ARTA・AI Photo Generator・Al Art Reviews

ARTA・AI Photo Generator・Al Art Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-03

About: Want to create a mesmerizing artwork? Or looking for a way to visualize your
wildest ideas? AI Art has got you covered! This art generator creates unique
images based on text prompts. Forget about the struggles of hiking through the
web in search of the image or the art supplies you would need to make your own

About ARTA AI Photo Generator Al Art

What is ARTA AI Photo Generator Al Art? AI Art is an app that generates unique images based on text prompts. It uses millions of images from the web to transform your ideas into visual art in a matter of seconds. The app is designed to help users create mesmerizing artwork and visualize their wildest ideas without the need for art supplies or searching the web for images.



- AI Art generates unique images based on text prompts

- The app is trained with millions of images from the web

- Users can create one-of-a-kind images and share them with the world

- The app offers a free trial with all features available

- Unlimited access to all features is available through a subscription

- Subscriptions are billed weekly at the rate based on the subscription plan

- Payment is charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase

- Subscription renews automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period

- Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. The cost depends on the selected plan

- Subscriptions may be managed by the user, and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase

- Any unused portion of the free trial will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription

- The app has a privacy policy and terms of use that can be accessed through the links provided.

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Key Benefits of ARTA AI Photo Generator Al Art

- Quickly creates images that follow narrative

- Affordable alternative to other AI programs

- Generates stunning images

- Crazy biomechanic images

- Look forward to future improvements

2680 ARTA AI Photo Generator Al Art Reviews

4.3 out of 5



I got ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt and was comparing it to wonder and they look and seem the same but I check out this one and it’s just wasting my time by watching adds because it keeps saying “Oops. Something went wrong” I also waited a couple of minutes but still nothing. I highly don’t recommend.


Does not work

ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt does not work. After entering a prompt it makes you watch a very long ad. When you are done the image you get is super blurry and unrecognizable. If the developers want to sell ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt, they need to make sure it can be tested by prospects before they ask to commit to a subscription (even if there is a 3 free days trial).


Extremely basic

App is extremely basic, bought the $3.99/week Trial just to try it out and it comes with some styles however they are not the greatest, app takes sometime just to generate one (1) image, even with premium features with in Trial.

Not comparable to Wombo/Wonder/Dream,



So, i got ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt because of tiktok and after a while i undownloaded it but it still says i have a subscription but i don’t remember buying it and i cant put my card in my phone because ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt charges me for something i probably didn’t buy.


Basic waste of money

Impossible to get anything close to your description. Request two men-get a man and a woman, one man, three men or even no human at all
And on and on sucking up time with nonsensical responses and often offering no clear image at all.


App is a waste of time.

After about 2or 3 images are generated, ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt says oops something went wrong. You have to force close app. Retype your words and generate again. Don’t waste your time.


Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work. After you watch the stupid ads, it says “error”.


Oops something went wrong.

I keep getting the error. After Choosing generate again .


Bad ai text to image generator

Also super spammy with the advertising starry is much better quality and detaileven if they limit you


Tons of commercial

It is not even allowing me to do one text to image AI test!


Apps a waste

ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt doesn’t work! Can’t do 9/10 of what you come up with


Artificial Intelligence with Developmental Arrest Syndrome

out of 10 attempts to generate 8 Ooops. Your AI has creative insights but is on haloperidol most of the time


Still some flaws but I love it!

So I purchased ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt 2 weeks ago and it has been so much fun! I play D&D and this is perfect for quickly creating images that follow my characters narrative. The only disappointment is that on some searches the images show up blurred. Otherwise, I highly recommend as it’s an affordable alternative to other AI programs out there that have a monthly subscription.


Promising app

As others have said, low resolution images and can’t see your previous work. Right now just one preset. But using the same words as other programs I was able to generate stunning images that were atleast as good.
5 stars for the quality and speed, and in hopes that this program gets finished and updated (I bought lifetime access).


Giving 5 Stars for Biomechanic Style!

Love the crazy biomechanic images that spring from this style. Truly amazing. Look forward to future improvements!


Blown away..!

I'd give ten stars if I could!


