SCRUFF - Gay Dating & Chat Reviews

SCRUFF - Gay Dating & Chat Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-02

SCRUFF is the top-rated and most reliable app for gay, bi, trans and queer guys
to connect. More than 15 million guys worldwide use SCRUFF to find friends,
dates, hookups, events, travel tips, and more. SCRUFF is an independent, LGBTQ
owned and operated company, and we use the app that...

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SCRUFF - Gay Dating & Chat Reviews

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    It’s like that gay version of Facebook

    When I decided to find a new man in my life I joined Scruff and started chatting with guys who live nearby. Seeing how close some guys are is nice because you can both choose whether or not you want to develop a relationship with someone before you get to know them. Something that takes a bit of getting used to though is that the distance that this app shows you is as-the-crow-flys distance. In other words, my boyfriend lives 37 miles away according to the app, but in actuality he’s about an hour’s drive away from me. It might be nice if Scruff utilized Google maps to give you the driving distance instead of what it gives you because it can be misleading. I ultimately found the man of my dreams on Scruff and me and my boyfriend now use Scruff to communicate with each other. We also have an agreement that we can flirt with other guys as long as we’re not looking for potential hookups. Scruff has been wonderful. I have met a lot of new friends in addition to finding my new boyfriend. This app has changed my life for the better!

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    Rude support, not responsive to customer requests

    The developer needs to learn that a feature may be working as designed, but if it doesn’t work the way their customers want it to, it’s not working correctly. Paid version only allows a maximum of 2000 blocks and hides, because (according to Scruff support), more than that causes app performance to degrade unacceptably. Other dating apps have solved this problem, but Scruff support were adamant that it’s not a problem and therefore they are not going to change how this works. Instead, they directed me to use their search feature, which also isn’t as robust as it could be, and doesn’t solve the problem I have, which is that the only way to get different guys to show up in my feed is to block or hide the ones who are already shown (so that there is room for other profiles to be displayed). Again the answer from Scruff support was “this is working as designed and we’re not going to change it.” These answers would be unacceptable from the company I work for, and pretty much any other company I’ve encountered. This developer needs to learn that their paying customers are their most important customers, and the customer is always right. Again, “working as designed” is not the same as “working correctly” if it’s not working how your customers want it to.

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    App redesign kills Scruff

    Unfortunately, after paying hundreds of dollars over the years to the Scruff developers, I won’t be giving them another dollar and I’m not alone... The app is going the way of Grindr rapidly because of delusional decisions in management, seemingly related to social engineering causes. They significantly lowered the refresh rate of the online global grid which facilitated high speed meeting of guys presumably because it allowed for refined selection of potential interests and this competes with the philosophy of the app developers who would like to see a less shallow gay culture. You can’t force people to talk to ugly guys, we will just leave your app for one that does provide gay online dating services at the same level as Scruff used to, and considering the money in this space, it won’t take long. Remember how quick Grindr’s fall was? I just refuse to support a ridiculous development team limiting their app for people who pay over a hundred dollars each year for pro service... especially when it would seem that not data, but instead ideology, is the reason for the regression. At least you now have a great my digital gay yearbook app... young people can just use 4chan or reddit to meet hot young gay guys if your app is broken and artificially delayed, you’re not going to singlehandedly dismantle beauty worship, it’s a feature of sexuality and one that should be celebrated.

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    Paying member...update ruined experience

    I’ll start w/ saying Scruff for me has easily been one of my favorite hookup/dating apps, both in ease of use, selection of eligible great guys, and features for lying members. I deleted my Grindr soon after joining as a premium Scruff member because I felt I only ever easily found what I was searching for (with actual follow through) on this app. But all withstanding, this recent update has been abysmal from a technical perspective. Woofs and photo unlocks only seem to work half the time, often you have to fully back out of a chat & profile to see a new incoming message, and don’t even get me started on the photo viewing experience. The best part of premium IMO was the ability to quickly, easily, and fully see a members photo album; to get a better sense of if someone is your type. But now it is almost a pain to view a members full album. If you zoom too much or in a slightly careless way, it completely bumps you out of a user’s photo album back to their main profile, sometimes happening over and over. When you aren’t completely forced out of an album, half the time the zoom feature stops working all together. And will also frequently bump you to a completely different picture than you were viewing. It’s a mess to say the least.

