AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game Reviews

AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-26

AntiStress anxiety relief game is here! Now you can play the most relaxing game
to release stress or anger. This is a pack of free antistress games including
many fun games such as bubble popper, bubble wrap, and fidget spinner. The game
includes a lot of bubble popping and diversion th...

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AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game Reviews

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    Love this game but a few suggestions. (Please read)

    August 5, 2019 Anti Stress I love this game! My favorite game is paint splash. There are a couple things that to me would make it better: 1.) a bigger variety of colors. This would make it more fun to “paint splash”. 2.) Add an option to pick your color! I really would love to like my color then I could make a themed ones. In my car going to the doctor I was really nervous about going to the doctor, but then I pulled out my phone and played paint splash for almost and hour! Some good things: 1.) All the game options. 2.) The reality of them. 3.) Not TO many adds. Another suggestion: Maybe add the option for a male and female voice in Meditation. Also in Meditation maybe add some more thing other than breath in breath out. I also have been wondering why the wood smash and brick smash go so slow I like how some go fast but it’s really annoying to wait for them to come down and then click on it and there’s no more to click on for awhile. Great 2 games though! Another thing I think people would like more is on pop it, there are balloon pieces that fly when you pop them. Also for the ripple effect maybe make the ripple a little more realistic? For the coloring book I can not find a way to make the picture white again if I tap the wrong place to. Last thing: on color therapy maybe no flowers, and a different color every time you tap. Thank you so much for your time. Keep your great games coming!

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    Great Game!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

    I really love this game! I have a little bit of Anxiety and I feel bad about myself sometimes. My older brother bullies me. And it was just really helpful! The game on it are so much fun to play!!!! They have the games where there’s not really any target or failing like “Metal Balls” where you really just move around metal balls- (which I just a found today) and games like knife hit, or fortune cookie, my favorite one is can hit. And you can just keep going and going and going- and it’s all FREE!! I’ve been looking for apps like this and I’m just so grateful! It’s helped me to calm down without getting mad easily, and helping me tell somebody about my problems. Now I have a therapist who talks to me and my brother. I still use this game- just for the fun. Thank you so much for helping me!! I recommend this to anyone who is looking for help. P.S, my favorite game is the Chopping One!

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    First of all, ads. I understand having ads, but when your competitor doesn’t have ads.. man, ya messed up. Ads for an Antistress game? Really? Onto my main point, this game is a copy. I have no idea why people download this game because when you look up “antistress” or “anxiety relief games” or something like that the original game pops up first. The original game, that was created a year before this game, has a square for the logo. Ooh, and what does this game have??? The same thing. The similar games: lawn mowing, the pen game is exactly the same except for I think the color, the pond one, the drawing one is pretty similar, and the metal ball one is too. There are also other similarities, but I don’t want to spend forever on this review. Also just saying, the other game has 64+ free games again, with no ads. I mean the similarities are uncanny between these two apps. But let’s just say it’s all a funny coincidence.... ADS???? REALLY???? Even if this was the ‘original’ I still wouldn’t play it because I have ANXIETY AND STRESS inducing ads popping up in my face every time I close a game. It’s clear that this game is just out there to make money, not to really help people. It’s clear that this copy is making more money than the original (☹️). The only reason I can see to play this app, is if you really like bright colors because that’s the only “plus” I see in this game.

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    Great game!

    I really like this game. As someone who gets stressed, anxious, or depressed easily, and wondering if I have anger management issues, this really helps. Although I haven’t used this game directly after a stressful situation, I have a strong feeling it would be helpful. The variety of games goes from ones that would help me when I’m depressed/anxious and want to do something relaxing (breathing, sand cut, chop it, etc.) and ones when I’m angry or stressed and want to take it out (building destroy). Also, if you find apps annoying, this game works perfectly fine without WiFi/on airplane mode. One thing I noticed is that the meditation is more breathing then meditation. (Meditation: background sounds and optional chimes for a length of time. Breathing: what it is in the app). This is fine by me, but you may want to change the title. Some suggestions, though, would be to up the quality on some. I know that they are already good, and devs may have already worked very hard to make it, I can see some are based off other games. And although having them all in one app really helps my storage, some people may need the graphics heightened to really keep it. Anyways, this is a great game! I would recommend. TLDR: I like the variety of games, although graphics could be a bit better. Would recommend. (P.S. Devs, if you respond to this, please know that I misspelled my last name. It’s Gamboa instead of Gambia. I can’t find out how to change it, though...)

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    A must need for those with anxiety

    I am in love with this game!!! This is the perfect game for those (like myself) who have anxiety because you can’t do anything wrong in the games, there is no winning or losing, there are relaxing aids (like meditation), everything is just about you. I also love how you can adjust things to your preference (like the lightbulb game, you can decide how fast they fall and how many at a time). Although there are ads, they are thankfully not too frequent and do not disturb the game you are currently playing. The only time ads come up are when you exit out of a game to play a different one. Overall, I love this game!

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    Great for the most part

    I actually love a lot of the games on this app. What I love about some of the games is that it brings in your focus and really does distract you and calm you down a bit. (my opinion, this may not work for all.) My personal favorite games are the farming one, and the infinity one. The farming one sometimes is triggering if you don’t get it perfect. but I feel like the infinity would help a lot of people. (It’s hard to explain but you will see if you get the app.) One thing I don’t like though is the amount of ads. However I usually stay on one game for a long time so I don’t have a huge issue with it, but it still is annoying. Overall, I personally find the games helpful and I do recommend. But again, the ads can be very annoying if you don’t like to stick in one game for a while.

