스타 플래닛: SBS M 더 쇼, 더 트롯쇼 투표 Reviews

스타 플래닛: SBS M 더 쇼, 더 트롯쇼 투표 Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-02

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About 스타 플래닛



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Key Benefits of 스타 플래닛

- The app is straightforward and easy to use.

- It provides the opportunity for global fans to vote for their favorite artists.

- The app offers missions to gain votes.

- The app has improved from its previous version.

- The app has added the option to watch ads to gain coins.

20 스타 플래닛 Reviews

2.7 out of 5



They created polls for fans to vote for their favorite group/artist which cost money and time, promising their artist rewards if they win the poll, only to not follow through with their own guidelines and play favoritism. Fans have rightfully called out 스타플래닛 on social media such as Twitter to properly apologize to the fans and their artist; to suggest an alternative reward for their mistake or to refund their votes so it can be used for something else. In response they gave a nonchalant apology after the broadcast (the group was supposed to be acknowledged during the broadcast but wasn’t) where they stated terms different from the ones on the polls making the voting result useless. Fans were not made aware of any changes to polls until after it closed and only in their apology. Their nonchalant, passive aggressive apology was deleted 2/3times, which each time they didn’t tag the artist nor translated their nonchalant apology for Korean fans and had temporarily blocked fans from their Twitter account for complaining. So don’t download 스타플래닛 or use it because they are just gonna scam your time and money and not be professional about their mistakes.


Scammed and Cheated Fans and Idols

Starpass ran four polls and under each one it said “based on the event vote results, two of the artist will be acknowledged during Gayo Daejeon broadcast.” Our group won after us fans worked hard. However, they weren’t mentioned at all during the broadcast and Starpass (AFTER the broadcast) lied on twitter and changed the terms, making that vote pointless. So fans wasted money and the idols even knew and were excited about the win all for it to be for nothing. Starpass misleads, takes money, and scams without a true acknowledgment of their fault or apology. And this wasn’t even the first time they pulled something like this.

UPDATE: The copy-paste response they gave us a joke. The press release still does not address any of the complaints and they still have yet to acknowledge how they messed up. Additionally, they began to soft block people on twitter for asking for accountability and the Starpass twitter account was even suspended due to their actions. Still a scam of an app by people who refuse to take accountability and fix the situation.


Looking Forward to the Improvements

I’m looking forward to the improvements made on 스타플래닛. I had a lot of trouble in the past with 스타플래닛. I watched ads but never received the coins for them, I reported the errors but receives my coins. Then they took away the ad watching completely and made it difficult to get jellies to vote. I’m glad they added the ads back and I hope it works the way it’s suppose to. I really want to be able to use 스타플래닛 and not have to delete it.


Fradulent App

Has the unfortunate tendency to favor greater groups/idols and put down "nugu" groups/idols. Is inconsistent with its data and tends to shun the greater truth. Clearly every competitive instance like "Battle Ranking" & "The Show" has a sick business model where it encourages its users to spend money for a win. And when this money is thrown and wasted away, it is taken away (votes and points) and rarely a plausible explanation is given. Quite unfortunate, indeed, that such lack of reception towards the users who decided to spend money on a rigged app with its rigged polls and corrupt staff cannot even muster a DECENT response. Where are the 500,000~600,000 votes for Ms. Kim Lip? Why is that the only contestant which votes were removed from? HOW ABOUT THE MILLION VOTE JUMP FOR THE OTHER IDOLS? GIVE US AN EXPLANATION. #GiveKimLipHer500,000VotesBack


Its pay only now

I cant understand why you keep removing the ways to earn jellies. The lie you told about ads when you got rid of them was embarrassing, other apps are not having a problem delivering ads. Now there are no posts anymore so no jellies to earn there either. I will delete 스타플래닛 now because I'm not going to pay for voting tickets, especially because this update news made me realize how you manipulated votes to take a win from the group dreamcatcher, and it seems you are doing it again.. so I won't pay a company for votes who can't be trusted to not cheat and rig the system like this without shame..Its very sad you ruined it like this.. goodbye Starpass 👋


Good but can be better

There are several features I think that should be added to 스타플래닛 .

1. There is no notification if you reached the ad limit. You’ll have to check if the heart jelly went through.

2. No log out button or if there is one (somewhere) it isn’t easy to locate.

3. 스타플래닛 is pretty bland. Other voting apps have at least different quizzes/games. They even show clips of the performances/MVs of new comebacks the become part of the score. The designs are cute and colorful but, other than voting, you can’t do much on 스타플래닛 .

4. Can we at least choose group (male/female) biases as well? It seems so limiting to just choose one in male/female.


Easy to use

스타플래닛 is straightforward and easy to use!! As a global fan, I’m glad to have the opportunity to vote for my favorite artists through Starpass.
One thing I would like is to have the option to gain heart jellies through watching ads or through making posts. But I’m glad to have access to the missions and to be able to gain votes that way!!



You would think with the hundreds of dollars fans spend on this ridiculous app, 스타플래닛 would actually function properly—it does not. It’s plagued by incredibly slow loading and constant glitching and crashing. Not to mention they recently removed the ability to earn jellies by watching ads, giving the reason that covid has somehow affected the number of ads available (which is hard to believe since no other apps seem to be experiencing this problem.) Starpass is an embarrassment to 스타플래닛 store, and I honestly cannot wait to delete it.


