Claw Toys-Real Claw Machine Reviews

Claw Toys-Real Claw Machine Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-16

Love claw machines? Play 100% REAL LIVE claw machines, catch REAL PRIZES and get
them delivered to you.  Features: *Real prizes You can get the dolls you
clawed after applying for shipping to your address. The dolls will be delivered
to your doorstep! *Varied toys More than 500 kinds...

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Claw Toys-Real Claw Machine Reviews

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    Obviously a scam

    It’s not completely a scam and the first 5 times are free, but you can obviously tell the claw will let go of it completely if you’ve already won in your free tries. I had the toy in the claw by it’s head to the point there was no way it could fall out, but the claw would completely open making it fall out and would stay open the rest of the time. Also know that there are people watching (like actually there at the claw mechanics, not just like watching on their phones) and possibly controlling it because they only put so many stuffed toys into each mechanic and will throw them back in once a couple have been taken out. I’m more then sure those people around watching and can know if you already won something or the claw is programmed that way to where it can know if you’ve already won. I’m sure I could buy more coins and actually get the speaker but I’m more then sure they make it so that you can’t just get free toys with free shipping on your first free 5 or less tries. Im sure I could just go on Wish and buy both of those things for cheap and they would arrive a lot quicker. Over all of you were willing to put in another 3 dollars to get some ear buds and stuffed toy to then get them in a couple months later, this would be the place to do it.

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    Would give it 0 stars if possible

    Honestly a HUGE scam. And I always give crane game apps a chance because I know part of it is luck and they aren’t made to let you win every time you play — or even most of the time lol. But the machines are hella laggy. I’m sure the 5 star reviews are bought or bots. Lol listen to the lower star reviews. I played and the machine would move the claw away from the prize. I’d lightly and quickly tap the left button and watch as the claw moved all the way to the other side. This ONLY happens when you happen to position the claw above the item correctly. And then TWICE the claw opened and closed without going back down. And this was on multiple games. Could be a coincidence, but there are an awful lot of coincidental bugs that made this game leave a bad taste in my mouth. Stick with Toreba or even Clawfee. Toreba is my go to (even though I haven’t won in a year, but they reward you for being loyal to them and their prizes are great and winnable). Clawfee gives you a super easy start mode. And I got my little keychain from them. I don’t really play with Clawfee anymore because of the technical issues, even after spending money. But even they are better than this and you’ll at least get a free prize with Clawfee right away with their easy mode prizes (which disappear after you win once so pick something you like).

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    I wouldn’t bother this is rigged 5 star reviews are bought

    This app is rigged to have you spend money. I noticed something was off after my first initial win. So I decided to do a little experimenting. Initially you’re given 100 coins if you bind your email 30 more. I logged into this app with seven different emails SEVEN and the results were all the same. First game I played the claw closed fully as expected and I won a price within my 1st to 3rd try. After that I tried different machines each time I had a good grab I could see the claw loosen up and drop the item even if it was a perfect grab. Like I said I did it with seven different emails meaning 7 x 130 coins and the results were always the same win the first prize, then impossible to get any more with the free coins given. Also the lottery spin is a joke I got 12% on all of them and the one I did get it to land on 10 coins it still said you won 12% off. This is a joke and I would have paid to see if once you invest they let you win but I wasn’t going to waste my money on their lowest package which is $10 that right there is easily paying for the 1st prize you won with their free coins. Don’t be a sucker and waste your money on this app just go to wish and get the same thing without spending a ton of money. All this comes from China anyways.

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    Horrible lag with the claws

    Seems fun at first until you deal with what I have. I’ve been using this app for over a month. I have lost coins every time due to not being able to move the claw. I am in a major city in US so this shouldn’t be an issue at all! I have no issues with any other game just this. I even spent money to try to see on a different days with different machines if it would be better. I lost all my 209 coins that I spent $10 on only to have the claw move sporadically and not when I hit the buttons. The only reason I give it any stars is because they do give us some coins to earn to save up for free trys but they tend to not be controlled by me either so🤷🏻‍♀️ pretty upsetting seeing I won a price when I first downloaded the game and it was something I really wanted then won a few free prizes, but I can’t even have them because I need to win one more prize to have my shipment sent. But they make it impossible with all the lag. I have tried using rooms no one is in and it makes no difference as well. I have filed complaints only to have no responses and lost more than even what I spent to the lag, also lost coins I had saved to only play with machines I can’t move.