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    So great!

    First I want to say all of the things that I’m not so in love with. I still rate this a 5 star cause it’s only one thing. There is one thing you can play on the game and it’s called let’s play! So the thing is it doesn’t have more than one thing you can do on it. The only thing you can do is flip a light switch. That’s just boring and it doesn’t really help me at all with stress. Now for the good things number one is that this game is soooo relaxing and totally helps me out when I’m stressed. Number two is all of the games they are sooo perfect for me and they are sooo relaxing! Thanks so much!

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    Really good, some things to look at.

    I am really fidgety throughout the day and so this helps me out a lot. There are quite a few games that appeal to my personal taste and to get this clear, no I’m not going to go off about the number of adds. I understand that an app has to make money somehow. I feel like some of the games are kind of underwhelming. The cake game for example. It is kind of satisfying, but nothing happens when it says “decorate now” at least on my phone. The water works game is just the same puzzle just mirrored over and over again. Besides that everything is really nice and has a nice finish. I would recommend this to anyone who has high anxiety like I do.

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    Great idea but games are frustrating

    It is a good concept, but I dont love the games. For instance, there is one where you move pipes around to connect them so the water can flow, but when you complete it, it doesnt show that happening and a new one appears. Or there is a car wash one (where the car spins too fast) and once you are 95% done it just skips to the next car. It feels like any sense of progress is lost. And for an app that is aiming to reduce stress/anxiety, not letting you see the end result is frustrating. Also, some of the others are okay, but the battery charging one is too easy (it tells you when to stop rather than letting you figure it out) etc. I just didnt feel like these apps required enough focus (or used enough at all for some of the simple ones) to actually keep my mind on them.

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    Abnormal Psychology Lesson

    I’m taking an Abnormally Psychology class and one of the lessons covered different calming techniques when you’re feeling anxious or stressed. Some of the techniques are breathing exercises, creating tension in your muscles then relaxing, or doing low-impact activities that help you lower your heart rate. The games on this app do a great job creating satisfying yet simple games that do not cause a lot of stress. I will say it would be nice if the games had more options and details. For example, for the lawn mowing game instead of just moving the mower back and forth on the same patch of grass maybe add a small garden to plant and water or other landscaping options.

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    almost perfect!

    this app is so helpful for anxiety attacks. it’s a great thing to fiddle with while i’m trying to calm down. there are only 2 things that could be better: #1 i think the metal balls one would be a lot better if it made a clicking noise. #2 i wish that the screen didn’t go dark after a few seconds when using the meditation game like it normally does. i don’t know if there’s any way around that, but it would really make it a lot easier to meditate. other than that, HIGHLY recommend this.

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    Anti Stress Game Review

    I love this game! Whenever I feel stressed I always now exactly what game to play. There are so many options to choose form, you can play the piano, color some pictures, or play with slime. My only problem is sometimes it can be somewhat unclear on what to do, for example after you are finished is there another level or someway of knowing you have completed the task? I don’t know how others feel but sometimes it can be hard. Another reason this game is pretty great is how anyone and everyone can play! I enjoy it and so does my 2 year old cousin, this game is great for all ages.

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    Wanted to love it but the ads are horrific!

    I sincerely hoped this game would help with my anxiety. The games are simple enough and relaxing. However, the ads are a deal breaker and I’m deleting the app because of them. The are not only visually invasive, but LOUD. Every time you finish a game, which could be only 1 or 2 minute, another ad pops up and they are JARRING. If you turn off the game’s sound, the ad is still super loud. If you turn your iPhone to silent, the sounds persist. To remove the ads, they are asking for an absolutely insane $2 a week! The animation is incredibly amateur - something a first semester graphic design student could make. If they expect people to pay such a hefty price, they should consider upgrading their graphics. 1 star - disappointed.

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    Incredible!! 👏🏻👏🏻

    Can I just say how amazing this app is. I’ve had Anxiety for over 7 years now, 89% is Social Anxiety, so it’s really hard to not pass social situations without panicking, and I can see this app being really useful. Even if I’m just having a panic attack over something non social related, I can simply open this app and do almost anything satisfying to the human brain. They have many options, and if you want ads gone it’s only $0.99! And on top of that, I like how this app is free too! Thank you for creating this! 👏🏻😊💕💕

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    Anxiety relief/ fine motor development

    I have severe anxiety and am always looking for more tools to help alleviate it. During a crisis, a friend recommended this app to help distract me. It is a lot of fun and really does get me out of my head! There are so many activities and I have selected some to be my in my toolkit for crises. They are also great for anytime I have to wait and need something to do. As a special education instructor, I recommend the app for fun and fine motor skills for students. I work with high schoolers, but will share the app with those who work with younger children. One way the app could be better is to give directions for each activity. While most are obvious, a few are still a mystery to me. I contacted the designer for another matter and received a reply the same day. Excellent service!

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Is AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game Safe?

Yes. AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,551 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game Is 33.9/100.

Is AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game Legit?

Yes. AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,551 AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game Is 33.9/100.

Is AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game not working?

AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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