SUPERMOJI - Fun Face Emoji App Reviews

SUPERMOJI - Fun Face Emoji App Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

Want to puppeteer a 3D animated emoji on an older device? Now you can! Using
your face as the controller, you can make a 3D emoji mimic anything you do!
Express yourself with brand new Supermojis every week! These are live emoji face
filters and masks, better now as animated emojis. Mak...

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SUPERMOJI - Fun Face Emoji App Reviews

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    Why just why

    Why do we have to pay now why did we have to go through this I love this game but now it’s ruined I never ever thought that you add more but you have to pay now I can’t even pay why don’t you add little mini games or adds to save up and buy it that’s the easiest thing to do so now I’m straight up deleting it I never ever not my whole entire life would I want to delete a game because of this if you change it full five star but for now 1 star please please please change it I want to really like this game but for now I won’t delete it but if I lose my patience it’s going to be 🚫📱(aka deleted from my iPad) (If you read my first review you’ll know why I’m saying this) That’s it I’m not wasting my money to get a trial look what I’m saying is that you have so much new stuff and never bothered to get adds instead don’t try to think your so smart with the way that you have to buy stuff instead of Adds it’s so simple get adds (but not to much) then you’ll have good reviews and stuff people will actually like your game so don’t waste your time trying to get 49’99 or something else and get something else if you don’t fix it I’m not re downloading it

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    What it used to be…

    I purchased the app a while ago when there were different backgrounds, better quality emojis, & effects! I loved it so much! Recently though, the app had undergone an update. This update removed most of the fun characters, the backgrounds, and even the option to have different effects occurring around you. It added a non-optional voice changer as well. If I was a creator, I would have kept the other effects, backgrounds, & even the option to show your face or not. I have so many videos saved on my phone that take up so much memory because I don’t want to lose what I can’t remake. Lots of my friends and family have made different funny and awesome videos on this app before the new update. I’m just overall disappointed. The quality seems to have gone down from what it used to be as well. I had used so many of the old characters to make funny, awesome videos. I’m so sorry to post the low review, I just don’t appreciate how the app’s update eliminated all of the fun features that used to be.

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    New Emojis

    Make your app have features like the old one where u can white out the background and just have the SUPERMOJI, also make them look a little more cartoonish and like apples. It would be cool to see you add new ones like animals instead of weird human-like ones. You could also do tongue detection. That would be cool to see because then it would make the app seem more flawless. Last but not least, please make everything a bit smoother, I understand everyone is programming and trying their best, but it would be cool to see in the next update to see everything just a bit more smoother. Hope you guys see this! I can’t wait to see if you guys add some of my features that I just talked to you about! Thanks!

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    The way the characters are designed looks like a kids art project gone wrong. Why is it so hard to do smooth lines? Also don’t say they want it to be like that for animal texture. Because it’s not. Then when I pressed request a SUPERMOJI the app said I had to give them a 5 star review first. Which is horrible, it took me to this review place and let’s just say the first thing I see when I get into their app is something telling me to buy the premium package. And let me just say it’s so NOT worth it. I’m telling you all to not waste your time or money on this app. I would rate it in the negative stars if I could. (If you don’t believe me about how the characters look, then look at their photos showing you the app. YIKES)

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    I used to love this app.

    I used to love using this app until of course they had to add in a monthly subscription of 10 dollars a week! I used to be able to just play with it and have fun and I really didn’t care about the recording. 30 dollars a month, and 78 dollars a year is a lot for just an app that I’m only going to use not for a while. I mean it’s better to get one year of it for $78 rather than buy an iPhone X for $1,000 and use animoji. It really depends on the person buying it. I just hate the fact that it’s just become another app that has so many ads and requires a weekly/monthly/yearly subscription to make ads go away and/or gain a few more features, it just doesn’t sound worth it. However if your the type of person who loves apps like these then go for it. I hope this review was helpful!

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    This is entertaining but there is some cons.

    This may be funny and entertaining, but why pay for this. I mean it can be funny, but it is immature and I don’t think people should be forced to pat just to make their face look different. Example, snapchat allows to use many filters without paying, not even a penny. So why not let them inspire you a bit? It’s quite a waste of money if you agree. This app is only used to change your looks, it doesn’t assist us with anything. Plus, we pay for such little as you call “SUPERMOJIS” Aren’t that super. We could’ve bought an IPhone X and use that all for free. This is also useless because it looks so fun. But for the ads, you use something else into the app to drag them into paying for it. My card has been canceled after deleting this, please fix this.

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    What is it? Read to find out!

    This is an amazing game and it lets you have the feeling like you had the iPhone X but not. You can be a lot of people and even the president Donald Trump and it’s cool.. You can be all the animals from the iPhone X but the Fox. It does look like a mask when you do use it. They also added a background and funny thing is Sponge bob is a background. You also have effects to and it’s real cool. You can also record and send as you play witch is awesome.. Lastly I just wanna say what an amazing and fantastic job they did making the app from ground rust to high tops and we love the game without a thought. Thanks many times for this game and have a wonderfully day!!!

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    What I think...