STARPASS App Review Event

I’m writing this review as part of an event to get 1000p . I honestly only use 스타플래닛 when I need to prepare for comebacks. I wish it was easier to navigate and more clear exactly how to get daily jellies and such, but 스타플래닛 is better than what it used to be. All of these apps are so tedious and laggy, but this is better than it used to be.


Good app

It is easy to navigate and to collect heart jellies. It is also easy to find the pre-votes/votes that are currently open. One of my idols received one of the donation of the month certificates by vote and I was really happy to see it being delivered to their company. 스타플래닛 overall has fixed most of its bugs and has become very good.


Very Satisfied

I was little worried about downloading 스타플래닛 after reading the review. However I had no issue with downloading or logging in and I’m not experiencing any lagging or crashing while using 스타플래닛 . So far I am very satisfied with 스타플래닛 and having so much fun with all the options provided in 스타플래닛 .


my review

i like 스타플래닛, it’s a good way for me to vote for my idols! however when changing tabs it can take awhile to load so if you’re thinking about downloading 스타플래닛 just know you’ll have to get used to that- BUT it’s easy to get used to, you don’t even notice it after a day!


Doesn’t work

스타플래닛...is so bad...it’s almost as bad as whosefan... it’s a voting app...it should be built to handle lots of traffic at once but instead it just crashes and doesn’t work. As soon as I tried to vote it logged me out and won’t let me log in, even telling me I’m not connected to the internet when I’m standing right next to my router with full bars. Absolutely ridiculous. I never ever write reviews for things but this has angered me so much that I had to. If I could I’d give it zero stars. Fix your stupid app.


Attractive layout and easy to use

스타플래닛 has a clear and attractive layout which is easy to use. It allows you to login thru varies platforms which is very convenient. You also have different ways to earn hearts. Nice app!


Put ads to gain hearts

스타플래닛 just updated yesterday and I was really fine with it bc I would just watch ads to gain points and it was really nice but now I can’t even watch an ad to get points bc there is no options, it’s to do missions. Please put the ads option again bc it’s easier to gain points


Does not give you the jellies promised!!

I spent $19 on one of their missions, waited an hour, and did not get ANY jellies. And what’s worse, I can’t contact customer support because all my missions disappeared from the “reward status tab” after deleting 스타플래닛 in a fit of rage (keeping in mind, however, that I logged back into the same account). I had the same issue of not being compensated for the free missions as well. Just overall janky quality and borderline a scam.


Starpass Review

I used 스타플래닛 to support Highlight during their promotion in May and will be using again for Yang YoSeop’s solo comeback this month. However, I realized that the options to watch ads abd make posts are not there anymore. I really hope that those options will be back. Thank you.


Easy to Use

I fine 스타플래닛 really easy to use, everything is easy to access and it’s very straightforward. The voting methods are simple and fair from what I’ve seen. There are always a variety of events available too.



스타플래닛 interface is user friendly enough. Unfortunately it’s difficult to eat jellies to vote. The missions that allow for many jellies are usually offers that have a free trial or something if the sort or they take a really long time to complete. I’ve also had difficulty with having ads to earn jellies. I hope more opportunities can be made available to earn jellies.


Uploading pictures doesn’t work at times

스타플래닛 is alright, I downloaded it a couple months ago but I noticed at times, when I try to upload pictures for points, it says there was an error or just completely freezes my app. In the process, I get irritated because an application shouldn’t be so annoying to help grow points for future points to give to idols. Hoping this is improved.


Missions don’t work

if you plan on getting more votes past the free ones you get by watching ads, you’ll have to buy them. i have tried and been “rewarded” over a THOUSAND star points, none of which have been delivered to my account. i have sent in requests to support and they just keep telling me that i’ve been rewarded the points but will not show me where on my account. support is no help at all. the only bonus points i’ve received are ones i’ve purchased. be ready to spend money or only get 50 points an hour. disappointing.


Watching Ads Gone?

After the latest update, is the ability to earn heart jellies by watching ads gone?


Won’t let me login

Can someone help me? It won’t redirect me to starpass when I try to login with my google account. I have tried multiple times with different emails, but it still won’t let me. I deleted 스타플래닛 and re-dowloaded it again 30 times, yet nothing. I also reboot my iPhone and yet it still not letting me sign in to my accounts. I need help. I don’t even know where to email or contact starpass. This has been going on since 2weeks ago till now.


Problem changing to votes?

I just started to go back on to STARPASS to collect silver stars to turn them into votes, but since I haven’t been on it awhile. I am not allowed to change my silver stars into till a new vote comes up but the last vote poll it shows was during Ateez’s Aurora promotion time. I want to change my silver stars into Votes so I can keep collecting. Please help.


Goldstar Page Doesn’t Work

I invested some money in points to vote back in April, but now the Goldstar page doesn’t allow me to buy votes at all. It’s been a little over four days and each time I try to buy votes, all the page does is load. I updated 스타플래닛 and reinstalled it three times but it’s still an issue.

Is 스타 플래닛 Safe?

Yes. 스타 플래닛: SBS M 더 쇼, 더 트롯쇼 투표 is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 309 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for 스타 플래닛 Is 60.0/100.

Is 스타 플래닛 Legit?

Yes. 스타 플래닛: SBS M 더 쇼, 더 트롯쇼 투표 is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 309 스타 플래닛: SBS M 더 쇼, 더 트롯쇼 투표 User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for 스타 플래닛 Is 100/100..

Is 스타 플래닛: SBS M 더 쇼, 더 트롯쇼 투표 not working?

스타 플래닛: SBS M 더 쇼, 더 트롯쇼 투표 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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