Paywall for Low Quality

You only let me generate 3 images before blocking with a paywall. Those 3 def weren’t good enough to spend money on. You have a lot of work to do. Also you only have one art style to choose from (even though you advertise more) but the 3 images I generated looked completely different in style.



You only get three “free” image searches. You have to watch a video before it’ll search or create or whatever it does. I deleted it because it’s basically useless to me. I don’t want a membership or subscription to ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt , I’d have to buy one if I wanted to continue using it.


App doesn’t work

Spent 15 minutes trying suggested words and typing my own for it to keep saying “something went wrong try again later”
Can’t believe they are charging for this


Don’t resale till ready

Paying for something that says coming soon in all but one option is crazy. Plus you can share but not download picture.



OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG. Constantly. A paid app should work more consistently. When it does work it’s a ton of fun. It’s pretty frustrating to get so many errors, though.
EDIT: I suspect they were having some issues because I played with it all day yesterday and did not get an error message once. I am really enjoying ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt. It’s a bit addictive. I can’t stop thinking of weird scenarios to have AI illustrate. I was not happy to see that the cool avatars everybody on socials are talking about actually cost money, but the thing I was most interested in was the thing they advertise where you can have your drawings come to life. I wasn’t sure how to do it at first and I see it from some of the other reviews that other people might be confused about this, but what you do is after you write the prompt scroll down a bit and you can add an image. then you can adjust how much AI looks at that image to include in what it produces. I’m still in the trial. But I think I’m probably going to pay for the year subscription. I’m having a lot of fun and I don’t want to quit you!


Can’t believe how good it is

I recently discovered Aiby AI Art and I have to say I’m blown away by how cool ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt is. The avatar maker feature is definitely my favorite. I love being able to upload my own photos and see how the AI transforms them into different settings and styles.

But ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt isn’t just about avatar creation — it also has a powerful art generator that turns your ideas into visual art in a matter of seconds. Simply type in a description of what you’ll have in mind, and the AI will generate a unique image based on your description. It’s a great way to see your ideas come to life.

I highly recommend Aiby AI Art to anyone who loves art and creativity. Whether you’re an artist looking for inspiration or just someone who enjoys playing around with new technology, ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt is sure to provide hours of entertainment. So if you haven’t already, be sure to give it a try!


You cannot try it without signing up for auto renewal.

You cannot open it without signing up for auto renewal. You can only get 3 days free if you agree to auto renewal. I wish apple would either cut this type of scam or mark it as “paid only” apps. I don’t mind a paid only app. But I don’t like when it claims to be free with paid add-ons. But is NOT. If they wants to give only a 3 day trial - fine. But don’t force me to agree to auto pay to do that, especially under the guise of a free app. That is what I call a SCAM. If your product is good then you don’t need to trick people into paying for it. I don’t know how it got such high ratings. Makes one wonder!!!!

(Edit: I just read through the other reviews. Most reviews are 1 star or 5 stars. And many of the 1 star reviews are titled “SCAM”. This diversity of ratings makes me suspect the legitimacy of the high reviews. It also should scare others into worrying why so many people label this a scam. Again I have paid for many products that had free trials. A good product does not need to trick you into paying).


Needs fixing

UPDATE: Not sure what happened but the recent update ruined the anime character results. Now anime characters are overly sharpened and have this weird annoying white outline around them. The character artstyle is better in terms of quality but every character is now generated with an annoying galaxy background or beach background even though that’s not what I specify in the prompt. The tags are helpful but it’s hard to utilize them because they change so quickly. Not sure what changed but it was fine the way it was prior to the update.

The anime avatars it generates are amazing but the explicit content warning gets very annoying. I’ve gotten many results that should’ve been marked as explicit but weren’t so I don’t get what the problem is. I wish there was just an option to allow it or disallow it. Aside from that, after generating a few pictures, I constantly get “oops an error occurred” message.



