Bee Factory! Reviews

Bee Factory! Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-27

Welcome to the most exciting Bee idle game! Are you ready to manage your own
tycoon factory and become the richest man alive? - Unlock +100 super fun bees
- Sell TONS of honey - Upgrade your bees and your machines to make more
money - Earn millions and billions while you're offline...

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Bee Factory! Reviews

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    Very good!

    In a horde of forgettable idol clicker games this one stands out. First off it has a very quick unlock system making the game actually engaging and exciting and avoids having a short content light game by having an insane amount of possible upgrades and different types of bees. It also dishes out hive speed boosts at intervals making it so you don’t have too watch a million ads just too progress further however you can watch ads too further boost your hives revenue if you so choose. There is a tad of strategy in how you upgrade your operation which is welcome and creates some depth too gameplay. However no game is perfect, some of the unlock-able bees feel like they were cranked out too quickly and pail in comparison too some of the more original bees. I have also experienced some intense lag spikes from time too time. (airplane mode helps this)It also lacks total cash earned and cash per second counters. Finally as soon as you move onto the next bee the previous bee is worthless and earns almost no money in comparison. But in the end these complaints are very small and are insignificant in the face of what the game gets right. Recommend this too anyone even if your turned away by the words “clicker games” come back too the genre and give this one a try. 5\5 knacksterpiece

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    A few problems, but addictive!

    I gave a five star review so that you will be more likely to see this, so you won’t be a victim of this developer too! Don’t download this app! If you’re just gonna tldr this, then here’s the gist of what I’m saying, the app records audio, and video, be safe and don’t download this app, or other apps made by Green Panda Games. And if you want the long version, read on. When I was playing it I heard white noise (it’s the noise your phone makes when it’s recording, but not picking up any sound) it records everything! Even when you’re offline! I didn’t know what the static sound was until I looked it up and found out, but that’s not all it’s doing! It’s using your camera! I was on a FaceTime call, and decided to play while I talked. But I got a bone chilling message on my screen, telling me that my camera couldn’t record for both apps, FaceTime and... bee factory! I encourage you not to download any apps from Green Panda Games, because after I found out this app was recording me, I checked the other apps from Green Panda Games... And found out that the other apps from Green Panda Games record you too! I don’t want anything bad to happen to anyone, so please, just be safe and don’t download this app. Don’t do it just because I advised you not to, don’t do it because you wanna prove you’re brave or something, just stay away from apps that do stuff like this.

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    Very deceptive [DO NOT DOWNLOAD]

    Scattered throughout this app are numerous dark patterns. (Things that trick you into doing something you don’t want to, like buying in app purchases) Every time you open the app, it brings up a window (that takes up the whole screen) that asks you to buy their “Bee Factory VIP Subscription”. It has a huge gold button that’s very enticing to press. If you do press it, you will be charged 8 DOLLARS EVERY WEEK! For slight benefits in a mobile game. THATS CRAZY! If you do the math, that comes to around $384 PER YEAR! EVEN NETFLIX DOESN’T COST THAT MUCH!!! Another example of this is the big bee that flies around the screen every so often. If you accidentally tap it, it makes you watch an unskippable ad. There’s also a big button at the bottom of the screen (that makes you watch an ad), a banner ad underneath that ad, and some ads that pop up randomly after pressing buttons. In one case, there was an option to level up. I clicked it, and it gave me an option to watch an ad to get double the xp, or just get the regular xp without the ad. This is fine. There’s choice. But when I clicked the button that didn’t make you watch an ad, IT STILL MADE ME WATCH IT! What’s the point of choice?! I myself don’t have a very large mobile data plan and will get charged if I go over that. So all I’m trying to say is don’t use this app. There are so many things that try to make you spend money and watch ads. It’s insane. Don’t get this app.

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    Overall Great Game!

    This game is pretty great, in fact, it’s home to one of my favorite games! It’s called “dodge the ad” and here’s how you play: Open up the app and try to play as intended. Bees will come on the screen and try to get you to click them, so you’ll need to avoid them. Then, another button will pop up shortly after leveling up so that a slight misclick could end in watching a 30 second ad that is unskippable WITH, mind you, no rewards for doing so. In this game, you have an ad quota. It’s the dev’s job to make you watch as many ads as they can in a certain amount of time. If you aren’t watching ads to progress quicker, they’ll shove ads in your face and if you SOMEHOW manage to dodge those, ads will show up anyways. There’s no way to win and you HAVE to watch most of them. But, otherwise it’s a fun game and I like it, but for these reasons I say 1 star. To add to this id like to mention the “vip package” where you can pay, get this: 7 DOLLARS A WEEK for no ads and some very minor bonuses. That’s more than I have EVER seen in perhaps the history EVER in VIP rewards. I’m willing to bet all 5 star reviews for this game either came from a time before these ads existed or are fake. Just, don’t download this game. Ever. Unless you want to go through the pain and torture I have, then sure, go ahead.

