if it’s the app’s server I’m currently connected to—but I have an iPhone X with iOS 14.2, so I know my system needed to run the app exceeds minimum requirement already. Other than those small couple of problems, this app is excellent. The encounters are fantastic (when they don’t stay on dead screen or immediately exit out of the app after success), and the spontaneity of the character animatronics are varied enough to keep you on edge and give a good scare. [Also, this might be because I do not have that many remnants nor that large of a streak, but I have so far never received any kind of plush suit to customize my animatronic endoskeleton, out of any of the successful encounters I’ve had.]

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    Great game, well done.

    I love this game. I’m great at it, and the toy chica animatronic is great. However there are two bugs. I was fighting Circus Baby at streak ten, and as soon as she “Came in my house” my game glitched out, and I lost my streak. Can you fix that? I know it can’t be fixed entirely, but can you make it less common? That would be great. Thanks for the gift event, Toy Chica is practically standing in front of a lightning storm, and she is made out of metal. My current streak is 12, which may change in the future. I was about to beat my streak and unlock another endoskeleton, and I was fighting Bonnie, the second hardest of the original four, when I realized that when I moved my screen, the static wouldn’t diminish, it stayed there. Then, Bonnie hay-wired and I couldn’t get him off my screen. Because of this, I was killed and I lost my streak. There was nothing that I could’ve done to prevent that from happening. I could have clicked the “x” to go back to the map, and click back on 4 seconds later, but I didn’t think off that at the time, cause that’s not really meant to be a game mechanic. (Actually, this is a FNAF game, it could definitely be a mechanic.) If that’s a mechanic, could you reply to my comment and confirm it. And if it is just a bug, can you fix it? Thank you Fazbear Entertainment!

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    Great concept, terrible game. Also glitches.

    This game was really great and exciting for maybe the first hour or two that I played it. Then I started noticing some pretty major glitches. For example: really often crashes. Then when you re enter the game, your streak is gone. Sometimes the streak doesn't even have a reason for dying, it just decides that it wants to. I could deal with that though. I kept playing. Until one day, the game started to load and just got stuck at 40%. I just thought, "hey I'll just try again." This time it got stuck at 50%. I kept reloading and each time it got 10% further. Until it got to 90%. It just permanently got stuck there and never let me play again. I tried deleting it and reinstalling, and it let me into the game. The second time I tried to play it, the same glitch happened. So basically, if I wanted to play still, I would have to delete and reinstall it every time. It seems that this glitch is uncommon though so hopefully if you decide to play, it doesn't happen to you. Another thing: I keep seeing reviews calling this game a "kid trap" or a "child trap." No. No it's not. It asks for your location because it connects to google maps so that it can show where the animatronics are coming from. There's no evil intention or anything coming from the location request. TLDR: This game is insanely glitchy, but if you can deal with that, hey, give it a try.

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No. Five Nights at Freddy's AR does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 42,665 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Five Nights at Freddy's AR Is 13.7/100.

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No. Five Nights at Freddy's AR does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 42,665 Five Nights at Freddy's AR User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Five Nights at Freddy's AR Is 13.7/100.

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Five Nights at Freddy's AR works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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