Virtual Slime Reviews

Virtual Slime Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-25

The most realistic slime simulator! Works just like actual slime! Includes real
recorded, satisfying, ASMR slime sounds! Great for stress relief and to
relax! Play With Slimes - So realistic you'll think it's actual slime. - Play
with your slimes in ball, ring, star or flat form. - 3D...

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Virtual Slime Reviews

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    In Love- Read This!!

    I am so in love with this game. Here is a tip to make money fast. Make Clear Slime, and ONLY clear. No beads, or color, and name it SELL. That way, you will know to sell it. Then, sell that one over and over again. That way, you have a fast, easy recipe to sell. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!! There are no glitches, and it is so smooth. I love it sooo much. This game was not made for kids, however it's not a super complex game either, which is amazing! This game is just so awesome as a whole. Good slime games are hard to come by. When I saw this I thought this game would be bad. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the app. I have one thing though. The mixers. I think the mixers should cost game currency. Not real money. I just think this game should be all-inclusive as some family's might not have the money. That's all! However, I do understand the No Ad feature costs real money. Thanks for reading this! Have an awesome day! Stay safe! -An 11 Year Old

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    Amazing! + Suggestions

    This app is the best slime game out there, It doesn’t seem like it was designed for little little kids (which is good.) I seem too old to be playing with a game like this, but it’s actually very fun and satisfying! You can become a slime creator and sell your slime, you can also make videos of playing with your slime and gain followers for posting videos. (Don’t worry, you don’t actually post real videos, it’s just pretend). Suggestions: If you gain a lot of followers, you should be able to sell your slime for more than 25 points. Also, whenever you sell slime, you choose which one to sell. My suggestion is that there should be orders where people suggest which slimes they want from your shop. For example, someone named Sara ordered 3 slimes, and your job is to package them and send them to your customer. The amount of points depends on how many slimes they order, and also the type of slime.

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    Great! Just two suggestions!

    Hi! Hope your day is great now let’s get this started. So I really like the game and it’s really fun to play with! But I do have 2 suggestions to say! 1.its really unfair to the kids out there that can’t get lots of stuff because some parents out there can’t afford all the mixers in the game. It’s really begging kids to parents to spend there money and then when they say no the child says mean things like I hate you and stuff like that its also letting kids stay on the electronics all day and it’s not good for there brain 🧠 we all know that we have a brain and if we don’t exercise it every day then it gets all weak and mushy 2. It would be nice if it would kinda be like a store and they say what kind of slime they want and then we make it for them. Thank you for reading this review and please like it for more great suggestions!

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    High quality! Great!

    This app got its job and purpose done real well. The app is not too fancy and colorful, but the sounds and smoothness of the slimes are perfect! When you make a slime in this app, it is not too perfect but I think that it is very very satisfying. The slimes are high quality and great, because no matter how much you play and swirl, and mix the slime, THERE ARE NO GLICHES! It is very smooth. Also, when you select a slime to play with you can have it in a ball version or flat. That option is amassing because that is exactly what I wanted! You can also share a slime you made with a friend and they will be able to play with it on their phone! This is great! This app is 4 out of 5 stars because everything is fantastic except I do not really like that the app is plain, meaning there are no fun backgrounds or cool decorations. That is not a big problem but if you would consider decorating your app with colors that would be awesome! Thank you.

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    Love this game!!!!

    I just got this game , but I already love it! I haven’t played it with my cellular data on , but I heard from a friend that there isn’t much ads. And , if you don’t like ads, just turn your cellular data off. Anyway , if you want this game , I highly recommend it! You get to create your own slime , while creating it you get to pick what kind of slime you want. For example , some of them are butter , glossy , and metallic. Also , you get to pick what you want in your slime . I have chose beads and fishbowl . Also , I just realized , you get to try out other slimes the game have already made. You can also save or delete your slimes . Love , love , love this game! I don’t have anything bad to say about it! Thank you for reading my review , and get this game! Highly recommended!

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    Love this game !!!!!!!!!!

    I love how you can chose what kind of slime you make and not just decide which colors and sprinkles go on your slime. I am totally in love with the jelly and ozey slime the crunchy sprinkles are also one of my favorite toppings to put on my slimes because it hides the slime color so it’s like a small surprise when you play with your slime there’s only one thing I would change and that is allowing someone sending a gift to send the gift right to the other persons app not just to there text messages.i hope the creators of this app come up with more slime types because one of my favorite parts of this app is that new slime types keep coming out so I can make new and different slime s that move totally different than the other ones.#BESTapp

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    It’s Alright.

    So it’s a good game I will play it for a few minutes. But pretty much right of the bat I noticed that almost all of the things that are reasonable to have in a slime game all costed REAL money. I just don’t think that people should be spending their money on fake money in a slime game that isn’t even that great. I don’t mean to be rude but you have to buy a blender to blend slime for like 2 dollars and that’s just not happening from me. Maybe there should be some other way to make money in the game instead of buying it. There are better and cheaper slime games out there and I just don’t want everyone to spend too much of there money on it. Otherwise the slime looks really good. It looks realer than other games and that was the reason that I was gonna get the game. Just when I saw how little you have to choose (unless you want to spend your money) for making slime is unreasonable. Sorry if I’m a little harsh, just try not to spend to much on this game.