I understand why so many people give this a bad review. They don’t expect to have to pay extra to generate an avatar. They are also expecting it to be able to do things that are beyond the capabilities of AI generated art. It’s going to be a little weird, distorted and trippy, but that’s part of the fun. I’ve created and saved so much art that I’m going to have to clean out my photos on my phone! Let your imagination run wild. Don’t expect perfection. Sometimes faces are distorted, animals have the wrong number of legs, etc. But if you keep trying you will get some amazing, one of a kind pictures. If you want something specific with certain elements in a certain style then commission a real artist to bring your idea to life.



I downloaded ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt must for fun. But it turned out a constant resource for my inspiration. It’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt generates images in various styles. You should try them all, my fav is Pencil Sketch. Botticelli made me laugh so hard, you should check it out too.
The coolest thing is that even though you enter the same words, the images are always different. Can I also mention the animation that appears while ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt is creating an image? So beautiful, at certain moment you get caught in its intricate forms and forget that you’re actually generating an image 😂
The avatars I tried to make looked cute but I’m more impressed with the generated pictures.
If you’re into art, you must check out ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt. I absolutely love it! 💕


Do not buy this app.

This drawing app considers kissing to be explicit, almost any mention of a female , it considers explicit. There are a ton of these drawing apps that are just useless, if you’re a serious artist. I’m a starving artist, atm, and I spent my precious wages, earned at a part time job til I can sell pieces on the regular…and I got something far less than the quality of responsive images created from words with the Picsart app ai drawing engine. “Wonder,” is ok but, also very sensitive to explicit content, even if you don’t have the intent that should produce an explicit image. Still, wonder is far superior to whatever ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt is called. I wish I could get my money back for the lifetime purchase I made…or is this one you subscribe to yearly? Either way, my money, that is in such, short supply, would have been more valuable if I had just set it aflame and videotaped the event.
Not trying to be mean, just don’t want other artists wasting their time and money


Zero stars - app description is a lie

This note below is from ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt description and is false. Even with membership - lifetime, monthly or weekly - there are still more in app payments required to ‘access to all features within ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt ’ despite what the developer claims. Trust lost upon first use. UNLIMITED ACCESS MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt . Subscriptions are billed weekly at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.

Updated after developer response:
Customers will understand that you need to charge extra for certain things. The issue is that you are lying to your customers in the description. Even after reading my review (and I am sure many others) the description STILL is lying to customers. THIS is what the unacceptable part. The fact you can not see this and refuse to change is the reason users should opt to NOT use your app.


Not for kids

Just wanted to test the quality of ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt before spending money. I was shocked by how aggressive and sexually explicit the advertising was. Marketed towards kids and teens… It’s like.. “click the impossibly small X when it randomly appears during a minute of candy casino explosions and cartoon Asian girls with huge boobs, but if you accidentally click our deceivingly implied areas to exit, we’ll just go ahead and open up an app on your phone for you and sell you stuff you didn’t ask for! Pay us now to stop this harassment!” All so you can search for “Cat with seven heads” to be left with photos of one single orange cat with two kittens next to some oil painted flowers.



I recently downloaded this mobile application and I am absolutely blown away by its amazing features! The user interface is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate, making it a breeze to use. ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt is extremely user-friendly, and I found it very easy to get started. ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt has a wide range of functionalities and features, including a variety of tools to help me stay organized and on top of things. ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt is also very responsive and fast, making it an absolute pleasure to use. Overall, I would highly recommend ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt to anyone looking for a top-notch mobile application. It is truly one of the best I have ever used!


Will take your photos hostage

Zero stars for making you think you can test ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt before you purchase. ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt costs $4.99 per week or $30 per year. Which is fine if it works. If you cancel Al the paywall prompts and attempt to test their claims it will ask you to upload 10 photos of yourself with. Wry specific requirements to test it once you do it will ask you for $9.99. I feel like I have uploaded my photos to god know were and got no payout. Not to mention wasted time it took to take photos based on requirements. Complete rip off scam. Shame on you devs. Who in their right mind will spend $10 for an app that can’t even test??? There are dime a dozen AI apps that promise results and they are a scam. You try using them and get garbage. Than they blame you rather than their product. If you believe In your product Get real and unable at least 1 free tests before purchase.


Nice concept but…..

