5-0 Radio Police Scanner Reviews

5-0 Radio Police Scanner Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-10

The largest collection of live police, firefighter, aircraft, railroad,
emergency, news, and ham radios. Be the first to know about weather, news, and
crime updates. Thanks for making us the best police scanner app on the market.
This app is one of top 100 most downloaded iOS app since...

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5-0 Radio Police Scanner Reviews

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    Keep Informed

    I like this app, because I can listen to NOAA weather reports even when power is out. It. Gets a lot more locations than the other police/fire apps when you don’t know the numbers to tune in with. I found this scanner app to be the best of those available in the app store. I have had this app for sometime and also am annoyed by the ads that happen to play when you are listening to a call. It always seems to happen when the call is near home. PLEASE APP DEVELOPER: listen to the comments about the ads. Surely you started this app to allow others to be informed. It helps wives listen to husbands at work, works as a back up for our front line of help to citizens, it helps us to inform others of dangers, etc. The ads are interferring with your patrons who are listening and using the app for the good of the people. We don’t mind you making money. Please find a way to put ads on here that don’t interfere with the important stuff. Maybe let an add play, but have it shut off when the scanner comes on. We would all be agreeable to that. Or allow us to buy ad-free use.

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    Love This App

    I've been using this app for years. Ever since my iPod gen 2 was new. It has the ability to access emergency services radio from all over the world. But for me, I primarily use it to find out what's going on in my home town. When the fire whistle goes off it's nice to be able to listen in and find out what's going on and where. It can help to alleviate some anxiety for people like me, who can be a bit paranoid about their loved ones safety. It's pretty impressive, it even has my small towns emergency services radio on there and it's just a small town with a population of around 2000. There's no draw back to having this app. It doesn't take up much storage space on your data drive and even the free versions adverts are barely noticeable. Check it out, there's no reason not to really.

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    One of the best apps in the store

    I've used this app for several years and gladly paid for the upgrade. I'm in public safety, and this app is my backup to my portable and pager. Here are a few notes on getting the most out of the app... The audio is a data stream (like listening to an Internet radio station). Therefore, it uses both battery/adapter power. Unless you have either unlimited data or a wifi connection, you might go over your limit. Also, it's a good idea to use a power adapter and not batteries. The audio typically comes from local scanners connected to the Internet. Therefore the quality may vary. Also, there may be a lag from the time a station transmits, until you actually hear it. All in all, it's a great app and highly recommended.

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    A must-have.

    Not an old-school scanner where one could adjust the frequency with a dial, and you’ll obviously choose only the from frequencies offered. Aside from that, I do use it often. Once I look for the area I’m, I’ll see what’s available. Often I can hear whatever ambulance or police car just went by and the sirens in the background as they rush to the scene. State police do not transmit here as far as I’ve seen. It comes in real time, and I’ve made sure my family had it on their devices. I don’t review often, and usually only when the situation prompts me to give a horrible review. You can take that for what it’s worth. Get the app.

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    Ads are so LOUD

    I love this app and use it a lot. I’ve also recommended to many people. So why the two stars? I get that there needs to be ads to keep it free (thank you btw) but the new ad system is horrible. We had a big emergency on our street and needed to know what was happening and threw the app on and the video ad came on super loud and played over what was being said in the scanner. Missed the whole thing and whether or not we needed to be concerned. Now every time I put this on, the ads are just more than intrusive. Also, after having the app going for a while, I went to see if there were any new feeds in my area and got nailed with another ad. I have the volume up to hear the scanner and the ad just scared the hell out of me and my neighbors. Please go back to just the rotating banner ads. The video ones are just horrible and defeat the purpose of being able to throw it on fast when there is trouble nearby.

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    I downloaded this app years and years ago. It used to be great...fast, responsive, reliable, and minimal ads. Now? The app is absolute garbage. Every single time you open a feed, a totally irrelevant, loud, useless ad takes up the whole screen. Often, you can’t find the exit button to close the ad, and frequently this causes you to miss important audio. Want to switch feeds? More ads! Listening to an event or a feed for an extended period of time? Watch and wait as it silently pauses the feed every 8 minutes and 52 seconds on the dot. I, along with many other first responders, use this app to get vital radio traffic, and it just isn’t reliable enough for that anymore. This ad merely pulls audio feeds from Broadcastify, if you’re going to pay for a premium source, why pay this developer who has sold out when you could just pay the source? This app asked me to write a review for years, so here it finally is. 0 out of 5 stars, get something else.

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    Great app

    One thing to understand with this app is that there is a delay and transmission. I use it to listen to the Fire Station my son is a Explorer at and he often text me concerning calls he is on when I’ve not even heard the call on the scanner. My best guess is that it is roughly a 13 to 15 minute delay but as long as you understand that it’s fantastic. I would have to pay roughly $400 for a high quality scanner to get real time dispatches and I would have to remain in the transmission coverage area to hear the call. This app allows me to hear the calls from anywhere I have a connection to cellular or the web. Well worth the upgrade to pro to get rid of the ads and I think the Pro version stays in the background better then the free app does.

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    Is $3.99 in-app purchase ACTUALLY available??