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    Three reason... +1

    I dislike the amount of people that use scruff. That’s it, truthfully, I can’t thing of any other grievances. At first glance the interface is wonky (Being that all gay boys start on Grindr). However, Scruff has amazing capabilities! Everything I could ever ask for in an app of this sort is there, it’s very well thought out. Some of my favorite things are the private photo albums •You can quickly catch a guys attention by unlocking, rather than a nearly invisible ‘hey’•The human body is art, one should capture it is ways that communicate that and share often• I also love the fact that you can jot quick notes about someone for yourself •I don’t have PRO at the moment but this would be something I’d us after every conversation•He likes/dislikes... Don’t talk to him he... *giggles*• Lastly I enjoy the match sectioning the app •I think it’s super cutesy•It keeps me coming back just about every day, there aren’t very many profiles that catch my attention in my area [What can I say, I’m out of their leagues]•It’s an awesome way to see profiles that I do not come by on a day to day bases• Okay, okay, okay; This is really the last one. The ability to search lNo need to elaborate• Truthfully Grindr gets more attention than it deserves and I wish more people would use scruff. Pleeeaasssss make it happen some how!!! But only allow the men... I like men not boys... MEN 😍

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    So much better than Grindr!

    I have used Scruff nearly for ten years! I have nothing but positive compliments about the company. And it’s not only in comparison to Grindr, who is awful. Scruff’s professionalism is evident in their quality of the app and customer dedication. With scruff I have encountered the following : - dedicated customer support - a response in a timely fashion - a follow on customer/product request - a follow on abuser reporting - service dependability, as for example messages being delivered by either parties, sender(s)/receiver(s) - a human connections when following on on issue - relatable advertising, no Christian mingle or similar no sense. Just product that enhances the livelihood of our community LGTBQ community! No just anyone buying/selling something. I don’t give this praise because I despite Grindr’s platform so much, I know quality when I see it. I can’t wait to see Scruff’s market value and presence exceeds that of overrated Grindr. I would be more happy paying Scruff’s extra service in comparison to unlimited blocks and whatever other nonsense that comes with “Xtra”. * I don’t and never have been employed by Scruff, nor was I compensated in anyway for this review. I enjoy there product and service and will continue to be their valued customer, just as they remember who their real customers are. Thank you, Valued Customer

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    Scruff is Great But!!

    Scruff changed several methods of filtering and blocking in wanted messages. I wish you could set up the app to where when we set up our profiles we only see similar attributes so if I set my profile to Single because I am then when I go to Global I want to see only the single guys Not married not Polyamory not Dating Also if you had more than Global and New maybe have chat rooms where we could then access to do group chat by state, city or continental region. For that matter have one for singles by city married by city. Need more than seeing everyone it’s too much and doesn’t allow one person to use the app like we want from it. I’ve met you guys in NYC several years ago and asked me my opinion back then and I told you that I love what your doing so nothing At the moment comes to mind. But now I’m starting to see several needs. The bar scene is gone and now this is it. So now let’s take it to the next step and create the retro bar scene in Scruff with streaming video chat with Video Bars for men with certain ages. I would love to see you take a FaceTime approach where if you were in a chat and wanted to real-time chat you could. I know that it requires bandwidth for streaming and it’s probably a future release

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    More stable than before

    I actually kind of like the latest version. It’s more stable that the previous version. The previous was kind of glitch filled. The opening page is the most altered. I personally find it a bit refreshing. The old was stale and repetitive. When you’ve been on this app since it’s release, even the global is filled with mostly the same people all the time. One thing though is it would be nice to be able to customize the discovery page. Similar to the way you could before. To chose which categories appear and it what order. —- older review: Updated review I’ve often been a hard critic of this app (and apps like it) but I rather like the current version. Not sure what all the other bad reviews are about. No current glitches on my iPhone 6s or in my iPad Pro Although it does look a bit like the new Grindr. Nice to be able to see video. Larger photos are a plus. Can actually see a face without having to tap on the pic. Multi photo display is great. Font can be selected in settings. Have been enjoying the trivia quiz game show Match is fairly good. Among many other things... At least the developers seem still engaged into their app unlike some of the other apps. Other than that, it’s the same local people. Yawn. It’s a finite clientele. And it’s quite pricy. Yikes! Part of me just says ‘why?’.