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    Great game but adds still 5 stars tho

    This game is super addictive and I’m going to say for the ads that the golden bee at the start has never given adds but at mid way it starts now I don’t have an issue because I use airplane mode BUT game developer I turn it off often as a donation for the great game you guys have made and I really enjoy but I mean I always get the same ad every time is this programming or just ads being ads lol this very good game and I would also like to add that you make a donation button to donate, a second game (if possible) and like a 4x coin boost and a chance for a 4x speed thank you for making this game it really effects my life. If you can respond with what of the items you could work out that would be great 😁

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    Good with two issues

    The game is really fun, so many bees and the gameplay is more fast paced than most idle games. The only problems are that 1: there is no sound at all. The developers could easily throw on some free music like Kevin Macleod’s music and maybe a click sound for when you tap or upgrade and it would be much more immersive. 2: There is no way to shut off ads, plenty of these games have $0.99 ad removals that get rid of the banners and random ads but leave the optional video ads. I’ve had ads from leveling up make me lose my option to grab the 4x speed bonus from watching an ad. Plus the banner ads sometimes kill the game’s performance. It starts slowing down and your income drops significantly. I’m sorry to the developers who have obviously worked so hard that I can’t give a better rating than this at this time but I will hang on to the game with hopes that they will see this and fix the two most glaring problems.

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    What the heck

    I’ve been playing this game for a long time. I love all the variations of the bees. Zombee? R2B2? Hilarious. Promote whoever came up with that. This game is a nice ‘check in and check out’ game and holds the same excitement each time on launch as all previous launches held. However, the makers of the game really messed up. Of all my time on this earth I have never felt more disrespected in my life. I don’t know who it was, but whoever came up with the ‘BeeFly’ bee needs to be fired. I can deal with Ghost Bees and Chick Bees being workers in the game. But you’ve crossed some sort of line when you mix a FLY and a BEE. A bee can never be a fly!! It’s way too unrealistic!! It makes me so sad to see this game go after all this time but as a human being and relative to a bee keeper, I know this is my only option. Fix this unholy mistake and MAYBE I’ll consider bumping you up from 3 stars to 5 starts. Beeflys need to go. Replace them. Burn them. Do whatever you need to do. Bees cannot be flys.

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    The game is okay

    There are too many bees with ads on them. Every time I’m constantly clicking on upgrades and stuff, a bee comes up and no matter how hard I try to avoid them I accidentally push one and I have to watch a 15-30 second ad. I know what you’re thinking, that’s not a long time and it’s not a big deal! But it happens all the time! My next thing is that power up in the corner of the screen by your level, I love those things but when I see an ad that I like I check it out, but when I go back to my game the power up already finished, it doesn’t pause for you. It keeps going even if you aren’t playing, I understand why but at the same time it’s annoying and I don’t get it. Other than that it’s a good game I won’t lie. If these things don’t bother you that much, I would totally recommend this game! 👍

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    Great game! Needs some more content... Devs may be in over their heads

    I love the game it’s just it needs more content. I think there should be a tech tree like there is on a lot of other idle games. I highly doubt this will happen or even that the devs will see this because I’ve noticed they’ve produced A LOT of games. Unless they have a giant team dealing with each game then I think that they may have bit off more than they can chew... they are fantastic games just I don’t see them getting many content updates due to the fact that they have so many games to manage. Devs, if you see this, I suggest you stop making games and start improving the ones you have, I find that it will gain you a lot more players. Dilly dilly!