    The prices for purchase are inconsistent. In the App Store, the free- version lists the in-app purchase of 5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner as $3.99. In the app itself, the upgrade for ‘More Features/Feeds/No Ads’ took me to the 5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner app in the App Store and wanted $4.99. Of note: the free and pro versions are listed as separate apps. Since the app doesn’t offer a way to contact the developer, I’m leaving a review here. I was considering purchasing because the ads are a huge drawback and discourage me from using the free version. For example, the ads don’t pop up consistently, sometimes they display when opening the app before selecting a feed or changing to a different feed and sometimes they don’t. Additionally, if the feeds are quiet and one turns up the volume, the ads are quite loud. Perhaps it was designed this way to persuade purchasing the app.

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    like a window

    Like a window to the world outside the safety of the walls that protect us. Around you this law enforcement scanner makes it possible to know who, what and where events are happening. In real time the police chatter is non stop, sometimes humorous but mostly it is serious business as the men and women sworn to keep the peace are constantly on the move responding to calls all around us. It is not too hard to learn and get used to the way the codes and other information is passed along. For a hobby or for knowing what is going on near you I found it to be quite addicting and as good as a real handset. I hope you find it as useful as I have.

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    The crime in my neighborhood

    Is almost constant so when sirens screech by and or the police helicopter Is hovering overhead it was not uncommon to see me gathered around with neighbors wondering WHAT JUSY HAPPENED?? Then wait for the news if any. BUT now anytime a situation happens or I'm just curious about what's going on in my neighbor-hood or around my city I click on the police scanner widget and I can listen in on police calls in real time or literally within a few seconds and communication between dispatch, patrols and even AIR comes in so clear and precise, with other apps I would get so fustrated and stressed because of too many ads, static, channel changes etc.., but not anymore with this app!!! Thanks I really am satisfied with this download.

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    WAS a good app.. ..

    I’ve had this app for quite some time now and I have never had any issues with it, ever. What is the point, other than to ANNOY you, of all these lame and pointless ads!? I still don’t understand. The cyber world has become infected with this garbage and for that reason, this app is no longer my fav. They just now started putting those dumb ads that you have-to-listen-to-but-you-mute-until -it’s-done, this month. They pop up when your switch feeds or go back. Now I will be looking for another scanner. Other than that, it’s fine. That’s my review. Thanks for listening.

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    Had this app for years now.

    So let's begin with it works most of the time, but not the times some people would really need it to. For instance to help save some lives of the people the were unconscious after a roll over which had landed them in the river just putting their unconscious heads out of reach of rising waters. Sure I might have made it if I wasn't fiddling with getting my iPad app to give me a mile marker point through the pending ads that restrict you from listening or if it simply just does not want you to hear so the man at the other end pushes the stop button as you press play over and over. Well anywho good app next to that, be nice if they'd give the guy that presses the stop button a talk too about the importance of this app and to not do that.

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    Pretty Good

    I’ve messed around with this app for awhile now, Kinnda fun when your bored and like shows like Live PD or cops, LoL! I haven’t figured out if it’s really “ live “ or not but regardless, i enjoy listening from time to time. Wish there was another way besides maybe calling the cops for something happening in your area and also listening somehow to see if what you reported comes across the “ live “ feed? Would love to know if somebody else knows that it is for sure live or not, as they tend to switch stations for the serious stuff which makes sense too. Overall, it’s interesting and fun to listen to now and then... * 4 stars until I figure out if its really live or not! 5 starts if so. Cheers!!

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    This app is great but there's one thing

    ..that I can't stand and it started about two weeks after I downloaded the app. I can listen fire & EMS in my county and I could listen to the sheriffs office also but now the sheriffs office won't play and the blue power button beside it only favorites isn't lite up like the other ones. Is there a reason for this or a way to turn it on. That is who my husband works through and I love being able to listen to this scanner while he is at work. In a sense it calms me because the scanner is always on at home on his days off so when he is gone and I still hear the scanner I feel better but can always listen an see what calls he is on.

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    Good app however...

    It tends to crash a lot, and it's usually right after an Ad comes up, which is often. Sometimes it closes on me 3 times in 10 minutes. Also, an improvement suggestion would be to show the time in the time zone of the radio station that is selected, so if it is in pacific time the clock could adjust to that time instead of staying local time. Sometimes it buffers a lot which is frustrating because it's usually right around when something good is happening, and sometimes crashes or skips parts. It is a good, entertaining, informative app but has a few issues that if fixed would make it perfect.

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Is 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Safe?

No. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 288,777 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Is 15.2/100.

Is 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Legit?

No. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 288,777 5-0 Radio Police Scanner User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for 5-0 Radio Police Scanner Is 15.2/100.

Is 5-0 Radio Police Scanner not working?

5-0 Radio Police Scanner works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Wendy
May 10 2021

I want to stomp my feet! So frustrating I’m listening then it will stop for hours, can you see the steam! When my son is working I like listening. 😡🤬 This has become my I need to listen, since 2 of our officers have even killed.

By Pablo
Oct 31 2020

Police scanner 5-0 (free one) not working on ipad2, iOS 9.3.5.

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