Poster Maker: post ad creator Reviews

Poster Maker: post ad creator Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Pinso is the simplest and most powerful tool to create your promotional posters,
advertisements, Story, cover photos...You can create professional unique designs
in a few clicks. No matter for your business or your social media, all your
designs will wow the world! What can you create i...

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Reviews (26)


I love this app!!!!!

I absolutely LOVE PosterMaker! I’ve never ever in my life found such an absolute amazing photo editing app, that’s actually the real deal! I made this one of me and my best friend, and let’s just say.... it turned out better than I hoped😊. PosterMaker is definitely worth paying for the $7.99 a month (for the Pro). I would buy it but my mom just got a new car, bcuz we got in an accident 2 days ago, and she said we won’t have a lot of money till next Friday. When I do get the money I’m DEFINITELY buying the $7.99 a month. This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Nice Job!


Easy to use but lacking

PosterMaker is easy to use but it's lacking in a lot of respects. First off a simple undo button would be extremely beneficial especially when it seems to freeze a lot when you're working on bigger projects. Also it should have some type of grid or autocenter mechanism to help you line up your text and/or design. You should be able to have access to a full color wheel as well when changing the color of designs, text, background etc. The preset colors are simply not enough. The preset backgrounds are very limited as well. More trendy options like water color, marble or geometric designs should be added. The font collection is nice but I do believe they could use more. Also when it comes to text I've noticed it's a struggle to pinch the text smaller. Perhaps it's be best to include a way for you to change the text size other than the pinch and slide option. Lastly, I've noticed a lot of the design templates have graphics I'd like to use but are part of the background so I am unable to utilize them in my designs. Pinslo should have a library of vector graphics you could use in your designs. Which reminds me PosterMaker isn't very png friendly they need to work on that as well. Looking forward to some updates soon. I hope the creative team takes into consideration everything I've written here especially since the subscription is rather expensive.


Ok for the price but could be better.

Three things that really bother me is 1. When you pinch something to make it smaller, it rotates it and it’s really annoying. Luckily there’s a rotate degree button but it took me a second to find it. 2. The size of the finished product is too big for Instagram so parts of my poster get cut off. 3. I think while you’re creating the poster it should be on a graph so that way if you want to add two different columns of text side by side you know they’d line up evenly instead of having to eyeball it. I know that there’s a center line to make sure things in the center match up but there’s not help for when you want thing off to the side but still level. If at the least issues number 2 and 3 become fixed I’ll definitely change my review and give a higher rating and keep my subscription but as of right now, I’m not caring for it.


Great for online business owners!

I have several apps for creating graphics for my Color Street business to use on social media. This actually became my favorite and my go-to app for all graphic creating. I love that there is a free version or you can cheaply upgrade to the pro version. But, get this, you can access the pro features for free by watching a 30 second video! I’ve actually found some other amazing apps watching the videos to access PosterMaker’s pro features!



I love PosterMaker when my business expands and picks up on the money side I am totally going pro just a few things I would like to see when a update happens like a undo button and maybe a color wheel so far everything else is here I just have to go pro. Thanks for this great app I hope I can use it free long as I need unlike other apps they give only a certain amount of free saves them you’ll be forced to pay I hope that doesn’t happen here. So far so good.


Use to be my FAVORITE

This was my favorite graphic design app due to the simplicity and yet variety of the uses on their database. It was really easy for me, a beginner graphic designer who was in middle school, to catch on. However my feelings about PosterMaker changed just a few updates later... I do not have the premium (something else that I wish they would say BEFOREHAND, that way you’re not frustrated, like me, who can’t use hardly anything! And, no... it was not always like this). I understand that free apps have to make money too, but don’t gimmick viewers by letting them think that they can download PosterMaker and use at least MOST OF IT! I actually didn’t mind watching an add or two, but making people flat out purchase your stuff when you advertise “it’s free”, is WRONG. Overall, it’s a good app with hypocritical advertisement. I, personally, will probably start looking for another app as a replacement.


Best free design app out there!

Pinso makes graphic design simple and easy to pick up. It is very user-friendly and with just a few hours of playing around with it you can design anything from a Facebook and Instagram post to engaging multimedia posters and banners! Ive used it for multiple projects and advertisements and it is always my go-to graphic design platform. I highly recommend PosterMaker.


Its great and easy to use!

Once you figure out how PosterMaker works its beautiful. This is by far my favorite app to lay text on images with. I have been searching for a long time for Pinso I am glad we have found one another. I hope they continue to expand their images and font libraries for both paid and free use. My only advice is to just keep going!!


Got it for the awesome fonts

But I LOVE all the filters too! Im a professional photographer so I dont find filters I like very often that match up to the look I prefer when editing images via desktop photoshop. I loved these and that you could adjust the intensity, but mostly just the many free options and theyre not super funky or weird like other apps. Anyway I love it. Get it!


I love this app!

This is such a great app I love it so much I could not pick out a wallpaper to put on my phone because there was to much choices in my photos so why not choose all of them...and I did I mad a poster full of all of my favorite pictures and I saved it to my phone and BOOM!!! I love PosterMaker and it is so amazing you need to get PosterMaker because it’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!❤️🙃😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄


Makes you creative!!

So many wonderful options to work with! I have used other editing apps too however, this one really let’s your imagination go wild!! I have created many wonderful cards for my family and friends using PosterMaker! Thanks! Only suggestion: Come up with a lifetime low charge! Too expensive!


