Mirror: My Emoji Face Maker Reviews

Mirror: My Emoji Face Maker Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-24

Mirror helps you to create personal emoji and 1500+ stickers for your iPhone or
iPad! Use Mirror Emoji keyboard and send your personal emoji to every messenger
or app. Take one selfie or upload your existing photo from your phone. Create
your or your friend’s avatar! You will get 1500...

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Mirror: My Emoji Face Maker Reviews

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    Was looking for an app similar to Bitmoji, because of the parental controls my parents put on. Found this app and loved it!!! Love how you can customize your clothes and put in earrings. Probably the best choice I could have ever made. The last update was great, but not exactly what I wanted. I wanted to switch between friends in iMessage, but I couldn’t. And you must have read my mind, because you fixed that. I’m even trying to think of a suggestion to make, but nothing comes to mind! Keep it up and don’t take anything away from the new update! It’s perfect the way it is!

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    Funny, Useful, but Foul Mouthed!

    This app is hands-down the best “personalized” sticker pack I’ve tried! There is such great variety in the sticker choices, and the app’s AI actually does a great job reproducing faces from pictures. I like that you can go back after the fact and edit your character easily. I also love the “stickers with friends,” where you can have two avatars in a sticker. That’s really cool! The animated stickers blow me away! I have gotten several comments from people asking, “Where did you get that?” and “How does that look so much like you?” The stickers are very helpful for communication in general. And!!! There are no ads OR IAPs!!!! 😍😍 However. There is only thing preventing my giving 5 stars to this app. It is the foul language easily stumbled upon. Please please please, Mirror, add an option to turn off mature language stickers. I’m just a child... I don’t want to see that stuff! It doesn’t only come up when you search for it, it comes up if you search by emotion (like anger) and it also comes up in the popular section. This includes inappropriate acronyms, partially censored words, and gestures. If you don’t want to see bad language, do not download this app. I may be deleting it soon myself because it seems to be getting worse in that regard, not better. Bottom line: tread with caution. Thanks for reading!

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    This app is the first app I ever wished the creators of this app didn't create it. Yes I know I may be sounding rude, but I'm saying what I think about this app. 1. There's no creativity whatsoever. 2. When you take the photo it does nothing to your avatar. 3. This app only lets you change the color of your clothing and you can't even change your outfit!!! I think this app is very very boring and takes away people and kids creativity and it's deserves to be deleted and it also deleted. I am sick of game creators taking away kids and adults freedom in these create your own person apps. The only app I like of these is bitmoji because they give you many many options for you eyes nose and clothing, not to forget to say that this game does not allow you to change your nose. I am very sick of these games. Please step up your game or don't make any other apps again. Thanks BYE!

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    Enjoying so far

    I’m enjoying it so far but a few more facial options would be nice when creating my emoji, like having my emoji smiling-I’m always smiling, and eye shapes, eyebrow shapes and nose shapes. I really love that you have so many conversation “stickers” I think you call them. I love that I can create emojis for my friends on my phone book. A negative is that Mirror actually started some of them and one BIG ERROR is that it put a female body on one of my obviously male friends-I don’t know any females named “Mark”. I’ve tried to redo it but have been unsuccessful. I even took his info out of my contact list and put him in again, using his middle name, and restarted my phone but his name didn’t appear on the list. How do I fix it?

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    New design

    Omg! What happened!!! I was so impressed before at how wonderful the characters I was able to create looked of my friends and I and now after logging back in I realized you are using a new software which deleted all the hard work I did to make all the people. Plus this new update only has a handful of character situations. Looks like it wasn’t fully ready for launch. Very sad about the update. But I do look slimmer in the new character style which is great! Thanks for listening and allowing the removal of the logo.

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    No longer works- FREEZES-Now High FEES

    Loved this cute app to spread a little sunshine to others. Very sad the update no longer works with iPhone 8Plus. Not sure why this app now freezes my stock Apple messaging app. UPDATE. You must pay an exorbitant monthly fee of $9.99/month or annual fee for stickers. Sorry I am not paying as much for a newspaper a month to get a bunch of stickers. The Developer says it’s FREE the app. Technically the downloading of app is Free but you now get NOTHING and it disables the app from working with out a $9.99 fee. I guess there are a lot of young children out there who will be clicking on this to purchase it. Hopefully parents are watching and have it blocked. No adult would pay $10 a month for stickers unless they just like spending money carelessly or have a lot of it. Lol.

