Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s Reviews

Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-29

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Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s Reviews

  • By

    Don’t Even Bother!!

    I was originally going to download another keyboard / font app, but then I noticed this one (with more stars). So I try it. It asks for my LOCATION! [this is an app for your keyboard!!!] Then when I go to all the fonts. I see familiar fonts that I love so much and are my favorite from other keyboard apps! But then I see they are locked! But when I go on other apps with less stars, they are unlocked! Except this app only has fonts that are unlocked and are VERY hard to read!! So when I go to the keyboard, cool I like this keyboard, just nice and simple! Just how I like it. When I go back onto the app to somehow get more fonts onto my keyboard, because on the keyboard, they are ALL locked. And then I’m stuck with the crazy font on my keyboard that I can’t even read!! On the app they allow you to select which fonts you choose appear on your keyboard. I have a hard time finding like-able fonts, but there were some I chose. When I went into my keyboard, I still can’t use those fonts I chose, they are ALL STILL LOCKED!!! And yet I come back to the same conclusion, this app is not even worth trying! And I am stuck with the font that I can’t even read! Inconvenient, because basically, it gives you no directions on how to use the app, except on how to add the keyboard. For an app with 4.1 stars, I don’t agree and I don’t believe it. Don’t even bother..

  • By


    I was exploring Settings on my phone and noticed there was a font section. So I downloaded this app because it looked nice and simple and like it had more fonts than other apps, even though it had way too many ads (look I get that you guys want us to pay for no ads, but all of those ads just ticks people off and they just delete the app altogether). I was super excited and I saw a bunch of beautiful fonts, but I then notice that they are all locked. So, I went to the app and noticed that there were some good ones (mostly the ones I couldn’t get because they were locked, and the ones that I could get were plain and like all caps with a line on top) that I settled for. So I chose the ones that I wanted to appear on the keyboard and went to text my friends. But before I did, I noticed that all of the fonts that I chose weren’t there. I wish I had read a comment or two before I downloaded the app because I think I wasted about 15 minutes on this nonsense. All I have to say is that the app looks so cool, but it was kind of a let down and anyone about to download the app shouldn’t.

  • By


    I know some of the reviews are negative but to be honest it’s not a bad app, although I do admit there are a lot of ads, there had to be some way to make money with this app. The monthly fee is definitely too much, if anything I think it would be better to have us watch two or three ads daily so they can be free. Even without the subscription though it’s still a good app for fonts and I don’t mind the fonts it gives. The keyboard itself also has different styles you can choose from. Personally I think it’s worth it if you maybe don’t use it much, but if you need it constantly and new fonts daily then I suggest getting something more professional I guess.

  • By

    Pretty Nice!

    While I like the most of the free fonts I don't think this app is worth it. If I am going to have to pay for fonts, (which by the way tons & tons of different style fonts come free on the net & many different style editing apps), then I would have to get a ton more than what you offer now. The free version is very minimal & not all of the fonts are very useable or even desirable... Sorry but I don't think the paid version of this is worth it at all. So right now I am trying to decide if the premium real estate on my iPad is worth being taken up by this app. Sadly I think not. I've had this app on my iPad for a couple yrs or more but rarely if ever do I use it, so for me this just isn't worth it on many levels. I did give 3 stars because there are several cute & usable free fonts. Ramp this up by 1000, offer tons of free fonts, even some designs/vectors, which are found all over the net & other apps for free, make this "Worth It" & I'll happily change my review.

  • By

    ʟøṽε ḯ⊥!

    So, recently I was bored, and I thought I should add some creativity to my font. I searched up many apps that were able to change fonts, but none of them were good. Then I came to this app, and thought it was pretty neat. When I downloaded it there were a lot of ads, but I didn’t mind. When I saw that most of them were locked, that kind bothered me, but I didn’t mind. They still had some good fonts left. I pressed a font, and added it to my keyboard. When I tried it out, it worked perfectly! I was in love with this app. (Also I got something saying that I give it five stars and a good review I could unlock a font, and I didn’t have a problem with that because this app is REALLY neat. Even if some of the fonts are locked, the ones that aren’t are really nice, but I really wished I had the MYTHOLOGY one unlocked! Please, and Thank you!)

