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Published by on 2023-11-29

About: Best Bass Booster and Equalizer App for your iPhone - The Boom App redefines the
way you listen to music with Bass booster, a customizable 16-band equalizer &
handcrafted presets. You can also experience the magic of 3D surround sound and
feel your tunes come to life on any headphones.

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Reported Issues: 6 Comments

3.9 out of 5

By Iain Stubbs

6 months ago

I have been diagnosed with early onset dementia, and I need to diverse myself of clutter. Can you please cancel my service - I don';t know how to do it. Iain Stubbs

By Paul

8 months ago

Downloaded app. After one day, all the music that was transferred from the apple app disappeared. I can not find any songs, albums or artists list. Also is very unclear how to even look for them. Navigating the app is a nightmare for my 76 year old brain. Help please.

By James A Hutchings

10 months ago

I used Boom along time ago and decided to come back. I restored all my purchases but now see there is a monthly fee. Will I have to pay the monthly fee or will all my original purchases work as it did before?

By NobodyUnoe

Asking for a refund

I got this app last night to try to find a stop-gap fix for a problem with the highs on my AirPods Pro being too shrill. I knew it wouldn’t be an across the board fix, but expected it to work right. First off, I discovered that it forces you to use it as your music app from now on, and the GUI is ugly and rustic. I hit into errors with locally stored iTunes purchases with it thinking they were Apple Music streaming selectively, and refusing to equalize it all- some will, some it won’t touch and give a DRM error. It also scrambled all the artists, albums, and songs, alphabetizing everything individually, making nothing easy to find. In short, it’s useless. It’s particularly upsetting because when I tried to do the free trial, I got hit with a scammy popup telling me that if I bought a lifetime subscription this very moment, it would be on super sale. So I never even got the free trial to see if it was good or not, in fear of overpaying for something that I could be stuck using for a long time. Apple should make those one chance only sale buy before you try offers against the App Store rules! I’ve written in asking for a refund this evening, but considering that I’m still waiting for a reply from yesterday’s support request, it’s most likely going to take a while before I get assistance.

By Plucky Albatross

So buggy and no real shuffle

I’ve been using Boom on my desktop for years and love it, but there are so many problems with the iOS iteration. First of all the interface is incredibly clunky not easy to navigate at all. I’ll hear a song and want to see the artist or album and I have to press like 12 extra buttons and scroll to do so. The shuffle is not a true shuffle because the 2nd song is always the very first alphabetical song in my library. And then it plays things in order even when it’s on shuffle. Almost all of my songs are songs are Apple purchases (meaning Boom effects can’t be applied) but they only recognize a random few as such. It freezes constantly and the main play screen with the circular artwork is so ugly. Just show me the entire square artwork. When it works, the sound adjustment is amazing but the interface is so so so clunky and there are 3 many bugs with this app. Can somebody please recommend a comparable replacement that actually works?

By MGdakid

Streaming FLAC files from Google Drive

This app allows me to stream FLAC music from the cloud ,(which I was pleasantly surprised by) however the stream stutters and fails to play the track without multiple pauses. The only to fix this issue for me is to download the song. I have another app that don’t require me do so in order to play my music smoothly from my Drive, I.e. VOX Music Player. Unlike VOX, Boom allows for sophisticated 3D audio with all headsets as well as having a lower subscription price. If the devs could fix this streaming issue they would easily be just as good if not better than VOX. I’m a lifetime subscriber btw. Update: I logged back into the app and got a message claiming that I was trying to play an “unsupported” file type. I’ve never had this issue when streaming the songs directly through my Drive, VLC Media Player, or VOX music player. If it weren’t for the EQ I’d probably regret becoming a subscriber.

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