I gave this five stars even though I originally gave it one because I hope people read this before buying it. ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt has very good potential, but you never get what you are asking for. I drew a dog and expected it to turn into a realistic version. But instead I got writing… 🥲 I was not expecting that, so I tried again. Somehow I still didn’t get a dog but this time I got a city! It was nice but not what I wanted. I don’t know if it was because I didn’t have the ultimate version but, if you want me to spend my money on this, I expect something to go off of. I hope that this problem may be fixed, thanks!


Maybe it’s me!!!

Out of 5 stars, I took one away because when you search for an image and heart the photo, there’s no way you can retrieve it. Now we’re down to 4 stars, and I took away another one because there’s no search history, I mean you not let you save the image at least let us look at the search history to collect the image results. Now we’re down to 3 stars, when you want a logo or a picture with the exact words in it, it seems as if it’s trying to hit its mark but it’s throwing with its secondary arm. I can say it’s not all bad but needs some improvement. I was really excited to try out this AI art and photo generator, but unfortunately, it fell short of my expectations, But it may just be me. I would recommend to everyone to try it out for your self first for sure.


Not very good

I got this game thinking that it looked the best. I tried it I was completely wrong. The adds said that you could take your pictures you’ve drawn and enhance them, no you really can’t. I tried and it gave me a completely different drawing that looked more crappy than the one I drew. Also I had an idea I’ve been wanting to draw but I wasn’t able to draw it so I was hoping ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt would but it didn’t. I asked for a girl with hair going down to her feet, and it gave me a picture of a girls feet! Like what?! Seriously. My brother asked for a Viking sitting on a large black wolf and it gave us a crappy man sitting on a wolf and the wolf’s legs were really messed up, and in the corner was a really weird black thing it looked like the shadow of a cat riding a motorcycle. The only good pictures I’ve gotten out of this was a few pictures of a lion. Don’t get this game!


“Oops something went wrong”

Edit: I really love ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt. I think it's the best one. But this message pops up all👏the👏time👏 and it is SO frustrating. I pay for ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt, I want to be able to use it more often. I hate when it goes down 😩 but still:

This is the best app for upgrading art you already have! I pay for it and love it.

The only thing I wish for that I don’t know if it will ever be able to do is tell it which parts to keep the same vs what to change. AND tell it what new pose to create. Like, I have a reference image of a model standing very stiffly and it would help a lot if I could just make her put one hand on her hip or something! Sometimes over time the poses change a bit but not a ton.



Don’t waste your time with ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt! They tell you to upload your photos to generate an image. You’ll take ten minutes to find your best selfies, then ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt won’t upload them! So you’ll try again 2-3 more times, and finally it will upload. Then ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt will tell you it will cost $9.99 to generate your AI! It doesn’t give you a clear option to bypass, but you can do so, at which point you’ll have the option to use ONE of your uploaded photos to generate a generic AI with one of a handful of pre-designed style templates. You’ll choose your photo, choose the style, then sit through a 45-second ad before being told, “Whoops! Something went wrong. Try again later.” So you’ll try three or four more times, and it still won’t work!! Scam apps like this should be BANNED from ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt Store! They give Apple a bad name by association.


An awesome app for anyone who loves to be creative

One of the coolest features of Arta is that you can create amazing artwork without needing any design skills or advanced tools. All you need to do is type in a description of what you want to see and ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt will generate a unique image. Or you can upload your photo and it will generate your portrait in all sorts of different settings and styles. It's a lot of fun to play around with and gives you a unique way to express yourself. It's pretty simple and straightforward, even if you're not a pro at this kind of stuff. I highly recommend giving it a try!


Use try me but pay 9.99$ how funny

When I tapped on the avatar button it said “AI AVATARS“ and below it a button that says “TRY NOW” I tapped on the try now button and chose 17 out of 20 pics of the person that I wanted to create an avatar for and when I tapped on next it said pay 9.99$ and on top of it “this is an ai art so some pics won’t look good as expected so think before you pay “ or something like that. And I cancelled immediately cause you said it you may NOT like it so why would I pay also it literally says TRY NOW since when is trial is pay if I won’t have a sample of the AI AVATAR also I added three pics to the free templates and all three pics looked ugly. It changed the face and made it look like an alien face. AND IM WRITING THIS BECAUSE YOU NEED TO RETHINK ABOUT THE TRY NOW BUTTON, wether make it pay 9.99$ or try now for free for one time. EASY.


