Weather Fit: Forecast & Widget Reviews

Weather Fit: Forecast & Widget Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

We reinvented the wheel, but it was kinda squarish, and our is round with a
shiny disk. Apple agrees — “Apps we Love” And people are into Weather
Fit too — “the app is so lovely, with so many features, and has shown such
amazing development over the years” What do we do differently?...

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So excited!

I am terrible about knowing what to wear with the weather and I’ve been musing this would be a fantastic app until I finally found it! My only complaint is that you can’t personally adjust the wardrobe. And I don’t mean the colors because you *can* do that for an incredibly reasonable subscription, which I’m willing to pay. What I mean is, I’m cold blooded, and with one use I knew I had to dress at least two levels below what was suggested and so when it told me to wear a jacket I wore a 3/4 sleeve and leggings; but I should have wore a tee shirt, and maybe shorts. And it’s saying to wear a coat and hat with a scarf tonight, and I’ll be fine with what I wore this morning. I’m not sure if WeatherFit is made somewhere where the weather is different and it hasn’t adjusted for different humidities... or if I’m way too adjusted to the cold. So that’s the only reason at this time why I haven’t given a 5. I love the concept! And I hope my contribution can help WeatherFit become better!


Great app, but…

This is such a great app, so kudos to the creators! It is so difficult to have an iPad, and not get a weather app, so thanks! However, there are a few issues. To start, there are so many ads. Whether they just show on the bottom of your screen, or they are like 30 second ads that you have to watch, I just wish that there weren’t so many. Secondly, I am going to be completely honest, I don’t really feel like paying 10 dollars to customize my character…they say that you can customize it later in settings, but whenever I tap on it, it just gives me a big pop-up saying what you can get with premium. Overall, great app, just a few flaws. Thanks for reading!


Cool concept but...

No doubt the coolest app to know what to wear for the weather, but I don’t really understand the weather terms listed below the character. The terms like UV index, or wind or pressure, things like that. It’s about being helpful. Can you guys please add some sort of explanation for these features. The other thing about it that makes me frustrated is the skin tone variation, there isn’t 6 tones in this world. Just please be mindful you can absolutely make more diverse skin tones to really make the character as similar as you can to the users. Otherwise WeatherFit is a 4 stars because of the failure to put more skin tones and a weather terms explanation. As soon as this is changed I will give it a 5 star automatically for sure.


Great App! One suggestion...

I have been looking for an app that could not only tell you the weather but also what to wear for that weather for a while now. I am very happy to have come across WeatherFit! Only thing is many people live in places where the temperature changes a lot throughout the day. For example, this morning WeatherFit showed a person with a coat on and jeans because it was in the 50s. This afternoon, it showed someone wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and sandals because it was in the high 80s. In future updates, I would like to have an accurate dress wear for the entire day rather than at each given point in time. Overall, great app idea! Thanks!


Could be better

Super cute app. Great idea, pretty well executed for the most part. The only issue I have with it is it’s inaccurate and almost always a few degrees off. For example, I’ll go into WeatherFit and it’ll tell me the temperature is 103°F, whereas if I look at the default weather app on my phone or on Google it’ll be something like 105°F. Kind of annoying, makes me not want to use it especially since I feel like I still need to go into my default weather app in order to get a more accurate temperature reading. I’m gonna keep it on my phone for now just because it’s cute, looks nice, and works for the most part, but I’m hoping this issue gets fixed soon otherwise I will be deleting it.


This is a great idea, but I couldn’t make myself

I’m a white female, so usually I have no problem making characters look like me. However, female characters can’t have pixie cuts. I haven’t had long hair in years. Since the whole point of WeatherFit is to be a cute avatar of myself in the weather, I deleted it. I hope they update WeatherFit, because it’s seriously so cute. I could use the male character, but idk it’s just not the same... if you have shoulder length or longer hair as a female, short hair as a male, and are not non-binary I’d recommend WeatherFit . Hopefully they include the rest of us eventually


Awesome but I was very disappointed when I could not get clothing

WeatherFit is awesome but the only thing that was frustrating is that I couldn't get clothing customization because I need the premium for that, and I know that every app is gonna have a premium but still just was pretty excited about that. Over all WeatherFit is amazing instead of customizing your clothes it lets you customize your face. There was a lot of hair different hair options too! So I definitely recommend WeatherFit.


My favorite weather app!

Glad they resolved the issue with app crashing and the developer responded quickly. I updated my review to 5 stars. I really enjoy opening WeatherFit and seeing my little person dressed up. It’s a cute and fun app. My only suggestion would be to add the rain chance % to weekly forecast. Also, adding the chance of rain and high/low temps for in the day in the widget and it’d be perfect. I would be able to get rid of the stock weather app.



This weather app is great! Me, as a middle schooler, doesn’t like big complicated reports and stuff. I like the simple things, and most of us do. Which is why I love that WeatherFit ‘dresses’ my avatar according to the weather, and gives me a brief high and low report. Plus, if I want more details, I can scroll down and see the hourly temp, wind speed, and precipitation rate. It has some ads, but not a ton like some other weather apps.