Excellent app

I love PosterMaker! I use it almost every day in my work. Ive tested pretty much all of the apps for adding text on my own photos from my phone and this one has the most features and works the best. I use it to create inspirational media and ads nearly every day on the go. Cheers to the developers for a great job and making my life easier!


Love it

I am obsessed with PosterMaker! It is amazing! There are lots of choices of wallpapers to choose from. I use PosterMaker a lot and so far I have only gotten about 2-4 ads!! It’s absolutely amazing and I really recommend it if you want some summer wallpapers that are cute❤️ I’m glad I found PosterMaker and I’ll definitely be using it a lot more then I am right now lol😂🌺


Nice App But Cancel My Subscription &They Keep Trying T Charge Me

I was paying monthly for services and decided that I wanted to use another app temporally. Pinso has been continuously trying to charge me. I literally cancelled my monthly subscription and they are still trying to pull funds out of my online account that I’ve blocked them from. It’s kind of like an harassment at this point I should load all they transactions logs they have sent. It’s quite over 50. That’s why I signed up for a monthly subscription to come and go as I please. It makes me not want to use PosterMaker again.


All You Need

I adore PosterMaker! Its easy to navigate and simple to use. Im a photographer, artist and designer, which renders me somewhat picky. I just love PosterMaker. I used to search the Internet for memes to send to people via text in order to thank them, or wish them a happy birthday, or whatever it may be. Now I choose my own image, pull it into PosterMaker, and create my own!


Love it!

Finally an app that offers so many customization options with a ton of them included for free. Most apps only offer 4-5 free basic fonts and if you want to take advantage of the better fonts you have to purchase them. PosterMaker has so many different options for you to customize your project.


Fun but

I love PosterMaker. I have already made two graphics and haven’t had it for a whole day. Only problem is memberships. I can’t do a membership. Can you do a kids version where it is like the adult version but has no membership, but costs 99 cents that way kids can afford it? Other than that, Awesome App! Sincerely, An 11 year old.



So, I looked on my apple card the other day and saw this random subscription charging me $20+ every month. I opened it to see PosterMaker I hadn’t even signed up for was charging my account without any consent. Then, I tried to cancel the subscription and the directions basically said go to you subscriptions in settings and figure it out on your own from there, sorry. So after that I tried getting my refund since I’ve never even used PosterMaker and it’s not allowing any refund.


Could use a little adjusting :)

Hello, and first of all, I would suggest if you want PosterMaker, remember, most things are “Pro” and you have to buy pro. I LOVE PosterMaker, bc of all the fun editing you can do. It’s a great game, but there’s so many things I want that are pro, and I can’t buy it. It would help if everything were free, or most things were free. Thanks for reading this! Hope the game changes. :)


Easy! Love this App ❤️

Just got PosterMaker and I love it! Easy to use, can now personalize pictures and even date them so I know when or where they were taken, which will make it easier for others and myself for future reference. I absolutely love it and use it on a daily basis. Highly recommend!


Fantastic Resource

Whatever your project may be, PosterMaker can help you get it done. I use it for all of my images that need text added to them. It has all the fonts I’d ever need, and more are added all the time! The developers are responsive and always working, as well. Every update brings new features and helpful things to you. I’ve been happy with the ease at which I use PosterMaker, as well as the people behind it!


Lots of options

I discovered Pinso after listening to Crowdfunding Genius podcast. As an entrepreneur with a bootstrapped budget for a start up, I found it extremely convenient and easy to use. Took 45 seconds to create account at most and after the 23 second video, I was using it! Completed a design for my Twitter page in less than an hour with amazing results. Bonus, the possibilities got my creative juices flowing!


Great tool

I am simply amazed at all the cool things you can do with PosterMaker! Our family business is on a limited budget, but now I can have letterhead and marketing materials as professional-looking as those of a huge firm. Most of what I am using is free, so I can play with it until I develop a design I really like. Its a whole new way for me to contribute creativity to our work. Thanks Pinso!


Love This app

Wow. Love PInso. I’ve told everyone about it. So easy to use, even for me who has no graphics experience. Now using Teams and it is allowing us to have graphics create items usually we had to ask a graphics artist for help with. Totally would recommend PInso for fun and/or business. The PInso team is great with instructional videos and help. Customer service is 10 star.


Essential app for my business

Can’t recommend highly enough. I use PInso every day, and more often than any other app besides Instagram and email. The tutorials are informative and have advanced my skills tremendously. The templates are heaven sent. I’d like to thank the team behind PosterMaker for their contribution to my business, you have been instrumental in so many ways.


I love it!!

This is the easiest way to clean up the look of your graphics! The next stage up would to become a professional or hire one! Pinso is a beautifully designed, simple to use app to generate all kinds of graphics. You can use their designs and pictures or upload and create your own. Upgrade your social media, memes and Facebook with this!

Is Poster Maker Safe?

Yes. Poster Maker: post ad creator is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 26,087 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Poster Maker: post ad creator Is 30.8/100.

Is Poster Maker Legit?

Yes. Poster Maker: post ad creator is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 26,087 Poster Maker: post ad creator User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Poster Maker: post ad creator Is 30.8/100.

Is Poster Maker: post ad creator not working?

Poster Maker: post ad creator works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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