Faceoff – Song Quiz Reviews

Faceoff – Song Quiz Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-09

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About Faceoff

Play the #1 song quiz game completely hands free - all you need is your voice. Compete to see who has the best music IQ by guessing songs from every decade Feeling creative. Play Sketchy. Take turns drawing fun topics directly on your screen for your opponent to guess. Can you get the quickest times. Climb the leaderboards and compete for bragging rights in our library of FaceTime style games.


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Key Benefits of Faceoff

- Addictive gameplay that keeps players engaged for multiple rounds.

- Unique feature of speaking the answer instead of selecting multiple choice.

- AI translation of answers is mostly accurate.

- Good music trivia app with potential for improvement.

21 Faceoff Reviews

4.5 out of 5


Misunderstands my answer same question

I’ve really been enjoying this game but every time I played the 90s character there is a song and it’s called JUMP by Kriss Kross. I always answer it correctly it may spell it with C’s but it understands me… but always makes my answer in regards to the artist wrong no matter what I do. I have dealt with that question over and over again and song quiz. No matter if I save the artist first and then the song title or if I reverse it or say the artist name multiple times it will spell it like it understands me but will give me a wrong answer. This has affected my game because sometimes that one answer will either give me a perfect score or not. I cannot get around it and I wonder if others are having the same problem with that question. I don’t drink, I have a bachelors degree I’m educated and no matter what it will not understand that to be a correct answer. Please fix.


Pretty Good; Minor Adjustments

Overall a really great idea for a game. I really enjoyed playing this and testing my musical knowledge. I will say though that there are some changes that could be made to make it a more appealing game. First, instead of answering by talking, being allowed to type. Not only would this fix any issues with voice to text, it also makes it more comfortable to play in public so I’m not just saying random things to my phone in front of a bunch of strangers lol. Second, just some coding changes. The lady that talks to you has kind of an annoying voice so changing that and then she also spells the words out (which I kind of find funny but still). Like “you double u-oh-en-exclamation point.” And the last thing is just a larger variety of songs. I got quite a few repeats but still a really fun game! Nice job!


Not enough variety of songs

I added Faceoff yesterday. At first I really enjoyed playing, so much so, that I played for over 2 hours. I played again today & came to realize that so many songs from yesterday were repeated today. I didn’t play as long as yesterday because I got bored. With the great abundance of songs that were written over the years (especially the 60s & 70s) I doubt if Faceoff would have to repeat one song within a year. Also, limiting the songs used in the game makes it unfair to people who know an abundance of songs that are not used in Faceoff. Trying to name the same song over & over again may eventually get you to know the right answer but it also gets boring. Please spice it up with more variety, and, as far as I’m concerned, it will be near perfect.


Feedback Issue

I am pleased that Song Quiz added a feature to obtain feedback if there is an issue with the answer (song title and artist). However, the frequency which Song Quiz asks for feedback is frustrating. I am sometimes asked if I have feedback when I have played a perfect game (i.e., 200 points) which makes no sense at all. Today, my answer to the bonus question was “spot on” for both title and artist (Love is Blue by Paul Muriat was one of my favorites 50 years ago) and the pseudo-Alexa gave me no credit, I lost the game which ended a decent win streak and I was not asked for feedback. Needless to say, I was totally peeved and probably won’t play again until my steam is completely released. I suggest an algorithm that will ask the player for feedback if their score is significantly lower than their average or if a long win streak is ended.


So close, but not quite there yet

First off, the game is incredibly fun. You’ll spend hours playing against strangers, or out the phone in the middle of a couple of friends and go to war.

That said, the voice recognition, recording your voice to get an answer, is very spotty. In two days of using, there’s been several songs where I’ve been marked as incorrect, despite saying the artists name and/or song title correctly. (“Sisqo” for “Thong Song” is a good example.) when you can’t count on the games engine to be more accurate, and it cost see you several games in the process, then you can’t go any higher than three out of five stars on the rating. Tighten up the voice recognition, and the game will get a better score.


Big problem

It’s addicting! So freaking addicting. Always “one more round!” My husband and I LOVE it! My parents do as well. It would be great if we could connect to other players specifically. My only recommendation is that there should be more types of songs available. There is no classic rock, nirvana, Beatles, Katy Perry, etc. I don’t think there should be too much genre’s added (except maybe country and metal because they are very specific types of music) I think the decades makes it harder and you learn more. Making it genre exclusive would take a lot of fun out of it. It would be way to easy. Thanks so much for this game!


