AnimeHub - An Anime Fan Haven Reviews

AnimeHub - An Anime Fan Haven Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-13

◆ Your One Stop For Everything Anime/Manga! ◆ An app that places you in the
centre of all things anime, AnimeHub is a handy tool that allows you to keep up
with and enjoy anime and manga. FEATURES: - See all the latest news on your
favourite anime and manga series and video games. - H...

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AnimeHub - An Anime Fan Haven Reviews

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    Random Crashing.

    I love this app, I’m so glad that I finally have something where I can watch anime for free! However, as I’m trying to watch BNHA, it’ll crash about 2-5 times during each episode. I try pausing and unpausing, even completely closing the app, but it’s still stuck. I think it might be trying to show me an ad, but it’s overwhelmed and crashes. I’m not sure if this is something happening in every anime, or just BNHA. Is there any way you can fix this? Thank you!!

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    This app would’ve been amazing

    You have all the anime in this app but the quality is bad when you go full screen you can’t see the subscriptions and it’s a bit of lazy work in it for example when you first get it you see nothing intel you change the settings and it’s not well organized compared to Funimation and Crunchyroll if you test out the app and see the bug problems and fix it your app will even surpass Funimation and Crunchyroll because you have more anime than they do and you fix your bugs faster than they do sometimes they don’t bother to read the complaints so I hope your app becomes a better one where all the bugs are fixed and everyone isn’t complaining about pop up ads and full screen glitch and syncing nonstop so please fix these bugs

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    Don’t download

    It is super slow, you have to wait forever for it to load and I have good internet connection on my phone so the app is slow. You have to click on the picture of the manga or anime to actually see what it is. What I mean by that is that it shows the picture of the anime and there is a place where a title could go but it makes you click on the anime to see what it is. It has many pop ups and bugs. Not even a minute after being on the app it says that there is a virus on my phone because of it.

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    Good but...

    So leading with the positives, this app is honestly amazing for weebs or anime watchers of any kind, because it has lots of anime and it’s good quality, there are few little ads, and you can pause, skip, and rewind the anime as you please. I would love to give this app a better rating but, it only has subbed anime. For most people only having subbed anime wouldn’t be a problem but I can’t enjoy the anime and understand what is really happening trying to keep up with the fast moving sub so I /really/ prefer dubbed anime. Overall, this app is great, but if you prefer subbed anime I wouldn’t recommend it.

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    Pop-up ads... really?!?!

    This could absolutely be a 5 star app. Unfortunately the pop-up ads are extremely annoying and often vulgar or explicit. The manga selection listed is impressive, unfortunately 80% of what I have tried to read, so far, is not available to read/open. Maybe I’m missing something. Unfortunately I do have a concern for the pop-ups and potential viruses, and if you are going to have a large library, make it all available to actually read. Great potential for this app, the actual current product is lacking. I’m routing for you tho, please improve.

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    Just started

    I just downloaded the app and I love the fact it has anime’s I can’t find anywhere else. But my main problem is the Grey circle. I tried to watch Naruto but it would keep coming up with the grey circle. If they fix that problem I will change my 4 star review to a 5 star review

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    3/5- Take into consideration

    I like this a lot and I’ve been able to watch a few episodes of an anime that I’ve been mean meaning to watch. My only concern is this: as if this review being written, I can find the anime that I watch easily, but when I tap on it, I get a gray screen with a light gray loading circle and it never loads. I’ve tried closing and re-opening the app, but nothing seems to work. I’ve also had a problem where the audio for the anime is running, but the video stops for a second, and then the video speeds forward to catch up with the audio, and then continues like normal. This happens a few times during each episode, and for viewing sake, I would like to see it resolved. Could you try and update the app soon so this problem (and many others by other people who have left a review) is solved?

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    Pop up ads

    I like the platform, though it may have a few glitches, its nice to not have a bunch of ads while watching the show, I have been getting one ad in particular that tells me I have viruses and that if I click on it it will get rid of them, I do not believe this and I know it will probably give me a virus, so if you get that ad don’t click it

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    It’s fine I guess

    I downloaded the app because I wanted to find a way to enjoy anime and manga. A few things are fine and all, but the loading takes a long time. Plus there are too many pop up that say like “error” or other stuff. I wouldn’t really want to use this app much. I also forgot that some of the pictures and stuff didn’t load for me even when I’m connected to the WiFi. I don’t know if it’s just me or it does that to other people.

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    Whenever I’m on this app, a pop-up shows up saying “There may be a virus! Check your phone now!”. When you close it out, about 5 seconds later it shows up again. This is super annoying and obnoxious and I wish it would stop. And I request that the GUI would not default to that mainly white, basically unreadable theme. I think that it should default to the “classic” theme that is a million times better than what is currently in place.

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    Good But...

    It’s a great app but, it has its issues. While I’m trying to watch anime the screen freezes or crashes. And it could happen A LOT. I would recommend downloading it, but watch out for those screen crashes. ( screen crashes happen 5-10 times )

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    I can see that this app is great even thought I just downloaded it but there ate TOO many bugs. I can even see the title and picture of the show I have to click and see the name when I’m trying to watch something. I also can’t even play the show a big grey circle pops up or it just loads forever and never plays. Please fix this because this is a great app.

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    A lot of adds

    This app is amazing and gives you a wide variety of manga and anime to watch. But , there are so many adds and it takes a bit to download the manga. Other than those few things, this app is one of my favorite apps for watching and reading manga.

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    I was hoping for better

    I was using this app for an hour and did not find out how to watch or read anything and maybe I need to just go on it longer and then I will find out and searching did not work either but to the person is thinking about getting this app I do recommend because I do not have any experience with these types of apps but it seams like it is a good app

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    The app

    The app is great I haven’t had any problems while I have got it I can watch my anime ad free I’ll get ads when I close out the app and they don’t pop up every five minutes while u watch so you can watch your anime in peace which I like

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Is AnimeHub - An Anime Fan Haven Safe?

No. AnimeHub - An Anime Fan Haven does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 480 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for AnimeHub - An Anime Fan Haven Is 18.2/100.

Is AnimeHub - An Anime Fan Haven Legit?

No. AnimeHub - An Anime Fan Haven does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 480 AnimeHub - An Anime Fan Haven User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for AnimeHub - An Anime Fan Haven Is 18.2/100.

Is AnimeHub - An Anime Fan Haven not working?

AnimeHub - An Anime Fan Haven works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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