Mustread scary chat stories Reviews

Mustread scary chat stories Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-12

READ & PLAY! Choose a story and join an interactive quest - read, make choices &
do tasks to help the main characters and unfold the story. Horror, romance,
mystery, comic and much more! NEW! Become an author and write YOUR story for
Mustread. Share and get popular among readers. All ta...

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Mustread scary chat stories Reviews

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    Not free

    It forces you to buy a subscription to read absolutely anything. A lot of the stories say they’re “free” but even when you click the “free” ones it brings up the subscription ad and if you close the ad it closes the story and won’t let you read it. So there isn’t anything you can do on the app for free. Some people are saying you can watch ads to get access to “free” content, but not for me? There was no mention of a wait time, no option for ads, nothing. Just the subscription ad comes up for literally any button you click. Also, the subscription is $8 a WEEK. I’ve never seen an app make you pay so much and do it weekly too. I wouldn’t buy this app if it was $8 one time purchase. Maybe if it was a $0.99 game, but honestly I’m not giving my money to a company that automatically lies right off the bat by making the app free but then forcing you to pay money in order to actually use any kind of function on the app. That’s a classic sales gimmick, because people are less likely to cough up their money if they see the price before they download. So no, if you were looking for a free app, you haven’t found one (unless you are one of the lucky few users who are somehow able to get access to free content that the rest of us can’t...) You have found an insanely expensive one. Only download if you’re rich! :)

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    A little bit of click bait

    So I LOVE reading and I found this app with text stories and I loved it so then it had too many adds so I deleted it and then I got bored so I got Mustread and it was super cool not to many adds but it is click bait because it makes you wait 14 minutes for it to let me finish the story and after the 14 minutes it asks if I want to start a free trial I haven’t gotten the trail but it seems cool and I REALLY like the app so I think I’m gonna get it but people who don’t want to get it ( like me ) don’t get the pictures it gives or the videos it’s a little bit frustrating but other than that I would give the app 5 stars because it is still a good app.

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    Amazing but some issues I want to discuss

    First things first.. why do you have to pay a trial to not wait 15 minutes? I mean seriously guys! Secondly when I take a picture of a flashlight it says it’s not a flashlight, I mean come on! But other then those things I totally recommend this game if you want spooky, scary and some drama. I still love this game no matter what, because the stories are amazing. Thanks for making this! 🤩

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    i’ve seen people say that you can watch ads to unlock videos/pics and even the devs said it, but i’m not getting an option. every time i try to click the picture or video and brings me to a ‘try free for three days’ option and i’m not doing that. it’s just like all the others and HALF of the stories are LOCKED if not all of them. the ones they give for free aren’t as good and i want to read the interactive stories but i’m not payin for that (this might sound rude and i’m sorry but even if i had the money, i would rather spend it on something else, plus being a school student i need all the money i can get) they are lying. you have to pay if you want the ‘full experience’

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    I love it but it depends on

    I love the stories but I don’t like the thing where you can’t look at the photos or videos cause you have to pay and I’m not doing that so I will give you guys a 3 because of the video and the phots we can’t see them so I give you a 3. This is a great app no lie that’s why I downloaded it but I understand why you guys make it cost money because it’s your job but some people don’t have money I do but I’m not spending my money on a app when I can go out in real life and buy other things(not to be rude) I’m just saying that you guys need to stop trying to scam people to spend there money and then yall be saying you can cancel it but then you really can’t.🙄✌️👋

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    The stories are great! The app itself isn’t

    I just got the app today and I really love the stories!! Or at least as much as I could. The app doesn’t really let you do much, it keeps trying to sell you an offer to read the whole story, even the free ones!! Also, it needs you to follow one of their social media accounts, I don’t have either of them so I couldn’t possibly get an account on the app!! It wants you to read a story so you can get a account, but it won’t let you (like what I said in my third sentence) I would say this app is great, if you’re willing to use your money, follow, and share the app.

  • By great

    I am just going to sum this up. First, why make us wait 14 minutes to finish the story? Also, I want to write stories. But it’s saying “SOON, you will be able to write your own stories”. I have been waiting forever and I keep just getting more hearts? I’ve been waiting forever and STILL CANT. What the heck?? This is just plain stupid. I’m new so maybe I don’t know why it’s like that, but I hate it and I’m deleting this if I don’t find out why you are having us readers wait a million years to read and write 😂 I don’t know. Just why 😐

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    Too bad greed won

    Everyone else has said it - the ad quantity is beyond unacceptable. Had the game for all of 15 minutes before I uninstalled it. It’s a shame, because it really looks like it would be a fun game, and it has tons of potential. But $7.99 A WEEK? You want $24 a month for a phone game. You’ve priced out yourself for anyone that would buy the game, and the extreme ad play is obscene. Let everyone know when you decide you want people to play, and you come up with reasonable pricing, and a reasonable amount of ad play. Until then - NOBODY should waste their time even downloading it.

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    Great app, but one problem.

    I love the app an everything, I had it for less than a day. But people and even developers said that you can watch a short add to see videos and pics. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a certain way to get the option? Or am I not getting the option? Sorry for all the questions, I just need to know.

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    Must Pay to Play

    I was very disappointed to see that I had to pay to view pictures and videos so I came to see if other people had the same problem. I saw a comment from the creators saying that there are stories you can read without paying so I went back and the app wouldn’t let me do anything else without paying. There was one story that it started automatically and I couldn’t do anything unless I paid or did the 3 day free trial. I was hoping I could at least play and not view the pictures/videos, but that’s not an option. Very disappointing and frustrating.

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    It’s amazing but one problem

    I’ve downloaded this app because it’s looks like it’s going to be fun to read but I usually have to do a subscription to read the full story which gets me mad and upset because I love the story that this app provides and I can’t finish them soo I hope one day that this app fix that

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    I just got this game. Hate it already. First of all, I hate how it chooses the first story for you. Second, I HATE THE 25 MINUTE WAIT. You have to wait FOREVER just to ready ANYTHING. Also, the “watch ad for content” whatever is not working. I tap it, nothing. Tap, nothing. Tap multiple times, NOTHING. And the fact that pictures and videos are not free is just stupid. I know you need to make money but find another way to do it! No one will want these kinds of apps if they can’t DO anything! If you can fix these problems, I will come back and rate it better. But for now, I have deleted the app.

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    Great app

    After having this app for a day now I like this app and I’m thinking of getting premium soon and I hope the creators of must read put on more stories. I agree that the wait can take a while but it just makes you want to read more. This app is great keep up the good work and stories.

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    It is really hard for me to find instrasting stores, but when I read this one story on this app my mind was BLOWN! Literally I want to read more. I would and will recommend this to my friends. SHOUT OUT TO THE CREATOR. Your amazing! For the creator Thank you so much, now I have something to occupy myself!

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    My three star review it’s worth it

    I like this a lot but I don’t like how you need to watch a video or you have to pay to look at photos and videos but the stories are worth it so you should definitely get it like I’m like I don’t care about an add I need to see this picture or video it makes the story make more sense and I’m only on the first story and it’s great can’t wait to get to the others but it’s all worth it

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Is Mustread scary chat stories Safe?

No. Mustread scary chat stories does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 31,249 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Mustread scary chat stories Is 13.3/100.

Is Mustread scary chat stories Legit?

No. Mustread scary chat stories does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 31,249 Mustread scary chat stories User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Mustread scary chat stories Is 13.3/100.

Is Mustread scary chat stories not working?

Mustread scary chat stories works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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