Sound quality & voice recognition need work

We play this on our Alexa frequently, but this version has a couple issues more pronounced than with the Alexa version. For instance, my first time playing on my phone I guessed the artist and song title correctly -- the screen displayed the text that I said, but Faceoff only counted one correct instead of both. This happened another two times in the same game. Another issue -- and this one is major -- the sound quality is awful. It sounds like I'm listening on a potato. This is true on my iPhone audio as well as through Bluetooth in my car. Alexa skins quality on Faceoff is bad, but this is embarrassing for an app that relies solely on the player being able to hear.


Love the game...a few issues though

I love the game, but there are a few problems with it though that I would like to address. These include:
1. The sound design—the sound is very poor quality and needs to be fixed.
2. First starting the game—when the player starts the game, they have to spell out their name, I shouldn’t have to do that.
The last problem has to do with sound design/quality.
3. Loudness of the game—the loudness of the game is poor and also needs to be fixed. (See #1 above). Overall, I love this game.


So good. Could be even better.

This is the best music trivia app I’ve played. The fact that you have to speak the answer instead of selecting multiple choice is huge! And for the most part the AI it uses to translate answers is awesome. I would love it if it had better UX with more stats, easier ways to challenge, integration with social media, and maybe levels of difficulty added. Also maybe mixing up genres instead of by decades. But this is so promising. I hope they continue to iterate on it.


Misses the mark

The voice command only feature is actually more of a nuisance than a help. In an effort to be more accessible it actually was kinda inaccessible. A few buttons for controls, pauses, leader board would actually make this fun. Needing to know my location seemed and ultimately was unnecessary as pretty much everyone made something up. The game is repetitive and there are no milestones to help make the progress meaningful. More specific categories by genre would make this a little more fun, but really the incentive to keep playing dies after having to listen to the same voiceover more than 3 times.

It’s also giving Spyware vibes like crazy.


This game is very fun, for about an hour.

I first played this game at my friend’s house and thought it was an absolute blast. So I downloaded it on my phone so my family and I can play. And it was just as fun! The only problem is, there isn’t that big of a song list. After about an hour of playing, we started getting a bunch or repeats. If Faceoff can have an update every once in a while where new songs are added, then this would easily get 5 stars from me. But overall, this game is a blast.


LOVE this game for music quiz!!!

I actually love this game and the way they do things, for ANY quiz game. Too many quiz apps make their apps so juvenile (nothing wrong with that) BUT, if you want actual ‘adult’ top 100 music the past two (ok. 3) generations know... this is Faceoff . It definitely has its things to refine...but No dancing pandas or weird pop-ups about candy or prom dresses lol
Love Faceoff


Fun but a bit glitchy

Trivia is one of my favorite things, especially music and I’m having a blast with it. It’s troubling because sometimes it shuts off for no reason and before you can get your answer in and when you finally re-join the game your opponent is way ahead of you. Also I have given the correct answer multiple times and it tells me I am wrong, even though The answer it gives me is exactly what I said. Hope you can look into these issues.


Not very good

I was browsing through the music apps and I came across this game it looked fun, so I downloaded it. When I got it the first thing I saw was the pick a music era. I thought that was cool but it only went up to 2010, so clearly it has not been updated for a long time. The last thing I saw was so annoying was I had to play with friends to even play solo. And I don’t have friends that have this game. Also the speaker I awful, I can’t even play with out it breaking. So that was my review, plz fix game 👎🏻👎🏻


Love the game thru google assistant, but app has glitches!

I play this game a lot thru Google Assistant while I’m driving, and with my friends and two daughters... we all love it! I was so excited when the game got its own app, but it’s got issues understanding my answers every time I know the song and artist and am going for bonus points! It’s highly stressful and annoying when you say both correct answers and you only get half of it correct or none of it right at all... I deleted Faceoff and am going back to my Assistant if I decide to continue playing.