This App have serious Legal Liability Issues

ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt is listed as age 4+ on the iOS App Store, but the terms of use could not be understood by an 8y.o. let alone a 4y.o.. Furthermore, the terms say that ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt is not for use by people under 13 and require a parent/guardian’s consent for users under 18y.o.. This means you have legally acknowledged that people as young as 4 are not to old enough use ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt but have not take the necessary steps to properly insure children do not use ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt . At best this is an attractive nuisance at worst you can be found to have intentionally lured minors to violate the law. If Apple labeled you 4+ you had a legal obligation to insist the rating be changed or to remove ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt . It not reasonable to expect that the 9y.o. who sees a rating of 4+ to believe they are responsible enough to to read the terms of use (or really capable of reading the terms of use).


Inconsistent Quality, ZERO Communication!

I paid a bunch for this, thinking it’d be cool for branding images. My first use was for our Golden Retriever to get some cool images for my wife.

Of the 100+ it created, about 20 appeared to be designed from our actual dog and of those, 2 were decent.

Several months later I tried again, needing an image of myself for a promotion at our radio station. I paid for 100+ images and about 3 had any notable resemblance to me whatsoever. All three were stupid, characters based on some animated movie or tv thing I’d never seen, I suppose. Nothing I would’ve even given a second look to normally. (I ended up using one of my headshots in Photoshop with the comic filter … even that was way better than anything this generated.

I used the in-app Contact Us link asking for a refund for the second package, explaining that I’ll never use any of them. That was over a week ago and I’ve never received a reply. If they do reply and handle it even remotely well, I’ll increase the star rating, it at this point, I wouldn’t recommend this to my worst enemy … not even as a joke. It’s a COLOSSAL waste of money and a huge bag of disappointment.


Worth the sub. Gives confidence to artists in doubt of their work that had already made.

I’ve been putting in previous pieces I’ve made in the past, and totally completely impressed of directions I wouldn’t have ever thought. It’s so impressive that it’s making confident that I have even thought about making a venture from it. Says a lot for me because not once have I ever felt my work was good enough. This really does help boost a doubters perspective on what you can achieve even if it’s from a boost of help to direct you in the right direction.


Temporary fun

Was amusing to experiment with but quickly lost interest. The bugs are frustrating. It’s way too random in generation. If you use a preexisting photo expect almost no similarity in facial features in the result. $20/yearly isn’t much to ask but the real annoyance comes from the avatar and video features. Video cost you 0.99 cent USD each time you use it. That would be fine if you could sample it. You’re expected to shell it out and hope you get a good result. ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt turned Bruce Lee into a girl. Multiple girls in fact, one with a head in her hand. It also included multiple topless frames which is odd considering words like “nude” are considered explicit. Overall it’s “cool” at best. I cancelled my subscription after a day. This kind of stuff is headed in a neat direction but it’s far from its destination. If you’re the type that can drop $20 into a VR game and feel satisfied that $20 was worth satisfying your curiosity then go for it. If you’re looking for anything of lasting value spend your money elsewhere.


Unique and Creative

As an artist that's been doing my own photography (including developing my own photos) drawing, painting with watercolors, oil, acrylics ext.I found ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt to be beautifully unique with art that's super colorful, sharp, bold, and unique. ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt gave me some ability to blend my own unique artistic styles with their clever AI prompts, (including creating my own prompts) in order to create a one of a kind masterpiece!
These Art pieces can take you on a journey to a dimension, tell a original storyline, or just simply exist, not matter what your searching for, ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt can provide you with it. Your option's here are limitless and that is one of the things that I love about it! I highly recommend the AI Art app to all artists no matter what your artistic level or preferences are and creative people looking to try something new and different!


