Phoner: Text+Call Phone Number Reviews

Phoner: Text+Call Phone Number Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-06

+ Phoner app is the best second phone number app for texting and calling. Phoner
gives you a personal and business second phone number, integrated reverse phone
number lookup, phone call recording, lookup anonymous caller, and private
texting and calling. Phoner supports international ca...

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Phoner: Text+Call Phone Number Reviews

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    Good Alternative for 2nd #

    This app works very well. I've never had any problems with missed calls or texts and I get alerts for incoming texts & calls immediately. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but for me the number of texts I've purchased hasn't always equaled how many I've tried to send- i.e. if I buy 10 mins of calls and 10 texts, I will get exactly 10 minutes of calls, but depending on the length of my texts and/or how many pics I might be attaching to one, I wont necessarily be able to send 10 texts. There's probably a limit on the number of characters counts as one text; some of my longer texts have been split (by the app) into two separate ones, so the ONE text I typed actually counted as TWO. Be aware that each pic you send = one text so if you plan on exchanging a lot of photos with someone then you might want to get a larger text package. This has also been the same with the Hushed and phone Flyp apps. I might go back to Hushed or either use it in addition to this app for my various needs- which are mainly for listing/selling online to keep my 'real' number private. I'd recommend it.

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    The BEST option by a long shot

    I have downloaded a handful of “similar”’apps, trying to acquire an additional phone number and myself testing their testing period of me. This app has been nothing but PERFECT thus far in all aspects I have been concerned about. If you are seeking a second phone number app, it is SO, SO easy to become overwhelmed by the offerings in the App Store. This is an edit to my review: In using the “Operating System for this App, I just become further impressed the deeper or “further” I go with using it. Sure, it might not be the only one that allows further number changes later, but the organization of this App, the layout for making changes to your number, numbers, for adding numbers, and much more is SO clean and simple it is nothing short of the best. My friends, I have learned FOR YOU by experience. So save yourself any frustration, go straight to the best option and download THIS APP!

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    Does the job

    First of all, I would like to say that I'm seem to use this app a lot different from other people. I've noticed that people use it for craigslist or work. I use it for a domestic situation. My partner is blocking my number and all communication. What is really nice about this app, is you can get a local number or a national number. Your choice. Once my partner realizes it's me, I can request another phone number. Easy pezy! I have read where other people do not hear back from Customer Service or tech-support, I feel as though they respond within the hour. No problems there. However, I do wish that there was some kind of online instruction booklet. I don't mind paying the money for the service, I just don't like paying money for minutes and having them converted to texts that I never use. For instance, I am not going to use over 200 text messages. I would rather just had minutes. Call recording, fantastic! Con, can't back up or share recordings. All of my calls have been crystal-clear and so are my recording's. I gave this app three stars because I do not like purchasing minutes that are converted to text. Please give us options of only purchasing minutes. Also, I took a start off for not being able to back up my recording's or share them.

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    They scale the price of new txt and minutes based on how much time you have left to renew. Not only do you have to purchase txt, minutes you also have to renew the number every month or so or lose all you spent for that number. Also the prices scale so say my credit balance is 1500 TO to purchase more min or txt it cost an odd amount of credits so you always have to buy more. The price of the credits changes based on how many credits you have. So basically if they see you will not have to spend money to get more txt or minuets all the sudden when you click to get more the price is now 300 over how many credits you had so you have to spend more. It's a scam good one but a scam indeed you will end up fuming 20$ a month in this app if you use it a couple times a month just to keep it active. Go else where half the reviews are fake. I also reported their price gouging/scaling to the FTC. Use common sense and don't give these guys your money.

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    Great App For Safety & Privacy

    This App has made it so simple to communicate with others without having to giving out your personal phone number. I use it professionally and personally on a regular basis. At first I thought I wouldn't need to use it but a couple of times. Now it's my go to App daily. I was surprised how many times this App was useful. No more random calls on my personal number from clients and job seekers. I'm able to screen potential employees and contact them when I have a position available. Yay! Thanks for making it so user friendly. I'll continue to use this App daily for a long time. I'd like to buy a forever subscription, so I don't have to keep purchasing more use.

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    Great Private App and Almost Full Featured

    The Pros are that this app enables one to not have to carry a company phone and personal phone at the same, without receiving company reprimands for over usage charges from personal texting and personal phone calls. The app's privacy features are great and your personal phone number is scrambled until you give the person your telephone number to call you back on. You can create very secure circles. The Cons are you cannot text when holding the phone in the horizontal position. Expect the texting not to work when texting within your company's secure Wi-Fi, so you may want to get a personal Hot-Spot or take a break and go outside onto the public Carrier nets.

