Wix: Website & App Builder Reviews

Wix: Website & App Builder Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-27

Welcome to Spaces by Wix, the place to connect with your favorite online store,
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Wix: Website & App Builder Reviews

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    Inspiring but one big minus

    I started using Wix a month ago. Within a few days of playing with it I upgraded so I could have my own domain name and more features, and access to images, etc. Wix is very user friendly both on your computer and the app allows you to do a lot too while keeping an uncluttered look. (Perhaps most amazing is the AI assistant you use on your computer—after doing a short questionnaire about you needs and wants, it whips up a website for you. Frankly I was amazed at what it came up with for me, beautifully designed. You can then do a lot of customization. The more customization you do, the more learning curve. But I’ve been so inspired, I’ve been playing with it a lot. I downloaded the app; it too is to super easy to use with attractive design. Thanks for the blog manager! BUT...here’s the thing: I went to use the app on my iPad Pro and, well, there is no app for the iPad Pro! I was stunned and disappointed. It’s not like the Pro came out yesterday. The Pro would make the perfect work space for Wix—more design features would be possible than with phone app. You could then have pretty full featured Wix app on the go. Please tell me an iPad Pro app will soon be available?!

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    Subscriber Engagement

    I have two sites with Wix. With the older one, I am able to reply directly to comments. But with the newer version, I can not. I just want to know who thought it was a great idea to take away the joy of no longer being able to engage with people who are subscribed to your site. Literally, what is the point of having a website where engagement and discussions are encouraged but you can’t even address each person as individuals. I’m incredibly upset and disappointed. With the money I’ve spent to build these sites, it’s heartbreaking to think that you no longer find it important to give people a voice on a website they pay just to be able to have that platform to interact with others. It’s a waste of time, money, and effort if all people can do is look and scroll but can’t even reply back to one another. Never thought I would have regrets with this site but I certainly do now. Not sure who the creative mind was behind it but they certainly didn’t consider the things people loved and made them want to go with Wix to begin with. Why over complicate? Are we not tired of experiencing this feeling. Simplicity is bliss. Now we’re just lost. Whoever the team was before, bring them back. Either make it better or leave it as is.

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    Nobody Will Respond To My Questions

    So at first I loved the app. It was simple to use. I answered all of the surveys with thoughtful insights. I started earning cash and even started getting value surveys, which pay a little more than the regular ones. I haven’t won any of the big payments but I was fine with working my way up. Well I finally hit a little over $10, which is the minimum to cash out but it’s been almost a week and I still haven’t received my payment. So I tried emailing this company over and over again but nobody will respond and I have no idea how to get a hold of customer service. It took a lot of time and effort on my end to get up to $10 doing little $.15-.$25 surveys and would like to get my cash especially since I’m unemployed at the moment and Christmas is about to arrive. This app would be great and I would totally recommend it if they would be available to assist the people who took the time to complete their surveys. Don’t download this app if you are not okay with wasting your time. I use several other apps to make a little cash until I find a job and I always received payment within two to three days in my PayPal account. I’m highly disappointed!

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    I use Wix for my salon booking appointments. I recently got a suggestion from Wix suggesting that my clients download the app. Now before when my clients would book online I could see everything their name,number, an email an services that they were booking for. Now when they book with the app it doesn’t have the clients name or number. Just the service their getting an email. In the booking part it only shows service. I don’t even see or know who I am servicing. So I don’t know who I’m about to give service too. Although emails are fine I mostly contact my clients by phone. I will not be suggesting for my clients to use the app until it gives me more information on my end about the clients an their appointment. As for now I will continue to lead my clients to the website to book their appointments. Also I had only one conflict where my client scheduled an appointment it gave me the wrong time that she scheduled for. It was an whole hour difference. Her appointment was at 3:30 pm an her confirmation told her the same. But on my notification calendar it said 4:30 pm . I hope this doesn’t happen again. It was an inconvenience for us both to have different times.

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    Y’all have poor communication, and the app needs to be fixed!

