Labyrinthos Tarot Reading Reviews

Labyrinthos Tarot Reading Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-05

Explore the rich world of Labyrinthos Academy, the world's premiere magic
school, while you learn the ancient art of tarot. In this tarot app, you’ll
discover the magic and of all 78 tarot cards, and their ability to help you
reveal your inner voice. Tarot reading is not about divining...

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Labyrinthos Tarot Reading Reviews

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    Fun, but problematic

    I really like the concepts of this app! So far, everything has been easy to learn and understand. I like the flashcard method and reference guide. The artwork on the cards makes it easy to get a feel for meanings and relate them to other ideas. My problems lie in the execution of logging my readings. You have the option of saving and taking notes about your readings, and mine seem to mysteriously delete themselves. When I’m typing out notes, suddenly I’ll stop being able to type, as if there is a character limit to how much I’m allowed to type. If I exit from the reading and go back to it, I can type more. But when I try to access the log the next day, it has only recorded up to where it glitched and stopped. One reading was gone completely, replaced by a copy of another reading. So instead of a daily reading and a past/present/future reading, I had two incomplete past/present/future readings. I don’t know if this is a glitch or a bug, but it is very problematic. I’ve never used any of the other apps so I know this isn’t a transfer issue. I hope they can resolve this soon. I don’t know if I’m the only one with this problem.

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    Great for beginners!

    I believe I’ve left a review for this app before but they’ve grown since then and wanted to update my rating! I’ve had this app for over a year at least and I love using this app and educating myself on tarot. It is a 🌹🌟great app to get started with tarot🌟🌹 Everything is entirely free unless you want to buy one of their beautiful decks! I just purchased one and you can change the deck you use in the app to learn with. This app has become so fun and educational. If there was one thing I’d say isn’t great about the app it’s that it doesn’t adjust to what you need more work on. It’ll come up with the same card and question a couple times for a card I already know instead of pulling up a card that I don’t know that well. Granted, it is a free app so I’m not really complaining but just something to consider when getting the app. You’ll still have to do your own learning about your cards 😊 hope this helps 💕

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    This app is truly a blessing! I am so grateful for it! I don’t normally write reviews, but I just had to for this app! As a Wiccan, it is difficult to find good, high quality resources you can trust for your studies. This app is mind blowing! First of all I can’t believe it’s free! The quality of it, surely doesn’t feel like it. I absolutely love how the creators give an opportunity for others to find their inner and magical self with tarot lessons and reading by provided this free and well developed app. Tarot may seem complicated and maybe almost “scary” to approach, because it isn’t well known by many and isn’t much talked about. Labyrinthos, on the other hand, takes a simple approach to tarot and teaches us that anyone can become a tarot reader in order to get closer to your self! Lessons are well developed, and readings are accurate! 5stars for sure! Keep up the great work! I’m excited to buy the tarot deck from Labyrinthos to accompany me during lessons! ✨

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    Beyond expectations. Amazing app!!

    I was blown away by this app. The interface is engaging and fun to use, the content is so well put together and easy to understand. You can learn with quizzes, or just browse on your own. It also includes important information about astrology, planets, etc. But not so much info that it becomes overwhelming and hard to remember. You can get various types of readings for yourself in a way that is not only teaching you about the cards, but also about the different spreads and how they work. Man... I'm just so incredibly grateful to have found this app, and to the team who made this–thank you so much for your hard work, allowing people like me to learn about Taro. I'm fully planning to purchase their deck, and support them in all possible ways because of what they have provided to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 5/5 perfect score–this app is A MUST HAVE.

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    Great for learning

    It’s wonderful for learning but the biggest downside for me is the fact there are different tarot sets you can select, they all seem to have different meanings which isn’t too beginner friendly to learn the base meaning of a card which I am a beginner and this makes it harder espically because I own none of the decks avaible from selection. I hope there are more cards added (True Black, Marigold, Etc) one day at some point or a base set that can have a meaning universally applied regardless of the set you choose. They do have similar-ish meanings but it still can be difficult espically because the way i learn is memorizing a word to the picture on the card so i wish there was an option for the quizzes to not display the card so I’d have to play more attention to the card itself than the picture. I find the UI extremely easy and simple to use as well as navigate, I also adore the fact you can learn reversals and learn some astrology. It rarely crashses or gives me any issues so that is an amazing perk to this app!

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    Amazing App!!!!

    This is one of the first tarot apps I downloaded and it has given me so much amazing knowledge about not just tarot, but also zodiac signs and houses, and lenormand divination as well. Deffo recommend for beginners of tarot to become familiar with your deck. Additionally, you can use this if you don’t have a deck of your own and/or don’t practice tarot openly. This is because they have a virtual deck that can give you readings. The customizable spread function is my favorite because I can create my own spreads and meanings. However, some drawbacks to the app is that the virtual tarot means you might not have as deep a connection to it as you would a physical deck so I highly recommend purchasing your own deck at some point. Also, the “save reading” feature that lets you save your readings sometimes does not always show your readings in most recent chronological order. Additionally, some of the meanings for the tarot cards are a bit simplistic, which is good for beginners, but doesn’t point out every aspect of the card for more advanced readers. All in all I do believe that this is a great app to begin your tarot journey, learn about astrology, and save your readings in a virtual format. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to begin to learn about tarot or uses a device to document readings.

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    Wonderful, educational, and charming ✨

    This app has been wonderful for helping me learn and memorize tarot, and the extra little touches really make it something special. I love the adorable art style for the characters (which are set in a little story element that draws you in for your journey!) and the pleasing colors and aesthetics that make reading easy even for me, who has adhd and a hard time keeping focus. There’s lessons and readings each day, and every single tarot deck design is gorgeous. But the absolute best part in my opinion is the accessibility— everything you need to learn can be accessed without having to pay for it, which helps people without much money or resources like me to be able to learn without restrictions! I’m honestly saving to buy a tarot deck from the developer’s store to support this wonderful app, because it’s such a great resource.