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    Great but..

    I had an overall good experience with this game, it is good quality, fun ideas and great potential. It’s just a little annoying to have to make bunches of slime to sell only to get a few hundred coins. I think the more followers you have, the more coins you get when you sell slime. I also think the mini mixer should sell like 2-3 slimes at a time, because I spent so long just selling slimes and buying the mini mixer just to find out it didn’t really change anything. Also, for the large or standard mixer, you should have to be like famous or like a celebrity (lots of followers) to get them. These are just ideas, you don’t have to all 3 of these. It would just make the game easier and I think more people would enjoy it. Just a lot of things are locked and I think it would be cool to have a goal to get to a certain amount of followers to get a mixer.

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    I was looking for a squishy game when I saw this slime game. I tried it and thought it was fun! But once I started playing with the slime, that’s when the fun started. And as someone who tried to make real life slime, and it turned out decently, this game is so amazing!!! And it is realistic. Not only the look and how you play with it is realistic, but the sound is SOOOOOOOOO GOOOD! If your worried about the ads, one you play, you won’t be. There arnt many ads at all! It is also very stress relieving! And you don’t have to spend much money if you don’t want to! You get 20 coins when you sell something which means when you sell a slime 5 times, you can buy something! AND WHEN YOU SELL A SLIME, IT ONLY TAKES LIKE 20 SECOND!!! I highly recommend this game.

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    Great game, But needs a few changes.

    I love the game, I play it every day when I’m stressed, or I just want to play it. But please, put a free mixer in, I know your trying to make money, but at lest aa free mixer that makes 2 slimes? I’ve been reading the reviews, and I don’t really think the negative ones should ever be a review. I would love if you make more slime types, like for example, Fluffy Slime, and any other slimes. And also, before 2020 new year, (I think) it called you “Noob” when you went on your profile. But now, thank you for putting it to say “Beginner”, anyway, that was my review. Oh, and I recommend putting all the thing to 10 coins, or 50, because putting it to 100 is just not fair. Thank you for making such a great game!

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    So I just started playing today and I’m already in love it’s so much fun. It’s a lot better that “super slime simulator” for one, it’s so much fun because you can move you fingers and poke and what ever you do it copies your moves and you can also pick tha shapes you want like if you want it in a big square or a star and lots of other things too. Number two it’s soooo fun making a slime adding tons of decorating to put in it its just so cool and picking the colors that you want too. And the noise is sooo. lol whatever type of slime you make it has a new noise that sounds sooo realistic so I hope you read this and want to get it because if your board and need somthing satisfying to do PLAY THOS GAME!!!!! so pls get it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Read if you’re looking to get this app

    Starting off this is a lot better than any app I’ve tried. It has the most options (More than 100 different colors, 20 different decorations which u can also change the color of, and different types of slimes and how the colors mix.), looks the most realistic, and isn’t just meant for six year old girls. You can’t make sooo many cute and cool slimes unlike some apps that allow you to make three slimes before you either have to delete or buy the premium version. I went on a spree of slime apps and downloaded a TON of slime apps. This by far was definitely the best. At least try this app. At worst you waste two minutes of your life.

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    Omg love this game!!!😍

    It is so satisfying. It acts like real slime. Sometimes I just want to stick my hand in my iPad and play with it. You can sell them to friends and other people. You can even make a video of you playing with it. It is so amazing. But...... Once you play with it goes back into the shape it was. I think they should put a reset button on it and that makes it go back to the shape it was. Otherwise I love this game. I am obsessed. But I have a tip keep your volume all the way up. When you sell the slimes you get coins which you can use to get other colors like rainbow or, if you want to make crunchy slime. Once you get on there you will get it. I hope you enjoy this app as much as I do. Bye!!!

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    Must Have!

    I was looking for some good slime apps this morning and stumbled across This one, I thought it was gonna be a bad game..but looks can be deceiving! I am super addicted to this game! however I do have a few requests. Can you make a way to receive “Fan-letters” saying stuff like how the “fans” like your videos? and can you make it where u can lose fans. and make more slimes. And add multiple items to slime also, can you add a free mixer? I know you have to make money but..maybe make one mixer that makes two slimes and sells them at once? and just keep the other mixers sorry im asking so much stuff and sorry if this whole review sounds weird haha im not that good at explaining stuff

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    Amazing but...

    I love this game it’s so FUN! But there should be changes. First hard to get coins. It’s lots of work making the slime and then selling it and u only get 25 coins?! I think you should get a certain amount of coins by your customer rating your slime u made for them. Second everything cost a lot! Like I said everything cost a lot and so over price for ex the mixers they cost a lot of coins I think the mixers should cost how good quality it is like expensive ones are faster to make slime cheap ones should make slime not so quick. Also these are just suggestions just think about these suggestions -girl who won’t reveal her name

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Is Virtual Slime Safe?

Yes. Virtual Slime is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 68,666 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Virtual Slime Is 42.2/100.

Is Virtual Slime Legit?

Yes. Virtual Slime is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 68,666 Virtual Slime User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Virtual Slime Is 42.2/100.

Is Virtual Slime not working?

Virtual Slime works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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