    When I first started using this app I really like it, now it’s becoming a annoyance and inconvenience with the problems that come with it. I blocked out last month when I needed a break for working and it would not let me unblock so I couldn’t use the app, I even emailed and received a response saying someone will get back to me but no one did. I just had to wait until my block was over for my clients to schedule. It is now a month later I’m trying to block off a certain time and it’s practically doing the same thing but this time I need a special time blocked every week and it’s not even acknowledging it. It’s still showing my entire schedule is available even when I uncheck the Wednesday box that whole day is still available to book. Another thing is when my client go to styles the pic is cut off it would be great if I continue to keep the app if you could show the full picture that would be great. Other than that i haven’t had problems but those are major problems and could affect my client relationship.

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    What happened to this app?

    I’ve been using Wix for 5 years now. The app has been incredibly helpful in managing my therapy private practice. I was able to easily see my bookings calendar and schedule appointments for my clients. After the new update, it is incredibly difficult to find my bookings calendar. One page title “my bookings” says that I have no appointments, and then redirects me to another page that shows how many appointments I actually have for the week. It used to be very easy to see my calendar - one click and I’m there. Now I have to click through pages and pages to find my appointments. I don’t know why that changed! Another problem I have with the app is that it constantly gets stuck showing all of my notifications. The app will say I have three notifications, so I’m thinking I have three appointments. I click into the app and go from page to page to find nothing. I mark all of my alerts as “read” and close out of the app - it still says I have three notifications. I can understand that any big app update can have bugs, but I don’t think the development of the most recent app had small businesses in mind.

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    Mobile view lacking

    I find it completely absurd that after all this time, we still can’t customize the mobile view. 75%+ of my visitors are using mobile devices and they need to scroll down pages and pages of full size photos to see what they want. Would it be so difficult to just give us two columns?! A grid to make viewing easier?! I’m sure I’m losing sales this way as the average visitor will lose patience. Also, they click on a product and see the title in humongous letters and a teeny tiny product photo. Can’t edit that either. There are a few other things that are absurdly behind the times like the tax setup. You can’t separate by category. So it’s completely inefficient/useless unless you only sell ONE type of product. You should at least be able to compartmentalize by collection. That way I could make jewelry taxable and other items non-taxable. They need to work on this; tax is a huge deal. Meanwhile I stay because it’s easiest to customize my site with their editor. Did not like Shopify’s editor at all.

  • Little functionality and a lot of bugs

    App still not blog friendly. Cannot manipulate photos with the blog or access photos that have already been uploaded. Feedback Based on Update from Wix (below): 1) It would be nice to be able to do more than type up a blog on my mobile device. The app allows you to embed photos, but does not position the photo correctly in the blog or allow the user to manipulate the size or location. A problem for most blogs. 2) Wix failed to address the lack of functionality on iPad. Even in portrait mode it only opens one way on the screen (flip it over and you get an upside down app - very funny). With nearly 81 million iPad users, it might be worthwhile to fix it. Update: Feedback from WIX team: Thanks for sharing your feedback. The Wix Mobile App lets you manage your site and business (store, blog, hotel or booking system) directly from your mobile device. You can also engage with your customers on the Engage tab. Currently, it is not possible to access the Editor, or edit your site, through the Wix Mobile App." Original Post: This app continues to be very buggy and offers little functionality if a mobile platform is your primary means of working. Does not rotate from portrait on iPads, ability to edit blogs and manipulate photos is practically non-existant, and it often fails to connect. Just be prepared to use a laptop or desktop to edit your site.

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    So far so good

    Wix was relatively easy....but very time consuming. I was able to get my site up in just 2 days (about 4 hours the 1st day and maybe 6 hours the 2nd day) part of that time was spent creating the privacy policy and my first Facebook business page and 1st FB ad that people can click and be directed to my Wix page. I just want customer service to be here for me when I hit road blocks....as I tried building a page with a different company, with Ipage years ago, then I had to buy a domain on godaddy, then I had to get a business email with Gmail.....sooo convoluted. Wix allows customers to send me emails, allows bookings, perfect for my business. Only one complaint, the hone page contact form doesn’t have a spot for a customer to input their phone number.