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    certain things irritate me about this app

    this is a wonderful and wholesome app, however one thing that irritated me is that (especially with the court cards) some of them have the same meaning. So for example the question would be “which card represents power?” well thered be two cards that meant power and id get the question wrong sometimes because of that which is annoying. second, i wish that when practicing tarot it wouldnt repeat the same cards/questions over and over, ive gotten the same question like 3-4 times in a row before. another thing, i feel as though the distinction between similar cards could be emphasized more in general especially between the minor arcana suits as i got confused sometimes. other than that the app is very user friendly and ive been able to learn very fast; its probably the best app on the appstore to learn the tarot and the characters and story is so cute too!!! i have recommended the app to others.

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    GREAT APP!!!

    I have always found it difficult to remember or even understand the meaning of the different tarot cards. This app explains it in such a way that I find it easy to associate the meaning with the pic. I will say many people when they get a tarot deck look at how nice different designed cards are and buy special art covered ones, not realizing if you don’t already know the meaning of the cards, this can make it very difficult. I say this because then not only would you have to remember what the card meaning is, but also what the card itself is. I think this is great if you already know yr cards, but if yr new to tarot maybe keep to the basics. In many cases designs are not always clear. This app keeps to basic designs, so when I see the magician in the stance they are in, I know the meanings right off the bat.

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    A phenomenal tarot app

    Honestly, I couldn’t give more love to this app! It is responsive, beautiful, incredibly functional, and free!! The UI is amazing! Not only does it handle readings in-app with ease(and it reads well!), but it also offers exercises for teaching tarot cards, as well as lenormand and astrology concepts. In addition, in the app, you have the option to switch between several unique and beautiful decks, each with their own flavor and nuance. I personally love the simplicity and tradition of the Golden thread deck, but there are so many to explore! Recent updates added the “mirror” function, which runs analytics on all of your recent readings, allowing you to track patterns among multiple readings with ease. All in all, I have nothing but praise for Labrynthos. Really, go check it out!

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    I love this app!

    Granted, this is a beta app, so there's going to be a bug every here and there where the texture doesn't act 100% like it's sposed to. BUT that's not even a problem in my opinion. This app is so functional for a person trying to learn tarrot! It's amazing, I was struggling so much with memorizing all the cards, but this breaks it down into 5 cards per lesson and you can practice with them as much as you personally need. Add that on top of it's cute layout and simple memorization process. It's amazing how quickly I'm learning. I'm even more amazed that this app is free! I would have gladly paid for this knowledge, but the creators have made the entire app free unless you want to purchase a real deck from them to support them. And the decks are gorgeous 😍 I can't praise this app high enough!

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    forever learning and growing

    i love this app, not only is it designed extremely well and has tons of cute features, like changing your little ghost to a high priestess or the magician and MORE. it’s concise, and inclusive to all tarot. extremely informative, and the training is super straight forward and helpful. but more than the information the most FUN part is the tarot spreads and daily readings. i find myself on this app multiple times of week, there’s even a feature where if you have physical cards like i do you can input the cards you got and create custom spreads. they also have tons of spread options to choose from if you need help! resonates with me deeply, i never write reviews but this is literally one of my favorite apps. great job guys!

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    Great app to learn tarot

    In the years I’ve tried to memorize the meanings of tarot cards, I got further using this app in one afternoon, than any tiny book that came with a set of cards. I would always get bored or frustrated in the past, but I never felt that way using this app. I love the flash card like quizzes, and easy to use index. You can customize your virtual deck, so you can learn with cards that are easiest for you. No ads, no timed lock outs....I really appreciate the time and care that went into this app. I actually bought a new deck of cards from their store just to send some support to the the devs and team (although that is completely optional). Thanks for making this app, I really can’t say enough good things about it!

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    Great for all levels! I love it!

    I love this app so much. As a beginner this was a great way to get to know the cards, learn their meanings, learn spreads, and practice tarot every day! This app is great for everyone because you can use the in-app digital deck in a variety of spreads anytime anywhere and save your readings with your own notes. AND you can use your own physical deck with the app and input your reading, notes, and save. It’s so useful to keep track of impactful readings and favorite cards. AND AND there are lessons for learning Lenormand card meanings which was another great bonus. I love the little story features and options to use different style decks, it’s all very well done. Get the Golden Thread (tarot) and Seventh Sphere (Lenormand) apps too, made by the same person!

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    Love this app!! One little issue though

    This app is absolutely amazing. Beyond that, the people behind it really listen when you tell them something isn’t working and work to fix it (a past issue I was experiencing they managed to fix within the next update after!) The issue I’m having currently: I went to add a custom spread - which worked mostly fine - until I went to actively use it. It was spread out differently than how I had placed the cards. When I tried to edit it to fix it, it was even more messed up, one card placement not even showing up on the screen. It was like it saved differently than how I set it up and couldn’t seem to function to put things in the right spots

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Is Labyrinthos Tarot Reading Safe?

Yes. Labyrinthos Tarot Reading is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 8,514 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Labyrinthos Tarot Reading Is 65.2/100.

Is Labyrinthos Tarot Reading Legit?

Yes. Labyrinthos Tarot Reading is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 8,514 Labyrinthos Tarot Reading User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Labyrinthos Tarot Reading Is 65.2/100.

Is Labyrinthos Tarot Reading not working?

Labyrinthos Tarot Reading works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Labyrinthos Tarot Reading customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Labyrinthos Tarot Reading.

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