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Published by on 2023-12-08

About: Your World, your way! Join the Woozworld metaverse and chat with people from
all around the world! Wanna be the next style icon? With thousands of clothing
items and accessories to choose from, you can dress your avatar in the hottest
new styles. You can even strike a stylish pose with your friends and take
awesome selfies in hangouts designed by YOU! In Woozworld, you can create your
own games, hangouts, or even throw an a.

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Developer: Woozworld inc.

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit Woozworld Website

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Reported Issues: 3 Comments

4.4 out of 5

By EnjoyingFreetime

Woozworld has become terrible. Glad I’ve quit.

Being a member 7 years the WoozWorld society/community isn't friendly or interactive at all to any new people. If theres an unofficial goal in WoozWorld it would be to become rich and have the most “rare” items achievable. But that cant be done simply because the game is a pay to succeed game in itself. The leveling takes long so you will be stuck as a newbie for many amounts of time (you need community votes to level, and new people aka “noobs” rarely get voted). The WoozWorld support team is terrible. As WoozWorld team isn’t so interactive as enforcer of their own rules the way they used to be. There is scamming, curse words, sexual role-play, racism, bullying. That goes completely unnoticed. The best action to take is to report these bad people but no punishment comes from their actions so thousands of players do these naturally daily. The updates are usually just boring side activities, or new items for purchase. Which again, is where “pay to succeed” comes in. The censorship of words is terrible as people get around the censorship and just find new ways to curse. For example the N word is used so much but just in a different way. And when its said in a hateful way, reporting it got me suspended instead of the person directing it at my friends for our brown skin tones. Trust me, woozworld is a terrible app filled with an inappropriate, harassing community of teens. This is just a warning, thank you for reading.

By jeremy☻

A game that’s not worth your money.

Woozworld is a fun game, when you first begin you may find yourself tempted to spend some money, but that’s how they want everyone to feel. The game definitely has it’s perks, and while it definitely is a socially driven game, the items and “deals” that are released aren’t worth it. They want you to spend money on memberships that do almost nothing and items like they’ve been doing for over 10 entire years now. Woozworld has had it’s glory days, the game was very filled with new members daily who wanted to find what others found in Woozworld, but as time progressed, the game itself was sold to a different company, management changed and different practices were put in place, the staff truly is just doing what they HAVE to do to get by. They are making the items, and doing the “events” and rushing offline. They open their Wallz (Woozworld’s alternative to Facebook *and their “walls”) for a couple days so Woozens can speak their opinions on things and close them forever, therefore silencing a lot of people who are looking for simple change. Short version; don’t waste your money on this game, take it from someone who has, it’s all garbage and virtual trash that isn’t worth anything in the long run, have your fun but don’t go too crazy, it’s all a waste.

By Local Gay Girl 🏳️‍🌈✨

I should of gave it a -0 🙄

You know woozworld should take responsibility of there games. I made a new account because I didn’t like the account I like. So for the secret question/ answer why, just why? We didn’t have that like 5-4 years ago. NOW IF SOMEONE LOSE THAT, it’s y’all responsibility to take care of that if someone contact y’all because, what if someone contact y’all and y’all said that. We have to check to see if it on the “real email account or we have to see first” first of all: What we have a email already on a woozworld account and we lost it..? Second: How would we change the email if we lost on the new account too.? Third and last: How are wed going to contact y’all if y’all put stupid stuff or like wait for a WHOLE MONTH TO GET A REPLY BACK TO SAY THAT YALL CANT DO THAT..! Y’all are woozbandz and i’m telling y’all that you can do that or take the secret question off like 5-4 years ago and it’ll be find. Like it was back in the old days. 🥰 I’m leave it 1 or like i said i’ll leave it -0 because there’s little kids that will lose it easily. Woozworld better see it or delete my two account the i contact y’all. 😏

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