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    Genuinely disappointed

    I got my free 5 tries. On my second try, I watch as the claw picked up the prize and dropped into the designated area. You’d think that by the rules of claw machines I would have gotten that cute winner pop up after, but you are sadly mistaken. It pops up saying I failed. After I had the perfect claw machine experience, it told me I failed. So I decided to continue anyways because you get 5 free tries, so it’s okay... there are other prizes, it’s fine. I finally win a SECOND prize, and finally get the pop up saying winner. I failed my last free try because the claw opened randomly and dropped my would be winning prize. But who cares?! I’m so excited I at least won something right?! Here I am thinking this is an app similar to Clawee where you then click on my prizes and put in your address so your prize ships to you. Wow was I so stupid for thinking that, because SURPRISE! You have to win TWO prizes for them to even consider shipping to you. So I would have been able to receive a nice Ryuk statue and the most adorable stitch plushie, but NOOOO! Instead I’m told because they decided not to count my first clear win as a win, I can’t receive my prizes. Don’t download this app. Download Clawee instead. This was such a disappointing experience.

  • By

    Better buying a plush online

    First off this app is pay to win. You’ll have to play so many times to win something. They try and get your attention by letting you win something on your first try, but you have to have two prizes in order to qualify for delivery. There is only one camera meaning you don’t get any other angles. All you get is a laser pointer. Plus the claw will sometimes move extremely far when you barely even pressed the button. This will result in you completely missing your target because of the inconsistency in the claw movement. And your prizes will expire in two months if you don’t manage to redeem them. So if you never manage to win a second prize you’ll end up losing your prize. The lucky wheel they give you will almost result in either a 12 percent off coupon or 10 coins. The minium to play a machine is 19. The only way to get coins consistently is through the daily bonus which gives a very small amount of coins. If you even want to win anything without spending money you’ll have to get lucky and hope the machine happens to pay out when you play. Don’t waste your time.

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    Possible Scam will update if issue resolved

    So basically you get 5 free tries. The laser pointer made this really easy for me so I won on my first or second try. I was waiting for a win screen to pop up but nothing did and it went on to the next person in line for crane machine. I thought this was weird so right after this happened I sent an email to support, and I’m still waiting to hear back from them. Then Two tries later I win again and then this time it registers that I did win the second time (still never registered my first win). So it’s clear now that it either glitched and didn’t register my first win, or it’s a way to keeping people with free spins from claiming prizes. The catch here is you need to win two prizes to basically have your prizes shipped and they give you around thirty days to win two prizes. I did win the same prize twice but it only registered one win in their systems. I’m just waiting to hear back from support, but if they don’t register the first win then I’d be more than happy to keep this review and even happier that I didn’t give these people my money. Beware.

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    Worst claw machine app ever

    So I used my five free plays on different emails and as some other reviewers said you will get one prize, but try playing after that it’s a SCAM!!! Do NOT waste your money, you can buy and buy many coins again and again and you WON’T win anything, the claw grabs it and then drops it quickly like it lifts the prize getting your hopes up and then boom, it drops it, it’s a SCAM and it’s rigged. At first I thought it was good, but I should’ve not played it after reading the negative reviews. Oh and in order for them to ship you anything with free shipping it has to be 2 items or more. It’s a joke seriously, don’t pay for this crap, because in the end it’s not only a crappy app but you will get crap in the end after spending and spending your money it’s NOT worth it. Another thing is that the claw will move delayed sometimes and the seconds are going fast, and then my credits got used and the game never started. Clawee is much better and their customer service actually responds. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP

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    I got this game a couple of hours ago and I thought to myself that I’ll win a few things. I got on the app and I get a notification that I got 90 free coins. I was fine with that and I tried two machines out, the first machine I got a plushie on the first try. The second one I tried to play I couldn’t because I was low on coins. Then I checked how much coins I spent on that one machine, it said 15 then i looked at my coin balance, it said i had 85 coins. I looked at the machine I was trying to play it said it cost 15 coins. Then I was very very confused. I tried a few times to get the app working but it still said I didn’t have enough coins. Also the app is really laggy and you have to tap every time to make sure you don’t move the claw too much in one direction. It is very hard to win my suggestion is that they should fix the coin and lag problems and they should add cameras so it can be easier to win. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, even if they update it and make it better

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    You are going to want google translate for this because almost every thing is in Chinese. Anyway so the machines are by E-claw, which means they have a strong payout rate, which means it wins when it wants to win so you can get a perfect grab but the claw will open slightly so it drops but it knows if it is you first play or not so the first time you play there is no payout rate but after you win a prize it happens after so many people play then it's time to payout and grab a prize. Delivery: the shipping is free but you have to win 2 prizes before it can be shipped (it takes 2-3 business days to ship) Money: you start out with 100 coins then you have to buy money. Lottery: There is a daily free lottery were you can win, 10 coins, 15 coins, 299 coins, nothing, a 12% off coupon, a 40% coupon, or a gift toy (a gift toy dose not make it so you can ship your prizes it has to be at least 2 clawed toys) Prices: all the games are 15 coins. Friends: if you invite a friend you get 50 coins and 50 more coins for every toy they win. THANKS: I hope you learned about this great app!

