Sex Tracker by Nice Reviews

Sex Tracker by Nice Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-10

A privacy focused sex tracking app. Keep track of your: sexual activities,
partners, STDs, STIs, tests, locations, orgasms, duration, protection usage, and
more! Track STD / STI test dates and results for you and your partners. Be more
informed when engaging with partners. Nice doesn't...

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2. Is it Safe?
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Sex Tracker by Nice Reviews

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    Nice app

    ♥️ this app it’s freaking awesome af. It’s easy to use and log your events in!! It has awesome color themes in case you get bored!! It also offers a category now for rating events and you can give up to 5 stars ✨!! I have the free version, I have had it now for about 2 and a half years and it’s great!! I had a similar app before and it sucked compared to this one!! The nice app has never lost any of my info either! Also the icon for the app isn’t a dead giveaway as to what it is so people aren’t dying to be nosey and “ borrow” your phone for a minute!! Lol 😂 One day if I ever have extra money and remember I am so gonna upgrade!!😊

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    Nice! (Pun intended)

    I’ve been using this app for about a week and so far, I love it! I paid for the premium so that I can edit activities and change the color/theme, add partners, etc. This app is so customizable, it’s great! And I love the notes section for each entry and the icons for different activities. The whole look and organization of the app is so clean and tidy and attractive. The only thing that would make it better for me is if it had a way to add menstrual tracking without those entries counting toward the sexual entry stats. So maybe if under activities, there was a menstrual category. That way I can keep track of flow and when I’m due to update my birth control. Other than that, all good things! Definitely recommend for anyone looking to track their sexual habits for any reason.

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    Simple, clean and effective

    I love the design, the best of any sex tracker that isn't for tracking ovulation cycles for women. I like the calendar and icons—makes it easy to see your history. It's also nicely integrated with Apple health. The only things I would like them to add is support for the watch with an "exercise" mode that tracks calories, the ability to edit activity names after they have been created, and a way to differentiate between different activities performed during on session of sex and different sessions of sex (currently it keeps track of each activity as if it were it’s own event in the statistics section).

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    Awesome app

    Finally an app that can efficiently track sexual activity. Very easy to use and love the stats. One suggestion, I think it would be really nice to have a “bulk backlog” option so you can upload your history with previous partners. I would love to put my entire history on this app and have it all in one place, but it’s hard to manually upload 4 years of a relationship having sex most days... obviously days/specifics are not that important and impossible to remember, but being able to add multiple sessions for stats etc. at once would be very helpful. Thank you for the awesome app!

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    SUPER easy and reliable sex tracker!!!

    This app is amazing! It is super easy to learn, use, follow, and use for review. You can see stats from different partners as well as activities. I paid for the upgrade and that was WELL worth it! The developer is a one man operation, and he has been responsive to my questions. I would LOVE to see a “sister” app set up just about identically, but for regular daily activities: like working out, when you last got a haircut, or massage, or had a Dr’s appointment. For when you cleaned the house or called your mom (she worries, you should call her).

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    So nice for tracking all the things!

    Even if you only have one sexual partner, it’s a great way to keep track of your activities. If you are into multiple partners, and even more that one at a time, you can track that too. The app seems very sex positive. You can add Information on everyone’s sti test results!! I love that you can create your own categories and adding notes in both the sessions section and the partner descriptions is fantastic. It’s odd that the length of a session is measured in minutes only. But that’s a gripe, not a legit complaint.

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    2nd Review

    After having the paid version of the app for a few months now I still like it very much. It tracks so much that I enjoy knowing. You have complete control over the information provided to the app. The app is updated very often with little fixes and improvements it’s very nice and fluid to use once you understand all that the app has to offer. Pre-set information is very helpful and time saving. I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking for an app of this nature.

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    Wow so I’ve had this app for a while and my last review was almost negative because I couldn’t find a previous feature. Now adding partners is super easy again! Also, he keeps adding fun features. My app never glitches and it’s incredibly useful to track my sexual encounters. Would love to see the icons larger. They are so tiny I’m not sure their point. It was fun before to see at a glance my icons. The developer IS listening and I hope he knows that his latest improvements are rocking!

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    Why get rid of functionality - update

    I hate when by adding a new feature another is removed. While the ability to turn individual stats on and off is good, I miss the ability to see the counts of the individual items. Why not have it be the action then the count and then the toggle? Developer updated the app wand return the function in the next version - awesome! Update - developer is great - contact with issues and normally the next update fixes the issues.

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    My favorite in-store App

    I’ve been looking for an app like this for years instead of making notations on a written calendar. Easy to use, great versatility, with customizable options as well. Really has everything you need. Recommendation for the user- utilize the backup option. I lost my app, and after re-downloading all my data was lost. Rec for developer - allow unlimited access to history going backwards in time. Wanted to load in info back to 2011 but couldn’t.

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    VERY Customizable!

    I love how many features this app has and even more I love how easy it is to change your settings and make use of as many/few of those features as you need! This app can really be tailored to ANY sexual lifestyle so it works and looks seamless. No matter how many/what kind of partners you’ve got, what sexual activities you engage in or want to log, what aspects of the sex you think are valuable or noteworthy—this app has got you covered. 10/10

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    Lost all data and not a permissions issue

    I lost all my data like a few other reviews indicated. I checked my permissions. The last iOS update was a couple of weeks before I lost the data. I do want to indicate the developer quickly responded to my email inquiry. However there are at least 3 reviewers who indicate we had our data one day and then it was gone. I believe the app has some sort of bug/boundary condition that is causing the loss of data. The developer indicated there is no user interface to delete more than one entry which I believe to be true but the data is gone. How? No iOS update. Leading theory is a boundary condition type bug. Developer needs to determine how the data is getting deleted.

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    Great app but major flaw w/ update

    The latest update has a major flaw which makes the app practically useless for me. If you enter custom activities it appears to save them at first, but if you restart your phone or kill the app in the app switcher you lose all of your custom activities and the app loads just the default 5 activities. If this flaw gets fixed then this would be a perfect app. There are also a couple of things like not being able to change the order of activities and partners that are annoying too but I can live with those.

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    Been using since august

    I bought the premium today, and it gets me mad that I didn’t from the beginning. It would’ve given me more data later on. But it’s okay because I’m planning on using this app for a loonnnggg time. I love this app so much it’s unique.I hated when the rating feature disappeared but I guess it was because it went to premium. It’d be nice if you guys could do updates like.. add pictures or.. idk just more updates lol

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    Not a fan of the new “updates.” There were a lot more visual options before that made it fun to look at. There were a lot more “free” options before, too, for those of you just discovering the app. I imagine that, in the future, nothing about the app will be “free.” That being said, it’s been a good record keeper for a couple years now. I’m very concerned about privacy issues with the new updates though, because anything that can attach to a Google account of any kind is extremely easy to “hack,” so I’m probably going to just delete it now.

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Is Sex Tracker by Nice Safe?

Yes. Sex Tracker by Nice is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,673 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Sex Tracker by Nice Is 61.9/100.

Is Sex Tracker by Nice Legit?

Yes. Sex Tracker by Nice is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,673 Sex Tracker by Nice User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Sex Tracker by Nice Is 61.9/100.

Is Sex Tracker by Nice not working?

Sex Tracker by Nice works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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