Not giving what I asked for at all

I paid for a monthly subscription. I’ve never unsubscribed from something so fast. I had a very simple request really and the AI could have taken it in literally any other direction. I asked for a fantasy setting for NYC. Asked for it in a bunch of different ways (fantasy style, gothic fantasy, magical, urban fantasy, magical creatures, etc, etc) and literally every time (I used up 20 image credits for this) it gave me a street view of NYC. That’s it. One time it slapped a “witch” (a woman in black with a pointy hat) in front of it and she didn’t even look like she was really standing on the street. It was like a sticker slapped on a drawing of NYC. Even the “gothic fantasy” prompt was just NYC except at night with Japanese test on the billboards which was just weird. Tried several styles, too, and nothing helped. Waste of money, I’m so disappointed.


It’s great when it works

App gives a variety of options and meets a lot of my requirements to use.

One of the things I do not understand is the use of the heart function. You can heart a piece, but it does not save it, you would have to save it manually.

The other thing is that every now and then, when trying to make a piece, it will display “Oops, Something Went Wrong. Please try again later.” It used to be somewhat uncommon and I could wait an hour for it be fixed. Now it is much less common and can last days. I still can’t make new pieces, because of it.


Human limbs an eyes are from a horror movie

I am having so much fun with ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt, however, I have agree with some of the comments about picture generated images with humans; these are a hit or miss when limbs are included. You can get an angel face picture with Frankenstein limbs which is not what is expected unless you specifically promoted it. Even when the promo includes. “No limbs”, hands appear in the picture. Not often but enough times.

White background prompt never works, aspect ratio doesn’t exist and square shape pictures is all you can get.

I would like to see a function where you can compare several (more than 3 pictures at a time ) so I don’t have to download each picture to my phone, compare and choose the ones I want to keep. This could be done directly in ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt .

Another good feature would be to be able to save prompt savings in your favorites.

All and all a great app, just some fine tuning needed to make it one of the top in the market.
Competition is fierce! Thank you guys for creating ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt.


Create a Realistic photo using only the word "Elmo" or "Oscar the grouch"

This is TERRIBLE for what I downloaded it for, which is to create realistic photos of well known or political people with humor. I tried using one simple word, Elmo and boy I wish I could share the images... they just got worse each time! I tried adding "realistic" and "detailed" and still. No go.
I tried to create a photo of a politician kneeling before another politician, pleading for forgiveness, and it gave me them both arm wrestling... smh.. like how? I toggled the settings to stay on my description all the way, and still got no where near my phrase.
Also, every single photo of the two politicians were goofy in some regard and most had weird red, blue, and neon yellow sqaure bumps all over their faces. And that happened almost every time... when i tried being as detailed as possible, it showed me a blurred image saying it was too graphic/ inappropriate to show me when I didn't ask for ANYTHING REMOTELY inappropriate!

I tried doing a simple "solid black American shorthair cat, realistic, with green eyes, highly detailed, laying on it's back looking up" and only ONCE did it show a cat on its back- and it was a black and white cat. Ugh.

Big waste. Im glad i did the trial instead of buying it outright!


I like :)

New to AI art**
I got ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt because I wanted to start a Patreon as well as other, more professional, platforms.. I wanted to stand out as a person and an artist, so I thought AI would be a good fit. Granted, I also look ten times better in AI. I love the pricing for ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt.. it lets you choose packages as opposed to paying a large sum weekly or even yearly.. I got to submit like, 20 photos and the return was about 100 different interpretations of my AI face. I was fascinated going through the various photos from the one style I chose (there are several different styles for photos). My only negative point would be that .. looking at myself with a beard freaked me out. Some of the interpretations, I believe, interpreted the shadowing on my face as a long beard and I was not ready for that. As a new creator, I’m still learning how to position my face and head for optimum appeal on screen. I’m going to use ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt for several things, ranging from creative inspiration, posing adjustments, artistic education, and of course, to use as a professional MO when publishing creative content. Thanks so much !! :))


Image to image lacks

When trying to use an image as reference for a new image, this algorithm fails. No combination of prompts and reference strength generates an image even close to the desired output. If you’re looking for “take these people and generate an image of them that is similar” ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt can’t do that. More bothersome is that ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt can not render a curly haired person without making them black, and it can’t make a black person with straight hair. It doesn’t understand that some white people have curly hair and some black people have straight hair.