  • By


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    Not the BEST!!

    So when I first opened the app it asked for my location!.. Why would it need that!!! (A little CREEPY don't you think). I also don't like when you add the key board in settings where it says allow full access which makes the app be able to read all the texts you send using their key board! (It's like their trying to stalk people). Then it asks to send notifications like all apps! And it seams pretty cool at first! Like it says tap on the key boards you want and the Founts, but the problem is there's not a lot to choose from and when I went on my messages to see if it worked it only let me use 1 fount and I hated it! The font was sooo strange it looked like they tried to take to letters of the alphabet just to make one cause they thought it would be cool I guess. I did love though that you got to choose between 3 different key board colors! There's a pink back ground with white keys and the letter are pink! So I thought that was cool! But I don't recommend this app! TRUST ME!!! ITS NOT WORTH THE DOWNLOAD!!!!

  • By

    Ժօղե աɑտեҽ վօմɾҽ եíʍҽ! " Don’t waste you’re time “

    So earlier today I was on Instagram and I come across a ad for font apps and somehow it was this app it looked cool and it attracted my attention and so I downloaded it I have been looking for new fonts lately so whatever. After t is done downloading it asks you for notifications and you’re location which is really wierd coming from a fonts app anyways I didn’t really thing much of it until now but let’s continue I’m finally in the app it lets me choose the fonts I liked even though some had to be in app purchased some actually were pretty cool after I actually installed it in my keyboard system on setting I go to type and I only have access to 1 font and the rest I picked were locked and as much as I clicked them it wouldn’t switch to the next font. After all that I was left with this font " ƒօղետ" All in all I don’t recommend this app please don’t waste you’re time!

  • By

    ranting about an app. ;)

    I thought it was a good idea at first because I wanted some do fonts. But then when I first opened the app I realized that there wasn’t that many fonts to choose from lots of them you could easily do with your keyboard. After that I set up the keyboard and that stuff I go to use it and I choose font. The font was fine. Then I go to change it, only to find an ad (which by now I’m used to having a million ads in stuff like this). I change my font and go to use, but I soon realize this is the same font I had before and not the one I wanted. I try to change it again, but this time it changes but not to the one I want. I go in and change it again but as soon as I get into the app there’s a freaking ad! I try to change it again. Nothing. Again. Nothing. Again. Nothing. And each and every time I go back into the app I get an ad. So I Deleted It. Rant Over.

  • By

    idek a⃣n⃣y⃣m⃣o⃣r⃣e⃣

    so i have this font (t⃣h⃣i⃣s⃣ o⃣n⃣e⃣) but i’m not gonna type with it cause it’s annoying. 😂. so i was scrolling on tiktok and came across this app, and decided that it might make me more aesthetic, ya know. so i got this app, off the bat it asks for my location. i say no, because it’s a keyboard app and that’s low key weird. so then, i check to see fonts and they are all locked. i think it’s concerning because all the aesthetic fonts (the ones i downloaded this for) are locked and you have to pay. before i could even scroll, i got an ad. 10 SECONDS into this app and i already have an ad. so t⃣h⃣i⃣s⃣ f⃣o⃣n⃣t⃣ is the only font i thought was aesthetic, not locked, looked good, and was easy to read. whatever. i don’t know what the coins are for either... it still confuses me.

  • By

    It’s not the best

    I love this app but there are a lot of problems! I’m going to start off with I wanted to get this app because I’ve seen some really cool fonts off of other apps, but as soon as I got onto the app I see a commercial! There are way to many commercials! Second, I looked at all the apps and i loved a certain one so I clicked it and I used it but then I got tired of using it so I clicked on another font, THE FONT DIDN’T CHANGE! I kept trying to click on another font again it didn’t change! Other than those two problems I would recommend it to friends it’s still fun but I would like to change a little bit of it.