    So I request for you to do two different emojis in one video so people can change. Thank you for reading this request 😁😁😁 By the way it can be like a tik tok for example the tik tok with big sister Stephanie and the little sister where it says “Oh Stephanie can I borrow your makeup (random emoji for little sister) and then Stephanie says of course not what kind of person do you think you are😡 (random emoji for big sister you probably want to do a mad face) then the little sister replies back “Just someone who will tell mom and dad that you snuck out last night (you probably want to add a devil emoji smiling😈) then Stephanie says “So do you like red or pink (do a accepting but regretting face like this😔) and that is all😄😄😄. Bye🙂🙂🙂. Edit: I realized I wrote a lot sorry for that😲😲😲

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    I like this app but you shouldn’t have to pay 💰 or wait a minute to go again and make a thing that’s free where you can customize your own emoji and I like that you don’t have to have a iPhone 📱 x and I send them to my friends all the time you should add a panda 🐼 emoji and the emojis should look like the ones on your phone 📱 and no emojis should be locked 🔒 they should have all the 🦔 animals that they have on iMessage and you should have stickers and you should be able to hold like a volleyball 🏐 emoji and the circle ⭕️ you have at the bottom when you have a pic or a video kids use this app the majority of people are kids so you should NOT have to 💰 pay!!!! And there’s a better app called face Avatar if there is one more thing wrong with this app I’ll delete it

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    I would like to request

    Hi I am user of your app SUPERMOJI and I was wondering if you could add more faces Or, customizable faces or you can create your own avatar in face. I would also like to request if you want to make more money for people using it now maybe he shouldn’t it should be free because some people would like to pay for their faces but if it can be face is like the one to have to pay for I would recommend making cooler faces to pay for like maybe unit are unicorn would like sparkles coming out of it or something like that more animation to face I feel like that would be something to be bored thank you for taking your time reading this and I hope that you take Some Consideration

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    It’s OK!

    I think the app is ok and I’ll leave a high rating to be kind because they tried but I think everything went downhill when they added a subscription to it, but what I want for non-subscription based is to be able to make our own emoji out of certain details like hair style and color, freckles and other face markings, eye color, lip color (if you want), and face accessories. I want every single part of that to be non-subscription based because if you make only one or more parts subscription based I will uninstall and leave a 1 star rating.

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    I first I want to be his app and I thought he comment that said do not take the capital need a lot of help don’t download it if you’re still with your storage and I think that the person who wrote it didn’t really experience might not be too interested it much because when I went on it there is there was a whole bunch of different filters like Snapchat and different backgrounds and my stepdad and I like to make concrete out of it and it just really makes it to do it so if you’re really not you know that kind of forward over a person

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    This app used to be really good but they added this subscription thing. Usually when there is an update they don’t scrap the entire project and install a system that is simply irritating! I got this app in March and I LOVED it but then just yesterday I went in and was greeted by a message asking for money! I get it, Devs need money but I feel that there are better ways of getting it than trying to squeeze eighty bucks out of people every year! I would not be writing this if you had only asked for less. I went to DOWNGRADE but it is IMPOSSIBLE in the App Store. Please fix this! You will only hurt yourselves by implementing this subscription thing. I do not know anyone who would pay a small fortune for this app. My recommendation, dear reader is to just buy a new phone with Animoji.

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    -READ THE WHOLE REVIEW- I used to LOVE this app! It worked like Animoji, and since I don’t have $1,000 to buy an iPhone X, it was a great substitue! The emoji masks looked kind of like the Apple emojis, and you could add cool effects and change the background colors!! But I just updated SUPERMOJI and I’m EXTREMELY disappointed!! None of the original emoji masks are there!! (Except for the pug one, but I don’t really like that one that much). And you can only have FOUR MASKS including the pug one!!! Unless you want to pay TEN DOLLARS A WEEK FOR GARBAGE!!!! The new filters are super creepy and I hate them!! And you can’t even use the cool effects or backgrounds anymore!! I deleted this app, and will only re-download once you guys go back to the old version!! My recommendation to you? DON’T GET IT! You’ll just be disappointed!

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    Super emoji is OK😐

    The Idea for the app itself is quite clever. I’m sure many people want to have the emoji app on their phone and that is not iPhone X the only problem is the camera work is not very accurate to your actual facial expressions. But it is still fun to play most of the time it’s not horrible. But I do believe it could get better. Maybe in the future, the developers could add an update to the app to make the camera work slightly more functional and accurate. I think that would make it a lot better

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Is SUPERMOJI - Fun Face Emoji App Safe?

Yes. SUPERMOJI - Fun Face Emoji App is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 60,453 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SUPERMOJI - Fun Face Emoji App Is 27.7/100.

Is SUPERMOJI - Fun Face Emoji App Legit?

Yes. SUPERMOJI - Fun Face Emoji App is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 60,453 SUPERMOJI - Fun Face Emoji App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SUPERMOJI - Fun Face Emoji App Is 27.7/100.

Is SUPERMOJI - Fun Face Emoji App not working?

SUPERMOJI - Fun Face Emoji App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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