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    Real time tracking

    I’m usually a little hesitant with some apps because they aren’t worth the time. However, I decided to go ahead with this app since I have all the other things connected under the premium account. I had just downloaded the app, logged in and on the computer side was doing some back end adjustments when a notification popped up that someone was on my site, what page, and for how long. OMGoodness. Blown away! I said to myself, “ain’t no way..” so me being me, published my background edits and went on the site live and BOOM! Notification pops up on que. Haven’t even explored the entire app yet but I’m excited for now and the improvements that will come for this app. Wix have continued to improve year after year. Keep it up!

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    Amazing and Always Innovative!

    I absolutely love Wix. I enjoy maneuvering though the site... The ability to edit easily, the options offered, as well as the fundamental straightforwardness the site offers. I ENJOY this compared to the many other sites out there. Now I have the functionality through my phone..?!?!?!! GREAT! This is the reason I ONLY prefer wix. Seriously, I have been able to create beautiful sites, editing has been easy and exciting... Wix is VERY INNOVATIVE! I enjoy all this site and the team behind this amazing site. You are always allowing us to grow with you by offering ways we can grow. I encourage all to use Wix bcz they are innovative and amazing. Always providing new ways for customers like me to improve the way we present ourselves.

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    What’s going on??

    We’ve been using Wix for a while, and it’s been very inconsistent. Most recently it’s stopped notifying us through emails that we are receiving bookings. The only way I saw that we were booked yesterday is that I just happened to check the app when I used it to book an appointment. I’ve been missing messages from my clients, and the therapists I have working with us are no longer getting these notifications through email. It’s very important that we receive these bc the app does not send them to my therapist when I book it through the app or from my desk top. So now I’m calling or texting my employees every time I find a booking. I’m exhausted from trying to get a call back because they never call me when I request it. So this review is my last attempt at getting help. Small businesses like ours don’t have time to be glued to a computer all day hoping for a real human to finally respond to them.

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    I really only have one complaint about the app!! I can’t send an invoice to my customer. Example- I post my product on social media with the instructions to comment their email address to be sent an invoice for products. Then I have to dry out my lap top go to the main site create an invoice and then on top of that it doesn’t take the products out of my inventory. So then I have to go into my inventory and edited it manually. It would be better if you could create an invoice from the app and be able to select the products that are being sold and have that take them out of my inventory!!! If you could add this function it would really be helpful. I am on my phone more than I am my laptop. Thank you

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    Unhappy with update

    I love wix for our websites - so easy to build beautiful websites. And the previous app version, while limited in capabilities, was very simple to navigate and intuitive. However, this new version - while it clearly has expanded capabilities (the reason I have two stars instead of one) - it falls short on the basics. I see a badge that I have a new notification and two things have happened on separate occasions: 1. I have a new message from my website contact form that I cannot access, because although I can see a preview of the first line in my notifications list, tapping on it won’t open it, or 2. I have no idea what the notification is about, because once I’ve opened the app, and discovered there’s no new message, I don’t know where else to look for any new information. Please fix these basic issues so I can amend my rating. Wix is better than this app version demonstrates.

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    Great site and intuitive to use.

    I love wix. They seem to have thought of everything. Just when I think I have a question they no one has possible thought of, I can google it and wix already figured it out. I really can say enough great things. Wix on mobile is great and thoughtful too! They include everything you need to do on the go like scan barcodes to send shipping confirmation emails, add a product, upload and edit pictures from your phone, get a sale in person... they’ve thought of everything really! The only thing is I wish we were able to customize the subscriber login screen but that’s really the only thing.

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Is Wix: Website & App Builder Safe?

Yes. Wix: Website & App Builder is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 40,411 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Wix: Website & App Builder Is 37.4/100.

Is Wix: Website & App Builder Legit?

Yes. Wix: Website & App Builder is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 40,411 Wix: Website & App Builder User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Wix: Website & App Builder Is 37.4/100.

Is Wix: Website & App Builder not working?

Wix: Website & App Builder works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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