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    Cute 🐝

    I think this is very cute: there are different bees you can collect with clever names. For instance, there are Zombees. There are so many other funny bees to find! Also just wanna say to the people writing these reviews: GUYS. The bees that periodically fly around the screen don’t necessarily give you ads; you have an option to not double the reward. If you catch something like a golden bee or a ghost bee, you get rewarded some money and you don’t have to watch an ad. Best part is, ads don’t randomly appear. You have the option to watch ads if you want, and sometimes they might appear after you do something but the ads aren’t really an issue. Hope this review helps

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    Annoying as heck

    It feels like every time you level up or if you accidentally click on something, 30 seconds of ads appear that you can’t get out of. Of the 10 minutes I spent playing this game, probably 3-4 minutes were spent watching ads. I understand that it’s a free game and needs ads to be profitable, but that’s just too much, especially for a game where the player’s time is the most important element of the game. In cookie clicker or other idle games, there is some skill involved, such as clicking or tapping faster to be able to get more cookies. In this game, no such skill is necessary, and anyone can hit the max money production speed easily by swiping around at a moderate speed. There’s nothing for people to get good at. The animations are also way too long. If I claim a mission reward, I want to get back into the game ASAP so I can continue to make money faster, not sit there doing nothing waiting for the celebration animations to finish. In short, playing the game consists of watching ads for a third of the time, being forcefully delayed by animations and whatnot for a tenth of the time, and doing something literally anyone can do (no skill or room for improvement) for the rest of the time. If that sounds fun, then by all means, “play” this game, but for me (and I would guess most people), that’s just too much if an unchallenging waste of time.

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    Super fun but...

    This game is ridiculously fun, cute, and a great time killer. I love all the unique bees and some made me genuinely laugh. However, the game to ad ratio is very frustrating. You have to play an ad to get the kind of bee you want, you need an ad for all the boosts or to unlock the levels etc. I also found the bee bonuses kind of annoying as well since I would accidentally click them while tapping to get more honey. They appeared too frequently for my tastes. I’m not going to be paying 7.99 a week just to have it ad free (There’s more bonuses that comes with the VIP mode, but I feel the real draw to it is no ads). Feels like a bit much but honestly I’m no game dev so I can’t be the judge of that. Overall, I loved the game but the ads really killed the experience.

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    This game is so addictive and fun!

    I love this game so much! I’m definitely addicted. I actually saw it from an ad on another addictive game. The simple games like these are the ones that I can’t resist. Another game like this would be great, but I would probably have a harder time getting off my phone!😂 The only thing that I’m not a fan of is that golden bee!! It just bugs me (pun intended). And if I accidentally touch it I’m stuck watching an ad. For the ads that you play you should have an X throughout the hole ad but when you click it, it will say “are you sure you’re want to close this ad? You will not receive your reward.” Or something like that. That’s all!

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    I understand free game = ads. However, there is a limit before it is a total ad driven game - which this is. Want to upgrade lvl -cost ad plus game money. Want to upgrade more bees - ad plus game money. Want a 2 min double boost - ad + game money.. want to do a reset after you reached max on bee amount - you guest it - ad + game money.. not to mention the big bee that flys around the screen that causes another ad for nothing. Along with any little thing that must be done in game requires an ad. This platform has been set up for you to be a captive audience to commercials.. IMO when more people stand up and delete these games and say NO we will NOT help you get paid per ad in your ad driven cheap game.. then these types of games will become more reasonable. I will be deleting the game.. I suggest you don’t get it if you haven’t already, and if you have delete it.

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    Ads, ads everywhere

    Dude, I get it. The game is free so you include ads to make some money. That's fine, whatever. But everything you do in this game requires an ad. Want to rank up? That's an ad. Want to reset a tier? That's an ad. Want a speed or cash bonus? You bet that's an ad. There's also random ads that just pop up out of nowhere. This game is barely playable, and to be honest it's so boring and repetitive it's not even justified. I would say that it would be nice if the dev included an option to remove the ads, but they already do.. for $8 a week! Are you kidding me? You really think this simple little mobile game is worth $416 a year? Are you out of your freaking minds? Make it $5 to buy it flat out and maybe I would consider it because as mind numbingly plain as it is, it is a good time waster while I'm pooping. But in its current state, and for the price the dev thinks we should pay, I'd rather be pooping.

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Yes. Bee Factory! is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 138,190 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Bee Factory! Is 82.4/100.

Is Bee Factory! Legit?

Yes. Bee Factory! is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 138,190 Bee Factory! User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Bee Factory! Is 82.4/100.

Is Bee Factory! not working?

Bee Factory! works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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By Steve
May 02 2021

Trying to reset stages you have to watch ads but ads are not available

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