Edit: the developer response is to change steps, reference strength, and other fields, and to toy around with the character limit. My point was that even changing all of those things many times, no output was worthwhile. For example I was asking for a family portrait style photo, with a man, woman, and two daughters. I described the individuals. I tried various levels of specificity in describing them as well. It kept rendering a gay male couple with two Victoria’s Secret model-looking daughters. It was funny, but not useful. And there wasn’t any way to provide feedback to assist the AI in learning. Again, entertaining but that’s where ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt ended for me.


Everything is “explicit.”

“A peanut butter jar filled to the brim with cotton balls” — nope! You can’t use the word “balls.”

Okay, then, I tried “A peanut butter jar filled to the brim with cotton poofs.” Again, explicit.

Look, I know it’s a bit odd that this is the image I want, but it’s the image I want. You won’t let me, fine, forget it. I’ll move on. I also need some images of kids doing an egg drop competition at school. You know, the thing where everyone has to build something to protect an egg from breaking when it’s dropped off something high?

Nope. Explicit. Apparently everything with children is explicit? No images of kids at all? Okay. Y’all. Why do you think children are explicit? What’s wrong with you? That’s weird.

Seriously, it’s useless. I got it to do SOMETHING using the word “students” instead of “kids” but I just keep running into problems with completely innocent requests. It happens more often than it doesn’t happen.

It reminds me of the time in 8th grade when two of my classmates were like, “We can think of some way that ANYTHING you think of is sexual.” I was like, nahh. I’ll find one that isn’t. Finally, I said “Orange juice.” They paused, then started giggling like they really thought orange juice was sexual.

Don’t be like those kids, app developers. Grow up.


Used to be good

Ive tried out almost a dozen different AI art apps to see which i like best. This one used to be my favorite. I used the “photographic” style to generate hundreds of images, many of which i would use to inspire my fiction writing, or to illustrate characters and settings for my dnd campaigns. It always was wonky when it came to censoring explicit images. Countless times has it blurred images due to being explicit, even though my promots are not explicit. Most recent example: “photo of a warrior woman, holding an axe, fur clothing.” Whats so explicit about that??
After the recent update, it seems to have become even worse. It is even more prone to censored images. I have tested it recently and found, for example, that i can no longer generate any images at all if the word “kiss” is in the prompt. ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt does not flag the word, yet it fails to generate anything with the word in the prompt. I have since deleted ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt and canceled my subscription.


Images Looked Good Until a Few Weeks Ago

I have been using ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt for months. I was even getting good enough results where I paid the $40 for the premium annual subscription (what a terrible decision that turned out to be).

Then one day, a few weeks ago, I tried generating an image with horrifying results. I was using the “Photographic” option, but was getting similar results with other options. Since when do photos have random artifact and smears of ‘static’ and color on people’s faces? Never in my experience, until ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt came along.

I tried using a past prompt with the same settings and still got terrible results. I tried something from the catered “Feed” and “Featured” lists and still got terrible results. I tried messing with the settings, and still got terrible results. Overall, ARTAAIPhotoGeneratorAlArt has become a terrible experience, and I will not be renewing my subscription.

Is ARTA AI Photo Generator Al Art Safe?

Yes. ARTA・AI Photo Generator・Al Art is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 53,530 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ARTA AI Photo Generator Al Art Is 61.2/100.

Is ARTA AI Photo Generator Al Art Legit?

Yes. ARTA・AI Photo Generator・Al Art is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 53,530 ARTA・AI Photo Generator・Al Art User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ARTA AI Photo Generator Al Art Is 88.2/100..

Is ARTA・AI Photo Generator・Al Art not working?

ARTA・AI Photo Generator・Al Art works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

- Unlimited access to all app features

- Billed weekly at a rate based on the subscription plan

- Payment charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase

- Subscription renews automatically unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period

- Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. The cost depends on the selected plan

- Subscriptions may be managed by the user, and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase

- Any unused portion of the free trial will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.

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