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    bluffing advertising to become Pro,

    Did the developer know about there advertisement page to become in Pro, that’s stick on the screen and cannot be removed, until I have to cancel all the app. and download it again, and write again the email password, etc,, and then there no way to go to Pro, this happened many times, and with long experience on my iPhone, I tried different time to inform you about it but no body answer, and still this promotion coming and no one care if this offer serious or just bluffing, let us know how to applicat this promotion without sticky way, and be clear to show the way to activate it. for that in my review give just one star, until you resolve this problem seriously.

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    Out $60 on In-App Subscription

    So I made the mistake of taking out a 12 month subscription. All was fine until I updated the app and was presented with a screen that said a new security policy was in effect and you must either "accept" or "decline". I read the new policy which gives Scruff the ability to be Big Brother and mine all the info about you that they can - including your device IP and MAC id. So I decided to "decline" and found I couldn't enter he app. Contacted Scruff regarding some sort of refund for the balance of my subscription and they said they couldn't do anything and to contact Apple. I chatted with Apple support and explained my situation, but Apple has a No Refund After Two Months policy. I asked them what I should do and they said to contact the developer. ..the runaround... I asked for Apple Legal contact info and sent them off an email and of course no response. I'm out sixty bucks, but decided that that amount was fine to pay to keep whatever privacy I have left intact with these thieves.

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    Better than its competition

    Scruff is better than the ever so played out Grindr. But you can still do a lot with Grindr that you can no longer with scruff and vise versa. You see a lot of the same flaky people which is a drag. It seems to be faster than Grindr and a lot less adds. I like the ability of having photo albums but dislike the ability to hold onto pics that are previously sent to others. Would be nice just to hit the button and see the previously shared pics. But I see the point of making it only available to paid subscribers. Monthly cost is on the steep side. A cheaper monthly fee would make scruff even more competitive than the competition.

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    Update: Okay, I'm actually very happy with the changes and updates they've made over the last year (since my last review). The app is more reliable, and they fixed some in-app glitches and difficulties reported by their customers and users. I'm happy to hear they were responsive and sensitive to the scruff community. :) Original post: The most recent update added hurdles upon hurdles and has made navigating the app tiresome. I've always loved Scruff, but I have no idea what these folks were thinking with this update.

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    I’ve been using this app for quite some time many years to be more accurate and have recently had a profile photo of myself in costume at a convention removed citing that the member is not in the picture basically saying that I don’t exist because the costume was from a specific fandom that all I can gather just simply doesn’t fit their mold and this is after having customer support tell me it was an accident that my picture was flagged and I should be able to post it and now I’m basically being ignored by the support team and my account is now on the verge of being banned for re posting the picture that I was told was ok to post , utterly disappointed in the way this has been handled , pretty much being told to go put my self expression back in the closet ... and by a gay hook up app nonetheless .... honestly I expected better but I’m not surprised

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    Good app, disappointed about chat feature

    I do generally like Scruff, as I think its better that many of its counterparts. However, I've always been disappointed that you want us to pay to be able to view messages and photos sent in chats after a certain point in the past, especially when this is such a basic (and FREE) feature in so many other dating apps. This is just my opinion, but I don't think I should have to pay to view my complete chat history with a guy, especially when this is such a basic feature of the app. I hope you’ll at least consider making that a free feature, as I think it would make a lot of guys very happy!

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    Features are actually bugs

    The “Insights” feature seems awesome—why bother someone who’s not into someone your age, or into bears, or what have you. Saves time and rejection, right? Wrong. The Scruff support team insists that the results are based on your last 50 interactions. Well, I’m here to tell you that 100% of my interactions were NOT with 36-45 year old boys next door. In fact, very, very few of them were. But all those 18 year old geeks looking at my profile? As far as they know, I’m not into them. And God knows how many guys I didn’t say hello to because I believed that the Insights know...insightful—and they weren’t into me. It’s one thing to have a dating/hookup app that could work better. Everything can work better. But this app actively works *against* you. Never seen *that* before.

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Is SCRUFF - Gay Dating & Chat Safe?

Yes. SCRUFF - Gay Dating & Chat is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 23,341 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SCRUFF - Gay Dating & Chat Is 64.6/100.

Is SCRUFF - Gay Dating & Chat Legit?

Yes. SCRUFF - Gay Dating & Chat is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 23,341 SCRUFF - Gay Dating & Chat User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SCRUFF - Gay Dating & Chat Is 64.6/100.

Is SCRUFF - Gay Dating & Chat not working?

SCRUFF - Gay Dating & Chat works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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