  • By

    You can’t buy my review

    The machines are programmed to release the prize mid air. It will literally pick it up and visibly open to drop it. I get it. You need to make money but at least make it a little less obvious that things are rigged. That being said, everybody wins within their first 100 coins. It’s a ploy to get you hooked because you need 2 wins to ship. After you get your first prize you can’t win the second without paying at least $10 for more coins. There’s no other way to obtain them other than writing a 5 star review (the ones you see are mostly for coins) or referring other players but both are limited. There is also a daily “lottery” that only gives you 12% off your order of $29 or more or a surprise gift. This surprise gift can only be shipped after, take a guess, 2 wins! So the “free” gift isn’t really free. They are scamming people out of money in hopes of winning a few knockoff prizes. Please save yourself the trouble and just skip this app.

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    I have an email from them confirming that it’s rigged

    After setting up multiple accounts to see if my theory was right (after your initial successful grab, the claw starts opening after its grabbed a toy) I emailed the company to them them know I actually had video proof of it. This was their response: Thanks for contacting us. Actually, there are lots of people have received their packages from claw toys but most of them recharged in app. The claws will re-open in the air when they're holding toys sometimes which is normal as it's impossible every user will win toys easily. Someone who recharged will win toys in a great possibility. You maybe thought we have made lots of money from users, but the truth is we are still losing money as we have to pay for shipping fee, the cost prices for prizes and salaries for workers. Hope you can understand. Even the machines in mall are not easy to grab a toy. And as we also received same feedback from other users we are trying to fix the problem. Have a good day! Sincerely, Claw Toys Team I mean at least they didn’t lie. I mean, I have no idea how much you have to spend to be able to get a second toy (you have to get two toys before they’ll ship anything) but I spent almost 100$ on one I shudder at the idea of what I would have to pay to receive a very cheap item.

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    You *actually* win on this app

    I’ve played other live claw/crane game apps and even spent money on them, and never won. They can often be glitchy and seem rigged, barely grabbing the toy you’re going for or impossible to tell where it’s positioned before it drops. However, this app is different in ways that make it way more fun. It has a super convenient laser pointer in the middle of the claw so you know exactly where it’s centered over, and the claw itself actually grabs the toys, not just grazing them. I won on my third try using the free coins you get as a new user, and still had plenty leftover to play more. It’s way more practical and fun than others like Crane Toreba and Clawee. Definitely recommend. This is the one I’ll be playing from now on.

  • By


    At first I thought this app was amazing since I tried it and won my first time. But that was the issue, I was suspicious that I won and according to the game rules you need to win twice to get your prize. When I tried the other machines I kept loosing. It would pick up the item and drop it. Also the spin thing is rigged. I barely get any coins from that and mostly get discounts which by the way I wouldn’t recommend to spend money on some game. It wasn’t just me either. When I first won my family saw and they tried the game as well. They also strangely won the first couple tries. After that none of us ever won and I’ve been trying for a while now. Also I’ve noticed that we all get the same thing in the spin thing. So that’s not random at all. And speaking of the spin game, there is no countdown so I always end up missing out on when I have to spin and then I have to wait later on in the day(after 24hrs) to spin again, it gets annoying.

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    They know how to scam people

    So I downloaded this app because I’m obsessed with claw machine apps, there’s genuinely not a lot in the App Store.... I found this one and wanted to try it... the first try was successful I won a night light thingy... unfortunately like almost all claw machine apps you need to win more than one item for them to ship... that’s fine... I went to get the rose lipsticks... 3-4 times I failed I kept buying coins I kept failing I felt aggravated and one time the claw had it... and almost right by the drop it unfortunately fell... So my conclusions it’s definitely rigged so you will keep buying more and more coins until you can get the item... it’s easy when it’s your first try they want you to think you can actually win more items ( it’s a classic claw machine scam tactic ) id rate this 2/5 stars sense the video was very, very, laggy... which made me fail more... the amount I paid I could’ve bought the two items full price.

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