App Icons – Widget & Wallpaper Reviews

App Icons – Widget & Wallpaper Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

Decorate your Home Screen with customized app icons and widgets! It’s time
to replace your boring standard app icons and widgets with unique looking images
that best suit your character or mood. Take any app on your iPhone and change
its icon to the one you like. Add beautiful widgets...

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App Icons – Widget & Wallpaper Reviews

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    I’m going to try not to be rude, but the day I got this app I had to delete it. I find that a free app should not make you pay to use it, Its like a scam almost. When I opened the app up I went to a screen with a continue button at the bottom of it, so I pressed the continue button excepting to see default animations but instead it said my email and ID touch asking me to pay for something. Honestly I was confused until I read the text where I had to apparently pay to get into the app. I dunno if I was not supposed to pay or if I was but, if I was I don’t really think that I should get a free app and have to pay to use it for just a little while. I’m not trying to discriminate against your app but, I just entitle to my own opinion that you shouldn’t pay to get into an app that said it was free.

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    not worth it

    i was very disappointed by both the functionality of the app itself and the subscription. once i opened the app i was already being asked to pay without seeing what the app had to offer. Also once i payed there was hardly any wallpapers available, there is no point in paying the money (no matter the amount) for only less than 20 wallpapers. on another note, the wallpapers are not the same once you save them to your photos. i used some of the wallpapers IN THE APP and they were actually really fun, BUT sadly once i saved them to my photos they were not the same. the effects were not even close to the same as they were in the app. this app is not worth your money!!

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    Waist of time

    I got the app all excited because it said it was free but as soon as I opened the app it told me to start a free trial and by looking at these reviews I didn’t trust your app .if all the images have to be bought for then why waist my money ?This is a example of scammers, If you where to make all the photos for free there wouldn’t be a problem. I downloaded a image by watching a video and when I put it as my home screen it didn’t even work to move , please step up your game 👍🏻this is what I call a waist of work you guys have put in to no offense. Please take notice that many people don’t have good experiences with online buying scammers. Next time on your and please write down that you have to pay .

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    Tries to trick you into a paid subscription for $50 a year. No thanks. Most of the content is just a photo that they put the same effect to. UPDATE FROM DEVELOPER RESPONSE: On the functional side, their app - not apple - forces you into a paid subscription before you can do anything in it. They could develop around this by allowing you to browse, but not download, without signing up for a subscription, but they'd rather trick you into forgetting to cancel a $50/year subscription. On the content side - the content you end up having to pay for is mostly just the same cheap effect applied to several stock photos. I wouldn't keep it even it if were free.

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    Too many ads

    It’ll be beneficial for everyone if you has a free wallpaper category. Because before getting the app, I thought everything was free and downloadable but the I started to “save” the pictures but I couldn’t. Because it opened up a page that told me to subscribe. I spent 20 minutes on the app and was able to download 1 picture. The others wouldn’t save because I wasn’t subscribed. Just have a free wallpaper section and a paid wallpaper section

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    Problem already!!!

    I just got the app and I can’t even get the wallpaper to be live even though I saved it to my phone I still can’t get it to go live and don’t even know how to make it live from even the app not sure if this is going to be worth the $15 that I’m paying but unless something changes with in the next 24 hours I will be canceling this app out and taking it off my phone because it’s not doing anything that it says it can do that is not a live wallpaper so for now it will be getting one star for me unless something changes

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    Too many advertisement interruptions.

    If there was a one-time fee for premium I might (I’d probably) buy it. But I hate reoccurring subscription fees—before you know it you’ve waisted hundreds of dollars on something you don’t often use. The app throws way too many ads at you way too frequently. It’s annoying and obnoxious and sadly makes you less impressed with wall paper than you might otherwise be if you weren’t frustrated from the ads before seeing them. :-( There’s several similar apps out there. Keep your head up and keep exploring!

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    Don’t take this the wrong way

    Now look I’m not trying to be rude but this app wasn’t the best I had to delete it and again I’m not trying to be rude but I had to delete it I didnt even have to app for a day, i had it 10 mins then got rid of it yeah the back rounds were cool but there not worth something paying for so I would really get the app again if u update it so that it’s free and u don’t have to pay because it’s not worth paying for, so don’t take this the wrong way like I’m trying to be rude.

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    Why bother?

    How in the world did this app got approved for the App Store? Shame on Apple. Worst app I have ever downloaded. You can’t browse anything. It won’t let you. A pop up screen will keep nagging at you to subscribe. Close that screen and it’ll keep popping up. Never seen an app like this in all my life. It makes you angry at who ever made this. It’s definitely the wrong way to motivate subscribers. I can’t help thinking that they are laughing at everyone who downloads this. I hope you selfish devs get ZERO subscribers. Deleted.

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    Doesn’t deserve 4.3 rating

    This app does not earn that many stars out of 5 I get it if it would be out of 10 but there’s just too many ads too much money to pay just for a week! It’s $10 for☝️week!? Then, there wallpapers aren’t even moving when you add them to your screen it’s just a picture I didn’t screenshot anything I just put it on my screen and it’s just like any other normal wallpaper. Doesn’t move an inch. Not worth downloading and I just got this app. DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!👎🏻😠

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    ...What even is this?!

    This does not even deserve one star. I’ve never seen more of a joke of an app, this is so disappointing. There are ads popping up in your face every time you click something. And if you don’t click, it just does it for you. Every two seconds. The subscription is outrageous, not even worth it. I didn’t even get it and I can tell it looks bad. This app is the epitome of disappointment, and even at the price of free it’s too expensive. Jeez.

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    Too many adds and it DOESNT WORK

    So I downloaded it thinking it was legit and I was swiping through them and I saw a really cool one I liked and more then half of them have the membership pass and all of the unrealistic ones are free also waaaaay too many ads it seems like after each time I looked at one I got an ad most importantly IT DIDNT EVEN WORK I saved them and put it on and it didn’t move!!! I rate this 2 stars

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    Too expensive

    You will pay for 50$ for 12 mons. Just to change your wall paper not like the other app that if you buy it it will get you the hole app it’s self and you dont need to pay any more and you can use it on your future phone so that means no pay no use u will get the trial for the thousand of pop up ads and the service is very expensive its ok if only 10$ for 6 mons but 50$ for a year it can pay may unlimited internet for 2mons no thx.

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    Screen Saver Stops Moving

    When I select a screen saver, the picture starts off like a real screen saver with movement. Then after about 5 seconds it stops. Am I missing something? I thought I was paying for continual motion...or it should at least give you the option for motion. I bought this thinking I could display a cool screen saver with movement on my iPad when entertaining but can’t seem to keep the picture in motion after 5 seconds.

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    I just got this app! This app is not that great. When you first get on it, it is so slow! And it’s not my phone. My phone it perfectly fine. It’s the app! It won’t let me load on to the other wallpapers. It loads FOREVER! And I am not kidding. I let my phone sit for ten minutes and it won’t stop loading! The ads pop up ever second. When you try to swipe for a new wallpaper it gets an ad. This app is really killing me. Do not recommend!

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Is App Icons – Widget & Wallpaper Safe?

Yes. App Icons – Widget & Wallpaper is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 14,179 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for App Icons – Widget & Wallpaper Is 87.7/100.

Is App Icons – Widget & Wallpaper Legit?

Yes. App Icons – Widget & Wallpaper is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 14,179 App Icons – Widget & Wallpaper User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for App Icons – Widget & Wallpaper Is 87.7/100.

Is App Icons – Widget & Wallpaper not working?

App Icons – Widget & Wallpaper works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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