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    5 stars for the idea alone

    I like that there’s variety & look forward to more options throughout. Please 1.create a sync option for all avatars made. I have 3 devices, & I had 7 family members sign up yesterday. It was a nightmare getting everyone created for each. Nobody was really happy the results weren’t the same result image on each. It would be nice if everyone was just responsible to make only themselves, saved & synced automatically like bitmoji does. 2.fix glitches for repeat listings of the same contact over & over. I checked my contacts & I don’t have the same person 2x or 3x like app shows. Or create option to delete from the contact list it shows within app to fix the issue. 3.make more family (child,parent,spouse) options! We are going to be using these for our family texts back & forth.

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    What happened?

    Who decided to change the animation style? This app went from being a solid alternative to Bitmoji (with strong references to the old/discontinued Bitstrips) to some half-hearted attempt at an Apple Memoji clone. Using this app a month or so ago, I was impressed with how accurate the emoji of me was. After just now logging in, and being prompted to take another pic to create a new emoji of me (No option to keep my old picture? Really??), I was presented with an emoji that was barely even close. A good half-dozen pic retakes later, I was presented with a half-dozen completely different emoji options. I even tried uploading a saved pic of my older emoji from the app... nope... still not close. How? It’s like a completely different app now. Speaking plainly, this app has gone from being something I’ve recommended to friends/family to being completely unusable. You couldn’t have left both animation styles as a user option? Whatever. Just my opinion. It’s your app to do with as you please. But I’m deleting it. Thanks for the small amount of joy/nostalgia I obtained in the short time I used it.

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    I only downloaded this application as I had seen a review that just had to judge the app because it wasn’t up to date with gender specific addons. It’s an application, it’s not YOUR application. Not everything runs on gender. I bet if there was a male emoji on the app’s icon too, you’d give it a 1 Star rating. Besides that, very good application, actually very useful for its intended purpose!

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    Develepors please read!!

    We should be able to change the shape of our head. The app just assumes your an adult and you don’t get to edit the shape of your face nose eyes or mouth. So I look like an adult but I’m a 6th grader. Please, PLEASE let us edit the shape of our overall head!!!! Also, the shape of the body is really weird. It looks like a rectangle with 4 more rectangles coming out of it. It’s weird. Please please please pretty pretty please let us edit the shape of our body! Idk how much I’m asking for, but I really want this. It’s really bothering me. Please fix!!

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    Generally, I think this app is awesome.

    However, I think it would be incredibly cool if it could recognize my baby’s face. I also think it would be great if there were more colors for hair. There are a lot already but my bright pink hair just doesn't seem to have a match which is a tad disappointing. And as others have stated before, if the body’s had more shape and clothing variety, that’d be fun. I have no intention of deleting this app and look forward to seeing what types of improvements can be made.

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    Fun, but not without its bugs

    The mirroring took me some trial and error to get a reflection I felt to be accurate, so many were deleted in the process... or so I thought. Every time I shifted to the other style of emoji, every attempt would come back anew and need to be deleted over again. Besides that, I’ve had trouble accessing them through my Messenger app. The best way to use them is to go directly from the mirror app to forward them. All that aside, all of the stickers are very fun and sprite-ly.

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    Great App! Expressive and Fun

    This app is fun, expressive, and provides continual updates to provide innovative emotions to accurately demonstrate all moods and feelings! I appreciate how the developer is expanding the varying skin tones/shades to reflect their users; moreover, I am anxiously awaiting for more skin shades and hairstyles to be added to represent ALL diverse populations. However, I have introduced this app to several friends and erased other apps because Mirror’s design and expressions are truly “on point”. Please keep updating and providing a great experience to your users.

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    Wishing more customized

    Love that we have chance to create our own sticker; however, it will be great if we can customize texts on all existing stickers. When we try to put stickers, we sometimes have to sticked on top of existing word instead. Other sticker app, you can stick around the bubble. Also, I wish we can have more clothes selection than just colors. Other than above comments, it is great emoji app overall. Thank you for making it!

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    Serious improvement has been made

    My last rating of the app was before the update that allows the user to edit their emoji in more detail. Since then, it has greatly improved. I still wish I could manually tell the app if it's looking at a man or a woman, since depending on the picture it thinks I'm either, and use any hairstyle on any head, but the current editing options are in other ways much better to use.

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Is Mirror: My Emoji Face Maker Safe?

Yes. Mirror: My Emoji Face Maker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 33,401 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Mirror: My Emoji Face Maker Is 51.6/100.

Is Mirror: My Emoji Face Maker Legit?

Yes. Mirror: My Emoji Face Maker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 33,401 Mirror: My Emoji Face Maker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Mirror: My Emoji Face Maker Is 51.6/100.

Is Mirror: My Emoji Face Maker not working?

Mirror: My Emoji Face Maker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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