A small problem...

I loved WeatherFit and the character is cute but the character seems really slow on changing. I know this is kinda hard to understand so I’ll just give an example. For example, it’s a sunny day so the character would be wearing shorts and a t-shirt and the next day it is raining but the character is still wearing the same thing as yesterday, it is not until like 12 in the afternoon that the character changes and bring an umbrella. I know it might not seem that late but I am a student so I usually wake up early.


Great App but the updates are not so great

WeatherFit was the best I loved it but these new updates requires you to pay for basically everything before you could see your character on widgets which was super helpful but now you have to pay this just makes me mad they say the updates are to fix bugs when all I see changed is having to pay for almost everything I think I might delete it and go back to the weather channel



WeatherFit is so cool, it’s great that it shows you air quality, what the temp is AND what it feels like, and the person you get is cool also. I think what would make WeatherFit even better would be to have the person wearing clothes related to the temperature. (It already does, but with even more items.) like a big floppy hat or different types of sunglasses and such. Other than that it is a great app!



It’s a good app, fairly accurate with weather reports and the design is really cute and minimalist, but a major drawback is that it doesn’t have a widget. Usually in the mornings I just pull down my screen and can check the weather immediately from the widgets page, so it’s a bit of a hassle having to open up WeatherFit to find the weather. Regardless, it’s a good app, but would definitely be made better with a widget option.


Very good; needs to work for tomorrow

This is a clean and well-executed app. But unless I’m missing something, there’s no way to see the clothing suggestion for tomorrow. That’s a big problem for those of us who routinely choose our clothing the night before. If this shortcoming is addressed, I’ll probably buy the ad-free app and place WeatherFit on my home screen. If it isn’t, I’ll probably be deleting it off my phone. (Not meaning to be rude; just being honest.)


Best Ever

It’s as accurate as any I’ve tried and I’ve tried many. You can get the ad free version for a few bucks. Best design of any I’ve used. Everything you need to know now and for the next few days about your location or any other is easily and clearly and intuitively accessible.



I always need a weather app that’s easy to read and shows me what to wear, but is still simple. WeatherFit HAS ALL!!! it’s great when you need to get dressed really quickly. One suggestion; maybe add different hair colors to choose from? Also, maybe a way to tell if it is a short sleeved or long sleeved shirt under the jacket. REALLY LOVE WeatherFit! PLEASE READ THIS AND CONSIDER MY SUGGESTION!


Good but...

I like WeatherFit for the most part. The design is cute and simple. However, I don’t understand why location services is needed for WeatherFit to do anything. I didn’t want to turn location services on because I keep it turned off for most apps. I saw you could “Add a City”, so I clicked that instead (like I would on the regular Weather app) and put in a city, but WeatherFit wouldn’t let me save it. Why is WeatherFit so dependent on using location services?


There is a problem with the widget

Yesterday updated version 3.0, but my widget has a problem, showing: Unable to load. The phone has not been restarted. This is a good software, but I need small parts, please solve it as soon as possible.



I loved WeatherFit because of its simplistic look and the character design. I even upgraded it so I would not see ads. Now with this update, I find it to be greedy. I can no longer see my my character in my widget unless I upgrade again and pay a monthly fee. Really? Either allow those who already upgraded before this update to see their character in the widget or give us our money back. Quite unfair and bad business practice.


Free app isn’t great

I liked the idea behind WeatherFit. I’m always wondering what to pack when I travel somewhere beyond home. Unfortunately, I can’t see how to customize the character to much detail, as in other apps., and i can’t see how to customize them background to match my location, or change clothing options unless I upgrade to premium. I’ll be deleting WeatherFit.


A wonderful weather app

Not gonna lie, I don’t really have a reason to use WeatherFit because AerisWeather simply isn’t very accurate in my location (The Weather Company is better for that here), BUT even so, WeatherFit is so lovely, with so many features, and has shown such amazing development over the years... it deserves nothing less than 5 stars. If you live somewhere where Aeris is a good weather service, this is definitely an app to keep around.


One issue..

So I downloaded WeatherFit after one of my youtubers recommended it. Ok so the problem is that the weather so far hasn’t been accurate. Like when I went on WeatherFit it was raining outside and it said it was cloudy. It’s a cool concept just want the weather to be more accurate and up to date.

Is Weather Fit Safe?

Yes. Weather Fit: Forecast & Widget is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,363 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Weather Fit: Forecast & Widget Is 50.4/100.

Is Weather Fit Legit?

Yes. Weather Fit: Forecast & Widget is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,363 Weather Fit: Forecast & Widget User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Weather Fit: Forecast & Widget Is 50.4/100.

Is Weather Fit: Forecast & Widget not working?

Weather Fit: Forecast & Widget works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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