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Published by on 2020-01-04

Choose topics for your family and get brief lessons plus personalized daily tips to help you stay positive and in control, while keeping parenting skills top of mind! Our evidence-based parenting techniques include scripts of exactly what to say to...

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Common Bright Parenting Issues

  • By MeloGonza

    Beware - Predatory Advertising throughout FB

    I would think twice before disclosing so much of your kids’ personal information to a company that isn’t truthful in its advertisement. Someone connected with this company posts on Moms and Dads Facebook groups often recommending this app with a post that reads “I don’t remember who in this group mentioned this app, but I love it! I just wanted to say thanks!”. The same post has been posted in several Facebook groups (I’ve counted 10). When confronted with the truth, the advertiser says “why do you care so much? You seem angry” instead of coming clean. Knowing these predatory and disingenuous practices, I wouldn’t dare giving my kids’ info to this app. Had the advertiser been honest and simply stated “My friend developed this app and I love it. You guys would probably love it too” would have resulted in a different reaction from me and many outraged parents on Facebook.

  • By Danijela F

    You have to buy a subscription

    It looks like a free app but after day 2 they make you purchase a subscription or otherwise everything becomes locked. I’m quiet disappointed.

  • By phrogony


    You need my kids’ names birthdays and gender to offer parenting advice. Nope. Not gonna happen. Totally unnecessary, I could just as easily provide age ranges. Not selling you my family info.