Doesn’t hear responses well

I love playing a Song Quiz on Alexa at home, so I was very excited to find Faceoff that I could play on the go. Unfortunately it is really hit or miss when it comes to hearing my answers in the car — even when it is completely quiet. It is really frustrating to get the song and artist right only to have Faceoff tell you your answers are incorrect! I do not have this problem playing at home on my Alexa Show! Please fix Faceoff do it is more consistently accurate!!!


Song quiz

Maybe I should’ve waited until I calmed down toReview this however I’m not I got a song right by Whitney Houston how will I know as the Song Quiz lady was saying the song I watched what I said for the answer and it was exact same thing she said I got it right and you guys counted it wrong I didn’t even miss spell a word or say a word wrong!Are you gave me credit for was Whitney Houston but I had the song title right!!


So fun!

I love this game! It is so fun! I wish there was more categories that you could choose from though instead of just the decade. Like maybe you could add a Disney songs category where you have to name the song, and the movie it’s from. However this is still one of my favorite games!! If you love music from any decade you should definitely get Faceoff!



This is an addicting game. It’s fun to play while doing household chores. I’d give it a 5 star review, but occasionally it won’t give me credit for a correct answer (despite it recognizing it on the screen) and will also randomly exit a game and bring me back to the main menu. I’m not sure if this is because my opponent quits but if it is, it would be nice to have the game notify you when that happens. Thanks for the hours of fun!


Almost perfect!

Love it!! The only thing is it needs genres not only decades! 80s metal or 2000s pop or 90s alternative. Or if not that then easy medium hard based off of the charts of the decade when it’s multiple players in a group. One on one online it tells you if your opponent got the title and artist both but not “your opponent guessed the title correctly” or artist correctly. I’d like to know ! It’s so fun I love it. I wouldn’t mind in app purchase for genres or i don’t know.


Great game

I wish I could give the game 5 stars. I played this with my brother on his phone and really loved it. Unfortunately, I’ve only been able to play 1 quiz on my iPhone8 because it keeps asking if the last person I played wants a rematch and won’t except yes or no for an answer (even though it recognizes I’m saying those words). I would just report a bug, but I don’t see any way to do that through Faceoff Store and I’m not using twitter to do it (clicking app support takes you to the song quiz twitter page).

Update: this issue has been fixed and I’m having a blast playing with my family and friends!


Love this game

This is a great game. The voice recognition is excellent. The songs are fun and being able to play others you know is really fun. Only recommendation would be more variety in songs and categories. For example in 70s I have yet to hear any Pink Floyd songs despite the album cover being represented in Faceoff for 70s.
Keep us listening and guessing 👍


Voice recognition needs improvement

I just used the iPhone version for the first time. There were several songs that I got right, but the application recorded something completely different from what I said. Suggestion: for the iPhone app, use song choices that have less words to avoid unfair errors. For now, I am sticking to playing on Alexa.


Very fun, especially while social distancing

Discovered this through Google Home (Google Assistant,) but wanted to play against someone remotely. Emailed the developer who replied right away suggesting using Faceoff ... worked out great! Game play is straight forward, and the voice assistant host is funny.


Pretty good game with a few frustrating moments

Going into a game and new matches is so long it can sometimes feel like playing this game is a choir. Also if you pause for like 2 seconds in the middle of giving your answer it’ll submit it wrong even while you repeat the answer as it loads. Other than that it’s a really fun game!


Something is missing

I love the game however it would be perfect if you could choose the different genre that you are most familiar with, Country,pop, rock and classic rock and so on add that and you get a 10 rating from me. Thank you.


Definitely Fun

Love the game and it helps pass the time with friends or alone. I would like it too have more songs added especially to the 2010’s section which is the only reason why I gave Faceoff 4 stars, a quick update easily puts Faceoff at a 5.

Lib   1 year ago

I downloaded this game a while ago and loved it so much. However they have recently done an update and when going onto the app it asked me to input my phone number However it only gave the option for a US phone number which I am from the UK so obviously don’t have a US number This means I now can’t play the game so am quite upset no option to change where you are playing from :(

Is Faceoff Safe?

Yes. Faceoff – Song Quiz is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 8,403 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Faceoff Is 63.2/100.

Is Faceoff Legit?

Yes. Faceoff – Song Quiz is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 8,403 Faceoff – Song Quiz User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Faceoff Is 81.9/100..

Is Faceoff – Song Quiz not working?

Faceoff – Song Quiz works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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