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    Very useful I love this app

    Very useful I love this app. It worked for what I needed it too. It is easy to use and wasn’t difficult to figure out how how to use. The phone and text feature is awesome some apps only have one or the other but not with this one you can call or text. You do have to subscribe to it you do get a free 3 day trial and if you end up not liking after that you have the choice to cancel anytime you want. So I would definitely recommend if this is something you are looking into download this app and get your free trial and find out for yourself cause afterAll this is just my opinion. My review of the app. Everyone always has a different opinion.

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    Uprating review

    Was disappointed in not being able to find information on how there payment system works and received notification flash across screen that I had charge applied when no information was given or requested and app automatically downloaded but did not show on iPhone, they did grant me the credits! Emailed Customer Service requesting any charges applied to be credited back to me. Customer Service did respond in quickly and reassured that no charges were being billed to my iTunes account. So, research the payment system if you choose to pay and it will give you some basic information without all the headachy trying to find yourself.

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    All the Options

    There are so many burner and second phone number apps to choose from, so it’s difficult to know which ones are without gimmicks for free credits or have hidden costs. I got Phoner not expecting to have some really great features. I love being able to easily go between my number and my Phoner number which is great when juggling person and business. I also like the options for paying or tasking for credits and texting and phone calls are good quality and quick. I highly recommend this easy to use, no hidden hoops app. Enjoy!

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    So far so good

    Just started using today. Was skeptical at first but I purchased credits (I use them for texting for online dating). Been texting all day and it works great. Does what it says it will do. Can get pricy though since I've used most of my texts. Comes with 5 free texts and minutes but then you have to purchase. Lowest price is a dollar ninety-nine and the most range from four ninety-nine to ninety-nine dollars for credits (which are equivalent to texts or minutes). 1000 credits don't equal 1000 texts though just so ya know. You get like 300 texts or something with 1000 credits. Overall great app. Will continue to use.

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    Don't waste your $$$

    And that's what you'll be doing… Wasting money that you have to keep paying to do anything. The phone numbers expire quickly and then you have to pay more to get another one even if you have credits on the old one. It's just over and over and over again that you have to pay. They've increased the numbers of credits you need to make a call or send a text. I asked their customer service is simple question but they will not tell me the answer. It has to do with someone possibly hacking my account. So watch out because apparently people can break into your account and use it to send messages to people that are harassing or whatever. I feel like I have the right to know certain things about my account and if I ask, these people to tell me. They refused. Don't waste your money!

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    Does the job but ...

    Took one star off for the lack of ability to stop the annoying reminder to add minutes. Every time I open my phone. Really guys? You can turn of notifications as a whole but that effectively turns off the app. I use this app once every 3 months. I'm not going to maintain minutes the whole time or cash in credits. The price is high for credits but that's a decision I can control by using another app so I'm not going to ding them on that. Worth the mention though. Lower the price and I might maintain minutes. Did anyone do laugher curve price comparison?

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    This app makes my life safer in a way. Instead of having to give complete strangers my real phone number, I can give them the phone number this app has given me. For instance when I go onto Craigslist or offerup and buy something from a stranger, that's when I'd give them this number. There's a lot of these kind of app's out there like this one, and I've tried quite a few of them, but this one by far is my favorite to use. It's easy and self explanatory. I would recommend this app to anyone.

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    Something is Fishy Stay away

    don't waste your time the developer of this app makes several security based apps. i purchased a premium account, so i would have a second number to give out to business that will likely it to other companies/ i am fed up with robocalls. The premium account i purchased through a web browser. And proceeded to download the app. firstly: i couldnt transfer my purchase to the app which was about $30 dollars . after i clicked App support on Apples AppStore i was directed to the website that was useless with small print and with no support information other than fournlinks links at the bottom of this page. After clicking both FAQS and Web Apps i was redirected to an error page and the a nonsecure site last updated in 2014!! This pages asked for your login credientials. i then went back secure browser and was surprised that this version looked nothing like safaris version. i sent time a text along with screen shots of the the pages. "Sorry will up date that and that was a week ago. i am going to request a refund.

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    This app is very useful

    I love this app!!! The ability to keep my personal number private and text in anonymity is wonderful. I am in the process of moving and selling a lot of stuff, and to be able to put a cell phone number out on the internet that is not directly tied to my family and I is a great thing. Especially when you turn on the news and see the crazy and tragic stories about people getting murdered by listing on the various sites is troubling. But with this I don't have to worry.

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Is Phoner: Text+Call Phone Number Safe?

Yes. Phoner: Text+Call Phone Number is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 20,369 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Phoner: Text+Call Phone Number Is 47.7/100.

Is Phoner: Text+Call Phone Number Legit?

Yes. Phoner: Text+Call Phone Number is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 20,369 Phoner: Text+Call Phone Number User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Phoner: Text+Call Phone Number Is 47.7/100.

Is Phoner: Text+Call Phone Number not working?

Phoner: Text+Call Phone Number works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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