  • By


    I got this app cause I wanted fun fonts. just like everyone else. I found it so cool we got to choose the different fonts we wanted and the keyboard colors. but when I tried it out... the font I chose to have in my keyboard wasn’t there. it was a whole different font. So when I got back on the app to see if I accidentally clicked the wrong one, I didn’t. then I tried changing it through my keyboard and every single font was locked other than the one it ‘automatically’ chose for me. I found it so weird because on the app, it makes you think you have all these choices of different fonts that are free and not locked. Then you get into your keyboard and they’re all locked... wouldn’t waste your time if you don’t wanna be stuck with եհíՏ ƒօղե ɑӏӏ եҍҽ Եíʍҽ íղՏեҽɑժ օƒ եհҽ օղҽ Վօմ օɾíցíղɑӏӏվ աɑղեҽժ ...

  • By

    íետ օƙɑվ ҍմ ҍմե ղօե ցɾҽɑե. (It's okay but not great)

    í ӏօѵҽ ҍվե օեհҽɾ ƒօղետ ɑɾҽ ӏօϲƙҽժ. ҽ×ɑʍթӏҽ: í թíϲƙҽժ ӏօѵҽӏվ աօɾժտ ɑղժ եհҽղ ահҽղ í եɾíҽժ ӏօѵҽӏվ աօɾժտ íե ϲհɑղցҽտ íղ եօ ƙҽҽթ ϲɑӏʍ ɑղժ ահҽղ í ϲɑʍҽ եօ տաíեϲհ íե ҍɑϲƙ օղ եհҽ ƙҽվҍօɑɾժ ҽѵҽɾվեհíղց աɑտ ӏօϲƙҽժ! í ժíժղ'ե ӏíƙҽժ íե եհɑե ʍմϲհ ɑղժ íե ժօҽտղ'ե աօɾƙ օղ եհҽ ɑթթտեօɾҽ օƒϲօմɾտ. եհҽ օղӏվ եհíղց եհɑե í ӏíƙҽ íտ եհҽ ƙҽվҍօɑɾժտ, ҍմե 1 í եհíղƙ íտ ӏօϲƙҽժ ɑղժ վօմ ղҽҽժ 2,000 ϲօíղտ եօ ցҽե íե.(I love but other fonts are locked. Example: I picked lovely words it changes in to keep calm and when I came to switch it on the keyboard everything was locked! I didn't liked it that much and it doesn't work on the app store of course. The only thing that I like is the keyboard, but 1 I think is locked and you need 2,000 coins to get it.)

  • By

    Ummm This app cheats you

    So I looked at the app and decided to download it because the first one I downloaded costed $20 a month and I though that was a bit ridiculous if I used it maybe once or twice. So I decided to look for a different one. I found this and thought it was pretty cool I looked at it selected all the fonts I want and when I opened the keyboard it gave me ONE font that was it and when I went to see if my other fonts were selected they were all locked. So I would say if you don’t know where all the letters are on the keyboard with normal font don’t download this because you can’t read it like at all. I did allow full access at first and saw it did nothing so I decided to turn it off and I’m glad I did because when I looked at it in more depth it says it could find your credit card number I mean come on.

  • By


    By far the most annoying flurry of adds and garbage adds before I could even try the app. One keyboard style is unlocked but you can’t find your way to buy the app because you have to play final fantasy for a while before it allows you to X out of it. All I really wanted was to purchase the app but this developer is so busy trying to get you to buy other apps that will eventually cost you loads of money, they couldn’t even allow you the respect and time to buy the app without terrorizing your eyes with adds. It takes a lot to get me to write a review because I think it a waste of time and will probably be deleted by the developer anyway, but this thoroughly irritated me to a point of wanting to gouge my eyes out after watching adds and then trying to use this useless app. Well done development team!!

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Yes. Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 67,015 Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s Is 46.4/100.

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